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Yuck… I got a nasty cold (or something – I’m ready to be over it!). But that gave me lots of time to sleep and watch an amazing performance by one of the greatest athletes of our time. Even in my depleted state, I’m inspired by Roger Federer…

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46 Replies to “Feeling sick and celebrating Roger Federer…”

  1. In a few words, it comes down to staying humble, besides the tremendous amount of success.

  2. Dear Jeff,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts/feelings.
    I am following you for more than a year now, and I want you to know that you too are an incredible person and very inspiring!
    People like you make the world a better place.
    Keep on doing what you are doing!
    best, Gert

  3. I have followed your work from Australia…Your commitment to your videos is inspiring. Thank you. Wishing you good health. Regarding Federer, It’s inspiring to witness people who are so brilliant but are also good people. It’s refreshing as I think we can all get so seduced by the phenomenon of succeeding, but being a good person and succeeding is so much more admirable.

  4. I have played tennis avidly my entire life and been to Wimbledon, French Open, US Open…got up early here in Pennsylvania just to see the last 3 sets of Roger Federer/Rafa Nadal match in Australian Open after playing a gig the night before with my Billy Joel Tribute Band! So resonate with your post here. I actually met Roger at Wimbledon practice courts and have signed ticket/photo. Over the moon with him winning and the inspiration it gives all of us. Would love to work with you Jeff on my songwriting business – feel like we are kindred spirits! – Todd Omohundro

  5. Humility…the sign of inner security. The gods don’t like hubris and will send retribution for a big over-sized ego. Humility and inner serenity is a sign that all is well inside your head and your heart. Which is what you exude, Jeff, in everything you do.

  6. Ricardo Teixeira


    Heyyyy Jeff,

    First of all, I hope you are deeling better! 🙂 fast recover bcos we need you fully charged!
    Now, we are seeing a lot of cases where the age is just a number… Even me I’m thinking in returning to competition:) Let’s see… Roger Federer is a huge inspiration for everyone! Specially because of his gracious when comes to relationships with the others!
    Txs for bringing this up!

  7. A true sign of a leader is showing up, no matter what. Thank you for your dedication to your gift, and for taking the time to share your insights with all of us.

    Be well and get well!

  8. Bill Boardman


    Dear Jeff,

    Thanks for a great video today. Your emotion, even when depleted, is contagious. And Federer’s winning speech is astonishing as you said.
    Here’s a link for your viewers…

    Are you willing and able to share your recording of that whole match? The highlights I’ve found don’t show the real ebb and flow of the match….and Federer’s comeback to the final point is conspicuously missing.


  9. Jeff,
    Thank you for dragging yourself out of illness and sharing the inspiring story about R. Federer. Sometimes we need to learn the hard way about ‘graciousness’ and it is good for me to have such an exceptional roll model for it.
    Secondly, “The One Thing” blurb came at just the right time time for me as I am in total overwhelm with my email boxes jammed with every possible JV partner from anyone I have had interest to click on their offer. Occasionally one makes sense and is real, like you. But I have all lot of unsubscribing to to. (Reminds me of those ‘mechanical, octopus-type invaders’ drilling the barrier to ‘Zion’ – or what home was – in “The Matrix” movies.

  10. Sandi Gordon


    Your humility, authenticity, and brilliance are equally inspiring, Jeff! And thanks for again modeling the commitment we all need in order to influence and inspire.

  11. Dear Jeff,

    You are OUR inspiration! Without fail, you show up for us with a warm heart
    a cool head and a generous spirit. Thanks as always. May you get well soon.

  12. Oh Jeff! I feel your pain, I’ve been sick too this weekend! It certainly is a lesson in staying positive and believing that all things are possible. Rest some more, and don’t stop just being your loving self. It is so worth all the dedication you put in. Appreciating you more than ever right now. Thanks for being real. <3

  13. You are a champion for making this video even when you are sick! It’s often hard to “turn it on” for a regular video, let alone making one when you don’t even want to get out of bed! Great video and GREAT MESSAGE! Get better soon and THANK YOU for taking the time to make a video when that was probably the last thing you felt like doing!

    Take care,
    Rob Anderson

  14. I hope you recover quickly. Athletes are inspiing, but so are you! I greatly appreciate your weekly encouragement and coaching. Thank you! The auto loop went into the “One Thing” video, and I really needed that. I have said, “No” to so much, so I can say, “Yes” to more! Yet, it still needs refining. There’s still a definite clarification happening here. Thank you for making me consciously think about it.

  15. Sorry you’re feeling sick AND I appreciate your commitment to showing up for us 🙂 You speak of two specific keys of world-class performers. It’s easy to see how they apply to sports because the results are easy to define. It’s not so easy to see in other fields, but are just as significant. Determination and Character. Every great leader has these. Just like the Pro Athlete, every great leader has had to develop them. It’s in you to find.

  16. Jeff,
    Thanks for making a video this week even though you’re sick. I’m glad you’re starting to feel better.

    As a MAJOR Fed fan, I agree with everything you said about him. I love watching him play, and he’s also such a great guy. One thing you didn’t mention is that he’s also a fan favorite everywhere he plays.

