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Last week I got a chance to play tennis with Richard Branson on Necker Island (his private island in the British Virgin Islands).

Here are some of my lessons learned. (I shot this video right after our match ended.)

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think…

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74 Replies to “Tennis With Richard Branson (Lessons Learned)”

  1. Amazone video Jeff, thank you! I want this life, where you can share your best and brainstorm with eager entrepreneur and have fun while doing this.

  2. Jeff you are very honoured to spend some private time with Sir Richard the UK´s greatest businessman.
    I find it very interesting that you as a great business man yourself are so open to learn from others that is very humbling we never know from who or where the next great idea will come from.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to make and share your unique experience with us all now go and enjoy the rest of your day on Necker how amazing is that

  3. Being from the UK too, I was intrigued to see what you learned from Richard Branson. Thanks so much for this post. My take-away is to remember that entrepreneurs get paid for coming up with great ideas -……. and then taking ACTION to implement them. I know I’m ot always so great on the second part, so this was a great reminder. Thanks for these great videos Jeff – they are always insightful and short enough that I watch them all!

  4. Hey Jeff, thank you for the video.
    I’m inspired!

    You mentioned Yanik Silver and his group… I’ve heard of the guy and seen photos of him with Sir Richard, can you tell us more about him, that group and how you wound up on Necker Island?

    One day in the not too distant future I intend to play tennis with Sir Richard on the island.
    Of course I’ll play you a match in Colorado or here in Salisbury, UK, if you’re up for the challenge!? 😉

    All the best, and keep up the great, inspiring stuff.

  5. Getting inspired in beautiful settings to create bigger and better things…perfect! That’s what I am doing as well…in Paris! Enjoy!

  6. Do you go skiing too? I plan to go to ski with you and hourse riding with Dan k in the next 10 years! a(big dreams)

  7. Great video, always so inspirational! I love how you said we get paid for our creative thinking, I feel like my mind never shuts off from getting ideas, sometimes I don’t know which ones I need to really pay attention to! We have gone through the “launch” process twice, and have yet to see the big sales from it, but we try to learn from it, know that everything has a learning curve, and will continue to work hard at making it happen!
    Thanks, Jeff!

  8. Inspirational stuff Jeff.

    Keep the videos coming and keep up the great work. It’s a pleasure and honour to be part of your tribe.

  9. Phyllis Rowan


    So nice to hear from you. Thank-you for thinking of us. Even in paradise, our well-being is never far from your thoughts. I am happy to know you are getting your chance now to be inspired. I can only imagine the thrill it is for all of you to share your experience in this gorgeous setting. I am sure great things will come from it. Persons matter and inspiration leads to implementation. Forget Darwin! Envisioning is one thing only humans can do. We would wait forever before a sheep ever dreams of being a lion! Somewhere between
    the angels and the animals, we dream differently. And ou dreams do come true, as you have proved over and over. You would enjoy Hegel, I think., if you have not already found him … Like yourself, Richard Branson is one of my cosmic heroes.. Not only for his perfect Leo looks, but for his natural kingly spirit! Besides his golden mane, wide smile and toned body, he has the heart and inner stillness to wait for the perfect moment to strike, fearless of no man, secure in his position. It is great that you and he are together, different yet
    the same. A favourite line by Gerard Manley Hopkins comes to mind. ‘Glory be to God for dappled things, for skies as coupled-coloured as a brinded cow’. Of course, we can rely on a Jesuit poet to think out of the box! That’s what makes them soldiers and not guards of the Papacy. ‘Nuff for now. Have a great time. Do well by doing good. Return refreshed and happy. You bless all who know you.

  10. What I take with me:
    Creativity and how to execute our thoughts is our business. It is very inspirational to be with other entrepreneurs.
    Thank you, Jeff, for sharing your experience with Richard Branson, I am a fan of him.

