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One of my blog readers asked why she felt compelled to open some “marketing” emails and completely ignore (and often delete) others. In other words, why do some people have super-powerful email lists, and others struggle to get any results? Here’s the thing… the difference boils down to just ONE missing ingredient…

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30 Replies to “The Missing Ingredient…”

  1. Spot on Jeff.

    I think that many people (especially newer marketers) are afraid to be themselves and try to attract everyone. The problem with this is they become plain vanilla and rather boring. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and stand up for something and if folks disagree, that’s fine. Like you say, they will move on and you will attract those who do resonate with you and your views/position.

    I also think that your business will thank you for it too by repelling the “haters” and attracting the right people for you and your business.

    Great video this week, and I don’t see this being discussed enough.

  2. Great video. Agreed…it’s amazing how many marketing emails don’t deliver value. Yours is different. I open your emails (obviously, or I wouldn’t have watched your video, LOL!). Thanks for all the great content, Jeff. You’re an inspiration.

  3. Hi Jeff
    Nana’s letter is great and so was your response. Due to modesty on your part, may I add a little more for her benefit. Nana, I understand what you mean. As someone interested in persuing a career online, I have opened many e-mails and like you have noticed the difference between the cream of the crop marketers and the masses. There are about 3 marketers that I trust and open. Yes, content is important but what you are intuitively sensing in Jeff and a few other marketers is integrity of character and honesty. It’s hard to fake that. I’ll bet Marie Forleo was on your list. The ‘voice’ Jeff mentioned is conveying, whether they realize it or not, that they truly care about their customers and the value they are delivering in their products.

  4. Jeff your contents are out of the curve, even when you are just sending and sharing your experience and stories and not teaching some technical stuff. It’s a motivation for sure. I’ve learned a lot from your book and for sure will do you course in a near future. Thank you.

  5. Linda Raglione


    Relieved to hear the resonance is really the key to appealing to certain people and not others.
    Now we can just be who we are and this should work…
    Many thanks and cheers to you.

  6. Thanks for the great video Jeff! You are absolutely right! We need to focus on the right people and let the haters be repelled naturally.

  7. Hi Jeff,
    One thing about you is you make us think; you draw us into the topic and speak to us like friends who might be interested. Others, I suspect like your referenced commenter’s experince, spend the whole series of emails telling us essentially why we’re not smart enough to realize that we NEED their course or product. Thanks for keeping us interested and giving us the right style of message.

  8. So powerful Jeff. Staying true to your voice (your demeanor, who you are and how much you care) will attract exactly the right people that will receive the most value from your brand of expertise. The rest fall away. That’s the best case scenario. People are attracted to people that are most like them or are most like the way they want to be.

    There is a tendency in marketing speak for a service provider to use a voice other than their own for the purpose of attracting clients. That only repels or disappoints buyers, so this method can work against the marketer – buyer beware.

    Jeff, I had the privilege of spending a VIP day with you and participated at PLF Live. There was no doubt for me that you are as real as they get. Not only is your voice consistent, but you have the unique desire to truly want others to succeed with the help of your proven system.

    And then there is the buyer himself. The buyer will only hear the message when a need or desire in him arises. Everything else is noise or interference. Delete away Nana, your success depends on it.

  9. I won hundred percent totally agree with you I’m giving valuable content to your tribe! I’m so glad my brother shared your book with me 🙂 would love to do a collaboration with you down the road. Big things coming!

  10. Dan Calabrese


    Even though I do not have an online business I find your weekly videos very inspiring.

  11. Great stuff! You can’t win them all, which is hard for a people pleaser like me to accept. But it also makes it easier to focus in on your people and that’s where the good stuff happens. Thanks Jeff!

  12. Your emails are already unique, Jeff. So you are absolutely right. It’s actually important to know what you stand for in order to express yourself in your authentic voice. That’s why it is so easy for people who market stuff they did with full purpose. They can’t sound fake.

  13. Jon Francis


    Love your work Jeff, your super confidence & positive voice of life’s experience driving the essentials of building an online business are truly inspirational! Thankyou so much.

  14. Lots of value in this post! There’s room for many experts in any niche. The one with the biggest list can’t possibly resonate with everyone in the market. As a result, there’s always a segment that’s going unserved. It took me a long time to learn that there’s room for me too.

  15. Dr. Georgie, MS,ND


    I opened your email today, and it was response to lady question as to why she opens your email..her remarked was because you have ‘value” in your email…which was selfish…but to admit that the reason I open your email too. After that one, this video on Culture and Value came on and the most striking statement was “What your clients are feeling….that your Core value”, it brought tears to my eyes because just last week I was having a conversation with my son. Forgot the exact statement I made, but my son said” NO mom, if you have INTEGRITY, and you KEEP your word and live up to your commitment, people will protect and even WATCH your back so NO ONE WILL HARM YOU, so I will be there to help them to be successful. I was the one that taught him “keep your word” was such a painful experience in my childhood, I kept my promises to him, cautious not to make ones I could not keep. THANKS for giving me the “Enlightment”, I was successful and raised a “good human being”.
    Now, I beginning to keep all the promises I made to myself.

  16. Yes, it’s always about creating value for your customers and growing your relationship with them. Love everything you share. It’s best to be authentic in your presentation and style. People will select themselves to follow you if they connect right off if you’re being real and true to who you are. Thanks!

  17. Such great content, Jeff! The kind of stuff people wonder why they haven’t heard of before.

    • Dear Jeff, excellent educational video, I enjoyed watching it. Thank You.
      Kind Regards
      from Mehboob.Lookmanjee
      London. United Kingdom

  18. I agree you definitely come across as a very likable trustworthy person that genuinely wants to help people, good on you jeff x

  19. Hi Jeff, I’ve watched several of your videos and love your message of creating value. I’ve yet to purchase PLF but will in the future. Starting my own journey of changing a life time career to one of building my own tribe. Your videos along with a few others have been invaluable. Thanks! Alan

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