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When I started my online business, I got a piece of advice from one of my mentors… and he was dead wrong.

This one's all about building your team… and there aren't many things that will have as big an impact on your business (and life)…

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think…

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44 Replies to “Why You Shouldn’t Go It Alone”

  1. Great insights and a much more expanded view of business. When we decide we can do it all without any help, we have decided where to level off.

    • Ray, love this: “When we decide we can do it all without any help, we have decided where to level off.” This year is about list building and team building for me. It’s a little scary turning parts of my business over to other people but I realize there’s a mental roadblock causing that fear because, in reality, it’s not anything I can’t handle. Jeff, thank you for sharing this; such timely advice.

      • We’re on exactly the same page Lin. Your comment re “turning parts of your business over to others strikes a chord with me. I’ve only just begun this process. and it feel’s totally risky doing so, but doing it nevertheless.

    • Ray,

      Thank you so much for sharing your nice quote 🙂

      I am a big fan of Jeff and have successfully completed his PLF recently!

    • Frankie Washington


      So Awesomely Funny… I’ve been trying To Get That.. Message in My Family and friends heads. For such a Long time … Thank You

  2. Hi Jeff

    I have been thinking on and off about creating a team. So far I have a strong association with someone that helps me with different online projects, mostly in the affiliate arena. I have been using freelance writers for content, but I am not sure if this is what you are referring to in your video. I am guessing you are talking mainly about full time employees, or full time contractors. Right?

    So, what’s in your opinion the most decisive point where one should say: “Let’s leave the ‘worries’ aside that may come with hiring people, and let’s just do that because it will contribute to my success”?

    Thank you and regards from Greece

  3. I admire work Jeff, and this was a useful piece. The culture quote actually belongs to Drucker though. I know your orientation is to give credit where it’s actually due. Cheers!


  4. I couldn’t agree more – ever since we started hiring in the way you have suggested our luxury gift and gold plating services business Goldgenie have grown into an International company doing business in over 21 countries including Dubai, Asia and America.

    We have subsequently grown into a multimillion pound online company by leveraging the right people’s skills in our customisation and supplier of luxury gifts business, Goldgenie.

    I have been reading and following your advice for quite some time now Jeff and it could not be any better then suggestions in your latest post to really grow and evolve an online business.


    Laban Roomes

  5. Great Video Jeff. I love this video on building a team and getting the culture right. My advice to anyone would be the remove people from your organization if they don’t fit the culture. Every time I remove these people, my business grows and the remaining team respects you even more as a leader. Great Stuff!

  6. Lise Merethe Traran


    I totally agree with you when it comes to work we have to be totally comitted and have a right culture!

  7. Building a team Vs doing it alone video…excellent! I totally agree!!!! Thank you!

  8. Awesome Jeff.

    Thank you.

    We have to build our team this year. I have been holding to tightly to the gold. for far too long!

    Our country is noe in racial turmoil, and we have the tools to change that.

    Kind regards\

    Brian Moore

  9. Jeff, thanks so much for sharing this encouraging message. We always say, DIY doesn’t have to mean GIA–do it yourself doesn’t have to mean go it alone. I’m not sure where I’d be without our dynamic and talented team. Our culture and that team fire me up everyday. Their dedication to our vision and growth is inspiring and I can’t imagine doing it any other way. Loved hearing your take on it. Thanks again!

  10. Susan Peirce Thompson


    I took the opposite tack. I’ve grown my team very big very fast. The downside of that is that I’m now on the hook for a very big payroll nut twice a month, and that’s a lot of pressure. Whether it proves to be a mistake or not….time will tell. But I will say this: growing a team turns out to be the most fulfilling part of this whole entrepreneurial ride, and I never saw it coming. In the “Five Year Vision” I wrote when I first read the book “Launch,” I envisioned accomplishing a lot of things in five years–writing a best-selling book, giving a TED talk, and doing successful launches–but I didn’t mention anything about having a single employee five years out. Now the #1 way I fulfill the mission of my business is by leading my team. That and creating content. So, that’s the first thing. Having a team is SO FULFILLING. I LOVE MY TEAM. Like you, we focus a LOT on our team culture. Like you, we’re a family. And here’s the thing–I’ve grown my business bigger & faster than anyone I know. Not my team, my BUSINESS. And I see a correlation between the two. My mentors did not give me the message that I shouldn’t hire. In fact, I saw my mentors having teams, and I figured that was the thing to do. So I built a team. And, lo and behold, we now have the capacity to deliver huge value to literally thousands of people in a very high-touch way. So far, the big team thing is working for me. It’s scary, and it feels precarious sometimes, but it’s working. And there’s one last thing I’ll say about this. I didn’t assume I would know how to grow a team nor how to lead a team. I’m getting help on that, every step of the way. (Plug for Annie Pratt and Justin Livingston. They’re teaching me how to build/lead/structure my team.) It’s an art, for sure, and there’s so much to learn.