  11. Jeff, that was a really cool video. I am sure when you first began your entrepreneur journey, the thought of playing tennis with Richard Branson was a distant one. The qualities you suggest Sir Branson possesses seem very much in line with your own persona. As they say, selling is a transference of value and your posts and blogs definitely seem to be doing that.
    Thanks for the inspiration. I look forward to playing tennis with you if you ever are in Calgary!

  12. Hi Jeff, I live in the UK. I have admired Richard Branson for so many years. I’ve read some of his books. The things he has accomplished are truly extraordinary: Virgin Records, Virgin Airlines, Virgin Trains, Virgin Holidays, Virgin Galactic and hundreds of other businesses, it’s remarkable. You are so lucky to have met him, I’m so envious. And, as you say…he’s very down-to-earth and treats everyone with respect. On a side note…I downloaded the ‘Relax Melodies’ you mentioned in the video you did last week, in which you told us that you’d been meditating for about 11 or 12 years. I started listening to these melodies last Tuesday, I do just 5 minutes a day. It’s so hard to stop the incessant chatter going on in my mind but I’m getting there…slowly and I’m going to continue doing it. In fact, after I’ve finished typing this I’m going to do my 5 minute meditation for the day. I usually do it in the morning before I go to work but it’s beautiful and sunny outside so I went cycling first thing this morning instead and I’ve not long got back. Thanks for sharing the things you do Jeff, enjoy the rest of your stay on Necker and say ‘Hi’ to Richard for me even though he has no idea who I am. All the very best – John

  13. Good Morning Jeff, Thank you for this video I really enjoyed hearing these words today. I appreciate the video. Have a day filled with superb ideas. Debra

  14. Hey Jeff, I had no idea you were on Richard’s island these days.

    Very cool tips and insights, something I’m working on lately is surrounding myself with people that I can learn more from and that can contribute to my personal and professional growth.

    Looks like both of you had fun, hope you can win the next match though! LOL


  15. Thank you Jeff for breaking it down in simple terms. This really helped me connect to the most basic thing I am doing. I love your content and connect with the kind person you are. Blessings!

  16. “Simplicity is the ultimate sofistication”

    As usual, your advice is so simple that one might get confused in thinking it’s not valuable, but, actually, it’s way too sofisticated!

    Thanks for this

  17. Hi Jeff,

    This is the exact part of my entrepreneurial training I am working on this year! Finding the people to surround myself with that help push me to higher levels of thinking and action taking.

    Your advice can’t be emphasized enough!

    It’s also awesome that you didn’t double fault-HA!


  18. Dean Krosecz


    This was an inspiring thing to watch on Sunday morning. Thank you!

  19. Great inspiration about thoughts and creativity. The need to not be derailed nor to fall prey to negative, discordant opinions of people who are arm chair experts. I many cases I have surrounded myself with people who ‘know it all’ and when I look at their products I see a contradiction between what they say is the path to success and the incomplete lives they lead. Trust in the creator and the Light that gives us energy and power to succeed. Thanks for the video Jeff. And Saludos to Sir R. Branson for being and example for all

    Frank, Sustainable Landscape Design

  20. ken ca|houn


    Thanks Jeff, the word others are using is “inspirational” which certainly fits. Thanks for sharing your insights; you make good points about associating with others who think big thoughts And take action. My best to you, Yanik and the others… keep up the amazing work, and thanks for the videos, they help.


  21. Nice video Jeff, totally agree that it’s important to hang out with the right people, avoid the mind pollution of these that feed you thoughts that don’t serve you…

    Looks like you had a great time on Necker, you must have earned a whole bunch of air miles on that trip!

    Thanks for sharing!

  22. Jeff,
    Great video and observations! I too find it very stimulating to be in a beautiful scenic environment, it propels my creative ideas and opens my mind up to new possibilities. What an amazing opportunity and experience!


  23. Inspired! Thank you for sharing Jeff & while you’re there you’ve got to try kiteboarding. @KellenHall hook my friend Jeff up!

