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If you have a digital business, then you have a publishing business… and you need to keep publishing. Here's the easiest way to do it…

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think…

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94 Replies to “Publish or Perish”

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I have been publishing a one minute video weekly on my Facebook fan page every Monday since October 2013! Actually the one minute videos turned into my first published book “Listen.Learn.Love.Lead-40 Simple Messages for an #inspiredlife” I too am in the publishing business. Thank you Jeff Walker for your continued inspiration!

  2. Hi Jeff, you are my inspiration. I look forward to all your videos. In fact, I have been wanting to do videos for a lonnnggg time, but I had this self-doubt – can I do it? And last week I finally “decided” to go ahead and do it no matter what, and I did it.

    And I am going to do 1 video per week 🙂

    You are gently shaking the world. Keep shaking! Wishing you Most and More love, happiness and success…

  3. Ricardo Oliveira


    Hey, Jeff…It’s really amazing to see how simple things turns you to a great life….Thanks again…Regards by Rico Oliveira from Brazil.

  4. Jeff – Thanks for doing these; it’s like meeting up with an old friend on Sunday mornings. 🙂

    I’d like to get more comfortable on video so wondering:
    Beyond just “doing it” what things that you have done, have made the biggest difference in improving your videos, and your comfort level? I’m finding that I have to shoot too many takes, and each successive take seems to get more stressful.


  5. Hey Jeff…

    Great video. I’ve had a blog since 2008.

    I’ve used it to refine my ideas and get feedback on the videos I publish. But at the end of the day… I find that I keep going back to publish these videos so that I can share a profound insight or experience I’ve had and use video to capture that moment. It’s become a meaningful way for me to share my message. Pretty cool how technology has allowed us to do that.

    We live in great times 🙂


  6. Love the message Jeff. I just hit my one year of publishing my weekly blog. I have videos posted, but as free content. This year, as you suggested I am going to tackle recording more of my weekly messages and connecting further that way. Look forward to your next message!

  7. Hi Jeff,
    I LOVE your videos. You have an amazing warmth and charming quality that is magnetic. Some people are shy and don’t want to get out there in such a big way.

    I was like that too until….
    I decided to host my own TV show. After about 50 shows I decided to watch (finally) and realized I wasn’t that bad. Now I’m taking the ultimate challenge, Google Hangouts on Air. It’s LIVE BROADCAST. Flying without a net as I like to say. Have you tried them yet? They’re fun, exciting and scary all at the same time.

    Jeff, if I may say that I believe you have transcended being a publishing company. In my mind you have grown. You now own a broadcast network. We all do. The difference is that some of us are grabbing those cameras and others aren’t.

    Thanks Jeff. Always inspiring!

  8. Hi Jeff,
    We have been following you for a little while now, like half a year, and you are seriously making this new business venture of ours a way more relaxed joy than it might otherwise be. (Well to be honest we wouldnt even be doing it if I didnt read your book). We love how you really practice what you preach – you talk about “just doing it” and not trying to be perfect – and you do it! background noise, rough video, simplicity – you put it out there, and its great stuff. Its inspiring. Cheers. Happy beach time!

  9. Inspiring. Although we are all about software creation as it pertains to info-publishers, I believe Story and video publishing needs to become an important part of how we market our own products. You jeff, are several steps ahead of us on that path, but because you use the medium so humanely and with such expertise, we can’t help but be inspired to follow your lead.

  10. Hi Jeff

    Just want to say that I got your publishing book on the Launch. Great book! Love it. Thanks for the valuable tip in this video. I will definitely start to publish for personal engagement.

  11. Hi Jeff – love the point you make about it not having to be about fancy equipment. It is about serving and adding value to people. Also, love the idea that we are in publishing. Great food for thought.

  12. Thomas E. Hering


    Hey Jeff…

    Great reminder to us aspiring info-marketers…

    Quick question: do you use any fancy app to do videos via your iPhone?