  11. Some great advice Jeff on building a stronger business. It is one of the areas we are struggling with right now – how to build our team and how we need to structure it so this was encouraging. I especially liked your comments on hiring for culture and ensuring that there is a great cultural fit with people who share a common purpose. Thanks so much and have a terrific day.

  12. Paul Wakefield


    Great advice. I like the analogy of steering a ship, I’ve always likened it to a raft on the Colorado – you all have to be paddling in the same direction. I think you are absolutely correct, it’s about the culture or belief systems of the team that is critical. There’s much more power in we than in I.

  13. Totally agree Jeff, I’m one of those people that in the past would have taken responsibility for every part of my business, even the parts that I really didn’t want to handle. With the best will in the world for example I’m not wired for design, but I’m great at the technical stuff. Every time I needed a logo for my business I’d sit for hours searching for images and fonts to make a logo, until I finally decided that feeling frustrated not only was hurting me but hurting my business.

    One of the first things that any entrepreneur should do is outsource the parts of the business that blocks their progress, especially if they’re a solopreneur. It doesn’t have to be hard, it can be outsourcing your logo design to something like 99 designs, or getting a freelancer through sites like elance, you don’t have to take on full time staff at the beginning especially.

    The one lesson I’ve learnt in my entrepreneurial journey is to be kind to yourself, know what you’re good at contributing to the business, know what outside assistance you need, and have the courage to ask for help when you need it.

    Thanks Jeff for your continued nuggets of wisdom!

  14. Interesting video Jeff. I think it’s necessary at some point to build a team around you so you can keep moving forward. We can’t do it all alone.

  15. I’m “at that point” where something as important as my websites is stopping me from doing my writing, speaking and coaching. Thanks for sparking the conversation, even if it’s currently only in my own mind!

  16. Hi Jeff,

    Great Video! Loved it. When I started out, I thought I could make the impact I wanted on this world alone!!! I was so wrong!!! Over the last 10 years, I have built a team of over 150 great people, who have decided to join me on the our Mission. We today serve 10,000 Clients, helping them achieve their goals!!!

    Keep up the good work!!!

    PS: I have going to share this video with our TRIBE. I know they are going to love it!!!

  17. Great Video Jeff! I am in the process of building my team now. I just became a Digital Marketer Certified Partner on Tuesday and I see the importance I building a great team of highly skilled people.

    I did not even think about culture being important…and yet if I think back on my own experiences on being apart of someone elses team; I want my team be like my most memorable and rewarding experiences.

    Thank you for sharing,

  18. Jeff

    Great reflections and insights
    As a coach to financial advisors the best advice is “higher someone as fast as you can to do everything you are not good or unique at”
    The sooner you do the sooner your happiness will accelerate because you will only being do what you love to do rather than what drags you down. Oh and yes your income and success will accelerate faster and bigger.
    Plus, contrary to what your mentors told you it is fun, even thrilling to engage with a great team of talented people who are all focused on achieving greater outcome. Yes it came be difficult when people don’t fit or are not getting the job down but the collaboration out ways the bumps in the road. I have a team of 13 in house focused self managing talented people with 4-5 outsourced sub contractors! Creation is a collaborative enterprise. The sooner you learn that the excitement and success will begin!
    Thanks again for being willing share your insights so freely !!
    Charlie Epstein
    The 401kCoach

  19. In my early journey, I had a rough start with hiring. One thing I think every entrepreneur should do is to hire quickly and ensure they hire the right kind of people. One of the secret of successful business owner is hiring. Don’t ever do what someone else can do. Duplicate yourself in people. Jeff, thanks very much for this.

  20. Hi!
    This was a great video, I’ve been in business for 10 years now and have been constantly building a team and then it falls apart… I took a little break to go to school again and I am finally ready to start over. I analyzed what was missing and new things I can implement. I now have a strategy and have started team building. I am super excited and this video was perfect timing for me! Thanks!

