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Last Sunday I pulled off what I call the “Durango Double”… I went skiing in the morning, and then in the afternoon I drove down from the mountain, traded my skis for my mountain bike… and I got in my first mountain bike ride of the year.

It was a big day with lots of calories spent… it left me exhausted but elated. And it left me totally energized for a big week for my business. It also got me thinking…

There's this phrase that gets thrown around a lot – “the Internet Lifestyle”…

I think the typical way it's portrayed is you spend an hour or maybe two working on your business while you're in a lounge chair at the beach. Then the cabana boy brings you your second umbrella drink… so you close up your computer and call it a day.

Well, I hate to disappoint, but that's not how it works. (And really…beaches and computers are a bad combination.)

The reality is that most of the Internet marketers and online entrepreneurs I know are actually working their butts off for long hours at a time. And most of them haven't gotten enough sun in a long time.

At the beginning of a business, that's understandable. Most of us end up “bootstrapping” our businesses, which means we end up wearing many different hats when we start our business. And with the connected nature of our businesses, we feel like we always need to be connected.

So what the Internet Lifestyle usually ends up meaning is that the last thing you do before bed is check your email… and the first thing you do when you wake up is check your email. Not good.

And that's not the way I do it.

My business is lifestyle-driven. I mean, I'm in business to help people, to change the world… and yes, to create an abundant lifestyle for my family.

But I refuse to do that at the expense of my life.

My business allows me to live anywhere I want. So I choose a beautiful place to live… Durango, Colorado. It's got great small-town living, incredible weather, it's a wonderful place to raise my kids… and it just happens to one of the best places in the world to pursue many of my passions such as mountain biking, skiing, and whitewater kayaking (in fact, people literally come here from around the world to do those things in and around Durango.)

I also take vacations. And I know this is shocking, but lots of times I am 100% offline when I'm on vacation (when you're on a two-week river trip in Grand Canyon… there is no electricity, much less a connection.)

That's why it was important for me to get in the Durango Double this year – it's now the second year in a row that I've done it, and it makes me happy and proud to hit that goal.

And if you could see my list of goals, you would see a lot more goals about how I spend my time (things I want to do, people I want to be with, experiences I want to have) than you would about money and possessions.

My point in telling you this is this… YOU can do the same thing. You can live where you want and do what you want. You can take vacations, you can have adventures. Just because you have an online business doesn't mean you have to work 24/7/365.

The “Internet Lifestyle” that you see in the get-rich-quick BS stuff is complete fiction.

But the Internet lifestyle that allows you to design exactly how and where you want to live your life… and then gives you the opportunity to put in the work to get to that life… well, that Internet lifestyle is alive and well.

You just have to do the work and make the choices on how you want to live. Choose wisely.

P.S. Another big benefit of the Internet lifestyle is being able to pick who you want to work with and who you're not willing to work with. But that's another post for another time.

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137 Replies to “The Durango Double”

  1. Love the idea, Jeff! I hope to pull that off soon enough here in VT with the spring skiing arriving and the warmer temps in the afternoons. Great to see you in Toronto last week. Take care…

  2. yeah i totally agree with you, i think most people started with IM because they wanted to have a great lifestyle and then they end up working all day and always thinking about their business

  3. Jeff,

    Great post! I agree with you wholeheartedly! The key to Lifestyle Design is the… well, the *design* part. I think too many people are often looking at how other people present this idea in mass media and in the Online Marketing world. It’s usually a pretty surface-level vision… “surf all day and party all night.” Ha!

    It’s so critical to think about what you actually value and to design a lifestyle customized to your true passions. Great post, Jeff!

    -Jason Clegg

  4. Great stuff Jeff!

    I think a lot of people forget what life is really about, you are very blessed.

    This is exactly why I am working an internet business. My goal list gets changed today.

    Thanks for the reminder,

    Windy Davis

  5. Hi Jeff Thank you for a great post, too many times I have been caught up in the whole “internet lifestyle” thing and not put enough effort into actually getting the lifestyle that I really wanted. Too many people get suckered into the work 2 hours a day and then go play portrayed by the BS merchants.

  6. Awesome Jeff. I like this a lot. Basically, lots of hard work, but cool benefits to boot.

    I should read your blog more often. You’ve got good stuff to say.

  7. Good post Jeff. When I “grow up” (I’m 47) I want to live a similar lifestyle as I’m currently a slave to my Internet business.. Here’s hoping PLF helps get me there.

  8. Thanks for this realistic insight, Jeff. I agree about the get rich quick BS – fiction stuff. It’s just not true and so many people wind up disappointed when they realize that really do still have to do the work. The difference is the fleixibility. Your happiness and contentment in life is so clear, and I have no doubt that it’s because you’re living where you want to live and finding a way to incorporate your passions and what’s important to you into your overall life. I’m guessing you wouldn’t be as happy with a 3 hour commute each day, or a long train ride in and out of a crowded city. Your a great illustration that you can still have your cake, but you still have to put in the time.

  9. I don’t remember when I was completely offline the last time. It had to be long time ago. I can’t be offline for long, since my biz depends entirely on me personally. I make huge money, but at the cost of my free time…

    The products I’m selling hugely depend on working servers. I’m the chairman and the server admin at the same time, and I found it impossible to find out anybody with my knowledge who could do what I do, at the same quality level.

