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I think we’re starting to get used to our “new normal”… or at least it feels that way to me. And as things start to settle down, I’m starting to see the data come in from my clients and students – and we’ve got some interesting patterns that are developing. Here’s what I mean…

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62 Replies to “Finding the Silver Lining”

  1. Thanks Jeff. I’ve been a PLF owner for years now. Looking forward to your new training. Always appreciate hearing your shared insights. There is indeed always a silver lining….and don’t forget that yellow tennis ball in the tree you passed! I’m betting your dog misses it. ;)- J.Stewart

  2. Great to hear you talk about the silver lining while out in the bush! I’ve been talking to my community about this too as people become fearful that “no one will buy”. And this truly is their time to Lead. Looking forward to the “thrown together” masterclass!

  3. You are so right Jeff! After 6 years of wanting to launch but not getting it done, husband in PLF 2015, both of us in a dreadful car crash 10 days before planned SSL1 in 2017 so that launch didn’t happen, doing PLF 2019 myself as husband left a little brain damaged after the crash, still not getting launched….until…. virus shutdown and finally our 1-to-1 diary was left completely empty. So we did a shot across the bow just 9 days ago, got an overwhelmingly positive response and did a super-fast seed launch this week with no preparation, completely flying by the seat of our pants. Opened cart yesterday and already we’ve sold 25 places. We’re gunning for 30 from a list of 300. Cart closes tomorrow.
    Now to deliver and then re-launch!
    AT LAST!!!!!
    Thank you so much for changing the world. 🙂

  4. What a great message, thanks Jeff! I completely agree, so many people (that haven’t before) are looking online for education and community. When things start heading back to normal, it will still be different and more people will be online. The internet has made this craziness much more bearable and will become more important in peoples lives. My kids are now pros at homeschooling (after two weeks) and people are all learning to work from home. Truly there are some silver linings to all this. Thanks again!

  5. This month I’m celebrating 5 years of online autism courses for both parents and professionals. I’m so thankful I found you and your free resources in 2014 and became a PLF owner in 2016.

    Because of what I’ve learned from you, we are turning autism around every day for children in over 80 countries!

    I’ll be tuning in for your free workshop for sure…..because I always learn something new from you.

    Thanks for helping all of us change the world through launching!

  6. I always open your emails and, more often than not, walk away with a gem that I can use in a current project. Your messages are very timely.

    Looking forward to your new material on how you launch in the current time.

  7. Yes this is our time to serve more. My email open rates are higher and my FB ads are cheaper. I’m selling more tripwires which is making my ads more profitable right off the bat. ALSO, for what I do, people are more interested in looking inside and finding internal solutions to their issues, instead of staying distracted looking externally and “too busy”. Looking forward to seeing y’all’s training. Thank you.

  8. Jorge Antelo Hollweg


    Thanks you Jeff:

    Great message!!! Thank you for preparing us to face this kind of situation. We are going to be fine!

    Finally, all things I have learned in PLF Community are lining up together.

    I am focused on list building and producing high value content every single day.

    PS1. I am part of the 300 JV who are going to promote Fomula de Lanzamiento with Luis Carlos Flores.

    PS2. Can wait to see O.G. And his awesome team in action next week!

  9. Hi Jeff, we are already seeing a silver lining – as people have time to stop and draw breath in their busy lives they are finding time to realise they need to grow their own food, or look after their septic systems and grease traps, or just treat and disappear their dog poop instead of it going to land fill.
    So that is our Silver Lining story. The spin off is that if kids are home schooling gardening is becoming part of their day, planting seeds and seedlings and taking care of them. Hopefully a whole lot more kids growing up to love taking care of the planet and themselves.
    Net result is higher sales for us.

  10. I’m in Labour Law in South Africa and serve clients by way of chairing Disciplinary Hearings and Grievance meetings. I’m also involved from a HR and performance perspective at a national chain store where we measure Departmental performance on a weekly basis. I do a certain amount of hearings per conference calls but battle to “see” a way forward with the HR and performance side going forward. Thank you so much for your videos. I’m from South Africa. Keep well, stay safe and healthy. Kind regards, Theuns

  11. If life gives you lemons, makes lots of lemonade. These tough times will be sadder if we don’t come out of it with more insights, compassion and pathways for better engagement as we live our finite lives.

    Silver linings are always slow for some yet it still has the capacity to hit others in the face.

    Always look out for the good.