  13. Bravo! Thank you for sharing your messages. The suggestion to publish video is brilliant. I’ve received videos from others, and made one myself. Now taking things to the next level is to create more content via video and add greater value with tools I already have–a smartphone, website, blog, email list. Thank you again. As a newbie to publishing, I appreciate the insights that act as a catalyst to jump start me in the right direction.

  14. Thanks for this little bit of info! It makes sense that people really gravitate towards videos versus reading – it’s easier for one thing, to watch something than to read, and you really get a fuller picture and personality behind the person through a visual of them speaking to you rather than writing. It makes for a deeper, fuller connection, almost as if you are sitting with them talking, except that you are listening only. Comments are the viewers chance to speak back. Wonderful resource all around! Again, thank you for sharing this! Very nice!

  15. I am redesigning our non-profit association’s site and will soon start a campaign based on the success formula you describe in your book “Launch.” I am also considering applying this new bit of insight you give in this video. A publisher must publish. And video is part of today’s publishing tools. Excellent tip.

    Just a comment from your video:
    In what universe is the camera from your iPhone not an advanced filming tool?
    Have we become so complacent?

  16. I love your message and authenticity. I appreciate you sharing how important it is to connect with our audiences via video and how it doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. Your messages are profound but simple.
    Thanks a bunch.

  17. Jeff!
    Just adore your energy and authenticity. Your teachings have transformed my life.
    Keep up the visibility and the sharing. You’re such a lovely human and it’s
    always good to hear from you!
    Baeth Davis
    “The Palm Pilot For the Soul Of Your Business” ™

  18. Hey Jeff… Just wanted to say thanks… I just finished my first launch sequence and rounding am out the week. My launch offer closes tomorrow. I based this whole process on what I’ve learned from your book. I love the launch process and how well your ideas go hand in hand with all of the the other marketing systems that I’ve studied, leading up to this first launch. I’m just staring out with my membership website for drummers which I’ve been developing for over 3 years… I had tons of development hurdles, challenges and rebuilds, but I finally feel like we have a product here. I’m dealing with an organic list of about 1500 drummers. Out of that I found 250 were following the launch and as of right now, about 20 new members signed up (15 of which signed up inside the first 20 minutes of open cart)… Which is not bad in terms of normal direct mail stats. My next phase is to take the launch to a much larger list. Of course this is gonna involve purchasing a list for 1 time or multiple use, which always makes me nervous, because it’s money that I don’t have. Sorry for the long comment, but I just wanted to thank you and I’ll be continuing to follow your teachings as my business grows. Thanks again! ~Jay

  19. Congrats on two years of video connection Jeff! It’s amazing what getting out from behind the computer and onto the camera can do for you, and you’re definitely a great example of that. I think it’s because of these on camera videos that I went to PLF live – for more of that “Jeff time” and of course all the great information and people, too. 🙂

  20. I have been procrastinating for over a year now with publishing my first video blog. I guess this video was meant for me. I will commit to having my first video blog out by the end of this week!

  21. What beach are you at? Fiji? Looks like a lot of fun 🙂

    And I appreciate the content (again, you hit it out of the park). I especially like the idea of publishing for my kids as well as my audience. That might just be the big, better why that motivates me that extra bit to do weekly videos.

    Can I ask a possibly unimportant question: once you get the videos, how do you publish them? This appears to be a tumblr blog but it’s so cool looking!

    Can you point us to a great resource, a quick guide on video blogging?

    Thanks Jeff – I really am grateful for you and the content you’ve shared.


  22. Jeff, I like this type of videos. I have the feeling that I stand close to you and speak with you.
    How and when do you create your videos so that you don’t loose focus?

  23. I must admit to you Jeff, that I am guilty of NOT starting to publish yet. And truthfully I do not have an excuse for it.
    Three years ago I started to make videos and sharing them privately with friends and family mainly to accommodate our different time-zones. And they’ve been a hit since day one. I became better at it and it feels natural to me now. In addition, I love video editing and I really have a knack towards that kind of work. The reason why I am “confessing” this to you and others on this platform is to implicate myself so I can hold myself responsible to start publishing videos for my business ,within the next 60 days or as soon as my website is up and running.