    So yes, the common idea of ‘internet lifestyle’ is far away from the shade reality. But I’m not complaining. Everybody can choose what’s best for him.

  10. Love this… breaking the ‘myth’… being strategic… focusing on a life of action living in alignment of your values. This is where I am aiming for. A life on my terms, my way.. a life of rich experiences. Never forget the reason you start this ‘mad’ journey of being an internet marketer. This is my compass that keeps me on track.

  11. Great post Jeff. It’s kind of funny when I hear these get rich quick schemes about making big money online. I like how you raise the curtain to let us know you enjoy your lifestyle, but you also work hard too. I think the cold, harsh reality is that making money online is extremely difficult. It’s brutally competitive is because the cost of entry is so low and there are already billions of websites. What other industry can you enter for $8? But I hope with a lot of hard work, the internet lifestyle, “the dream” if you will can become a reality. Thanks for all the helpful advice and the inspiration.

  12. At last someone saying how it is.
    Alway look forward to your advice and general information about on line business and look forward to more.
    kindest regards

  13. Thanks for this Jeff. Great points here that I really need to begin instituting. It’s very hard to find a work/life balance. I think my entire life will be about establishing this balance.

  14. Sounds cool to me, Jeff.

    I like the sound of your values, and, let’s be honest, your life style, lol!

    i have had to draw some boundaries recently, as my family were beginning to forget what I look like – spending way too much time in the conservatory (I call it ‘building my business’, and my partner calls it running my ‘expensive hobby!’)

    Smething has to change!

    Looking forward to more of your posts – maybe one on how to set up a blog too?



  15. Hi Dr. Jeff,

    Your point is well taken, and I certainly agree with you that what many say about the hours one can put into his/her business and have great success is a myth, I’m looking forward to your lifestyle idea, sounds good to me. Have a great day and do me a favor and critique my Blog and leave a comment. I would certainly appreciate it.

    John Seay, Bornrich!

  16. Very good points, Jeff. I’m in a very competitive industry and for my whole career I’ve worked it pretty much 24/7/365 and not making the progress I deserve for that kind of input. Though, I see others doing less (working smarter, probably) and enjoying more. It’s past time I stop doing the same thing and expecting better results.

    Thanks for the reality check, here.

  17. Recreation is the purpose of living and where my best ideas come from. Jeff you and the rest of the IM Guru’s have been laying so much information on us this year, that we need to take a full day per week doing some adrenaline-junkie type activity so we can get our minds off of it. It’s always where we’re not trying to solve problems in our businesses when the breakthrough comes, then we know how to implement you advice.
    Thanks very much for providing so much insight into the PLF these past few months.
    Best regards,

  18. Jeff,

    Thanks for keeping it real and in perspective. I appreciate the fact that Internet Marketers are not all hype and “salesy”. I know that when people begin looking at how to make money online, they are often bombarded with the perception of beaches and flip flops and 1 hour of work, but that is not often the case and takes a lot to get to that point.

    Thanks for having the right perspective and keeping your priorities balanced. I am striving to make money online so that I can also spend more time with my family.


    BTW – you are right, Durango is a great place to live. I grew up in Northern Colorado near Loveland and Fort Collins, but would go south towards Durango whenever I got a chance.

  19. Once upon a time I worked for an IT company back in NJ. Above the desk next to mine was a poster of Vail, and every time I was fed up with that dead end career it seemed to attract my attention. Eventually it was all I focused on, and after about six months I decided to trade it all (friends, family, a salary) for an adventure. I packed my car and drove to CO (having never been there before) and started crafting an online career. I haven’t looked back since, and I had my “Vail Double” not too long ago myself–only my rendition is Snowboarding in the Morning, and Skateboarding in the afternoon. I almost can’t remember how life was before the move, and I think I’m fortunate for that.


  20. Yes, Jeff, I agree. Thank you for your insights. It’s so true about picking who you want to do business with and who you don’t I love that freedom. 🙂

  21. This post made me smile! To live how and where I want and not work
    Everyday sounds…well…awesome. I’ve watched many launches and am about
    To launch a photography class I’ll be teaching online and offline locally in three weeks. I plan on getting the current plf after I cash in the money from teaching. Thank you for all you do.
    William Slaise

  22. Blair Jensen


    You have it easy Jeff because you can do the Durango Double, but in Victoria I can do just about anything that you can do there but I can’t come up with a great term like that for it! Maybe the Victoria Venture!

  23. Ha Jeff, you got me beat. I went skiing yesterday and then came home and jumped online. I do appreciate that I can ski when I want and that I live near the Rockies where the snow is awesome. 😀 Durango is a beautiful area as well.

    But I do put in many days of long hard work and I’ve earned my play time.

    Congrats on your Durango Double.

  24. Hey Jeff,

    Great post about the internet lifestyle. I think the big difference is someone living the internet lifestyle “chooses” what they want to work on and thus they tend to enjoy it much more in comparsion to someone who “has” to work on something just to put food on the table.

    I’ve been making a small living online and best believe I work harder now then I ever did at a normal job, but the difference is I’m working on something I enjoy.

