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After guiding more than 2,000 folks through planning their launches at PLF Live last weekend, I was reminded of something crucial to your business success…

The more “pro” you are, the deeper you can go into the fundamentals. 

Of course, lots of us get distracted by “shiny objects”. 

“What fresh, new ‘widget’ can I add to my squeeze page?” “Should my buy button be ‘Sandstone’ Or ‘Burnt Ochre’?”

It’s easy (and natural) to get caught up in these little details.

But those aren’t the things that will move the needle in your business. This week’s video is all about the things that will make a difference — get them right, and you’re on the path to building a business. 

This week’s video may be short but make no mistake — this is your REAL work:

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24 Replies to “This Is Your Real Work”

  1. Thanks for that. I was a paramedic for 13 years. The number 1 rule with every patient was called ABCs. Airway Breathing Circulation. That’s where you start with every single patient. When working on a critical patient it is easy to get tunneled in on one thing or the chaos of multiple things and become overwhelmed questioning what to do next. Always come back to ABCs. Fundamentals. Basics. It’s the same thing. Nail the basics and the rest of it comes together.

    • Thanks Jeff. Timely message. Spent all day yesterday getting caught up in trying to do just that. My passion is my program. Back to Module 2 😉

  2. Love you driving the point home. I was waiting for you to say ‘ transformation’.

  3. After reading your book and watching tons of your videos this is the most profound and best learning from all them. Thank you so much,

  4. Great message. Great background. Where are you? Looks like you’re re-creating after PLF Live 2021 someplace beautiful. Thanks for an inspiring weekend and for creating an amazing international community of world changers.

  5. Always good to be reminded to remember why we went into business, i.e., to serve our customers and their needs.

  6. this 2.5 min contains EVEREYTHING that you need to know about marketing.
    all the technical things i know.
    but this 2.5 min is every second gold.
    i will copy this video and watch two more times and write notes and make a todo list.
    i got your book and tens of hours of videos. will watch them again, and will read the book again. but this 2.5 min is compressed content.

  7. Great video, Jeff. Made so much sense. I’m a coach/consultant/trainer. I can’t say anyone has ever said, coaching is “an easy sell” and “people love to be coached”.

    As a coach, when you are passionate and want the best for your clients, then I’ve found coaching is an easy sell to those open to transformation via coaching.

  8. Hi!!! I’m so gratefull for all the complimentary content you give us… I still did not find the guts to publish anything.. My expertise is business administration ( have a degree in BA and in Law) I like building and fixing business from the financial and marketing, but I’ve been coaching about learning how to eat healthier with a focus on chiness medicine because is the way I feed myself.. and I find very difficult to people to follow advices so I never see any improvemt on them … I never monetize it because I feel I can not make any diffefnce in their lives.
    Thank for time…

  9. David Crabill


    I think this is one of your best videos. The unfortunately irony is that when I was a brand new entrepreneur a decade ago, and sorely needed this advice, I’m not sure I would have been ready to accept it. Now I can appreciate it, but only because I know from experience how true it is!

  10. Hi Jeff
    Thank you for this video.
    We get so wrapped up in everything, we forget that content is king.
    Who – How and Delivery Vehicle/mechanism.

    Back to basics I go.

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