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It’s always interesting when I’m going about my day and someone recognizes me from my videos… this time it happened when I was in the streets of Paris.

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37 Replies to “Recognized in Public”

  1. Hey, Jeff! Thanks for sharing! I love Paris and love the opportunity that the Internet can give us all to have time freedom, location freedom and abundance in every way, like you said. I’m trying to build a brand of my own, and have only just started and am still trying to find my way, and you are one of the people that inspire me the most and whom I’m following and learning from. Thank you for all the knowledge and experiences that you share with the rest of us!

  2. Jeff, I’ve been doing the same thing! Thanks to you and other mentors, 3 years ago I left the USA and moved to Uganda, Africa to be with my family and do charity work in education. My family and I are traveling 99 days in Europe and we were in Paris at the same time WAIT!! is that me in the background ha ha. Love you Jeff, thank you.

  3. Yes, during the travel, the people we meet show us and remind us how we are deeply connected. It’s amazing and with digital it’s even more.

    Enjoy your vacation in France Jeff, you’ll always be welcome here 🙂


  4. Good view of Paris with wonder insight into possibilities offered by digital world. Your sense of friendliness in communicating with personal anecdotes makes it even more special source of inspiration and help in seeing beyond the visible.
    Thanks and good wishes
    Jeff let us do another interview for ITV NY in near future.
    With good wishes
    Ashok Vyas

  5. Lovely to have you on this side of the ocean, Jeff.
    Great moment to reflect on what your life was 25 years ago.
    I’ m pretty sure you would never have thought that your life would change that drastically.
    A thought to share with the younger generations to not stay stuck in the situation they are in, but to keep evolving and to keep an open mind as one will never know how their life will be tomorrow, next year or in 25 years.
    Live in the now and continue to enjoy it to the fulliest.

  6. Your Paris talk got me going. I’m ready for the life style business but I’ve built my business and its growing so my idea is to build value and sell it for a couple million. This will be my cushion while I build my media company lead gen and launch my how to start a real business.
    Yes a lot of people want to do internet marketing Buss ,but it’s hard. This will work for so many more people and get them to 6- figures so much faster. I realize I need to get here as soon as possible. Yes I will have the life style business build off the real business. All about helping the people.

  7. Hello Jeff! If you come to Lyon where I live, I’ll recognize you! Promise! I enjoy your motivational videos, they help give me little pushes as I’m moving my retail product towards more distribution and eventually having someone else produce it to develop other products – enjoy your time in Paris – don’t just see the big monuments, they’re all incredible, but find some of the old brasseries, or take some walking tours to get the feel of the real city, or take a long moment on a boat far down on the Seine – there won’t be any rapids but it’s all beautiful – enjoy!

    • @Martha: I actually didn’t go to any of the monuments or anything like that. Spent my time walking around, went from some great runs along the Seine, and had some great long afternoons in old brasseries.

  8. Very true. I love whatever you’ve taught. Specially the fact how you were able to build an Empire once again after reaching absolute zero.
    Freedom is an ultimate goal for an entrepreneur and your lifestyle just shows how true that statement Actually was…. impacting people’s oife around as well as earning enough money is just awesome..

  9. Hi Jeff!
    Thanks for reminding me why my #1 goal is to have my own online business:-)
    And why I have been working so hard and investing way above my means in my education and training in the field of online marketing, sales, masterminding, creating online courses, public speaking, and much more.
    You’re always so open-hearted, honest and straightforward in everything you put out in the world.

  10. Hey Jeff, I did my first Airbnb in CA this summer and loved it. I came back to England last week and immediately began paring down my possessions. Am I crazy, I thought? Can I really get rid of most of my stuff and do the Airbnb lifestyle? I asked for a sign this morning, and it looks like you are it! Full steam ahead!!

  11. Life is cool when you follow through with your dreams. Jeff you’re the best!

  12. Bonjour! That must have been so fun for you!

    Only had it happen to me one time on an Amtrak train returning from a TED talk I gave at their HQ in New York. It had already been an amazing few days and then to run into someone who recognized me from my newsletter was just frosting on the cake.

    You are so right Jeff. The internet is the great equalizer.

