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When you build your platform on social media, you're playing by someone else’s rules… and make no mistake, they can change the rules at anytime.

Instead of stressing out, take control with these two words:

Please scroll down and leave me a comment.


Social media ultimately only serves your business if you use it to do this… (Click to tweet.)

Don’t put your business at the mercy of social media algorithms. (Click to tweet.)

Use social media to build your platform; don't let it BE your platform. (Click to tweet.)

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41 Replies to “A Cure For Social (Media) Angst”

  1. Excellent advice. I am a true believer in capturing the lead. Why put the same effort in over and over again to get the same person to your offers. Capture the lead and send an email every time you have something new to offer- simple concept but often overlooked. Thanks Jeff.

    • Pete Gonzalez


      I need more money to begin studing with you. I do respect your studies and look forward to the day. Thank you, Pete Gonzalez.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    You raise a good point here with the ever changing algorithms of FB, Google etc.

    Having an email list should be any marketers number one priority. At least it is an asset that you own. The trouble with FB et al is that they could also shut your account down without warning and any custom audiences that you have created are gone instantly as you don’t own or control them.

    The first thing I try to do with any traffic from FB, Kindle etc. is to encourage them to share their email address. Now I have control of this list and can continue to offer advice, value and relevant offers when I please.

    I think the problem for many marketers is that they tend to migrate to social media to actually try to grow their email list by advertising on FB and sending them to a squeeze page and obviously this change will affect the effectiveness of any campaign, although the cost shouldn’t change that much if opting for PPC.

    But that is marketing, it is continuously evolving and we all need to keep up!

    • Great points Jason. I always thought the list is key. Do you have any suggestions on how to value the financial worth of an opt-in interested list?

  3. Jeff, I agree totally that having a list is the best way to keep contact with your audience but what happens if you do not have a list to begin with?

    Which is the best way to get those first clients to come to you? Blog? Face? You tube? It is so many people launching similar products out there that is is really hard to get the first interested ones in our product.


  4. Great advise Jeff….with email id can really play with your marketing. ..

  5. Hi Jeff,

    Probably because I’ve never been a great follower of fashion I’ve been mercifully unaffected by all the angst 🙂 I wholeheartedly agree that list building = business building and that whilst fashions will come and go, your own merry band of committed followers is all that you need.



  6. Deborah Hunt


    Thanks Jeff, I’m new at Internet marketing and have been taking some classes about marketing on Facebook and list building.
    I do understand about building a relationship and only offering products that they want.
    It’s good to hear that email marketing is still alive and well. Sometimes fears build up when you hear different views from so called,”gurus”. Thanks for the encouragement to build a list.
    I’ve got to get with it now and build my optin.
    There’s so much to learn, but I’m hanging in there! I’m going to check out your blog!

    • Um, actually it doesn’t because that’s who Jeff Walker is. However, congratulations because you inspired his next video!

    • Hey Ron, you gave your opinion and caught Jeff’s attention. Do you agree with Jeff’s answer to your comment? Just curious to know.

    • This is so funny…if you click on Ron’s name (hyperlink) it goes to his personal site and it is the most ineffective, stuffy sounding sites I have come across is a long time. Talk about looking ridiculous.

    • Wow Ron… I think you are on the wrong site. This is a site for business people that have a life, or at least see themselves having a life in the near future 🙂



      thx ron for this comment …sorry for you unsuccessful life…keep trying

    • I wouldn’t wear a T-Shirt myself but looking at your site … Damn! That thing really demands a Tuxedo! Very polished and it absolutely matches your message!
      Sorry, couldn’t resist… 😉

    • Was he wearing a shirt? Have to scroll back up and check that out. I did notice all those nicely organized glasses in the kitchen cupboards though and Jeff’s relaxed smiling face. Puts me right at ease.

      I appreciate the reminder on newsletter lists being the priority. I need reminding. EVERY time I need cash flow it’s the newsletter that gets the results. E v e r y t i m e. Always.