  24. Bravo Jeff! You and your group found the golden ticket. Richard invited me to Necker just over a year ago after learning about an idea myself and team executed.,TRX Cardio Tennis. He was humble, gracious and able to connect all my dots in a single day. As he summed up the product: ‘you are minding the gap’ a phrase often used when at a Tube stop in the UK. In our case, he realized our product is actually bridging the tennis > fitness gap [and we are minding it]. In this case, you can participate in your sport while training for your sport, simultaneously! I learned so much and feel I could write a book! Key learnings:: You don’t have to re-invent, but scrutinize current markets to find new ways of stretching the value proposition, be persistant and don’t take NO for an answer, work and fun should = 1

  25. Pauline McNamee


    Beautiful video, growing young and having fun…………I wish you successful execution of your genius thoughts in your creative soul.

  26. Jeff, you’re a remarkable man. I’ve read your book and discovered many ideas, combined with mine, worth pursuing.

    Ideas become even better when they’re shared with trusted people. You’ll discover more refined, fleshed–out creations leading to better offerings and smoother executions.

    So we should never fear sharing our thoughts with those we respect.

    Keep up the inspiring videos. As you say, it’s not just about business but growing your physical and mental well-being. Thanks, Jeff.

  27. Hi Jeff, thank you so much for this! I can’t wait to show this my teenage boys. You are such inspiration!

  28. Hey Jeff,

    Virgin Islands (U. S. or British) are gorgeous! Glad you had a remarkable time there with Sir Richard et. al.

    Would like to add to your comment about what entrepreneurs get paid for. . .one other VITAL component . . .the ability to communicate what is between the ears in a way that people can HEAR it (you do that in spades — a wonder trait).

    Also your comment about the people you hang and spend time with. The scriptures are full of valuable wisdom that rewards those who pay attention to them, and ponder over their wisdom. Your comment reminded me of an important one: “1 Corinthians 15:33 Do not be mislead, bad associations spoil useful habits.” You can’t afford to spend time with people who pull you down and/or are not able to help move you ahead on your journey to being a better person.

  29. Thanks for doing this great video, Jeff. I like how you described the way entrepreneurs are paid: unique thoughts and the execution of those thoughts! And yes, it’s a smart idea to associate with smarter people.

  30. Peter Mc Hendry


    Well thanks so much for that video. It just made me decide NOW and once and for all to build my special place so that being there in my dream enviroment I will be inspired with the mind boggling thoughts which will develop into amazing businesses. I have many. Like the one I submitted to Richard a year or so ago to save him billions on jet fuel. I guess he lost out saving on these billions.

  31. Pretty Cool! I live on a neighboring Island just 30 minuets sail away….I’d love to meet him too. Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing.

  32. Hello. I am happy that you got to meet such an inspirational down to earth person, such as, Sir Richard Branson, in his home setting.
    What did the group gain from this experience that would help them in their business? I am not a business owner, but, looking at possibilities.

    Thank you.

  33. Wow what an opportunity to meet and pick the brain of some of the greatest entrepreneurs on the planet. Even just an hour with you and Richard Branson would put my business that much further ahead of the curve.

  34. Great little bit of encouragement as I work (yet more) on my first launch this week. It’s absolutely true – we get paid for our thoughts AND what we do with them. When I was a screenwriter, EVERYONE came to me with an idea for a screenplay, and I knew they would never actually do the work to learn how to write and screenplay and then write it. Most of the time, ideas are cheap – it’s the execution that makes the difference. Rock on, Jeff! Tell Richard I said hello!

  35. Thanks for reminding us that our thoughts are very important and valuealbe as to building our business, and also to be aware of what we listen to and who we follow! I just posted a blog last week on “Thoughts we think and Words we speak!”

  36. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us Jeff. I have received (and deleted 🙁 Many emails from you, thinking, here comes another sales pitch! I just “heard” what you have to say. And wish to “listen” more.
    Thanks again!

  37. Thank you for this wonderful video, Jeff. As always, you teach, you challenge and you inspire. Thank you.

  38. Wow Jeff, Just reading through the comments from your tribe is enough to motivate me all day! Thanks for sharing!

  39. So cool! Thanks for sharing your experience Jeff! Richard is an inspiration with his visionary business ventures. Really appreciate all the time and energy you devote to teaching us!

