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Creating raving fans for your business doesn’t happen by accident…

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35 Replies to “Creating raving fans for your business doesn’t happen by accident…”

  1. Thank you! As a solopreneur I have been struggling with the over-deliver strategy for literally years and this post has really helped me see my writing career/business in a different light.

  2. Fabulous advice! I have been so guilty of trying to over-deliver and now I understand that I’m not impressing my client, I’m depressing them by putting overwhelm onto them! Thank you so much! This makes so much sense!

  3. Tali Rejwan


    This is such an important topic and many times overlooked by large and small enterprises. I am so excited Jaso Friedman will be speaking at the next LaunhcCon!!!

  4. Andrew Woodward


    How good is Jason Freidman, what a star. Oh yeah, Jeff goes alright too LOL. Excellent info and a key piece to consider for success. Thanks gents 🙂

  5. Thank you Jason & Jeff, another great video. My take: Look at what you do from the customer perspective. AND do not always overdeliver (I like that – this takes a lot of pressure off) only do it strategically! 🙂

  6. So, we are all familiar with plf so this is preprelaunch. If we go to cxformula, it’s closed. Absolutely want this, but I’m left frustrated. Totally love you guys but what was that about making customers feel great, again?

    • Actually… it’s not pre-prelaunch. I just spent two days with Jason working with my team, and used that opportunity to shoot a video with him.

      I’m sorry that you were disappointed when you got to Jason’s site and it was closed. I’ll let him know.

  7. Jeff and Jason are 2 of the smartest guys I know in the business world and I’m proud to say they are my mentors. Can’t wait for LaunchCon 2018 in November (so excited to see Jason on stage there) as LaunchCon 2016 and 2017 literally changed my life!!

  8. As usual, great video and interview. We’ve been told over and over to over deliver, and here we are told to lower that expectation. I like this. People can’t drink from a water hose all the time. And I think that people want more and more to feel there is a genuine relationship with them instead of a generic formula that everyone is using to try and get their attention. Great insight. Appreciate it.

  9. Great stuff, Jeff …as always. I really appreciate the info on going beyond your avatar and getting into what your audience is thinking and feelings as they move through your buying process. Best – Casey Demchak

  10. Such a valuable perspective — sometimes we are so focused on the bottom line we do not understand the indirect effect it will eventually have on the bottom line.



    Jeff: Thanks for bringing Jason Friedman on the video this week. Just from listening to Jason, I see he totally gets what a great customer experience feels like. A great customer experience is to both surprise and delight, but only at key moments when it’s least expected. Jason also makes an excellent point about not overdelivering which, after thinking about it, makes total sense! Thanks, again Jeff (and Jason, too) for an informative and educational video. Really appreciated.

  12. That bit about The Curse of Over Delivery has really helped me reframe how I interact with my students. It’s taken away a lot of stress and given my students a more manageable flow of content. Huge WIn/Win! Jason, you’re the man 👊

  13. Great video and great content!
    Jeff and Jason, you are awesome! Thank you!
    I love the notion of only overdelivering at strategical moments!
    My nugget from this video is: engage people and be so interested in your clients (instead of being interesting to them) so that there is customer loyalty instead of customer satisfaction!!!
    I think we as business owners today can learn a lot from the show business how they create fans and audiences and generate enthusiasm!
    Since we as business owners publish ourselves today on social media, we need to learn the art of community building, attracting our tribe and keeping them loyal and engaged!

  14. Wow – another awesome video! Thanks!

    My favourite part was when you said Jason will be speaking at LaunchCon. I can’t wait to see him – and everyone else – there.

  15. It is amazing just how little ideas like this can make a huge difference. OK, I think I have to get back to Launchcon this year!!

  16. I agree customer service is so critical! My current experience with an online provider so perfectly reflects this message. After purchasing their over $2K product, I was immediately bombarded with an overwhelming amount of additional solicitations for their higher end product. Informing them of my displeasure has, unfortunately, not led to a common-sense resolution. Even though I believe the product I purchased is great, my customer service experience has left me very dissatisfied. On the other hand, I have had a great experience with your team and this makes me appreciate you and your team even more!!