    Great post

  25. Hi Jeff. Good call on the myth.

    I used to teach tennis about 30 hours a week. It was slowly but surely breaking me down physically.

    I decided that the Internet lifestyle was my ticket out of beating myself up on the tennis court.

    Fortunately, this computer lifestyle has worked out for me, but I’m working more hours now than I ever did before. I don’t mind it all.

    Those early dreams of “set it and forget it” are mammoth myths. This is a business that takes lots and lots of hours. I actually enjoying teaching tennis now more than ever before.

    BTW, one of my kids is attending Ft. Lewis College, and you’re right Jeff, DRO is just about as good as it gets. The Internet lifestyle does allow me to visit her almost as often as I want.

    You’re a lucky man to be living there…


  26. I bought into the lavish lifestyle of the internet marketer myself and fond out it is not true. Most of the products sold online seem to push that idea that if people buy their product that the customer will live the ‘Life of Riley’ and like you mentioned Jeff sit on he beach and work their online business for an hour or 2 a day and get wealthy! I’ve been working on my online biz for 2 years and have yet to even work on the beach. it takes long hours at first and you do wear many hats because you have to do it all to save money!
    It is a shame that these ‘gurus’ use this tactic to sell their product and trick people into buying a product for $37 thinking this product will solve everything and make them rich.

  27. Jeff, thanks for a great post. I made my first millions in network marketing. And I am working hard to create my next millions in internet marketing (I’m your best PLF3 2011 student… just watch:). One of the things I detest about network marketing (mlm) and internet marketing is the smoke and mirrors and BS stories. I enjoy the mlm lifestyle of multiple six figure passive income (I’m retired from the business now). A lot of my colleagues think I’m nuts for retiring, but Im like, “Hey whats the point of building a business if you can do a little R&R.” Any way, I’m rambling. Just wanted to say thanks. Loving PLF3 by the way. CSH

  28. John Gallagher


    “And most of them haven’t gotten enough sun in a long time.”

    -That’s because some of us live near Seattle.

  29. Thanks Jeff! I agree, email first and last thing in the day is not the lifestyle for me … but I find myself living it again and again. I really appreciate your article here about creating a lifestyle.

    Sure hope you can free up some room for me in your Product Launch group! I’m on the waiting list.

  30. Of course, part of the issue is what you define “work” as. Some people might consider sking and mountain biking in one day as work 🙂

    Putting time and effort into activities that are meaningful and make a difference in people’s lives may be challenging and difficult but isn’t work in any unpleasant sense.

    Jeff, I like your emphasis on the importance of actively designing your overall lifestyle. At different times one area or another may require more attention that risks hurting your ovrall balance. An classic example that you’re well familiar with is raising children. Young ones require (and deserve) lots of time and attention, but kids’ parents still need time for their relationship as well as themselves. Deciding what’s important to you in the first place helps you recognize when you might be getting out of balance.

    WS – good luck with the photo class. sounds like a great idea.

  31. Great advice Jeff,
    Everything in life is a choice! Monetizing on our choices are also a choice which I believe requires commitment and consistency with a good business plan in place. I live in the place of my dreams and still have goals to enrich my surroundings. Never stop dreaming or having goals to work towards, but do appreciate your accomplishments as you make them.

  32. I agree as well. I am one that is still in the ‘design’ stages of my ideal lifestyle and am still searching for the right IM business to get me there. I’ll be staying tuned here for more of your stuff. Thanks Jeff.


  33. It comes down to ones wealth psychology I think, especially once you start having some success. It’s so easy to succomb to the addiction of the work. Thanks Jeff, you’re a role model and great reminder of how it should work!

    Peter Cutforth

  34. I agree with you Jeff, and thanks for the post, I also chose where I live in sunny Tenerife in the Canary Islands, and the best day I had here was when I drove up to Mount Tiede to see the snow, it was-05 degrees and I could see the temperature going up the mountain. Comming down again I watched the guage steedily rise up to +28 degrees and this is in the winter.

  35. Still working on my website but the ability to work from here while doing a major remodel of my 120+ yr old house will make it all worthwhile — Haven’t made a penny yet but working on it — What you said about the Internet Lifestyle is the first real blog / etc. that states what is to be expected as most of the BS you see is just someone selling old regurgitated stuff as the latest system — Very nice to have a “guru” that tells it like it is.

  36. I am relatively new to starting an on-line business. I have been learning everything on my own without having to purchase many products because everything I subscribe too says that the “instant riches” and “internet lifestyle”of the guru’s is a myth and many scams out there. So I have been cautiously plugging away for about 6 months now and quite proud of the progress I have made considering I knew nothing about any of this 6 short months ago. The few people I am learning from I have total confidence in and trust completely! I realize that everything in life requires hard work to achieve your goals and I would much rather do this all day than be a slave and trade time for money working for someone else. I only hope my efforts start to pay off soon and I make something on-line. Every sales letter I read says it is virtually impossible and takes years….unless you buy there software. I am addicted to my computer now and like you said I wake up checking my emails and go to bed checking them….I’m loving what I’m doing and learning and hope it turns into a lucrative career for me.

  37. I spent a winter in Lake Tahoe. You can ski in the morning then water ski in the afternoon.

    Water is COLD- but it’s awesome!!!!