  40. Awe so cool for you, I just went fishing with Louis last week! 🙂 HaHa it was fantastic! 🙂

  41. A great reminder of the power of our creativity and that it’s not trivial but key to any entrepreneur. As I’m starting my new business research this is a great time to hear this message Jeff.

  42. Always inspirational! Great work! About the game, more than working your tennis technique, it’s about working the inner game right?

  43. Hey Jeff, I’ve just bought your book and mate you are one inspiring dude. The learnings are exactly what I was looking for. Congrats on getting to play with Richard…. I hope you taught him a lesson the court…. love your work.

  44. Thanks for sharing, Jeff. I sure like your thoughts about our creative minds. I also can relate and appreciate the idea of being around people who choose to be positive and take action on their creative thoughts. And, I loved the photo of you and Richard Branson – keepin’ real.

  45. Great, inspirational video Jeff. Thanks for sharing and for taking the time (in the middle of an outing to Sir Richard Branson’s own private island of all things – not sure I’d remember to!) to film it – I’m always motivated by your content.

  46. Hi Jeff,
    That’s really Cool!! I am intending on becoming one of the winners of the Shopify contest next year! I already have my plans underfoot!! So I can meet all those wonderful people as well! (Hopefully his mum will be there as well, I would love to meet her 🙂 Yeah, I am a mum to! she seems like so much fun!

    I really liked your definition of an Entrepreneur, and surrounding yourself with the right people!! This is just getting so much harder today, It is very difficult to sort the ‘shit from the clay’ We have an idea we have been trying to have developed for 4 years. we are action takers and we have been manipulated and ‘ripped off’ by partners & 2 developers so far, over promising and under delivering!! and Overcharging. They all relise the value of our project, but want their cake and eat it and us as well LOL!!
    We are on our last go!! and going for broke, literally!! Selling our house to finance our project. We believe we are finally on the right track with setting up a team of great people around us! We have so many ideas to help get our project off the ground and around marketing. and fortunately, up to this point we have kept these in our heads. Our previous partners even gained access and copied all our gmail accounts and then deleted them including all our personal emails 🙁 which these days is almost like getting into your brain 🙁 Fortunately, i am still a bit old school and had some hard copy. I will definitely subscribe to your video channel. You sound inspiring. I saw the comment about your meditation music or sessions (whatever) I have been meditating for the last 2 years morning and night and studying ‘Practical Philosophy’ It has really helped us in understanding ourselves and I have actually enjoyed my journey, although quite tumultuous at times 🙂 I’ll definitely check you out! Enjoy your time on Necker, and don’t give up trying to give Richard a run for his money in the sporting arena. I am sure he enjoys the camaraderie! of like minds

  47. The amazing thing about Jeff is that you just don’t want to unsubscube from his mailing list even when he contacts you on a daily basis. Incredible…I am usually anoyed with daily promotions..but Jeff is something else.

  48. I agree that it’s of huge importance which type of people you surround you with. This doesn’t only apply to business but to anything in life where your mental state has an influence on any sort of positive or negative outcome (which is basically pretty much the case in about anything we do). I read that the first time when I was made familiar with Napoleon Hill and his philosophy, especially in his all time bestseller Think and Grow Rich.

    Regards from Greece where maintaining a positive attitude these days is a real challenge… 🙂


  49. hello just getting to know you Jeff with the kind help of your team Betty in particular led me to this. Totally fabulous especially the advice about who to associate with. I am also in the business of supporting and coaching entrepreneurs especially social business entrepreneurs so very wonderful to get confirmation of what works.

    very much hope to meet you one day in colorado or you would be most welcome here in Uganda East africa.