  17. Wow, thanks to you and Jason for some great information. It has made me realize that I’ve been over delivering to my customers for years now. I need to re-think this and change the way I do business. I appreciate you sharing.

  18. I enjoyed the trumpets metaphor, as a public speaker, former school teacher, grandson of a preacher, I have tended towards the trumpets blowing when I made an announcement to any team I was working with. But approaching it more from the community/Ask Method, and getting their buy in first, comments, and perspective first will only help you level up the product or service offered as well as creating stronger bonds in your team. Teamwork makes the dreamwork. I don’t have a team yet to be the Guardian of the Gates of Awesome but I launched my first Facebook ad 10 minutes ago to start building the email list…onward and upward!

  19. The combo team of Jeff Walker and Jason Friedman! Wow. Both of you guys have helped me make some major changes in how I do things. Like Jason always says, it’s the little things. Made a big difference. Highly recommend Jason and putting together a great customer experience.

  20. Wow! This is great! I really appreciated having the opportunity to meet Jason at PLF Live this year, and he also helped me craft a powerful 30 Second Elevator Pitch for my business. I had, however, no clue about his background and all the successful businesses he has worked with previously. I am really looking forward to Launch Con 2018. After seeing many of the other people in Plat Plus on stage last year, I know that it is going to be an AWESOME event. Thanks, Jeff, for putting all of this together!

  21. This is so important Jeff. I can’t remember when I had a great customer experience with a local or offline business. It’s so rare for anyone to overdeliver these days and make you want to become a raving fan. Most of my online buying experiences are lacklustre as well (and I buy a LOT of stuff online – had TWO bad experiences just today LOL). People seem to think if they don’t get a complaint the customer is happy. Nothing could be further from the truth…

  22. Jeff – Great presentation on you NASTAR Silver Medal. With a guy with your motivation, and desire to always improve, always get better, I have an offer for you. I am a long time professional ski coach I live in Vail, CO and I am working more frequently over in Summit County lately (Copper. Keystone, A-Basin). it appears like you are in Durango/Purgatory Mtn area. If you’d like to step up to that Gold Medal I could help you do it. Contact me at I will be in Chile Aug 18 – Sept 15th doing a ski training camp, however when the snow flies in Colorado, we need to ski!

  23. Thank you so much for saying this! As a customer, I’ve worked with people who deliver what they say and with those who over deliver. I honestly prefer those who do what they say! It is overwhelming to get soooo much when you just want the one thing. But as a new business owner, I was worried about offering anything because I don’t have the proverbial kitchen sink to throw in. I just have the one thing. Listening to this, I feel a lot better now. I can offer my one thing and make sure people are treated well as they experience it, and you made that ok. Thank you!

  24. Jeff, I really appreciate you sharing such powerful insights and enjoyed you story about winning your silver medal ( congratulations). I have been a results-driven athlete most of my life and having won multiple world championships and participated in several Olympics understand what that type of success means. I have built a number of highly successful training products but have delivered them like I was the consumer. I am an extremely independent person who needs little direction. Unfortunately I have built out my products the same way so I only have resonated or created deep loyality with a small number of my customers. Thanks again for the insights. I am doing a launch on a new exercise machine but need to carefully consider these aspects. Does the Product Launch Formula bring this into consideration?

  25. wow, the piece about over-delivering really REALLY struck a chord with me! Like holy sh*T!! i think i need to rewind and listen again. lol.

    i’ve been caught in the perfectionism maze so this is exactly what i needed to hear right now, thx so much!

  26. Love that you had someone talk about the detriment of over delivering, Jeff. Who started THAT rumor anyhow??? When you give away too much, it can also be perceived as not having value! I never bought into that idea…so glad to know others feel the same because I though I was on my own with that thinking!!

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