  38. Jeff,

    I agree, way too much time spent online and managing clients. I am glad to live in my paradise, Southern California, and to do the work that I love. I am planning on setting up an e-commerce site very soon, another business to manage, but being my own boss is so much better than working for any one else. I love my lifestyle and when I am offline…I am offline.

    Thanks for all the tips!

    Best regards,

    Robert Bourassa

  39. I 100% agree. That’s always been my focus from day 1 is to have time for my family first and business second. We all just caught up with paying the bills, until we reach the point you have. 🙂

  40. Thanks for the great post Jeff, I think outsourcers when used correctly can go along way to helping generate the real internet lifestyle too!

  41. Great post Jeff and so true… I work a lot harder now on my own business than i have for anybody else but the rewards, pay and holidays are larger and longer 🙂 Loving PLF3 too.

  42. I hear you bro but, even though I completely agree so far as my purpose of seeking the internet lifestyle is to have the quality time with my family and live where and how I want.

    Right now I need to work 24/7 on my business just so I can get it to the point where it reaches critical mass and I can justify taking time away from it to pursue the zen balance of life and pc together.

    Thing is, it’s not got to the point yet where I can comfortably take time out from Mr. PC. It’s getting there step by (baby) step and I’m happy where I am and where it’s going but, It takes a long time to get anywhere with baby steps and small shoes 😛

  43. Hi Jeff,

    I am a PLF newbie and working hard towards doing future launches, in addition to trying to include any other information that sounds important via the net. Things can get really distracting, though, and sometimes you just don’t know which way to turn. Most of us don’t have Virtual Assistants or anyone to help with the technical stuff that is vital to a thriving Internet business.

    I teach people how to de-stress and get their bodies and minds to the optimum level. I’m just hoping that by following your course I will have more clarity so that things can eventually ease up a bit and I can enjoy some of my life before I get too old!

  44. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for a great and much needed post. I recently started your PLF3. I had to travel to Shanghai, China for 8 days and with the blocks on many online activities (including the PLF3 website, and any blog that has the word “blog” in the address, etc.), it’s been a week of frustration. Sounds like my goals are a lot like yours. This post gave me a needed boost and reminded me of why I want to make this internet lifestyle work for me and my family.

    I head home today. Anxious to see what’s new at PLF3, as well as get on with my program. Thanks for the boost in morale!

    FYI, I was the lead on launching the mountain bike apparel division for Fox Racing about 15 years ago and was super involved in the world of mountain bikes. Great sport. Enjoy the ride.

    All the best,
    Phil Ammendolia

  45. Jeff, my sentiments exactly. It’s not the million bucks – it’s what you do with your time and your life. And the worst myth is thinking that when you get a million you’ll be able to live the life you always dreamed of. Start living it now – b/c a million dollars won’t buy it either if you can’t start building it now.

    I’ve put a lot of these strategies for living the good life now – wherever your business is in my ebook, The Healthy Home Business Guide.

  46. Jeff, well I must be a true internet marketer… spending all my time online and checking emails, doing courses, building websites, doing seo, projects upon projects, courses upon courses… yeah great lifestyle! It’s actually addicting, and yeah, hard to put it down and enjoy the outdoors. I’m having some successes, and getting things into rinse-repeat mode, and outsourcing a lot. Just lots of hard work now. But I can’t put it down, I’m too into it. I like how you have achieved the balance. Inspiring.

  47. Well, reading this blog post is actually the last thing I have just done before going to bed, after listening to the PLF live call and checking my e-mail where I have found notification about it. What a hit of the nail head! Thanks!

  48. Nice post…and one that should really hit home with many of those out there in business or thinking about starting an online business. Life Balance is really the key to longevity in both life AND business. Thanks, Jeff!

  49. Ever since I escaped the corporate rat race and started doing my own thing on the Internet – I could never go back. It hasn’t always been easy. And the money “trickled” in at first. (not knowing where the next check would come from) But hitting goals and achieving income levels gradually has been the best experience I could have ever hoped for. I write my own destiny and create my own lifestyle now. Can’t do that with one of those J.O.B.’s. (Which stands for Just Over Broke.)

    Good article Jeff – Warmest Regards…

  50. Great to read your uplifting article, Jeff!
    This is the life I also enjoy in Colorado–I’m in Denver.
    The outdoor sports are spectacular in CO.
    However, in my current ‘off time’ I am dancing Argentine Tango!!
    Thanks for the smiles…


  51. Your post got me laughing out loud.

    For 20 years I have managed my business without answering the phone (and my clients are the largest companies in Canada and I educated them that I spent my time working not answering a call without a prior appointment). But you make me realize, I have been hooked on checking my email.

    Thanks for enabling me to take out my blinders, have a good laugh at myself and turn off my email.

    Real enjoying PFL3 – thanks.

    Tom Stoyan
    Canada’s Sales Coach

  52. Jeff,

    It’s refreshing to see a REAL internet success story telling it like it is!! I live in Castle Rock, CO and the ‘Durango Double’ sounds like a blast!!!


  53. Nicely said Jeff. Creating a lifestyle requires hard work – and if you’re following your passion and doing what you love, the hard work is also enjoyable work.

