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I love how online business lets you be a rock star in your virtual world while staying under-the-radar in the “real” world. And it’s always fun when those worlds collide. That happened to me just this week…
And here’s the link I mentioned in the video:

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So just last week, I was in my favorite coffee shop, just getting a coffee. And while I was there, a woman walked up to me and she said, “Are you Jeff Walker?” And it turned out it was Andrea Hoffmeier, who I'd never met before but was a Product Launch Formula® Owner, had been out to one of my live events, and she was so excited.

Andrea, she gave me her card and a little brochure, and she's doing some amazing work in the sustainability niche. So she's teaching people and organizations and corporations how to be more sustainable. And so it's cool, it's so cool when I get to meet people out there doing great things out in the world, and using PLF to move them forward.

But it was pretty interesting; she's like, “Jeff, I'm here with my husband, and I saw you, and he was like, boy it looks like you just saw Steven Tyler.” (The famous singer of Aerosmith.) And anyways, Andrea came up to me and told me that story, and told me about what she was doing with PLF and how she'd been to my live event and we just had a real nice, sweet moment there to connect.

And it was interesting because I went home to my wife and I said, “Hey, I got to be Steven Tyler for the day.” And she just laughed, of course, and asked me to take out the garbage. That's the way life is, right?

So here I am in this little town in Colorado. I get to walk around completely anonymous, no one knows who I am. But then, I also have this bigger presence out in the world, and I do these events where I get on stage and I get to have my rock star moments. And it's just this crazy world we live in.

When I started out 22 years ago, there was no social media. There weren't even photos online. My first 10, 15 years in business, no one even knew what I looked like. And now, here I am doing videos all the time and I get to be on stage and be a rock star.

The thing is, in the world we live in, we all get to be rock stars in our niche, if you wanna be… if you wanna be.

I personally, I'm an introvert. If you've watched these videos, that's no surprise to you. I'm an introvert, but I know to get my work out there and to help the maximum number of people and make the biggest impact in this world. Then there are moments where I step out of being an introvert and I step into being in the rock star mode. And frankly, I enjoy it.

Next week, just a few days from now, I'm going to be hosting my LaunchCon event. It's just an epic event. We're gonna have about, we've got about 800 people registered right now, and so it's going to be amazing. We're gonna be the latest cutting edge in the launch world, in the conversion world, in the online business world. We're gonna be having about 12, maybe 13 people come across the stage to share incredible wisdom, none of them making offers, just people from my community sharing the latest and greatest. And I get to be the emcee (MC), I get to bring my little tight-knit community of my Mastermind and my Launch Club and I get to share them with the greater world. It's gonna be a blast, I'm gonna have a great time.

I'll tell you what: you should come. If you aren't already registered, you should come. The event's in Orlando. I'll put a link down below in this video, it's just It's that simple, And it's ridiculously under priced, it's like $997. The value you'll get will be 10 or 20 or 100 times that.

But I get to be a rock star this next week. And the thing is, like I said, we can all be rock stars in the impact we make, and that's the great thing about this world. Just try to be gracious when someone comes up to you in the coffee shop. I don't know, it's probably been now 20 or 30 or 40 different times I've been recognized in public, and it's always … I always enjoy it. It's fun.

So if you see me out there, just come up and say hi. Don't be scared, I don't bite. And when you're in that role, just relish it and enjoy that you get to connect with people that are connecting with you in whatever your mission is out in the world.

So Andrea, I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to take a selfie there, but I'm glad your husband snapped those couple of behind the scenes photos of us connecting. That was great. Love the work you're doing.

And for all of you out there, let's go get them this week.

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11 Replies to “A Steven Tyler Moment”

  1. I have got absolutely no Idea who this Tyler person is you are talking about BUT I do know you Jeff Walker ! …..Yes I do know you !…..A little at least !

  2. I’m counting the minutes to LaunchCon! I’ve been preparing for months, registered for the VIP package, and I can’t freakin’ wait! 🙂 Oh yeah, gonna “Walk This Way” to LaunchCon, get “Back In The Saddle” with Jeff Walker and the PLF All-Stars, and experience some “Sweet Emotion” in Orlando. ROCK ON!

  3. I saw Andrea’s fabulous post on our PLF owners’ FB group and it was precious, pure, inspiring and lovely. (I get to experience a tiny fraction of that as a teacher, teaching in many schools/venues and when one of my little bunnies sees me out at the supermarket or at the post office, their reaction makes me feel as important as Big Bird (in a child’s world)! I love how you turned your coffee shop experience into a guided imagery lesson for each of us, encouraging us to actually imagine what it would be like to be at such a level with our businesses that someone would have a Steven Tyler moment with US as the focal point!! Bravo, teacher. You’ve done it again!

  4. Introverts unite 🙂 great perspective Jeff. Thanks for sharing, and reminding us introverts the importance of stepping up.

  5. Looking forward to seeing everyone at Launch Con again this year, last year was amazing so many great speakers and information. Thanks for the inspiration Jeff.

  6. LOL! My best friend recently moved to Cortez and we giggle about what it would be like if we ran into you when I visit – I’m a PLF owner since 2015 and have been watching your videos since before that, so I already feel like I know you. Thanks for all you do, you’ve earned the rock star treatment!

  7. Loved this inspiring video – which is very timely for me as I am about to start using video myself and also seeing how online marketing can integrate with providing a local face to face retail service – so people in my neighbourhood will see me both ‘on TV’ and then on their doorstep. I do also sing as it happens, and have always aspired to fronting a rock band, so I could also be recognised at least at a local level for my musical ability, now that I’ve uncovered my singing voice which in itself has been a lifelong journey.

    Just need to get over my fear of being that visible in my own local neighbourhood – as it’s easy enough to get rid of trolls and haters online, but not so easy if they live in the neighbourhood…

    Re LaunchCon: I will email you about this anyway, but wondering if you have any plans to either record the presentations or to stream them live? I would love to be able to attend but both the cost and the time needed to renew my passport and Visa means it is not possible for me to attend in person this time around, although hopefully, I may be able to do so next year.

    But I would certainly love to have access to the information that is being shared, and offering tickets at a different price point to attend virtually would generate additional income for you.

  8. Anyone who has NOT signed up for LaunchCon yet REALLY should do it! I’m flying in from Norway, and it’s a no-brainer. It’s the best event I’ve ever attended! I’m SO looking forward to it! 🤗

  9. Irena Zegan


    ……..we can all be rock stars in the impact we make……well said Jeff and so true.

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