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I'm about to head out to Eben Pagan's Accelerate workshop – I'm honored that Eben invited me to speak at the event.

I'm excited to be at this event… getting out and attending live events is one of the most important secrets to my success online. In this video I share my tips on how to maximize your results when you go to seminars and workshops.

I would love to hear what you think… please leave a comment below (and please like my Facebook page here)

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55 Replies to “Secret to Success #3: Attending Live Events”

  1. I’ve not been to a live event yet. In theory they sound unbelievable yet the cost is prohibitive for me right now. It’s a conundrum.

  2. I agree. Going to events is a great way to broaden your network. It’s been very valuable to been great for me as well.

  3. I’ve never actually been to any big name events, but have purchased the recordings of many and watched ones posted online. While I didn’t get the personal connection benefit of the event, I’ve always come away with the knowledge and motivation the event imparted.

    Great video, Jeff, as I have come to expect from you. Thank you for all that you do

  4. I LOVE live events and you are right about getting to meet amazing people! I have developed close friendships and business relationships from them.

    It is great when like minded people are attracted to certain guru’s like you! The people I met at your event Jeff are some of the most giving people I have ever met at an event. They are truly willing to help you in any what possible.

    I love that you connected your live event to a private Facebook Page that continues to live on well after the event. Even more relationships have been developed as a result of that.

    Another thing I would add is that when you meet someone and they may not be a good connection for you, they may be for someone else. As I meet folks and I see a connection to someone else, I make sure to either introduce them to that person or get a business card and make sure I try to facilitate a connection between those people. And…other people have done that for me. When I chat about what I am doing, they might say, “You really need to meet this person! ” And then they introduce me to them. It is a great way to pay it forward!

    Sorry I won’t be at Eben’s event! I KNOW it is going to be fantastic! Say hello to Dave Logan for me! He is a great guy! 🙂


  5. Jeff I recently found you at the right place at the right time. Thanks for the information it’s amazing. I have 4 books on kindle for 6 months and have not sold one, not realizing that the title is what matters.

  6. Hey Jeff,

    Great input and valuable advice, Thanks!
    I have been to a couple of live events and I did exactly what you said we normally do…….
    I tried to meet and make a list of a whole bunch of contacts for future reference and then did not follow up.
    At this time I can’t make it out to most events, I don’t have the funds but SOMEDAY I would really like to get up your way and meet you. (I have kids and grand kids in Co. Springs).
    Thanks Again and See you in the future!

    Keith Robinson

  7. Great advice Jeff, I personally built my entire business from the stage and attending other people’s events. I would add to what you said, if anyone is trying to build a successful business and feels they are missing something, probably it is holding their own live events. I almost out sold all the local experts who have been in business for 10-15 years within 7 months of beginning my business just because of my live events.

  8. Man, I only wish I could go. I live in South Africa and all the great events happen in the USA. I think its a great thing to attend. All the best to everyone who goes. Maybe I’ll start my own event here.

  9. I have attended several professional speakers’ conventions, but my first live training event was Experts Academy in Santa Clara in May. The two don’t compare. I also had the good fortune to attend your one workshop after we finished Experts Academy.

    The whole experience was amazing! The energy of the group, the global contacts, the desire to help one another succeed. I could go on and on. My thinking in terms of the ‘art of the possible’ has been elevated dramatically as a result of my attendance in California.

    I am addicted! See you in Scottsdale.

    • @Joel: that was an amazing time in Santa Clara… Brendon does an amazing job with EA, and then our Implementation Day on Monday was a GREAT day.

      You’re going to love PLF Live… you’ll find the same kind of energy as you experienced in Santa Clara.

  10. I totally agree, attending live events where you can meet face-to-face are invaluable.

    These marketing events tend to be very expensive, particularly for those who are in the early beginning in building their business.

    However, depending on what market you have targeted, there are plenty of ‘events’ that cover themes within your business and that does not cost that much. They could even be free. I come from the science community and there are plenty of workshops, seminar and conferences where you can meet people that could potentially be either client or a strategic partner.