    Thanks again for the wonderful content. Whenever there is a video from you, I do not hesitate to click and watch right way because you truly inspire me.

  24. Hi Jeff, I knew you by brazilian entrepeuners as Erico Rocha and others. I would like to say that you are one of my inspiration sources. As you, today I work in corporative market, in telecomunications and my dream is to win in digital marketing, online business and change my life. You are my motivation because you felt this sensation.

    Thank you for your engagement!!

    Best Regards!

  25. You’re bang on Jeff, I do enjoy your videos. Video is the way to go. It took me hours to make my first 10 minute video, now it’s a snap. I stopped seeking perfection, I relaxed and just did my best. Soon enough it became a walk in the park…

  26. Helen Johansen


    Jeff – I really enjoyed this video! I am in the process of writing a book about my Mother’s very large family and my memories of each of her siblings! I don’t know if an entire book is something I could publish on a video but it might be interesting to pursue. Perhaps in a number of “chapters”. You said you were using your iPhone and I wondered how you mounted the iPhone to keep it still while you were recording. I do have a very good camera that I can mount on a tripod, but my iPhone is probably better. Again, thanks so much for your videos! Great job!

  27. Rosa Dakhmouche


    Indeed, when you have a business, you must keep it stable. You need to be creative so as not to fail in your business. Your motivation,too, is amazing and a source of inspiration for many of us. Thank you for sharing your strategy. Last but not least, I have enjoyed the backgroun behind you, so beautiful.

  28. Hey Jeff,

    I have been following you for many years through my journey in and out of the Internet Marketing world, which FINALLY has become a permanent “in” after I finally stopped chasing “shiny objects” and starting following a REAL business plan. You are one of the very FEW marketers who has been around during that entire stretch and have continued to adapt to changes and have never taken the “shiny object” approach.

    First and foremost, I truly appreciate that because the Internet Marketers that were selling shiny objects and sugar coating poor products and systems with market and sales hype have disappeared since that time. They weren’t sustainable and neither were their businesses and the shortcuts eventually caught up with them.

    This video is exactly what I like about you. Simple and straight to the point, but made me realize that I am slipping a little on making sure I am providing new content at least once a week and on busy weeks, it is quite simple and quick to put together a short video covering a various topic in my niche. However, even more importantly, it will allow me to connect on more of a personal level with my readers and let them see and hear a real person. I am almost laughing at myself, as I have been sitting here stressing out that I have been getting behind on written content (and my content is comprehensive and well-researched) and meanwhile, here is an extremely simple solution that can also open the door to many other opportunities.

    Thanks for the reminder and all the best!

  29. Perfect timing Jeff.
    I’ve recently been doing WAY more video, cause I got A LOT to say. : – )
    I started with this iphone video a while back.

    Vancouver, BC.

  30. Hi jeff,

    Talking about the video and the publishing, i’m just curious about how you can record the video and plug a micro at the same time for the sound.
    I’m not saying that for your video, i love thr noisy background of the ocean 😉

  31. Great video, Jeff! And what a gem of a piece of advice – leave videos that you’d want your kids to watch and learn from.

    I’ve been receiving your emails for a while but only today did I click through to watch your video. Glad I did. I’ll finally give video blogs a go, with a totally differnt mindset that make it so much easier!

    Thank you,

  32. I like your background in the beach, thank you for sharing this very good tip to start publishing…

  33. In real estate they say…Location, location, location
    What I hear from you Jeff is Publish,,, publish,,, publish.
    I’m preparing a series of videos about landscape
    and energy-efficient home design.

    Thanks for the promptings

  34. Meg Gallagher


    Jeff, I’m just starting out in my business. More and more I am watching videos to obtain information and be inspired. I, too, love to write and feel that I’m pretty good at it, but it’s harder than speaking. So I will experiment with video. Must get over the whole “not photogenic” thing…



  35. Hi Jeff I enjoyed your video and after a very long sabbatical I’m ready to do this. I live in beautiful Sedona Arizona so it’s the perfect place for video right?
    Not being very text Abby and using my iPhone where do you upload it to and publish that’s what I need to know thank you:)

  36. I am surprised and disappointed that a person that promotes video would shoot a video without a “off camera” remote microphone!
    I agree with your message, just think it is rank amateur . Body language is looking off frame and you are turning back to the camera. Seems odd to pick a location with background noise that filters the message.