    I launched my website in 1998.

    And as I’ve told you many times before, it was PLF that took my business to a whole new level in 2007 with $160k from two back to back launches.

    Have a crepe for me!


  13. Paris reminds me about the romance…love and loving life fully. And the freedom of passion. Beautiful messsage that reminds us that we live in one home…our Mother Earth. Let’s rise in love to protect it.

  14. That’s awesome, Jeff! I appreciate you sharing – some great motivation & insight on this fine Sunday morning!

    PLF is a really great course & I especially enjoy your focus on nurturing your tribe. Such an essential part of having a successful launch!

    Question – what are you using to keep the shot so still while you’re walking? It’s like the anti Blair Witch Project. 🙂

      • thx for the gear tip! I hadn’t heard of the G7x, the lcd up top looks perfect for on the go selfie shots, plus a lot lighter than the 70D i use for ut vlogging ….paris looks like fun


  15. I love your weekly videos Jeff — you motivated me to create my own weekly videos for 6 months now. Paris is one of my favorite cities too and it’s so cool that you were recognized by a fan there! Can’t wait to catch up with you at Launch Club Live and LaunchCon in Dallas!

  16. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks so much for all your inspiration! Love your videos! Enjoy Paris!!!!
    I’ve read your book twice now and am getting ready to do my first attempt att following your List Building Blueprint!!! Fingers crossed I can get some control and freedom into my life as well!!!!
    Lisa 🙂

  17. Hey Jeff!
    It’s Ilya, the guy you met in Paris! What a great surprise to see you make a video about it 🙂

    Thanks again for being such an inspiration and helping me and everyone else grow their businesses to be able to live a life they want.

    If you’re in Berlin, Lisbon or Vancouver in the next few months let me know.

    See you again soon (hopefully)!


  18. How nice to do a video in Paris and think of all of us! I love your story and the sites surrounding you! Here’s to having a very enjoyable time!
    Take Care,

  19. Marina Bertolino


    Hello Jeff … any chance of seeing you walking the streets of Sydney or Melbourne, Australia? Love your content! 🇦🇺🇦🇺

  20. Looking forward to doing some collaborations with you! I did apply through your website job description for the writing position and I am open to anything related to being creative and helping make the world a better place 🙂 you might see it under my maiden name Erin Rice and my name now is Erin Nicole

    Working on my world tour sharing hope to the hopeless and musical gifts that I have been born to share 🙂 I believe our collaboration would help me reach my goals as well as yours

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  21. Hope I’ll bump into you one day Jeff! My wife and I are digital nomads (we also run the biggest group for people in this group on LinkedIn). We’re from the UK, currently living in Budapest. Before that we were in Prague, Lisbon, Berlin and Las Palmas.

    Great to hear your lovely story of someone recognizing you, I think that’s going to happen for you more and more…..

  22. Louis Di Bianco


    You made my morning with this simple, sincere, profound message. You must love the book, Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth, and Impact The World by Peter Diamandis and Steven Koetler. If you haven’t read it, you will love it. It celebrates everything you talk about in this video. Keep shining your light. Au revoir, for now.

  23. You always make me smile Jeff And I am richer because of it ( So Is everyone)

  24. Hi Jeff,

    So true 2 years ago I was reading your book Launch about, the chapter about the life style and I just wishes to live in a place more quiet, with more sun and be closer to the nature.

    Originally I live in Paris area and I’ve make a website that give tips for students or tourist that want to discover Paris. Btw if you want to look at those tips while you are in the city you can check

    But now I just spend my summer in French riviera for the second year and I spend my winter time in the Alps under the sun and skiing.

    I must admit that what you say in your Launch book and in your videos inspired me and the tools that you give in the lifestyle chapter are really powerful – I couldn’t really beleive how I could handle the life style while I was reading the book 2 years ago, now I’m living it 🙂

    Well thanks a lot for your inspiration,

    Greetings from everywhere 😉


  25. Too funny of a connection. Travel always reminds me of how connected we are. The interconnections seem to be even more prevalent. No matter where I’ve traveled in the world this has always been the case. I feel more free to be myself when I’m traveling. Thanks for sharing!!

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