  11. You’re so right! I have made the most wonderful connections at live events. I met you at an event, Jeff. I also usually get to connect with 100s of entrepreneurs who are looking for a great name for their product and I’ve been able to build a wonderful client relationship with a few key connection right after the event. Absolutely true, focusing on 1-2 connections is the secret to success. It can get overwhelming if you try to connect with 50+ new connections. If I meet a group of 5 people in one of the exercises where we group up and we all want to stay connected. I name the group for us, something fun like, The Inventors, so we will remember it. We all write down the group name on each other’s business cards and I start a private Fb group for us under that name. This helps keep the communication open so we can build a mastermind group. This was a great tutorial. Have a wonderful time at Eben’s event. It sounds absolutely amazing. I know you will help so many people there.

  12. Live Events can be Life Changers and I totally agree with your vision about “net working” and see – in loco – that it is possible to accomplish more and more and more by talking with someone who’s “Walk The Talk”

  13. Hi, Jeff,
    Thanks for everything you post. I’m looking forward to meeting you at a live event sometime in the future. I am a part of Vrinda Norman’s Inner Circle, and i love her events. I know she is part of your Mastermind Group. I also took Dori Etter’s wonderful Inspired Income group and SARK’s Wins’ Plus and I hope they both have their own events soon. I have led my own workshops and I hope to create a real event in the next year. You’re so right about all that you say – and so inspirational in all you create. Thanks for your consistent encouragement and guidance. Looking forward to seeing you in person someday soon. All my best, Linda

  14. Hey Jeff – thanks for your continued flow of great and actionable information. Do you have any advice for the number of people who’ve raised the “chicken and egg” problem about not being able to make the multi thousand dollar investment many if the top events seem to require? Thanks for any practical suggestions!

    Cheers Chris

    • @Chris: great question… made me think of the first event I ever attended, and how I made that leap. I’ll have to shoot a video on that one day… it’s an interesting story.

      But for now, I would say two things: first off all, not all events are super-expensive. And for most people, there are even local events. Start small and work your way up. And second, there are often other ways to get in the door – for example, but volunteering to work at the event.

      P.S. We’ve already got enough volunteers for our next event. 🙂

      • Great question @Chris. I like your response Jeff. You wet the whistle, give practical advice and then jump outside the box with your idea to volunteer! What a unique strategy. There are always ways to make things happen, you just need to be open to let them flow.

  15. Going to a live event is like going on a date with your own destiny 🙂

    Totally inspiring, great for connecting with like-minded individuals.

    Live events totally rock, especially when you play all out. Raise your hand, ask questions, jump up and dance (if called to do so)… Say hello to the person next to you. Listen to his or her story. Screw up the courage to tell your story.

    And yes, Jeff, you’re so right: Pick 3 breakthrough concepts to develop back home, and 1 or 2 new friends.

    Before each event, I write up my “Intentions” before the event, and, ever since you’ve mentioned it, Jeff, I inevitably include “Make one new great friend” on each intentions list.

    I’ve made great friends, gotten clear, had huge breakthroughs and the end results:

    * Saved my business
    * Transformed my take on work
    * Transformed my marriage, health, wealth, relationship with my kids… and more.

    Love them events!

  16. Hey Jeff

    Live events are great!. 30 years ago, got inspired to be an entrepreneur at a live MLM event and life has never been the same for me.

    I am looking forward to attending Accelerate and meeting you for diner Friday!

  17. Hey Jeff,
    Well said. Live events are where real connections happen. There is just something about being in a room with so many people focussed on a similar goal. It is truly magic. Thanks for touching on this important point of going to events and making personal connections.