    I am learning, but trying to learn form teachers who do not make obvious mistakes in techniques.


  37. Great video Jeff! You rock, I look forward to your videos and watch everyone I can.

    Keep inspiring others.

    P.S. Since getting a “pair” and making videos, my business and impact has changed dramatically.

  38. love that you are doing this with your iphone, no barriers or worries there! Want to know what beach you are on… looking for the ‘best’ beach and having fun figuring out what that means, so of course, I must visit lots of beaches!

  39. Thanks for the encouragement Jeff. I’ve been watching your videos now for the past 5 months and always walk away with, I can do that- but I don’t have the proper equipment or the right kind of presence for a video. You spoke to both of these on this one- I basically have no excuse to not do a video now. I have run out! 🙂

    Request: do a video on a roller coaster talking about the ups and downs of business growth and working with people.

    Thanks Jeff for all your guidance!

  40. So super helpful. I’ve been doing a bunch of work on my launch and neglecting my list in the process. I had the awareness that I needed to start building a real relationship with my list, just like any other human relationship and then this video came. Thanks for the reminder. I think I’ll try the video setup as you suggest with a note to my list when they’re ready.

    And thanks also (always!) for the reminder on not being perfect. It makes it a lot easier to approach the first one and the first few.

  41. Aloha and thanks Jeff! So genuinely encouraging as always. I will be starting my weekly videos very soon! Can’t wait! I want to do them by the ocean/out in nature, so it was great to see how well that worked for you. Thanks again!

  42. Ah, this is something I have found for myself — that once I changed to an online business model, my life became more about writing and creating content than about my trade (practicing and teaching Feng Shui). At some point I thought, “What did I get myself into?” I would not have set out to make a living as a writer or video producer, but now there is no way back! Thank you for the reminder.

  43. Robert Jendryka


    Great video Jeff. This is a perfect overview of the progress you have made in the last two years by just committing to one video presentation a week. “A Seven Figure Income in a Hundred Videos” could be another title for this one.

    I can see the great love and humility you bring to each opportunity to share. I look forward to being in closer association with you soon.

  44. Hey, love the beach as the backdrop. Thanks Jeff for all you do to encourage and support us, the “Next Generation” of Internet Marketers. You’re blazing the trail for us and it is such comfort to know that we can learn from the best.

    Regards, S. McNutt-Canada.

  45. Hi Jeff,

    Love your series! You are right that video starts feeling more natural, the more you do it. Practice makes (darn near) perfect. The more you practice, the better you get.

    I’d love to hear about your thoughts on being an educational entrepreneur. Being in the education business, having “knowledge products,” how can I market them so I don’t sound sleazy. Teachers and educators are SMART, and the “typical” spammy marketing that I’ve seen elsewhere would certainly put them off. How do I do educational entrepreneurship right?


  46. Hi Jeff! Thank You for this video. It’s actually much easier to shot a video than writing a blog post. I would like you to make a video on what works best a written blog post or a video? I’ve realized you are not writing in your blog, you only have videos. Why?
    I would also love you too shot a video on how to get the courage to get in front of the camera and publish the video online. It is something I still can’t overcome. Many blessings and Thank You.

  47. I’ve just been doing some videos and here’s what I found:

    When had an idea of what to talk about I used to capture it by just recording audio into my phone. Yet when I came to do the video [when I was a bit more rehearsed] it wasn’t as natural or relaxed. Not because I’m not happy infront of the camera but because it simply wasn’t me channeling spontaneous and verbaslising.

    It was counter intiutive but now I start recording video on my iphone from the get go. Maybe more mistakes but flows better and mistakes are okay – they’re authentic and we’re only human.

    Jeff I was inspired by your PLF videos and kinda got fixated [a bit] on a great opening shot. Mountains, rollling hills, oceans, or whatever so even if people weren’t interested in what I was saying they might stick around for the view, or to find out where I was.

