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Think you need to have everything mapped out in life? That’s what Victoria thought, until she realized that major success often starts with taking a leap into the unknown. If you’re just starting out or at a crossroads and you need some clarity fast, Victoria has some great advice for you.

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16 Replies to “Pushing Past Uncertainty”

  1. I am starting a Parent Coaching business at age 73. I am an action taker. I have been daring and bold but sometimes it was outstanding and sometimes not so. I started 10 years ago part time. As a woman to be a Anti-Bully Coach is very unusual. I want to have a 8 week program which will allow me to teach empowered Parenting skills. I respect you so much for your experience and wisdom. It has been challenging. I do love challenges and this is a calling on my life.

    • Oh, Gerry, I think it’s a great idea! When I gave birth to my first child I was looking for the info of the kind and thought about why there were no book about the main things that we should share with our children except home, food, clothes and education. I found none.

  2. OMG! An entrepreneur with a background similar to mine! I studied with Marceau and have that multiple creative interest thing (and experience working with artsy folks, corporate folks and academics). I will check out her book. Inspiring! Thanks Jeff.

  3. As a Parenting trainer and servant leader, I started training hundreds of parents using a system that got results in 2005. I began to internalize strategies for turning the most difficult behaviors around in teenagers. I could tell something was changing me in a very amazing way . I was learning from a behavioral expert from Maine. At this time, I knew I wanted to teach and share what created transformation in Parents and children/teens, I learned so much from James Lehman. After that period of time, I started doing private in home services with the highly defiant teens and parents in the community. I became a Super Nanny in my community. I was the only one who did this kind of work. I got results. Now, I am launching my business full time online. It has been overwhelming to learn Marketing but I am taking a year to learn from the best leaders. Being a Mother of five successful kids, there is a skill to empower parents who lack self worth. Everything you are saying is real to me. I learned boldness from my first husband. He demonstrated in front of me and my children. I was taught a type of courage early in my life. Now after working professionally I am launching this year full time. I am excited to take the leap. I am getting paid clients for 6 months and a year. This service is so needed in our country and yes, I get the worst kids but I do not fear anything. I admire you for you are giving me the desire to take action daily. I am actually doing this after 10 years going part time locally. I have been listening to your videos for many years. I love your trainings.

    • Hi Gerry,

      I would love to connect. I focus on 0-6years-old – Parenting Infants & Toddlers. It seems your services would complement mine.

      Let’s talk and see if there’s a good fit for us to do some work together in the future.

      Maria Marinakis

  4. The most exciting times of my life have been in the fog!! I walk forward not even sure where my next step will land but I can testify again and again that this approach works. One step at a time and must remember to practice this again today!!!!

  5. When stuck, “find your way out gently.” What great advice!
    I’m in the process of getting unstuck in my life first, and my side business, second.
    I feel this interview was put up just for me today!
    I love Victoria’s ending quote, “At the edge of not knowing is the beginning of the extraordinary.” I’ll be using it in my classroom this week.
    Thank you both.

  6. Jill Bartlett


    Thank you for this! Its timing is absolutely perfect. I am about to launch a membership program and I have been frozen with fear for way too long. This series of videos and particularly this one on tge book Risk Forward is exactly the message I needed to hear.

  7. Jeff, thank you for the interview with Victoria. I immediately went to order the book and was sad to learn that I need to wait a month, but then I watched her TED X talk. You’re right in praising her energy and movement in her performance, but my “gold nugget” from the performance was her “ah ha” moment after 9/11. That she went from seeking recognition to contribution. So simple and beautiful – and a great quote to include in my upcoming Becoming Bully-Proof program.

    I hope she will add a audio version of her book (I tend to listen to books as I workout in the morning).

    Again, thanks for the interview and the work you do! As a member of the WWF community I am grateful for the guidance you, Don and Alexa have provided.

  8. Happy Valentines Day to each and everyone here. I am super excited to read this amazing book. I love the title and I love Victoria’s energy and the title of her book. Look forward to reading this and being even more inspired to find an editor and publisher for my 330-page manuscript. Have a sweet day everyone.
    Blessed be. Love only

  9. I didn’t really open newsletters lately to “find my focus and get clear on my goal” – everything she is talking about. And I started realising that reading newsletters and watching weekly content distracted me and didn’t help me to get out of my fog. This one email so much called me click on it, that I broke my rule and opened it and watched the video. What a great inner guidance – sounds like it’s exactly what I need right now!! Thanks to both of you!!

  10. Thanks so much for sharing Jeff! I saw Victoria on a show recently and it was great to see more of her beautiful self 😀 I am definitely going to pick up her book.

  11. This is exactly what I needed to see. Thanks so much, Jeff and Victoria! I’m definitely in a fog right now and wanting to risk forward. I’ll definitely go get that book.

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