  54. Great post, thanks. Its really inspiring to see what it’s like on the other side, from someone who has ‘made it’.

  55. We park our cars in the same garage my friend. I also live in Colorado by choice the hard work I do on the internet is integrated into my lifestyle. Though here in Ft Collins it would be tough to ski and bike it one day we have our own version of the Durango Double that involves biking to multiple breweries. 🙂

  56. Thanks, Jeff.

    “So what the Internet Lifestyle usually ends up meaning is that the last thing you do before bed is check your email… and the first thing you do when you wake up is check your email. Not good.”

    LOL. I resemble that remark too often. Today, for instance! Thanks for the encouragement to do a bit more of my own Creative Life Design. :^)

  57. Jeff, I know the Internet Lifestyle works so well for you because you have made a conscious effort to put the important things in your life first. Too many entrepreneurs start their businesses with good intentions only to find they organically grow and overtake everything else. A big part of of why this happens is because the real priorities in life haven’t been designed in from the beginning.

  58. It’s funny you should write about “Lifestyle” because I was having a get together a few weeks back and our presentation was set to start at 4pm, however, several of our guests were delayed and the My friiend’s husband said just start now and do another presentation in a little bit for those who were running a little late. Mmmmm I thought to myself, he is right, we live a certain “Lifestyle” and it allows for flexibility and freedom. We work very hard but being able to help others and schedule our time doing what we want to do is awesome. Thank you for the post,

  59. Hi Jeff…Thanks for sharing. Colorado is a cool place to live; I enjoyed hiking in the mountains. I’m with you Jeff, when I vacation, I like doing just that; no computers.

  60. Live in the NOW, that’s the answer Jeff. the Universe takes care of the rest so long as we are prepared to put in the effort and work smarter and perhaps a bit different to the masses. Thanks for the reminder, how easy it is to slip into the old ways…..
    Peter in perth

  61. You know Jeff, the best thing about you is that you truly are AUTHENTIC and that is exactly what “the masses” are looking for today…THE REAL THING. The Internet Marketer standing in the driveway in front of his mansion with his Bentley is not exactly my idea of “success”. Most people today do want a lifestyle that is spelled “SIMPLE” and “FREEDOM.” Find what works for you and create your lifestyle. You obviously are living life and enjoying sharing your gifts and talents with others. Thanks Jeff. (I visited Durango a year ago and thought it was one of the best held secret in the U.S.)

  62. Great advice Jeff. I love the flexibilty my “internet” lifestyle gives me. I can be at home to supervise my daughter doing distance education/homeschooling so she can persue her sporting dreams and I can afford both the time and money to travel with her when she goes to competitions.
    Has it been easy? No.
    Do I work hard? Yes
    Is it get rich quick? Not in money terms, but rich in life terms!
    Totally worth it, work hard, plan well and play hard – what else could give me that? Thanks for writing about this today – made me smile. Hope you get to enjoy your Durango Double again next year!

  63. Hey Jeff, how’s it going… sounds like your living it. I started about a yr ago and been swindled and realized that the internet lifestyle is more than that and so I have started to focus more one area and quite buying junk that doesn’t work. I appreciate your post and didn’t know you live in Dgo., I lived there in 96 – 04. I now reside an hr from Dgo in Frmtn now. Have a Dgo Joe for me sometime… mosiac!

  64. Jeff,

    The lifestyle that online marketing gives you truly is great, but don’t let me catch you sitting on the beach drinking Corona’s with a laptop!


  65. One of the benefits of the Internet Lifestyle that I also enjoy is having the flexibility to take off at a moments notice. If I get a phone call in the middle of the day that the bass are biting, I can literally jump up, grab the fishing pole and hit the lake.

    Sure, internet marketers work hard and long, but just being able to work hard and long in a flexible manner is huge!

  66. Hi Jeff,
    I recall at one National Speakers meeting here in Brisbane the question was asked about success and lifestyle. To my surprise only 5 out of about 80 put their hands up as having a great lifestyle. The reality is – it’s not about success (per se) – it’s all about satisfaction and the choices one makes to manifest it. The “successes” we most want in life have little to do with material things and more to do with the people and experiences that support our human impulses to love and evolve. And when we make right choices, we find ourselves in that place of “being” as it appears you have manifested for yourself. Congratulations.

  67. Great post here Jeff!

    Since I was introduced to you during your recent PLF launch I’ve been inspired by your content. I hope to be one of the thousands who buy your product this year! Thanks for your encouragment!

  68. Jeff, like you I am working in a comfortable setting, my home. Looking forward to more of your great training. Much love.

  69. Jeff,

    Next year, are you throwing the kayak on your mountain bike for the Durango triple?

    PS. Durango truly is a beautiful place, my wife is from there. Love the million-dollar highway in the fall…

    • @Jess: Right on! Believe me the Durango Triple is definitely on my mind… and when I was driving back through town I was looking at the river… there was almost enough water to tempt me to get my boat wet. 🙂

      I actually did play my first tennis of the year the day before (on Saturday)… so it was a weekend triple. 🙂

  70. “Another big benefit of the Internet lifestyle is being able to pick who you want to work with and who you’re not willing to work with.” – This is my favorite part.