    I even travelled 6 hours to a mountain, to shoot one of my PLC videos! [they’re still up if you want to check them out – click my name in this post for the link]

    I have a blog [ text] but I’m keen to start video blogging. My one question is “How do I find something to talk about every week for 2 years?”

  48. I’ve watched every single one of your videos and I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned. THANK YOU!

    The one topic I’d love to learn about is how you delegate work to your team, what kind of team members you have, and what tips you have for knowledge marketers working to build their team. Thank you!

  49. Great video, and great points made, Jeff! I recently began to publish video with a weekly web show. My wife and I interview other married couples about their marriage story. Tonight will be our 9th episode, and I have to admit each week that we do this builds confidence and brings a since of accomplishment that is probably greater than just a regular blog post does, although I enjoy writing myself.

    I encourage everyone who creates content online to add video to their publishing scheduled. It’s different, but it’s great!

  50. Hi, Jeff.

    I’ve been reading your blog, buying your Product Launch Formula and following your guidance and advice for years now. You are absolutely right… it’s much easier to talk to a camera than it is to write and publishing high value content on a consistent, ongoing basis is our top recommendation to you clients. We’re now publishing our own videos twice per week with a number of videos already produced and scheduled to go live on our website all the way through June 11th

    Looking forward to more great stuff from you.
    Brian Duvall, CEO

  51. Thanks for the video and the clear message – Publish or Perish

    Yes I have been humming and humming about whether I should start a regular brief video myself…and was at the edge of deciding – and have now – thanks to your video – decided to do that myself… starting this week.

    Cheers from Sydney

  52. Simple yet effective. Couldn’t be neater or more genuine. Have made me rethink storytelling and the power of being personal.
    Thanks Jeff!

  53. Yes, totally agree with you. I love see you doing that. I am writing poems, heart to heart articles to my kids every day. I started doing that because my kids’ family and I do not …. Well I do miss them very much.

    Thank you, Jeff for the greatest sample. I think I will publish….

  54. Hi Jeff! Love the message and I will start to record my newsletter/blog posts as I been so inspired by yours. And I love the background on this video. 🙂

  55. Hello Jeff,

    As always great thoughts and yes, this is the next step on this journey publishing videos, already writing the book, I look forward to the wisdom you offer, thank you!


  56. Here’s what I love about your videos, Jeff. They are relaxed, authentic, no fancy intros or exits… it’s just you talking as a friend, not a marketer. Thank you!

  57. Thanks for sharing this Jeff. You are very comfortable in front of the camera – it comes with practice, but I’m curious. Do you need to rehearse what you are going to say prior to filming? How many takes do you do before you accept the video? Do you edit the video back in the studio before publishing? I notice when I start editing, the size of the video grows immensely, what’s the trick to keeping that size down?

  58. Jeff

    I just love how real you are with it all 🙂

    Inspired by you each week to stay in action 😀

    I’d love to hear how you bring your team around so they are working in their genius and they can best support what you do to do what you do 🙂

    Wishing you another AWESOME week 😀 Enjoy 😀

  59. Hey, Jeff–interesting video, and I was unaware that global warming had gotten so bad that the sea levels had risen all the way to the outskirts of Durango! Yeah, I’m sold on video, I started using it about eight years ago when I had a retail store, and you are right–after a very short while, it comes naturally and is a whole lot easier and faster than writing. Thanks for your ongoing good work and inspiration!
    Al Davis

  60. Jeff, I like how you end your videos with, “Let’s go get ’em this week!” I’m relatively new to following your messages, but I’m so glad I found you. You have a twinkle in your eye that is interestingly comforting. Love the business advice, of course, too. Thank you!

  61. Jeff

    I always enjoy your enthusiasm. I’ve been publishing a monthly column on the Expert Witness page in the Legal News ( for fifteen years. After experimenting with video for about five years, I created a focused youtube channel about a year ago: It a good way to reach out and stay connected with my larger community and a more-focused client community.