      I’m so easily distracted by facebook and the big push to do more on social media. I do wish I could nail down the YouTube stuff for my customers benefit.

  7. Stephen G Ruby


    Brilliance based on simplicity. Another great video Jeff. Thanks!

  8. Jeff, can you please point me to information that would give me guidance on valuing a list? I’m sure there are some key variables. Thnx!

    • @Peter: I don’t have information on that – your best bet is probably to google it. The valuation will depend on lots of factors, including the niche and how engaged the list is… and the relationship with the list, and whether you could transfer that relationship to a new owner.

  9. Hi Jeff! Thumbs up on this week’s video. Building an email list is so critical to keeping subscribers “fans” of your web page and content. I am working on my very first web page now, and I completely get the idea on the importance of having an email list to market to. The rules may change, but the game is still the same – control what you own via building your email list. Congrats by the way on your 20 years in the biz – awesomeness!

    P.S. – Quick question: what are some effective ways to drive traffic organically to your web site so you can start building an email list? Thanks!

  10. Social media is so seductive! It seems easier to connect, but it’s an illusion. Thank you for this reminder! I needed to hear it again.

  11. Hi Jeff its Neville here i am on your list for years now, on your product launch list, you guide is always important to me, because i strive with your directions. you were the first one to introduce me to YouTube from it was in the incubator stage. Now i am a member even when its been sold to Google and i am also a member of Google plus.Yes i do not have a website for my self now but i am going to build it shortly.

  12. Jana Lynne White


    Jeff! In a landscape of sincerely delivered manipulation, you connect authentically.
    Frankly, I instinctively don’t like ‘social media’ largely because so much of it is actually anti-social.
    But building a list – a community – people you can connect with and contribute to – now that sounds like my future!!!
    Thank you, Jeff.
    And to the guy who commented on your t-shirt – that’s the kind of ridiculous comment you’d expect on … yep, social media.

  13. I love your advice on this – this is not the first time I’ve heard you say it. Build & nurture your email list. The money is not in your list, but in the relationship you have with your list. Thanks, Jeff! Congratulations on 20 years!

    ~Barbara Foxworth
    Business + Success Coach

    PS- I like your t-shirt! 🙂

  14. Elaine Danforth


    Hey, Jeff,
    Thanks. I I always enjoy your videos, when I watch them. Haven’t started up my business yet, but I find your tone so encouraging. Still in the phases of moving toward getting started in business, and this reaffirms a lot of what I have learned from my online entrepreneurial teachers. Still love your ski Fridays video, being a skier also myself.

  15. Great Stuff Jeff..
    I’m not a complete newbie to IM etc.. just been away from the game for a little while but ready to get back in.. I’ve been really struggling with what direction to go in and a BIG part of that is due to exactly what you talked about. I don’t want to build a business ONLY on paid traffic.. Looking for a more long term model

    I’ve seen a few people go this risky route and almost loose their entire business when something is changed.

    Anyhoo.. good stuff again.

  16. Agreed Jeff, my niche is in the shooting sports so I understand that someday I may not be able to post my content on social media. FB recently made restrictions for gun sales on their platform. YouTube has cancelled channels where shooters had significant assets in instructional videos.

    So although I compete internationally for my country (which I hope is not controversial for the majority of rational folks), I anticipate the day where I will need to rely on my own platform to mentor those new to the sport and provide instructional information.

    Raving fan of your messages, thanks

  17. Jeff – Thank you as usual for delivering exactly what we all needed to hear. : ) And, I love your follow up video. Good point about knowing your audience. : )

  18. Thanks Jeff & thanks Dean, that metric about how long people enquire before they buy is a real eye opener and means I need to re-evaluate my sequences – Thanks

  19. Jeff, best advice you could give me. I’m trying to restyle my website. And although I have facebook page etc. I think all needs to come to my wordpress site.



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