  71. Love your attitude and sense of priorities. A friend of mine has a saying that goes along with what you’ve written. She says, ” If you are willing to do for one year what others won’t, you’ll be able to live the rest of your life like others can’t.” She always puts her family first, yet still has a big income.

  72. Hey Jeff, totally agree with EVERYTHING in this post. Here’s a tip:
    Each morning wake up and say to yourself, today I’m going to have fun and on Friday I’m not even going to open my computer…. it’s my day, not Fri day!

    Just don’t end up doing the ironing and housework!!!

  73. Yes, absolutely!
    Working on it. And, since Internet lifestyle is a process one should start sooner than later.

    Thanks for the inspiration Jeff!


  74. I guess a lot of people forget that you need to put in hard work in all your endeavors – and that includes the online business. But the reward of having that flexibility in lifestyle will be more than worth it.

  75. Hey Jeff – great post! Couldn’t agree more, and thankfully I’m doing a pretty good job of exactly that! I’m in Asia for 3 months with my family – 2 months teaching as a Visiting Prof. at INSEAD business school here, and 1 month of time to enjoy the area. Plus, we’re making lots of time for fun DURING my teaching time. Work hard in spurts, then take breaks. After all, who among us will lay on our death bed and wish we spent more time working!

  76. Great post Jeff! Nice to hear the reality – and a good reality at that! I don’t think people really mind the hard work as long as it’s in something they are interested in, and they are doing it for themselves. The flexibility of working in an internet based business makes it all the more enjoyable in that it allows you to pursue all your interests, and fit what you want into your life!
    You are continually inspiring! Keep the posts and emails coming! I’m loving them!

  77. I’m from Australia and have spent some quality time in America. Durango has never left me. I was visiting for such a short time, but felt I could live there. Thanks for the honesty about the work required to run an online business. I get stopped a lot with overwhelm and like so many I am a procrastinator. What is that with we humans? But I know when I’ve put the work in it has been very rewarding. I just need to get over myself!


  78. I think it helped me to read this… if not for a little bit of motivation. I’ve been in the military for 14 years, and hated most every minute of it. (but they pay the bills)

    The lifestyles of the “internet entrepreneur” and the “military” are completely 180 degrees opposite of each other, and I’ve tried SO hard to make the switch from Army to Internet in the last 3 years of my life.

    Recently, (last couple months), I’ve begun a subtle retreat back to the Army lifestyle feeling it just isn’t possible, but now, being back to work full time in the regular “workforce”, I once again, hate IT, and the life that I’ve created.

    This certainly isn’t what I call “Freedom”. I work in a beautiful building with a beautiful view staring at a computer most days, but I can’t help but look out the window and feel like I’m in prison. I watch tourists all day long with their cameras. Taking the same pathway to work on a 45 minute commute, getting stuck in traffic, getting out of bed at 0530 every morning (and dreading every minute of it) just isn’t what I signed on for.

    Your words help, Jeff, but I know this isn’t the life for me… My wife and I need those vacations, those adventures, the cruises, the multi-cultural experiences, etc,…

    I’ll use this blog post as a new type of motivation to get out there and make it happen…

    Thank you.

  79. The tensions you speak to in your blog is so real! Not just in the internet lifestyle, but in life in general. It’s my experience that most people don’t know themselves well enough to choose what they would really want if they did know themselves – thus they default to a “head-down-plow-through” mode at all stages of endeavor. Even though I coach clients on this stuff, I’ve found myself in the life-work balance battle as I’m gearing up to launch our BoldMoves lifestyle education system via internet marketing. I’ve learned so much from you, Jeff, to help. Thanks so much for being the leader/teacher that you are.

  80. The tension you speak to in your blog is so real! Not just in the internet lifestyle, but in life in general. It’s my experience that most people don’t know themselves well enough to choose what they would really want if they did know themselves – thus they default to a “head-down-plow-through” mode at all stages of endeavor. Even though I coach clients on this stuff, I’ve found myself in the life-work balance battle as I’m gearing up to launch our BoldMoves lifestyle education system via internet marketing. I’ve learned so much from you, Jeff, to help. Thanks so much for being the leader/teacher that you are.

  81. “beaches and computers are a bad combination” … I agree for the fact that it’s impossible for me to open the laptop in between my siestas, cervezas, and fresh coconut water under the cabana…

    Nice post, JW 😉

  82. Hi Jeff

    Nice post again, thanks.

    There is a common theme though with you guys that have made it. Once you have the money, everything else becomes important. For us who are still aspiring to great things, money tends to be the greatest motivator of all, after family.

    However, its nice to be reminded, particularly on a superb spring day in Wales (where we also have world class mountain biking and scenery to die for), that life is what we make of it..

    Thanks again for the grounding Jeff. Good luck with the Double!



    • @Wayne: you’re absolutely right… it’s a lot easier to focus on lifestyle once you’ve “made it”… and when you’re starting out you’re just trying to support your family. This is a bigger topic, and it’s one I’m considering creating an entire report about.

  83. Hi Jeff:

    GRQ *is* BS!!

    I love that I’m moving my business online. And I am SO grateful for PLF!!


