Riskiest Blog Video I’ve Done

by on Jul 29 2017

No gear was harmed in the making of this video – but this was the first one I’ve shot from a paddleboard… who says you can’t have some fun while you’re working?

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  • Nathan Amaral says:

    Got to be honest with you Jeff, I was hoping and waiting for you to fall in…If I was on the side there I would have tipped ya. 😉
    “Alexa, order Jeff a new mic!”

  • Karen Warner says:

    Awesome news on the podcast launch! 👏 Loved the SUP update! (SUPdate?) 😀

  • Linda says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Good for you, you sound like you’ve got things in balance. You’d be a great mentor. Love to visit Colorado one day…..looks beautiful.
    Thanks, Linda

  • Mike says:

    I can tell you, from deep in the winter here in northern Tasmania that lake and your casual attire looks very appealing!
    Yes, digital business potentially has a lot to offer, just so long as you get it right!

  • That’s awesome Jeff. Love from Kuwait.

  • Great video – have fun at the lake! Awesome news that the podcast!

  • Wow – This video was awesome! So happy to hear you’ve had fun and had time to spend with your family. Enjoy your vacation!

  • Monte Stewart says:

    Hey Jeff, Monte Stewart from Pagosa Springs. Did you take a guitar to do a few songs around the campfire for the folks?

    • Jeff Walker says:

      @Monte: it’s complicated. 🙂 I actually have a guitar I leave at my folks house for just these types of occasions – but I forget to ask them to bring it along.

  • Alvin Weiss says:

    Yes, I am hoping you would tip.

    And, yes, I did subscribe to your podcast. Great job on the launch.

  • KIMSLOAN LEE says:

    I like your work and I like watching you share your experience from beginning .
    Great job you deserve your lifestyle you want to be .Me too I llke debt free , financial freedom ,
    enjoying with family

  • Jeff this was a special one

    Saw you are looking for copywriters and will fill out the app.


  • Jeff – great way to launch I podcast! Grew up on MN lakes and still boating, sailing, swimming, and roasting marshmallows! Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Peace, Sheila

  • Hi Jeff,
    Family vacations are the best! Always enjoy your videos filled with wisdom and sharing slices of your life through your new podcast! Signed up on day 1; Congrats!
    Christina in Colorado

  • Greg Long says:

    Hey Jeff, great launch idea! I was sure paying attention. Quick question…. being from Michigan I’m just curious: what lake?

  • Larry K says:

    Jeff, would love to listen to your new podcast. Let those of us who don’t use iTunes know when you release as MP3’s.

  • Gloria says:

    What a blast to shoot your vid while on the paddle board! Brilliant! I loving your new podcast! Thanks for over delivering with amazing content!

  • Your family must be very proud of you. Cool to hear about your 87-year-old dad. (Mine just passed at 95, another water person.)
    I have no doubt your podcast will a smash. Enjoy the family love!

  • Darlene Atkinson says:

    Path ways, sure is uncountable paths. Jeff, I never really realize these type of decisions until I bought Earl Nightingale Strangest secret CD. I was awaken to all these different ideas.

  • Wow!! How did you stay still?



  • Pat GIllis says:

    I got the email for your video on my phone at 6:00 am and when I first read the title I thought it said “No Mice were harmed…” and even as I was watching you paddle around, I kept trying to figure out the rodent connection…Note to self…put your glasses on!
    I love the idea of your whole family getting together like that…your folks must be so proud of all of you!
    Loved the podcast and looking forward to the next one

  • Stephanie L. Jones says:

    Hey Jeff!

    As always, great video!

    My family does the same thing! We rent homes on the different lakes in MI (20 years now).

    If you haven’t already, you should check out Spider Lake Retreat. It has 16 bedrooms, 18 bathrooms, game room, a dining room that seats 60, private beach with great waters for swimming, paddle boarding, etc… We also rented a huge water trampoline and jet skis..

    FYI: All of the rooms have water views and walk-out entrances to the beach or wrap around porch.

  • Jay says:

    Hey Jeff, I’m originally from MI… Detroit / Bloomfield Hill area. What lake are you on?

  • Jenna says:

    Jeff, Great video, you are literally creating ripples. Enjoy your messages from Fargo, North Dakota.

  • They make a waterproof mic for situations like this: lectrasonics is the brand (although I probably misspelled it). Might be worth getting for your outdoor lifestyle. 😉

  • My Ski Fridays are attending Sun Dance Ceremony in South Dakota every July. That is for 12 days. I want to design monthly visits with people I love and care deeply about, during the year. They are all over the place. I love the solitude of a road trip. I want to visit them all and scan the country to find my next place in the process.
    That is what I want to create.
    Thanks for asking! I get a lot from unpacking your inquiry.

  • KG says:

    Wonderful you have regular family get togethers. I remember another video of a family reunion you did for us. I’m impressed you are able to even stand up on your paddleboard, much less stay on!!

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