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We’re a few days from a new decade… and I took a moment to look back at my old journal from the last time we flipped to a new decade – back in 2010.

I was wondering – what was I thinking 10 years ago? Where was my head at? What did I start doing differently to make this past year and decade (after 25 years in business) my biggest and best ever?

When I blew the dust off that journal and cracked it open… I found a bit of buried treasure there – this video is about that treasure, and how I’m thinking about the new year and the new decade….

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30 Replies to “an amazing decade (and what’s ahead)”

  1. Thanks, Jeff. I loved the perspective you introduced by imagining someone presenting you 10 years ago with all you’ve done since 2010 and feeling daunted and disbelieving. You made me realise that while there are currently many frustrating things in my professional life, I have actually achieved many amazing things, including bringing up a beautiful child (from 1 to 11) and it’s a wonderful way to give myself credit. Thank you for this gift.

  2. 10 years ago I didn’t know what the future was going to be. No money no job and 65. Norway 75 set goals plus business plan, together with finance + action plan. Monthly review and analysis with all sections.. Doom & gloom is the pundits forecast but I see it differently

    • Outstanding! Let the so called pundits wallow in their doom and gloom forecast.. It’s YOUR vision and your dream and plan that matters. While we have breath there is no telling what we can achieve, and physical age doesn’t matter, When the mind and heart are in coherence and a dream/desire is formed, it ALREADY EXISTS.. Just a matter of materializing it!

  3. Billy Henry


    What a great habit. MAKING OTHER PEOPLE’S FUTURE BIGGER AND BRIGHTER. I have retired to Ecuador where the people are wonderful. I guess my habit has been for many years to just do or say thing that make people smile. I am going to swipe your habit for the past 10 years and incorporate into my habit for the next XX years (I’m 75). The Indigenous people in Ecuador just received a cost of living raise from the government of $6 per year, raising the minimum annual wage to $400. They have very little but are happy and it is easy to get them to smile. Something simple like paying them with a dollar bill and holding on to it as you pull your hand away always bring the brightest smile. It is so beautiful. They don’t accept change very well as what they do, has been done the same way for centuries. I have offered to do free video advertising for them but they are not interested since it is new. They rely on word-of-mouth to start and stay in business. Most of their customers live in the same community up in the hills and walk to town to shop or eat. Thanks again for the swipe habit and I wish you the best for the next 10-20 years.

  4. Change, and people – the two go together don’t they?
    I have good intentions, and also powerful resources and insights, but communicating this to people can be tricky, it sometimes takes something you are not always in control of to accomplish practical connection.
    Small changes and incremental progress, you are so right there Jeff!

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  6. Thanks Jeff! To think about life ten years from now … Scary! I’m hoping my business will be amazing too, as the past ten years have been life changing yes, but really hard. And full of lessons.
    Thanks for the message, once again, if baby steps and incremental change. I do value them … Now!!!
    Appreciate the support, knowledge, and help!!!!

  7. Great stuff Jeff. We also live in the Rocky Mountains and enjoy many of the same lifestyle choices you have. Enjoy them all!
    As we have made these incremental changes in our lives it is amazing to see the how we have changed. Thanks for your part in these changes.

  8. Thank you Jeff, you just inspired me to share a video with my followers based on your message because it is so useful, clear and liberating. I am sure that you don’t mind that we spread your wisdom and energy. I shall mention your name of course as the source of the message. I feel blessed to be part of the movement like you call it. Much love and blessings to you, your family, and the whole PLF team and followers all across the globe.

  9. If you want to think of how to expand PLF from being focused on you personally – thinking legacy – perhaps change the name of your team (and team emails/facebook handles) from TeamWalker to TeamPLF (or some other alternative)? Just a thought.

  10. Hey Jeff,

    Wow, 10yrs on… Making dreams reality for others has been my agenda and it’s been an amazing ride. So many great stories to tell…

    The piece I missed in the last 10yrs was building my own ‘bigger’ business/team/brand… I haven’t wanted to grow a ‘bigger’ business until now…but for the years ahead, my focus will change.

    It’s time for my own team and growing my reach.

    It’s time to learn new skills.

    I look forward to the next 10yrs and wish you (and all the team) all the best for 2020 and beyond.

    James Klobasa

  11. What a cool way to look at it: if they were to pile all I did in the last decade in front of me in December 2009, how would I feel? Well, actually I would have been happy. They had just told me I only had a year to live, and it would have meant I had more time. But if you would have told me I would write two books and be signed by a speaking bureau and get to transform lives and find the love of my own life! Wow! Well, I guess it teaches me that dreams do come true now matter how impossible they might seem at the outset. That’s a great thought with which to enter the new decade! Thank you Jeff!!

  12. Thank you Jeff!! What an awesome humble and inspiring message for the new decade!!! I just have so much respect for you! I love you and trust you and I am looking forward to the next opportunity to get your program PLF. I wish you an amazing new year!!! To you and your family!! ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Thank you very much Jeff. I agree and think what you shared is the most valuable way to reflect on the year and to look forward. I’m grateful to hear you say it it validates it for me from someone who’s done very well to stay in alignment with who you are as you grow and help so many other people. Thank you, happy new year.

  14. Thanks for this and this series of insights. One goal we have is to make it to Orlando to participate again. Phoenix was a life changing experience. Power on into a fantastic new adventure.

    Kayce and Dave

      • I was thinking the same thing. And I believe it was Einstein who said ‘compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world.’

        Few months back, I was journaling about what I envision/want going forward….and came to realize that what I want for the short term—the fine-tuning and improving of habits—will automatically feed the long-term. I realized I don’t even need long-term goals! because the better I become, the better my life and work will naturally go.

        Great message for the New Year and new decade, Jeff. Cheers!

  15. “Never underestimate the power of incremental change” that goes along very well with “never underestimate the power of compounded interest” = even the smallest gain, with interest on interest, will add up to something good! Let’s get the ball rolling in that direction for the next decade on January 1, 2020!

  16. The “secret sauce” of your video is how long you’ve been keeping a journal. I’ve been doing one for 20 years. It’s invaluable.

  17. Thanks for this 2020 kickoff. Love changing the thinking from resolutions to incremental change. Regularly adding the habit to journaling daily is a great addition to the new year/decade! Happy 2020 and beyond! Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. Hi Jeff,

    Listening to your new habit from 2010, I saw myself now, at the beginning of My Path, and you confirmed to me that following My Path is the best path I can follow for the rest of my life.
    And this is The Legacy I begin to build, and I know that it is a long journey, but I dedicated to living the rest of my life for that.
    My Belief is: I follow My Path as long as God wants, and as far as I can go.
    Thank you for showing me a “future image” of my belief.

  19. Robert Huber


    Hi Jeff

    You help inspire us humans to think about improving our thinking, upgrading our habits and getting focused on improving life on this planet. This could be viewed by some to be a lost leader in developing the logistics to achieving wealth.

    Congrats to focusing in a persistent way and helping to make life better for all of us. Nice value.

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