  21. I truly agree with what Jeff says. Imagine what your company can accomplish if you are supported by a great team that understands what your vision is and what it takes to hit your goals. And, yes, do not hire somebody who is just looking for a job. This is the same principle that we observe in getting people to fill-out positions in our company. It has to be somebody who also shares the same concepts in business and that he or she has that deep desire to learn and grow with the company by way of sharing “true value” out there while doing the job or promoting the company’s business. True, you cannot do it alone and, true, you need to develop that “value culture” within your organization to satisfy every business need both for your company and clients.

  22. Thanks Jeff! It’s really an oxymoron to not hire people who have unique gifts to do the job we don’t know how to do thinking we can do it cheaper ourselves. Part of it is in not understanding and valuing our own gifting. As an author/ speaker/trainer, not only will I have a much better ROI by having others do auto responders and web design so I can write and speak and train, but I am actually cheating them the thing they were created to do by trying to do it myself. Thanks again for sharing!

  23. Jeff,
    Thank you so much for sharing the values of having a team. As a virtual assistant team, our passion is being that “team” that you talk about. It is great to hear that what we do is valued. As always thanks for sharing and being supportive!

  24. I loved that phrase “it is not the size of the dog in a fight. It is the size of the fight in the dog”. Thank you for the advice. I’m an entrepreneur and I was terrified to even do a Facebook community where people could speak openly. I thought I would have to work a lot to show them my company culture but it was not a problem. I set rules clear and it is been enriching what I do and what I know. Now I think building my own team won’t be so hard.

  25. Thanks so much Jeff. I especially like that you emphasized “culture”. At the beginning of watching the video, I was asking myself, “What about culture?” and then you addressed it. So important. Best to you!

  26. Thanks Jeff, great advice, especially the bit about culture fit. I am already growing my team and haven’t even done my first launch yet. But the enthusiasm around my offering is so great, I am moving into position to be ready for the wave of enrollment which is sure to follow my PLF-guided launch!!!

  27. Jeff,

    Thanks for great and inspiring leadership through many years–I think I first tuned in with the Tony Robbins series on the New Millionaires.

    Your latest blog puts the finger on future-pulse. We are all in this life business together, and that means doing, not judging it. If we continue to insist that organizational leadership is something other people do, not the feisty, entrepreneurial guys and gals working multiple jobs and raising families, we’re stuck with their predatory global economic model and divisive social preaching. How’s that been working out? Not so much.

    There’s a better way to put global life together, I think, one entrepreneur at a time. That’s the hedgehog I’m beta testing now. Hope we have the chance to know each other; and thanks for the great tools and support.

    Best, Steve

  28. Joyfully sharing


    One of the hardest things for entrepreneurs to do, in my experience, is give up perceived “control” of their business by hiring and delegating to other people. But if they can shift their focus from a loss (of control) to a gain (of expertise and the ability to grow their vision bigger and better than they ever initially dreamed was possible), that can make ALL the difference. Its easy to find people with the skill set you need, but only 1 out of 10 or 20 of those have the “spark” or “light in their eyes” that makes them a great fit for both your vision and your growing team. I used to do a two phase interview process, after an initial 15 minute phone interview to screen in only the candidates that had the basic skill set. Then the first interview was with me, assessing they had the skill set, industry/work experience, growth potential and spark I was looking for. The next interview was entirely done by my team, who really checked for team and culture fit, went into depth about skills, revealed what the day-to-day work and company was really like and made sure the spark was really there for the vision. The interviewee was encouraged to make sure it was a great fit for them too and no question was off limits. I ended up giving my team veto rights on any candidate for any reason, since they were so good at picking a great fit or making the right decision to keep looking. I hope sharing this perception shift and process helps you hire and build a team that fits your culture … and pays it forward in some small way as thanks to Jeff for sharing all these great ideas and lessons learned. Good luck everyone!

  29. So many good points in this Jeff. Hiring for culture fit makes it necessary to define the culture in behaviors. High performing cultures can be defined then ritualized so that they become a part of the DNA of the organization. Great post!

  30. Hi Jeff!

    Joined PLF in September, finished my first launch earlier this month and ruminating on next steps. Top of my list is hiring some ‘wingers’!

    This post totally resonated with me and culture is king. Thanks!

  31. Jeff, I had already decided couldn’t do it alone. Am going to train my fantastic grandson in the business so that he can help me and eventually take over.

  32. “Great culture meets strategy for breakfast.”

    Love that! Thanks again and again for these insights.

  33. Great insight Jeff.

    I’m still working solo in my current venture, but have been part of teams before. One of the main things a team brings to the table is support when things go against you. It also motivated me more to do well, since I didn’t want to let my team down.

  34. At the moment I’m still a one man band but am looking to expand soon. It’s all about finding the right people to make a perfect team with.

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