  12. Hey Jeff – As soon as I was told to “close” my doors to in-office visits, I knew I was just given the gift of time and urgency to get my information to my patients – virtually. I also had to quickly figure out a way to teach them the tools they need to keep themselves as healthy as possible, without seeing me in the clinic. After over a decade of playing with the idea of taking my expertise online and taking all kinds of training on how to use the technology – I now have the time to do this. And I am doing it. I took my clinic list, warmed it up, got people to try out my virtual program to boost the immune system at home stimulating the same stuff acupuncture stimulates, and my seed launch happened. I opened my cart and within 30 minutes I already had 2 sales. I know it’s not much, but it’s the farthest I’ve gotten this project in 10 years. After this is all said and done, I’ll have a product to sell as an evergreen product, and would have collected clients world-wide for my program. Since I’ve trained for years in this; I’m ready to go and the technology, although it always has it bumps – isn’t a problem. The method – thanks to you, isn’t a problem. Time is no longer a problem. So for the past 2 weeks I’ve been home – I’ve been busier than ever getting all these pieces completed and if feels GREAT! I feel bad that so many people are so consumed with the crisis and are suffering. For me, my concern for my patients has caused me to be consumed with getting this project completed before I go back to my clinic. (which hopefully, if all goes good with the online numbers, will only be 2 days a week.) My patients are SO GRATEFUL that I’m doing this and make a ridiculous offer to help them through these times and stay connected virtually for the next 5 weeks. This video was timely for me since I feel like I’ve gotten myself into a race to stay just ahead of what I’ve promised to deliver, so when you said 2 months of work in day; I feel like that too!!! Thanks again for the all the motivation and pushing. Peace and Love.

    • With regard to Covid19. you CAN CONTROL how your immune system can be brought to the highest level.
      I am a leader. (KAI TI AKE) ….Here is how you do this…. one word…. ( individual ) PREVENTION. ….The NZ government has got the epidemiological issues under control by doing this ..and that is why I, currently in country lockdown and putting this out for anyone is interested.
      I am a retired vet and have found a method to prevent upper respiratory viruses in horses. Some of my clients have used it for treatment of coughs and colds and even prevention.
      This is an over the counter product of simple herbs which have been shown many times to kill viruses.
      Two things. needed.
      1. Crowd funding program……is there anyone out there 🤣 👍
      2. I would love to be part of Jeff’s program to help me get this to those poor people who are suffering.
      Please respond to

    • Hi Mary, Sounds as we are both on track see comments posted today on Jeffs site..I am in New Zealand in lockdown. I would love to facilitate both our progressions by cooperation.

      Tony Frith B Ag B V Sc Dip Acu
      (retired vet)

  13. Donna L Wilson


    Dear Jeff,
    Thank you for including me in this video, I surely am at a crossroads and appreciate your direction and knowledge.

    Also, when my mother died, their was a silver lining behind a cloud and this will remind me of her. She was business minded, methodical and efficient, kind and caring too!
    Happy Palm Sunday!

  14. Hey everyone,

    Hope all of you are safe in these difficult times. Jeff, thanks as always for the thoughtful ideas and inputs. I was like you said earlier in the video shocked with all thats happening but slowly strating to think what good can come out of this. Now more than ever…

  15. Calm, sincere, relaxed, and trustworthy are the characteristics I would describe you with. In building my online business I have tried to emulate your style. I believe although your offer needs to be top notch, you as a person is what they are buying. PLF without Jeff Walker as just another course. Your success I believe is about you and your personality. Always enjoy your Sunday videos. Thanks you, John Fealy

  16. Carol O'Connor


    Thanks again so much for your videos. I was really disappointed to have Orlando cancelled, but am looking forward to the virtual weekend and your new masterclass.
    Trying not to be bogged down in these weird times.
    Catch you soon.

  17. I’m scrambling to finish the certificate so I can teach English as a second language… Something I would love to do at 5:30 in the morning… I also love to do something it helps so many others. Going to scroll and find the link to sign up for what you deem to share with us🙃😷 thank you I can’t wait!

  18. You are absolutely right. I remember in early and is the nineties. My wife started to teach her first courses at the University of Washington and the University of California … over 25 years. What a ride!
    I am looking forward to your classes.

  19. Jeff, you’re spot on! More than ever, the world needs us – entrepreneurs – to step up and offer our very best. Yes, from an economical standpoint, this keeps money flowing, which is crucial. But even more important, our forward momentum offers hope in uncertain times.

  20. Sigh…. thank you for this much needed reminder. We are settling in and forward focus is exactly what we need during this time of chaos. Very much looking forward to the training you’re scrambling to put out and THANK YOU in advance for its awesomeness … we need this right now!

  21. Thank you so much Jeff. You always deliver a wonderful info and value. Looking forward to new course!

  22. Great insights, Jeff. I’ve put more inspiration and hope into my weekly copywriting instruction video blogs and my list is really responding. Open rates are up and video views are up. You’re right, it’s time to recognize what’s going in our messaging and it’s time to step up and be a leader. Thanks – Casey Demchak

  23. Thanks so much Jeff. I really appreciate your contributions to this interesting time.

    Ciel Ellis

    (Working with Mary Gilkerson)

  24. You are such a kind and wise person Jeff. Before you were just another name in my inbox, now I can’t help to love your energy so much. I am currently a wannapreneur, although I managed to be my own boss and work from home already; it’s just not an online digital business. But I know my big Why, and I know I have something extremely valuable to give. Then I now have much better resources then before, even work with an experienced coach. I bought stuff from good-hearted entrepreneurs as you, whom you definitely know. I can’t buy everything and do everything at the same time, have enough going on, but I am sure to be blessed when our paths will cross one day.

