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There’s a question I get pretty regularly, even after 22 years in business. And no matter how many times I get asked, I’m going to keep answering it. Here’s why…

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15 Replies to ““It Sounds Awesome, But…””

  1. Thank you so much, Jeff. This video helped me a lot. I have gotten this question too and hearing you share the way you did has been so validating and reassuring. My niche is “Trauma Recovery”, however my sub-niche is “adult survivors of childhood abuse, exploitation, and human trafficking”… I have community members ask me often if my videos will help them if they experienced a different type of interpersonal trauma. My response is always, “yes.” And yet, I may not have realized they needed to hear me mention their specific type of interpersonal trauma. Thank you, Jeff. Hoping you have a great week ahead!

  2. “Да!” Thank you for your great video, Jeff. Greetings from Russia:)

  3. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for reminding me that we need patience. Sometimes we get so excited about our topic/niche that we forget there are just beginners coming in with basic questions.

  4. Thank you, Jeff. Like always you are a calming reassuring direction giver in the storm. My market, even though I am just starting, is teaching Talmud online. Talmud is one of the primary texts of Judaism. It’s 2,700 double pages, written 1,600 years ago in a decision making dialectic style. My online courses will teach the Talmud decision-making system. My website for that is called Talmud Brilliant. Now here’s my question; I also want to have online subscription site teaching Jewish prayer, starting with teaching the prayers in the Jewish prayer book. BTW, I’m a PLF member. Do I market the ‘Tweak Your Prayer’ course in Talmud Brilliant, or do I use something different, like ‘Old City Congregation’? Thank you very much for your time and effort. Jeremy

  5. Hi Jeff….. as the videos kept scrolling, I had more questions that are a little off track from the topic you put up today. What I REALLY want help with is the topic of research for finding out if the market is “there” for my ideas. I’m referencing the video(s) about the “family member” who came to you to see if her idea would work. PLEASE keep giving content on this!!

  6. I know it works for selling a program to jugglers, magicians, ventriloquists, singers, and comedians, but will it work for mimes?!?! 🙂

    Happy 4th, Jeff!

  7. Yes but it will work for Bass Guitar too? We all know bass players are not normal people right?:)

  8. Let me just add this: Product Launch Formula works in Norwegian, as well 😉 TAKK, Jeff! Hugs from Oslo, Norway 🇳🇴

  9. Thanks, Jeff. We all think our product/language/situation/market is different. And, this happens in ALL sales – online, or in person. Ultimately, we’re all people, and we all have the same emotional triggers. And, concerning Independence Day, it’s important to remember one point: People who consume a fifth on the 4th, often have troubles coming forth on the 5th. (Works best when said aloud.) Enjoy your Independence Day celebration.

  10. Jeff –

    Thanks for continuing to pay attention to ‘newbie’ questions.

    It’s always important to them. Your professionalism shines brightly

    when it’s still (after all these years) important to you.

  11. Great stuff, Jeff! I took notes. as I’m sort of rethinking everything I do from the ground up. Watching the next one on surveys, too–notebook in hand!

  12. Right now my #1 challenge is dealing with the technology as a solopreneur. Seems like the tech stuff especially just hoses me up. Can’t afford a straight-up OBM but are there reliable services that can, e.g., clean up mailing lists, do some little design/techie things with a WordPress blog, coordinate social media, run reports on my website/traffic/email stats, and the like?

  13. Deborah McCue


    Thanks Jeff, you are the real deal. We need to hear genuineness theses days. I am working with a singer song writer who is incredible. His main problem is getting his sings out there. He wants to go on You Tube but wants to wait until he has the right camera. My guestion is can we just use our smart phones until we get a good video camera?
    Let me know.

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