  84. Awesome post Jeff. I’m jealous. I did many a Durango Double when I lived there from 1992-1996. Nothing better than making turns at Purgatory in the morning and cranking up the Colorado Trail to Gudy’s Rest in the afternoon. I miss that place!

    Sincerely – Bill (now in Denver)

    • @Bill: I love that climb up to Gudy’s, and I love the view even more… but it’s still a bit muddy right now. I rode over in Horse Gulch… I did Staceys and Raiders Ridge… and I felt surprisingly strong for my first day out on the bike. Fun day!

  85. Right on Jeff! After 24 years on a professional treadmill I’m reinventing myself. Every day now includes some of my favorite things: time with my daughter, meditation, QiGong, walks on the beach. The Internet Lifestyle brings me the freedom to have all of this and help others along the way.

  86. Jeff,
    What a refreshing post! Integrity, you either have it or you don’t. You have it by being honest about your lifestyle and what drives you. We better hope the value of WORK is never replaced. Whether it be with our mind or our hands, that’s what keeps a computer from replacing us.

    We had a wonderful Christmas with no “if onlys” or “what ifs”. I can’t count the times my daughters, wife or grandsons said “Remember when we went _________________?” or “Remember when we did______________?” Not one time did I hear “Remember when we bought _____________?” When I created “My Life Appraisal” and “My Hankering Hundred”, experiences were what I focused on. The newest EscaNaviNaliBurbonBeemerBenz just doesn’t strike real emotion in my heart. Again, thank you for this post. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. The teacher was your blog. gg

  87. Great Post Jeff!

    People keep dreaming about an internet lifestyle where there is almost no work involved. What they really want is to win the lottery! There is always substantial work involved if their is substantial gain involved…

    Thanks for sharing.


  88. I couldn’t agree more — like you, my big goals are personal — where I travel, how much time I take with my family, and goals for health & fun. There’s a money number in there too, but it all has to be in the right place, IMO.

    You’re my role model for taking more time off, just so you know. 🙂

  89. I relish the idea of taking even an entire weekend off and not checking my email — not even on my smart phone… but for now, it’s like a lovely daydream. I love working with my clients and helping them get press coverage, but it’s an always-on lifestyle, and I haven’t gotten to the place with my company yet where I have people I can delegate to. I’m taking your blog entry in, and can’t wait to read more like it.

  90. First off, I love Durango skiing. it’s my favorite.
    I just started working on “THE INTERNET LIFESTYLE” It happened by accident.
    A little back story. An extended layoff forced my family and I to pursue our own living. No one was giving us jobs so now we have to make a job. Now in bootstrapping mode, we live a semi nomadic life.. a few months ago, I turned a hobby craft business into my main income (internet based). And 2 weeks ago, i started a second business which will be an information product for busy families and parents
    We havn’t hit it rich but .but we’re getting little wins here and there..As a result, we’ve designed a life that ultimately has made us hands over feet and cartwheels happier than when i was making a six figure income in silicon valley as a web and database marketing analyst. I still work really hard. And i make way way way less money. But I make my own schedule. we travel when and where we want (budget travel). I am actually raising my own kids. not some day care. no long hour commutes every morning. I’m writing this in my pj’s right now. coffee shop is my kitchen.
    The down side is the un surity of it all. especially with kids. You have to really really believe in something to risk a full time income with insurance benefits.

    So thank you for not being slimy. There’s a lot of people out there talking up the hype of the internet lifestyle and leaving out the hard work part. For the average person out there just starting out, i think it’s hard to sift through all the B.S. to figure out what is the hype and what is real. Anyways, thanks for the motivational article and dispelling the pervasive image of the “internet marketing lifestyle” which exists but most people leave out the boot strapping work part.

  91. Living where you want and choosing your lifestyle is what the internet business world can provide, but oh so true Jeff—it takes plenty of work. The fun thing is that the work is creative and therefore satisfying and very personal. Thanks for a great post.

  92. Gail Davidson


    Timely post. I’m on a 4 day weekend with family and grand baby. At dinner last night we talked about how important it is to have a balance with play and work and how we, as internet business owners, tend to do that 24/7/365 thing. My life juice jar is filled when I balance with play and come back to the desk raring to go. I have to constantly remember why I’m doing this business thing at all – to love, to play – and not wait till my “ship comes in” but to do some of the playing right now!

  93. i agree 100% – i help clients design their life, starting with their personal energy first. then you go see how you want your business to make an impact on your client’s lives and businesses. but you have to tend to your own personal creation first. if you jump in to do all the things the ‘experts’ tell you to do, you’ll discover you don’t have the passion for it, nor the staying power. you need to start with yourself, and what you desire, and then your creations and your businesses will reflect, amplify and attract that.
    great blog! thanks, kevin

  94. Your post was so into my bloggin life! I am in the check email stage right now but I have a goal journal and intend to keep on workiing towards it. Thanks Jeff I can relate.

  95. Hi Jeff,
    I love those lifestyle shots of the guy on the beach with his laptop and a cocktail! Ever tried to read anything on a laptop screen in the sun? Ha ha ha!
    Yep it takes hard work and persistence to get results.
    But it sure is worth it!
    Time to go for a run now…
    All the best
    Mike Morgan

  96. I agree fully. My personal experience is that it can be quite challenging to stop working and enjoy what you achieved because there always seem to be so much more to do…and there are so many ideas that want to be realized fast.

