The One-Day Workweek

by on Jul 21 2018

One of my clients has been able to grow his business 8x while transitioning to a one-day workweek. In this video, I asked him to share the story of how he was able to make that happen…


  • Wow! Sebastian, you rock! An amazing and inspirational story. And Jeff, your pride and joy over his accomplishments was palpable. You both deserve all the many blessings coming your way!

  • Daren says:

    Amazing Sebastian.. and well done Jeff! Sitting here in South Africa as I write this and have been trying to get my evergreen launch funnel live for years… but always seem like just 1 week away! Maybe I should join your private mastermind… Thanks again Jeff and have a great week. Kind RegRDS, Daren

    • Mike Lawson says:

      I know that “one week away feeling Daren!

      Great video Sebastian and Jeff!

    • Hi Daren,
      what I’ve found is that there is actually an easier method to finally get that evergreen launch running :

      Step 1. Do a live launch. Do not ever try to set up the evergreen funnel before you’ve actually tested the content, sales message, and offer !

      Step 2. Duplicate it verbatim as your evergreen launch. Do NOT try to “improve” on it, which would take you down an additional rabbit hole of procrastination 🙂


  • Boom. Totally inspiring. #Gratitude.

  • Leora Bach says:

    What a wonderful story of inspiration! As soon as he knew he was going to be a father; He knew he had to change.

    When one’s WHY is big enough – Anything can happen!

    Good luck Sebastian, well done!!! And also to you, Jeff, for helping him make this happen!

  • Colm Kelly says:

    At work, on a Sunday, watching a video about a guy who doesn’t even need to turn up on regular weekdays!! Great stuff. Thanks Jeff for sharing. Great inspiration to launch my product

    • David says:

      Your comment echoed with me. Am at the firehouse today wanting to be home and thinking about my own journey and getting to working how and when I want to also.

  • Daaiyah Dawan-Newborn says:


  • Wow, amazing Sebastian, inspirational story, Very good!

  • Wonderful, you both rock, thank you for sharing, all the best, Anja

  • Neeraj says:

    Inspirational!! I can completely relate. I went to. 3 day work week after my son was born to take care of him when my wife retired to work. In 2.5 years I had a 284% growth while I worked 3 days a week from 6.5 days a week. I think have an awesome reason why I wanted to work less and achieve more really made THE difference!! When you have a strong why, you will find a way!! Thanks for sharing this Sebastian!

  • The power of surrounding yourself with people already doing what you dream of doing is immense. Once I did this, my business went from a few clients to being fully booked months in advance. Thanks for another great video Jeff!

  • Marc God says:

    What a great story. Thank you for sharing Jeff and Sebastien. If possible, I would really like to get in touch with Sebastien as your story resonates so strongly with me. Why? I live in Belgium, serving the Flemmish speaking markets in Belgium and The Netherlands and am trying to create an online product from my live business coaching work so that I too will be able to reach and help many more people with much less effort on my part. Is there any chance, Jeff, that you could introduce me to Sebastien? Thank you in advanve. Best regards, Marc
    P.S. I am a plf owner and had blast at this year’s plf live event. Yet I am struggling to put it all into practice. Perhaps because of the same reason as Sebastien mentioned in that I am lacking a support group of like-minded online entrepreneurs.

    • Hi Marc !
      I only work with French-speaking entrepreneurs, so I might not be able to help you out as a client.

      However, if you’re attending Jeff Walker’s “LaunchCon” event this year (which I highly, highly recommend) I’ll be happy to share some advice and contribute where I can.


  • JJ says:

    Wow! So inspirational and what an amazing story, Sebastian! Thank you for sharing and congratulations on creating such an amazing life.

  • As Neeraj notes
    With a compelling “why”
    Our common results
    Can take flight
    To quantum freedom’s Delight!

    Thanks to you both for inspiring the quest for the rest of us!

  • Stephen MacLeod says:

    Nice Story…

  • Brian says:

    Wow!! Thank you, Sebastian and Jeff, for sharing such an inspiring story. It is great to hear what is truly possible to keep the motivation going.

  • Angel says:

    This confirms how all the beginnings are …. to end with more than you dreamed of …. 16hrs / day seven days a week….

  • Stephen Walker says:

    Love it! Thanks so much!

  • David says:

    Thank you for sharing.

  • You are a great inspiration, Jeff…Sebastian. Congratulations on living life to the max.

  • Amazing, and very inspiring. Jeff, hearing this real-world interviews is extremely helpful to me as I strive to get away from working way too many hours myself. Thank you so much!
    Casey Demchak

  • Tom Matzen says:

    Congrats Sebastien!

    We’ve met many times, my favourite memory is how you always seek and implement new wisdom. Inspiring!

    Tom in Vancouver

  • Aaron Koral says:

    Jeff: Great video, and congratulations to Sebastien for his efforts and amazing results. Two questions: A) What is the product that Sebastien was able to leverage his time to that drove his results? B) I noticed you both mentioned Evergreen Systems (?) in the video; what is that and how did Evergreen Systems play a role in Sebastien’s improving product results? More videos like this, please – thanks, Jeff!