  18. thanks Jeff to share with us your experience. I do agree, live events are very important to meet other people and meet future partners.. When i was working in France as a MDpsy i went to many live events and it helped me a lot. People need to know you, speak with you and feel who you are. Also, going to live events i received a lot of information and had the opportunity to learn a lot too. Here, living in the States, i have to improve American language for a better communication. I have also to improve my knowledge in marketing to be more self confident…;-)) i found a way recently a link to be able to connect my medical knowledge with marketing : i spoke with my cardiologist about my project to write a small e book on how his treatment and what i learned from him helped me to improve my health. He loved it and i am happy to have been able to build a link between my MD experience and marketing!!I have found in my cardiologist a supporter and a future parner!! I hope ro be able, later, to increase this link between the medical community and the marketing community!! You are really great Jeff, you help me a lot through our conversation !. I do thank you a lot!!!

  19. I’ve never been to a live event. There has always been this issue where they’re either all the way on the other side of the country, the price has been out of my reach, or recently, I’m in the middle of either creating a course or doing a launch.

    It’s always been too hard for me to justify either the travel time, the expense, or the break in focus on whatever I’m building at the time.

    Now, of course, I’m going to have to actually give it some consideration.

    • @Holly: knowing a bit about you and your business, I think getting out to a high-quality event would have a huge impact on you and your business…

  20. Hey Jeff I couldn’t agree more, I was so lucky that I got to attend the Business Mastery Summit in Las Vegas back in to 2009 hosted by Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes. They also had Brendon speak at this event. I left this event totally on fire and from what I learn’t did transform my offline Business in New Zealand. It was really sad to hear that Chet Holmes passed he was truly inspirational. I am now focusing and implementing everything I learn’t continue to learn in my new online Business. But I do think that a lot more people would love to attend live events, but the cost factor is really out of reach for a lot of small business owners. Thanks for sharing. Cheers Kim 🙂

  21. I LOVE live events. I know that some people think of them as cost prohibitive, and I understand how challenging that can feel. I also know that my life changed completely when I started attending live events. There is a growth that happens in the community of others that CANNOT happen from listening to recordings or watching videos. The power of the collective mind kicks in at a live event in a way that is worth twice WHATEVER the cost of the event might have been. Attending an event becomes a question of “what are you willing to ask of yourself?” The transformation begins the moment you say, “I’m going.”

  22. Lord willing I will be able to attend all these events one day. Brendon and you are my biggest encouragements and who I am trying to model my business after. Thanks for the reinforcement.

  23. Hey jeff,
    Good video. you’re right, live events are great and you do meet a lot of people to partner with,
    make friendships and exchange ideas. But here’s where the hard reality for some people
    who would like to attend these events comes to a certain page in life. We, some, a few of us can’t afford to get to these event because of money, family responsibilities, work time schedules when the events are held. The fat lady does stop singing, and for those of us who miss out can only hold on to the video’s, webinars, web events and be glad that a bit of the rainbow does shine in our lives. All in all, thank you for the hope and information it truly helps.

  24. I’ll be attending my 6th “Live Event” on September 5th, 2013 – in just a few weeks.

    Through these events, I have increased my affiliate network, helped a ton of people, and helped myself more than you can imagine. In fact, after my 2nd event, my income jumped from $100k to over $400k!

    I have been honored that I have been invited to speak at a couple of these events, and help at others. The event that is coming up in Orlando is the JVzoo Marketing Mayhem Live and I hope to see you there Jeff 🙂

    “The wine guy on the Clickbank site”

  25. Thanks, after listening to you I sent an email to the one person I met at a recent event asking to schedule a time to reconnect. Thanks for the focused encouragement!


  26. I’ve traveled to more events this year than any other and I’m seeing the positive results.

    There were many years where it simply wasn’t possible. Being a single mom, not having enough cash flow – if you just can’t make it happen DO the next best thing and participate in solid paid membership communities.

    But as soon as you can make it happen – give it a go. It IS worth it 🙂

  27. @Holly You say “I’m in the middle of either creating a course or doing a launch.”