    Also, he just absolutely loves the game. Having been out for 6 months, he came into this tournament as the 17th seed and he hasn’t been seeded that low since before 2003. When the press asked him how he felt about being seeded so low in the draw, he said it was great because he was IN the draw. Obviously, he was thrilled to win the Open, but I think he was very happy to be able to come back and play, regardless of the outcome. His enthusiasm for what he does propels him to continue to strive and is contagious.

  17. Thanks for sharing! I’m sorry I missed that match. Glad you are feeling well enough to do the video, and I hope you are totally healed soon.

    One question, after the Roger Federer video, I watched the “thousand no’s” video and then another one started. How did you manage to make your videos play one after the other? When I play a YouTube on my site it goes to a collection of other videos… some are mine, but mostly they are not related.


  18. I think the metaphor/analogy is pretty clear here:- Jeff Walker is to internet marketing what Federer is to tennis. The humble leader who never gives up! Who is applauded by his peers and who leads us to stay honest, human and gracious when we win, and to keep getting up and fight for ever point when we lose.

  19. There was a tennis match some years ago where Roger Federer was playing sick, even vomiting on the court during the match. He was in pain.

    And he WON!
    It was incredible inspiration.

    I think he has high respect for opponents and competition. He knows his opponent deserves to win as much as he does. So he does not have to Win over opponent.

    He has to win over himself. Once he commits – he is all-in.
    Every time.

    Great inspiration for entrepreneurs.
    Thank you!

  20. I’m a big Federer fan for the same reasons you’ve mentioned.

    Best example for entrepreneurs or anybody trying to be successful at anything. If you believe what ANYBODY says, you’re done! If you believe you can do it, you WILL.

    Probably the best Aussie Open final EVER! The toughest part for me is I love both of them for who they are and what they’ve done.

    Both true champions!

  21. I swim. When there is no one in the race, I compete against myself. Esther Williams taught me how to swim. I saw her movies. No one told me I couldn’t swim, so I imitated her. Being able to swim has been a life long blessing, thanks to Esther. Keep moving friend. Be an inspiration! Sending hugs.

  22. Julie Cairns


    Great post Jeff! You are also a great champion in what you do … gracious, kind and generous with your wisdom. I’ve benefited greatly from your generosity of spirit over the years. Grateful. You have my vote as “sportsperson” of the year in Internet Marketing!

  23. Great video Jeff! I also love tennis as I played college tennis and this sport changed my life. I did watch the match and during the match I wrote a post about it. I am a big fan of Federer and he inspired me to focus on my goals. Here is the post I wrote about that Magical match:

  24. Oh that tennis match was INSANE! Such a privilege to have Federer and Nadal play like that together in Oz. Despite being a sleep-deprived mama to a newborn I couldn’t leave that match! Federer is gracious and graceful. He really is an amazing person so I’m not at all surprised he inspires you. Hope you feel better soon. It’s never fun to be sick and would really hit you hard after not being well for so long.

  25. I really agree with your comments on Roger Federer. What a great person, and what a great tennis player in the last 10 years!!!!!!!!

  26. Thank YOU for being you, Jeff! Such an inspiration every week even when you’re sick. All the love from Brazil so you can get better!!

  27. Oh! I’m SO sorry to hear you have what we’ve been calling the plague! You may be sleeping another couple days – it pretends to go away, so the inclination is to be productive…then you feel like a truck ran over you . Thank you for pushing yourself to get the video done – good job. Now rest. Feel Better!! Thank you for all the inspiration!

  28. That is an absolutely beautiful, heartfelt, inspiring video, Jeff, made all the more special by the fact that you got yourself out of bed to give us that gift. I hope by now you’re feeling all better. Much appreciation to you!

  29. Jeff – so happy to hear you are feeling better and getting some fresh Colorado air. Thank you for creating this video for us while also honoring your own self-care and healing. I felt the excitement of this tournament and Federer’s mastery + sportsmanship through your words. Reading through these comments, Peggy said something that really stood out to me, too: “When the press asked him how he felt about being seeded so low in the draw, he said it was great because he was IN the draw. ”

    Continue resting and healing, Jeff – hope you are back to 100% soon!

  30. David McElveney


    Great recounting of a great event.
    Tennis is one of the most inspiring sports to watch at that level.
    Evidence great events can lift you even when you feel like crap 🙂
    Tis all in the mind!

  31. That’s dedication! Great video and analogy to give it your all regardless. Pulling off a video when you’re not feeling well shows your dedication to serving. Thank you! Glad you’re feeling better.

  32. Who was it, Woody Allen, who said 80 or 90% of success is showing up? And in the Yoga Sutras, there are 9 obstacles for having a yoga practice — one if them is ‘not showing up.’ You can’t do anything if you’re not there. Almost everyone uses illness as an excuse (and granted, it can be at times), but not using it as an excuse can be really empowering. And I love that you feel intimate enough with us that you show up sick in your pjs. Glad your down-time let you watch the game!

  33. thank you for your posts – in music it’s the same – there are proficient musicians who play with great technicity, and the great musicians who have heart and who play and really listen to others no matter what their level – how wonderful of Federer to have acknowledged his worthy adversary – glad you’re feeling better – the pollution and grey weather has been wreaking havoc with all of our sinuses and lungs as well

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