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I’ve just had two of the most intense days of my professional life.

I know that sounds a little dramatic, but it’s true.

Even though I’ve been launching for 25 years, and teaching PLF for 15… I was doing something completely new. And these crazy-intense few days gave me brand new insights — not only into the material, but also how I can share it with others and make a big difference in their lives.

Turns out there’s no end to mastery.

Which is why I was happy to have a little voice in my ear say to me today:

“Let’s try that again, Jeff. Remember… it’s ‘Product. Launch. Formula.’…”

I should probably explain…

Also: I’ll be sharing all these new insights at this year's virtual PLF Live — where I personally guide you through planning your next launch in just three days.

It’s happening May 14 -16. If you want to find out more, and discover how you can save over $800 on the ticket price, click the link below:

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17 Replies to “Doing Something Completely New (and Learning New Things From My Own Work)”

  1. Love hearing about your new insights and experiences Jeff! It’s so great that reading your book out loud is allowing you to experience your own material in a new way. I LOVE stuff like that! It’s all ever-deepening, isn’t it??

    Recording IS intense (…voice over artist and singer…)…crazy all the things that can make noise!!

    Really looking forward to PLF Live!!! Thank you for all you do. You truly change lives (mine included!).

  2. Enjoyed hearing this, Jeff, but you have enough enthusiasm and insights to keep the rest of us going FOREVER! I do understand, though, how hard recording an audiobook can be. Congrats on taking that step.

  3. Wow Jeff I hear you! This vid reminds me of working in radio and doing voiceover many moons ago! Hearing your own voice say the words until it almost just sounds like sounds rather than words at all!

    It’s a bit of a dream to record an audiobook version of my book(s) so it’s really inspiring to hear about your journey with it.

    Deepening the work layer by layer, ongoing to mastery.
    Love it! And thankyou.

  4. Garlind Mullin


    Hi Jeff
    I just watched your video of running beside the Hudson river. It was truly inspirational. What an incredibly healthy outlook. I was truly blessed this morning. I will be signing up for the virtual PLF event. I have never done an online business and I am not technically savvy but I have an idea and I honestly believe that with your help I can be successful Thanks for doing what you do.

  5. As a voiceover professional myself, I can completely understand what you have been walking through, and having purchased “Launch” both in its audio component (for use in the car and at home) AND in physical form (to highlight and restudy passages), I am absolutely thrilled that you chose to voice this yourself this time! Your voiceover artist that you had chosen was absolutely fantastic on your first book, but there is nothing like the integrity, intensity and personal relevance that a writer can lend to their own voicing of their book; though, to be clear, not every writer has your vocal chops and should voice their own book! I can hardly wait to read and listen to the fruits of your labor on this one. Thank you, Jeff! Looking forward to PLF Live VIP in a few short weeks! ;-)))

  6. No SCRAPPY allowed in an audio book!
    Getting it/anything perfect is exhaustingly mechanical.
    Looking forward to your scrappy aliveness, all your utterly (im)perfect Jeffisms, at PLF Live.

  7. Adrienne Babbitt


    Super inspiring Jeff! PLF live was amazing last year and I can’t wait to use it to plan the launch for my next membership. You can always peel the onion a little deeper. From a master like you, those are exciting words!

  8. Laura Reilly


    Love hearing how you are gaining insights into your product by doing it differently! Thank you for sharing and looking forward to PLF Live!

  9. Miriam Emuna Ofek


    I had no idea! I am a voracious audio listener and I take this for granted. I read Launch, and will be waiting for the the new edition!

  10. The energy is really high now Jeff. Everyone is moving to a new level. Many are tired and napping. Some are crying spontaneously (which is good because it is releasing resistance). So, the combo of your “Looking back” to something you created in the past with the energy coming in, would make anyone tired. Be good to yourself.

  11. I’m so looking forward to this event, Jeff! Love how on fire you are for your business, even after all these years. It’s inspiring! See you at the event!

  12. Jeff, I love you so much dude and coming home to this video tonight was like being with an old friend! I’ll be attending my 2nd PLF Live as part of Shanda’s program and can’t wait to see you again! I did my first 3-day pre-launch in late January and screwed the pooch (although the testimonials were great) so I’m looking forward to seeing you, and learning what you’ve learned recently! PLF Owner forever!!! Oz

  13. Hello Jeff,
    Thanks for sharing this experience about recording your own audio book. I didn’t know the recording of an audio book was done page by page.
    I hope you will do your PLF launch again this year in September (or did you say this year you would do it in November).
    I have used your free PLF lessons (didn’t have the budget to buy the actual programme) and it works! Now, I really want to become your customer.
    I wish you success with your virtual programme this month May.
    Greetings from Singapore.
    All my best,
    Bart Remes

  14. David Crabill


    OMG so funny! I definitely laughed at the “expecially” part. I’ve been following you for what — 6 years? — and I think this was the first time I’ve heard you pronounce “especially” correctly. I could just imagine the producer patiently correcting you over and over again, LOL. I’ve always assumed you were aware of it and it was intentional on your part to not change it over time. I must admit, now it would be weird to hear you say it any other way. And you must have influenced Amy Porterfield all those years ago, because she says it with an “x” as well. Maybe it is a trait of super successful people? 🙂

    Thanks for giving us a good visual of what it was like in the studio. I’ve always wondered. I almost exclusively listen to audiobooks, and Launch is probably one of only 5 books I’ve actually read over the past decade. Even though I should know most of the info in the new version, this behind-the-scenes intel makes me want to listen to it!

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