  25. Thanks Jeff for your Mastermind perspective! Looking forward to seeing what you are cooking up!

  26. Um, great video as always. Why is there a tennis ball in the tree behind you at about 2:45 into the vid? Really thought you’d point it out and use it as a prop to make a point.

  27. Timely as always Jeff! Great to hear that your finger is one the pulse, and you are generous to offer free guidance during this time. Looking for your training when its ready!

  28. Jeff, thank you for your wonderful weekly videos. I always look forward to seeing them and I needed this one. I think we all need to see that there are silver linings in the midst of chaos. I cant wait for the new training! Very exciting!!!

  29. Don McDermott


    Been thinking along these ideas too but not sure how to do it. Looking forward to you webinar.
    Still have a couple consulting inquiries so this helps to keep the spirit alive but just inquiries.

  30. Hi Jeff!
    Trust that you are doing well. Thank you for the awesome video. I have no clue about online business, but I want to teach English to primary school students and also lessons oh creative writing / poetry writing. I downloaded your latest pdf. Much appreciated!! I’m hoping to be successful as other wonderful ppl on here.

    Stay safe and amazing!
    kind regards,

  31. Great Video Jeff,

    I have done a little bit of online business in the past, 2013 – 2016 and I saw your videos then too but didn’t have the cash to join PLF. I even made a whole slideshow presentation about funnels, and recorded about 64 videos about mindset, the show was called Vision and mindset power up, recorded in my kitchen, 3x a week.

    I stopped (quit/gave up) because only a handful of people watch my videos, and 3 people signed up the my email list.

    I also had rent to pay and 4 mouths to feed. A lot of excuses, but I am ready do the work.

    My life is stil stable, I still have work because my work is considered essential. But all this time inside made me think that I want my freedom back, spend more time with my family, help others to be free and make some money while doing that, is that ok to say. That was/is the idea behind online business, being your own boss.

    I am looking forward to the Masterclass,



  32. PERFECT! All of us MUST continue because livelihood is also essential to living. Can’t wait for the training and to hear your insights as to what markets will flourish and … how to enter them both quickly and with minimal effort. EXACTLY the focus so many of us are looking for at this time. Thanks, Jeff.

  33. As long as I can remember, my motto has been “It could always be worse” When I think about all the ways it could be worse, I get a sense of gratitude that my current challenge is not worse.

    My question is: How did you shoot a video walking in the woods? Did you have a video man/woman? a drone?

  34. Jeanne Paglio


    As a positive person, I always look forward to hearing more positivity from you and I’m never disappointed. You;re certainly right about shock after shock. For me, it’s been crazy, just as for others. Thanks for your silver lining! Appreciate that and I look forward to your next training!!

  35. Thank you for doing this training! Much needed. I love litening to you! Looking forward…:)

  36. Teresa Woolard


    HI Jeff

    Thank you for your sincere message. I have been sitting on a book I wrote 7 years ago, with the thought of it launching a series of books and an online as well as an in-person training course. It’s been on the back burner for 7 years because I started a brick and mortar business which now, I am regretting and see the benefits of an online business. Hoping your course will help people like me looking to use this time to perhaps launch, plan, organize this inspiring program that will help many (I believe).
    Ontario, Canada

  37. HI, Jeff,
    I am a Launch Club member (2nd year!) and just love you and the rest of the folks associated with you and PLF! Donna and Don and Mark and Barry and Annette! Thanks for your love, Jeff, and your authenticity and sincerity. What an example. Love you!

  38. I’m a new reader of your book, giving to me by an entrepreneur friend. I’ve retired from teaching for several years and am finding your ideas and thoughts stimulating. I like someone who looks for the silver-lining in everything, no matter what life throws our way. Keep up the great work. I’m anxious to see what the future work morphs into! 😎

  39. Jeff, I love your message of service. This is a mindset shift for all of humanity. And I believe we will grow closer together and thrive on the other side of this very tumultuous time. Thank you for sharing that message. We have a few people on our virtual team who have gotten sick and we’re all working together to survive and thrive. Our whole team is banding together and working harder than ever to serve our clients and bring on new ones as quickly as possible because, well it’s simple, if you can help you must. Thank you for being a silver lining in this moment and always.

  40. Cheers Jeff , so true crazy times , but just a blip in life’s journey , a year we’ii all remember , but for what is the big question ? some will just sit at home and wait , others will start on a whole new path educating themselves and others , the news will always focus on the negative , so helping those we can ,to get more positive in their lives will be the ones who stand out in this climate , keep up the good work my friend .

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