    My best wishes

    Pam Reynell aka Mys natty

  50. It is interesting how this video has generated so much response from your community, it seems there are a lot of people who desire this billionaire, island owning lifestyle, they chase opportunities to among the wealthy clubs, and rub shoulders with famous, entrepreneurial personalities such as Branson. These are the same people who wax lyrical about their ‘down to earth’ values, and look earnestly into the camera and speak about their humble origins, but they are like so many who aspire to be seen as overwhelmingly rich, and powerful. Personally, I am not a huge fan of the Branson club, these people are incredibly narcissistic, they often attend the Bilderberg meetings and consider themselves the shapers of the modern world, they are no friend of the common man, or the ladies and gentlemen who strive to make their living in this world. Yes, it is interesting how so many leap to heap praise on you, just because you have made so much money and now move among the ‘elite circles’ of this glitzy world. I wonder really about the genuine values of these people, as they seek to be bailed out by the governments, for their airlines and lavish business arrangements, they seek access to the tax payer funds amassed by democratic governments, to save their skins at our expense. No doubt you will delete this post, because I am not a sycophant who impressed by Branson, and expensive friends, elite circles of the ‘jet set’. I prefer to work with real people, and help the genuine souls who are striving to survive in the world these plutocrats preside over.

    • Mike, this video was originally released five years ago. Though I think you’re heavy-handed, and unfair to Jeff—who helps humanity plenty in ways appropriate for him—I also think you’re reflecting how these Covid days have awakened many to truer values. Sitting on a quiet boulder alone in nature, or taking a swim in a lake or ocean, is a far more accessible and attainable high than hob-nobbing with the wealthy. And doesn’t require an invitation or fee for admission. The times are changing as people calm down,
      I, too, see through those presenters full of ‘earthiness’ who share their flashy lifestyles, as if we all ‘know’ that’s what really matters. Or they offer a hot car as a prize for something. I don’t see Jeff as one of those. His style is to share his upward momentum and enthusiasm, wherever it leads him—he’s on a journey. But he makes sure his own ground zero is wholesome, deliberate, earnest, and clear.

  51. Hi Jeff,

    Glad to know you did not double fault vs. Richard! In the tennis world I am know as the “Serve Builder” and sell courses with Jeff Salzenstein, a fellow Colorado resident who I am certain has invested in your PLF program. Let me know if you ever come to Orange County, CA. We can schedule some time on the tennis court!

  52. Nicole Jackson


    Good Morning Jeff,

    How are you. This was an Awesome video with Richard Branson. You pointed a LOT of key parts like:

    You always have to watch who you bring in your setting and what is being placed what you put in your mindset.

    Keeping your LIFE in the right setting with Health the body and learning and growing.

    Thanks for sharing this to me.

    Have a great day and blessed week.

    Nicole C Jackson

  53. Margaret Brice


    Hi Jeff,
    Great message, love the post. Totally agreed with you.
    It is worth the wonderful trip, the company and the like minded people to learn and know you are in the right path.
    Thank you, love the message.
    Margaret Brice

  54. Jeff, This environment really suits you! I relate to your inner introvert and practiced extrovert. But you shine here!!! Truly. You know, I have been a Creative Director for my entire professional life. 30 years….I was paid by the very top Fortune 500 companies for my ideas and built amazing products and services. But years ago, that industry crushed my spirit. I vowed never to go back. Now out on my own, I have created the most amazing company, Black Panther Safaris. I have been dreaming big, creating an amazing company that also most importantly gives back to the community and to African wildlife! And yet I still struggle with getting back to tooting my own horn!!! I need some guidance!

  55. Thanks, Jeff. I love this video. It has a lot of great ideas. Yes, you need to pay attention to who you’re spending time with which is why I’m so thankful for the PLF community and Launch Club. The ideas and support I get from the coaches and others involved in PLF is priceless. Thanks for the inspiration today!

  56. Thanks for the inspirational message. With all the uncertainty in the world today, it is good to hear some down to earth positive points. And you certainly run in the right circles.

  57. Many, many congratulations Jeff! You deserve to be on Necker Island as you are a BIG THINKER. BIG INFLUENCER. GREAT GUY. Richard Branson is a better man for meeting you and hanging out with you.

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