  • Donna says:

    In this great story I hear humility, belief, faith, love, hope…. that brought action, focus, abundance. Amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  • Pete Leckemby says:

    Powerful and inspiring. Thank you Sebastian!

  • Monika Mann says:

    Nice warm fuzzy feeling story.. but totally useless. It said NOTHING about how he did it…so… Your headline is misleading.. shame on you

    • Hi Monika, the headline is… “The One-Day Workweek”, which looks appropriate to me.

      Some people do believe that the WHY is more important than the How.
      But, because you asked (albeit in a way that indicates you might not be the best fit for Jeff’s tribe), here’s how I achieved it :

      1. Focused on just ONE message instead of being a jack-of-all trades. We basically abandoned the positioning of doing “everything marketing for all businesses” and focused specifically on “automated sales systems” for entrepreneurs who, like me, are looking for freedom as their first goal.

      2. Tested and refined the “Optimal sales process” for that single product, rather than create a different campaign a month as we used to. This enabled us to…

      3. Fully automate that sales process so that I do not have to keep reinventing the wheel or be involved in sales myself. Which allowed me to…

      4. Delegate or automate all technical and administrative processes, so that the only missions I have in the company are (a) being a figurehead and creating free content in the form of podcasts/videos (which I do two days per quarter) ; (b) setting the strategic vision and delegating it with Impact Filters (see : Dan Sullivan’s method) ; (c) managing the team through my COO, which reduces the need for my time in meetings.

      So that’s it in a nutshell 🙂


  • Svea van der Hoorn says:

    Thank you both once again for illuminating the ordinary in creating extraordinary. Love the simplicity and everyday feel of these video clips and stories. Deep bow head on the floor. Look forward to more

  • Nancy says:

    Very inspirational! Thanks for sharing!

  • Awesome video!! Great stuff Jeff and Sebastian!
    Great job to Steve Pavlina already making an impact!!!!

  • I know from when I had past success, it was because I was in the right combo of people around me…like Sebastian said. It wasn’t this group or that group, it was the “right” group that made the difference. That’s the energy I’m wanting to attract again—the right combo that gives my wings flight and courage! I needed to hear this today so thanks for the video. Love it so much!

  • Rhonda says:

    Wonderfully inspiring story! Thanks Sebastien… Thanks Jeff!

  • Irina Lee says:

    I just LOVE this video! Jeff, thank you for sharing your Plat Plus Members with the rest of us – truly inspiring! I can not wait to hear your mini interviews with all the rest.

    And, Sebastien – thank you for sharing your story! My greatest goal is to build a LOCATION FREE life and business, and thanks to your story (combined with the Power of PLF & Launch Club) I can envision how I can make that happen.

    So, thanks, guys! You made my day!
    Hugs from Irina, Oslo, Norway (currently on vacation in Italy!)
    ps. I have forwarded this vlog to my boyfriend. I think it can convince him to get onboard, as well 😉

  • What kind of consulting products does Sebastian offer? This is exactly what I needed to see. We each control our lives and our destiny. Having a present father in your life is so incredibly important. His daughter will have more confidence and live a happier life. Jeff, this is beyond wonderful. Thank you for paving the way and bringing us all up with you.

  • Jared Silver says:

    Excellent Jeff. Congrats Sebastian. Jeff you keep me inspired that I can once again become professionally relevant again. Worked hard in my 20s thru my 40s. Great business success. Was a specialist who changed with the technology…
    and I became a commodity service. On my 5th reinvention now. You keep me hopeful as I do all the “stuff” that I’ve learned from you and Stu Mclaren to build a profitable business again… in THIS century.

  • Shaman Jon says:

    Great stuff! Thanks Jeff. As a family man I really appreciate your approach.

  • Jack Turk says:

    Congrats to Sebastian, who’s a class act through and through!

    Thank you for sharing Jeff.

  • Caroline says:

    WOW!! Thank you for this inspiration!!! I’m in the middle of growing my onlne business to muliple 6 figures and this inspiration is needed and appreciated. I CAN DO IT!!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽

    • I want to see YOUR interview when you get there Caroline 🙂

      It’s just about taking baby steps, until you finally realize you’re much farther than you ever thought !

  • Shamaine Robinson says:

    WOW, Thanks for your inspiration. I can see when you are talking how passionate you are about what you do. Thanks for sharing and great explanation of the 80/20 rule working in real life.

  • Tracey Arial says:

    Wow, Sebastien has got to be the most focussed wonderful person ever! He was so busy sharing his technique for working less and making more that he didn’t even mention the business he runs. Such a giving warm person. Thank you Sebastien and thank you Jeff for featuring his story.

  • MATT EDISON says:

    Congratulations Sebastian!

  • Lee says:

    Very inspiring conversation – thank you Jeff and Sebastion

  • Annie says:

    Hi, Sebastian!

    Thanks to you and Jeff for a great interview! I appreciate your taking the time to get this message out there. Thinking strategically, analyzing what’s working and what’s not, and staying focused on why we are entrepreneurs in the first place (to have a life by design) is SO important. Thanks for being an inspiration and a leader to follow who is doing exactly that!



  • Elvire says:

    WOW Sebastian! So inspirational! Thanks so much for sharing – great interview, thanks Jeff!!

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