    I have to smile and say ‘Who isn’t?’ in our line of work… definitely don’t let that be an excuse 🙂

  28. Kerry-Ann Powell


    I agree that live events produce a great return on the investment in many ways. The genuine connections that can result in business and life long friendships can’t be priced. I just returned from being a brides maid in a wedding of a dear friend I met at a Tony Robbins live event years ago. We have also done business together and will continue to do so in the future. No matter how much you connect on-line a face to face connection can’t be beat when in the right environment. Thanks Jeff for reminding us in this video.

  29. Hi Jeff,
    I agree with you! I have built two businesses over the past 20 years. One grew to $1.8M and the other to $3M. If I hadn’t have gone to live events I would not have had access to the people and information that I needed.

    Besides they are fun and a great way to get away to recharge!

    Thanks for all you share.


  30. Jeff – when is the next PLF live? I took the last round of PLF but couldn’t go to the event last year. I’d like to go this year if I can.

  31. Dean Jackson is going to be there in Chicago at Accelerate too! Both of you have been great mentors to me in the new business I am developing. Thank you !

  32. Hi Jeff-I took the PLF course several years ago and continue to apply it to our software business several times an year when we do product upgrades or launches.

    I was not able to make it to the PLF Live event (because of distance) bur would be interested in being there for the next one.

    Do you have dates for the next one yet?

  33. Thanks Jeff for the super simple and clear tip regarding making one key connection and cultivating that one instead of dozens of superficial contact. (Wish I had this advice when I used to do my design shows in New York every year!)

    Best to you, Eban and the participants at Eben’s Accelerate Workshop.

  34. Attending live events is a great way to get that “spark” going again when you’re feeling worn out or frustrated. I like the general spirit of enthusiasm that’s created at a live event.

  35. I agree, going to live event is a great way to meet new people for a good business relationship. The great advantage that you will get is trust. Sometime it depends on the class of people event which can raise your reputation…

  36. Hi Jeff,

    Yes, a great idea to go to life events. For me it’s a bit hard, because I live in the North of Thailand where I have a full time job as an ESL teacher. Most big internet meetings are in Bangkok and for that I have to take time off and pay an entrance fee which I probably could not afford from my meager salary. Besides I have a family too, so I have to be careful not to spend too much. When are you coming to Thailand? May be you could do a small life event in Chiang Mai. Just an idea, with friendly greetings, Hans

  37. Jeff Thanks for that great advice. My first big live event for ages was EA in May where I saw you talk. Made three great connections there. Now heading to WGST same place this week and it could not come at a better time. List Building for my seed launch is going slower than expected so will be good to hang out and discuss “message” and google adds and a whole bunch of stuff with like minded folk. Expect to come back all re-juiced up, and I will be looking for the one, possible two next great contacts. Hoping I have sold enough to afford to travel to PLF live!

  38. Hej Jeff – Great advice as always. I’d like to add the idea of a “challenge” into the equation. You’re always crystal clear of the topics you need to cover and what you need to achieve in each step to get to a final end result. Most people aren’t that clear. What I’ve found that works for me is to map that out and mindmaps are a perfect tool! That helps me get clear. Then I look describe the steps in some detail and ask how the heck is this or that going to happen!? It could be I need someone who can program AIR or it could be someone who knows about RTB for adds or a designer who has a very unique expression or what ever. Then I go to the event and I’m geared to meet people. It becomes much more attentional without it becoming desperate (a huge no no! Super off putting).
    PS would you make a video on how you become clear of your topics and steps to reach a certain result?

  39. I have gone to my fair share of big live events – at a time when I was just starting out in internet marketing. While I agree that they are extremely motivating and a great place to make connections I think that for many they are too soon. People get swept away in the excitement of the moment, get all pumped up – no doubt having purchased a course or two over the course of the event with visions of success dancing in their eyes – but that soon wears off. I like your suggestions re making that one key connection – so go with a purpose in mind and pursue that purpose. I think that is the critical factor and one that will guide you towards action when you get home.

  40. I am living proof of that success Jeff, I met you in person at a live event, and I bet if we were in the buffet line together I would have put my beet salad on the plate just the same as you! Great video blogs BTW!!


