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I’ve helped a lot of people launch 7-figure businesses over the years… and many of them were starting from scratch, building their first business from the ground up. Now I don’t know where you’re at, or even if making a million dollars is your goal. But I do know it’s achievable if you know where to start. Here’s the first step…

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39 Replies to “Building a Million-Dollar Business…”

  1. Thanks for the reminder Jeff – 100%
    Publishing is indeed THE way to build an audience.
    It also serves the media and when they get your content, they keep the readers/viewers coming.

    When I got published in a full page on the front of “The Washington Post’s” TV Guide, we sold out an entire edition of my book/course. It’s an amazing way to build a list.

    Today, 31 years later I’ve kept growing by publishing…becoming a national magazine columnist and award winning author of 74 books /courses/ videos/ MasterClasses, 31+ magazine columns, newspaper articles, national TV

    What you give away (publish) attracts people to the gift you bring to the world and it all comes back in spades.

    As they say in my world, “Publish or perish.” 🙂

  2. Thank you Jeff! This is very helpful. I have a brick & mortar business but it has been hard to branch out online. These may be simply steps but they aren’;t always easy to do. However, I will do them and start to build an audience.

  3. Hi Jeff, Thank you again for your inspiration. I just realised whilst listening that my next step is to record an email using that little mic button on my phone and then I have a first draft of my talk, (As well as potentially some copy for an email) As someone who works with voice and sound, I find writing tedious and dull. Which leads to tedious and dull copy! Now I have a path to publishing, which has felt like a stop sign up till now.

  4. Jeff, this is like your advice to plant a tree 20 years ago. With no time machine, plant it today! In this case, I guess the advice is…plant a tree each day and soon you’ll have a thriving grove… woods…forest!
    And thank you for publishing every week – I really look forward to getting a little “Jeff Walker time” each Sunday morning!

  5. Just what I needed – some motivation to keep going with my teeny tiny business – (40 people on the email list..). Its hard to stay motivated when you feel like you’re treading water and not making any money yet!

  6. Brilliant Jeff. I have gone the wrong way round. I’ve built my site and two online courses now I need to get the following.

    I have a significant TV and Radio profile in my city . Which is great but I need to do more.

  7. Love this grounded, real advice.

    Grinding isn’t sexy. But, damn, it works. It is the foundational key to the promised land.

    So grateful for your voice in the world.


  8. I sense how caring and comfortable you are in your position. I’ve been listening for years. Lately I’ve been appreciating how encouraging you are to those who, like me, have a dream that is stuck in wait and see mode to just get started. Allow yourself to start and make some rookie mistakes. Permission to flail about and still love and accept ourselves. Thanks!

  9. Thank you so much, Sir Jeff! Your message is very insightful and uplifting! You also gave a clear direction and concrete example on what could be possibly published. More blessings!

  10. Thanks Jeff! I’m one to want my content to be “perfect”…but this can almost paralyze me. I needed to hear the words “just start” and that we all get better the more we do.

    Just wanted I needed this morning!


  11. Grinding.

    Great word, because it feels like that at the moment. But it’s hard to know who is looking at your content, liking and needing it, depending on it. I’ve been putting out well planned content to my brick and mortar clients well as all of my media, and then let discouragement take over (because of the crickets).

    Then my clients began to ask if I was still sending out my emails.

    So you never know!
    Thanks Jeff

  12. This is a great reminder and incentive to get going! We have a few newsletters waiting to go. It’s time to build on it. We had a delay in the last year due to Richards stroke in 2019.
    Thank you!
    Brenda Rogers and Richard Campbell

  13. Jeff,

    I loved this video. It is about taking action (or grinding as you called it) and moving forward–every day. Your video is full of terrific insights.


  14. Dave Ribble


    Grind! Needed this Jeff, and so appreciate your message. I find the avenues to getting my voice established aren’t lacking; it is more of making choices on where to show up consistently. You always inspire. Thank you, once again, for clarity & support.

  15. My email inbox is flooded with business gurus trying to help me build my business. Every day I read a few of those emails and I get so discouraged. Buy this course! Use this tech! Must have SEO techniques! Funnels, funnels, funnels! For the beginner like me, it’s hard to know who to listen to and what to spend my limited budget on. As a beginner, I can’t just buy all these things! Plus the time to comprehend and implement it all!

    Today I clicked on this link and watched the video and I actually had a big sigh of relief. I can do it. Baby steps are better than no steps.

    Thank you Jeff for just providing real, actual guidance without all the hype. It was just the fuel I needed to take a step.

    • Just a word about offered products: these are all simply tools, you can get started with open source software, and free options, the point is to publish and be seen by the right people, it does not matter if you use ‘Clickfunnels’ or WordPress and a free page builders, the result can be equally effective, you can build what you need if you look around.

  16. Thanks for your down to earth way of saying what I need to hear. I’m really grateful to be part of PLF this year, unexpectedly in the unexpected year.

  17. Darci Ramos


    Jeff, when you mention a million dollars, many, and I, too, feel distant and not capable of that happening. It implies that only “the big winners” will succeed. Thanks for the content.

  18. Thanks Jeff – just built my website, and am working on a book. You have inspired me to keep plugging away, even though it seems slow at the beginning to build followers!

  19. “Be a source of light and inspiration”. Well said, Jeff, and what a great video. I have used your methodology for a while now. It takes tremendous time and self-awareness, I’ve found. The best part is bringing value to people. It’s such an amazing feeling and well worth the time and effort and self-awareness.

  20. HI JEFF,


  21. Hi Jeff,
    Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement through your wisdom and knowledge.
    I am still failing forward. Winning is inevitable.

  22. The market research video is GOLD!!! I was wrecking my brain how to go about it. Thank you so much! Would love to know more about it. My market is tricky – fussy health professionals 🙂

  23. Eva Rottenanger


    These videos are so helpful. Thank you Jeff.

    Yes, please do more time capsules.

  24. Thank you Jeff.
    When starting out it can be overwhelming following people and listening to their advice.
    Although your business is incredibly established I love, LOVE, that you still focus on those of us who are starting out and being real about what it takes.
    We have to grind and do the work.
    So many people fail to address this point and we’re left thinking we’re doing something wrong when we’re not.
    Off to grind away now….

  25. Thank you Jeff, so real and true.
    I also recommend Pinterest, as a search engine that helps people find your stuff.

    It’s hard to be at that beginning place, especially since the internet is so crowded. But it’s true that consistency is key.

  26. I watched your launch program a few months back. At that time, I had too many things going on to become involved.
    I am interested in doing a podcast….so this morning’s blog was super helpful. Thanks.

  27. Thank you for the timely advice! I started publishing a weekly email a couple of months ago and I’ve just about exhausted my ideas of ways to grow it! I’m in a few groups online and haven’t felt comfortable about just pushing my email. I’m re-energised now about joining more groups and getting to know people and being useful. It seems so obvious now, though my mind hadn’t got there at all, and the difference is providing value. Awesome. Thank you immensely.

  28. Thank you for the video. In 6 minutes you showed & taught the what & how… the value of publishing is in sharing and being the “source of good, light & inspiration” for your avatars which creates the abundance & freedom in their lives & yours. Now, back to creating, writing, learning, sharing and having fun with PLF!

  29. 👋 Hey Jeff!

    Thanks for all the inspiring messages! I just stumbled upon your site and I don’t really remember how or what I was doing prior!
    Anyway, I did a little bit of research on you and we have the same birthday! 😂 So now I’m a fan!

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