  62. Greg Pipkin


    Jeff, when I launched my website at just a few months ago, I knew that finding my voice as a writer would be crazy important. And while I love to write, I really just love talking with people—and your post has gotten me thinking about leveraging the power of video. Maybe finding my voice in front of a camera is no different than finding my voice as a writer. Maybe it’s simply about finding my voice. Period. Thanks for the encouragement!

  63. I think you’re right on however I find myself intimidated by the camera and will need to find ways to work around that. Thanks for your inspiration.

  64. I am combining two of your techniques. Asking people to ask a question — and then answering that in a video. I’ve just shot three and plan to shoot some more next week. That way I can get ahead of myself, so I can publish one a week.

  65. Cheryl Fluty


    I like the idea of a video blog and plan to start doing it once I get my main computer fixed!
    It’s a nice beach you’re on, but the wave sound does make it a little hard to hear the message.

  66. Thank you Jeff!

    What technology are you using to record your videos and to post them online? Any suggestions for someone who is just getting started?

    Thank you! David

    • Hi David,

      Publishing video online can be as easy as capturing it with your phone and posting to YouTube, as it looks like Jeff did here. If you’re thinking of getting a little more elaborate and turning your desktop into a simple studio, then many top Hangouts on Air and YouTube producers recommend the Logitech C920 USB webcam (about $70) and the Blue Yeti USB microphone (about $125).

      And if you want a modestly priced, but powerful video editing and screen capture (e.g., for making demos and tutorials) tools, I’d add Camtasia Studio 8 (free trial, then $299 to own). The Windows version includes a great set of visual themes and royalty-free music.

      Once you’ve created your videos, a YouTube channel is a free way to distribute them, with lots of options and basic editing tools. At some point, you may also want to get an account with a hosting/streaming service like Vimeo or Wistia (both also have nice libraries of video training).

      Hope that helps,


  67. Hi Jeff,
    You know how much I love the video-first content creation mindset, but your advice to keep in mind the influence/impact that our messages can have on our kids is a powerful addition.

  68. Great video… I get it totally and will implement it in my own business

  69. For me its more about how I look in those videos. I really look bad. And it’s not just me saying so because I don’t have the confidance, others say so too. Others who support me and I count on their honest opinion.

    Love what you do Jeff, and thank you.

  70. ken ca|houn


    Good points; I really like that your videos are pitch-free, builds goodwill and relevance; you build and earn trust the right way, well done; good role model for high content value niche broadcasting.

  71. Great content, but please, for heaven’s sake, don’t ever record a video on your iPhone at the beach again with loud crashing waves in the background. It’s extremely distracting and makes the impact of your message less meaningful. Yes, I agree that you don’t need fancy equipment to shoot great video, but you do need KNOWLEDGE about HOW to shot. But the goods news is, as with any other skill; you can LEARN how to shoot great video. And if you do that, your videos will stand head and shoulders above those of your competition.

    • @Max: we know how to shoot great video… for example: and However, sometimes inspiration trumps delivery… and that was the case with this video.

  72. Hey Jeff,
    Great video ! I totally agree. I’ve started to publish short videos on my FB page. It´s amazing to see how people engage ! I’m impressed. So it´s a great synchronicity to hear your message today !

  73. Hi Jeff.
    I value the “you can do it” energy that you bring to your work and to me. I hope that your publishing future includes working with young people if you aren’t already. I’ve just mastered my blog … again … after shutting it down for two years to create a new life and work. You’ve just inspired me to move forward with video. You’re right … I just need to go ahead and do it. Thanks!

  74. I love copywriters for their influence. They can simply change your mind!
    Jeff after your last video about how Yoga can boost your productivity , now I am doing it every morning and WOW.. It really works man! Thank you

  75. Dear Jeff,

    I love your energy and the information you deliver.
    Thank you for everything that you do!

    Love and Blessings,

    Nadia Tumas.
    The Life Purpose Decoder

  76. Great content. I totally agree that video should be a big part of your publishing and marketing business. Have you measured which type of video gets more feedback? Like training vs. Sales or webinars vs hangouts

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