  41. Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up! That should be the new mantra instead of “location, location, location” when it comes to information products and JV’s.

    After I meet someone at a networking event I have a funnel I put them into that is automatic. This helps me build that relationship and then we can get out of the automatic funnel and start helping each other out.

    Love these blogs Jeff!

  42. Excellent advice Jeff. I particularly like you point about picking out the one or two people that you want to further connect with. I agree also that live event are great motivators to get things going and to see what other people are doing. You learn so much. I also find the process of explaining what I am doing to people I don’t know really helps me develop my message.

    I like watching how you set up your videos, some excellent examples of what to say and how even very off the brand topics help build your presence.

  43. Hi Jeff — thanks for your response to my email comment/question (Comments #15 and #16) asking about the “chicken and egg” problem. Your answer is very helpful — I’d never thought of volunteering at an event like these. OK, if your next event is already full of volunteers, when is the one after that? Can I put my hand up to help you with that?

    Cheers, Chris

  44. Mark Dommer


    I went to my first live event in 2007 in Denver…Jeff Walker was one of the speakers – my take away from him was how important video was for opt-in, etc…he stressed that it was important to just do it, even if it didn’t look that professional, people would connect with the content and your authenticity…That was a $5,000 event also! Sheesh…

  45. Curious, which live events do you recommend, Jeff?

    I will always remember my first live event in San Francisco – 2008. Up until now, I have solely focused on Online Marketing related events. Things are in transition.

    Currently, I am heavily focused on recruiting customers/members for a new personalized online training program on making money, and becoming an expert in your passion.

    Offering the basics. And moving up the ladder into more advanced sections on information product development, building authority/credibility online, etc.

    LIVE events is on the menu, as I know the importance of meeting face to face.

    Its a beautiful thing to experience the body language, enthusiasm, inspiration, ultimately connection that is made in person. Look forward to meeting you in the near future.

  46. Great advice Jeff, and very timely for me. My first event ever was EA in May this year. I am attending WGST this weekend starting tomorrow, and I am planning to be at your PLF event in October. I will remember what you have said and look for 1-2 people in the next 4 days that I can genuinely connect with and start building a relationship from here through follow ups after the event.

    I am a total beginner at this, and it is a part-time activity for me, being fully occupied in my regular day job for most of my work hours. After a few months of watching training videos, I needed something to kick-start me to actually begin doing the work, instead of just learning about it. I was so motivated by attending EA, and by the talk you gave there on product launches and seed launches. Being present in a room full of highly energized, motivated people, each on a mission to change the world through our messaging is truly indescribable, and it gave me the kick-start that I needed.

    After EA, I fell into exactly the trap you mention in your video, failing to follow up and really start building relationships, really for press of available time reasons (no excuse really), and lack of anything valuable ready to offer to a potential partner. As a newbie, I have been overwhelmed at times at the volume and complexity of the things that are necessary to lay all the groundwork to get started in the world of online marketing. At the same time, I still need to do my regular day job and finish and deliver suitable high quality and high value content to position, package, price, promote and partner with others to develop my message. As you say one of the main value of live events is to start down the path of finding potential future partners, who are also peers. I will renew my journey down that part of the path this weekend. Thanks!

  47. Dear Jeff,
    I usually do not go to live events because I have to pay.
    How do I know if an event will be worth my while? I do feel it is time for me to meet, greet and follow through!
    Thank you,
    Irene Kabot

  48. Hi Jeff,
    it was great to meet you at Accelerate, every real entrepreneur who wants to grow should participate in such a high quality event! Meeting people who made the launch with your help was inspiring. I’m looking forward to implement your strategy not only for the product launch, but also for the crowd funding action worldwide.

  49. I’ve been at many live events and I totally agree that is very important! I don’t care about the price, but sometimes I wondered which one I should attend, since nobody says it’ll be a bad one!!! Anyway, if I have the chance, I’m in!!

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