  97. Nice reminder to make our personal goals a part of our everyday life…

  98. Hey Jeff,

    Appreciate your insight and honesty. Durango is a few hours from me and a beautiful place to be. We travel there several times a year. Really enjoy it. Anyway thanks again.


  99. This is just what I needed to hear Jeff. Cause you know what? I was actually sucked in by all that (how you say) BS. And I really believed this burning the candles at both ends is soon going to be over. No? Well perhaps not. Unless like you, I make a group 1 decision eh? Stay real. Hi5! 😉

  100. Well done Jeff!.

    A Truthfful representation of the facts- that indeed while there may be .00001 percent of internet marketers who may have the ‘internet-lifestyle’ which many people have come to believe marks the successful epreneur, most others do not.

    The idea of the often touted ‘internet-lifstyle’ is founded on a dying paradigm. This has been a paradigm of excess, imbalance, greed, ego, enslavement of the senses. But all is not lost. I honestly believe that for those who have the audacity to desire to ‘own’ their lives, the internet-based business, is a key factor towards the freedom that you describe.

    10/10 A+

  101. Thanks Jeff!
    Being successful comes down to one word and whether we act on it…choice.
    We all own our power of choice and only we can determine what we do with it.
    I know the lifestyle I want and where it is found. It’s not in ‘corporate america’ or a brick-n-mortar business.
    My lifestyle comes from passionately serving/helping others via an internet-based business…and I’m humbled and grateful for the opportunity.
    My ‘daily double’ is playing golf and then night skiing. Might have to go to the Keystone area.
    Thanks again for the inspiration!

  102. Hi Jeff
    Great stuff,
    What will be most satisfying feelings for you would be, I am sure, to make a person/s achieving all that you have achieved and becoming as successful as you are. The number of such persons keep increasing and adding to your scale of success and satisfaction . you are spreading knowledge and your wisdom.

    In your List of :” Things to do:” there must be one item to find and know who is on your given track and where is he heading

    I enjoy and get inspire .

  103. Hey Jeff,

    I’m a good friend of John Gallagher’s. I’ve been following you for a while, but John really turned me on to your stuff. I have been working on a product that I hope can help many people solve this problem. Are you interested in being involved?

    I also sent an email.

    Happy trails 😉

    Nathan Meffert

  104. Tell the truth and tell it ever….. Outstanding post, Jeff. Thanks for the spotlight on reality. Working online, I only get into the realm of balance in life, when I purposefully move in that direction. As you said, creating goals for and scheduling the time with family, friends and meaningful events and activities is the only way to ensure that they happen.

    Posts like this help to break the myth and provide encouragement here in the Internet Trenches.

    Keep up the great work.

  105. Kirsten Moynihan


    Couldn’t agree more Jeff and I do like the part about choosing who you want to work with and who you don’t. This is a great benefit and critical too. I look forward to that post.

  106. Hi Jeff, I’d like to thank you for your honesty on this topic, i had been trying to do the 2hrs a day thing for a couple of years and didn’t have half as much success as I hoped. Every time I tried to sit down for 2 hours id have to spend 15 mins thinking about what I was doing last time, then get halfway through something and run out of time amongst other things I was doing. I think that far too many people quit far too early because 1. They don’t actually enjoy online marketing or business in general, it’s too uncertain. And 2. They try and do everything themselves without wanting to risk any $$ in my humble opinion, what’s worked for me in everything I’ve been successful in is love what I do and throw myself into it, putting whatever I can on the line that’s worth it. Then balance my life around that too of course. If you’ve failed 300 times and you’re not a successful Internet marketer yet, GREAT, you now know 300 ways that’s dont work, keep persisting, modeling and changing your approach and you’ll eventually get there. 🙂 best of luck to all.

  107. Hi, Jeff
    it is inspiring to read your blogs. Hubby and I have just started with Internet Marketing. We work our butt off but at the moment nothing happens really. Everything needs its time and we won’t give up. I am looking forward to new blogs

  108. What’s up Jeff? Awesome post, love the fact that your goals are geared more towards life and family than just money and possessions. Thanks for the extra motivation and direction with that. How’s the guitar playing? I’ve been playing guitar for almost 10 years now and that’s my real passion. Would love to jam sometime if you are ever in CA haha.

    Take care man


  109. Man..Jeff, you just blew my high.:) Just kidding, great post! I’ve just started this Journey and I understand there will be up & downs, plus a lot of scammers/predators along the way. It reminds me of Dorothy and Toto’s trip to OZ. Great site and posts. Enjoy another
    Double Durango when you get the chance. Thanks, Paul

  110. Hey Jeff,

    Just a quick second to thank you. I’m in the middle of this latest class on the Product Launch Formula, and have learned so much already. In fact, I’m launching my first product in June and expect it to be hugely successful, as the product is well-timed and well-conceived. The feedback we’ve gotten is amazing. I just wanted to thank you publicly.

    Greg Mote

  111. Jeff,

    Thanks for your wisdom expressed in a gentle, honest, wake-up way.

    This reminds me of a favorite saying I have hanging on my wall:
    Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t … so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.

    Here’s to balance in Life,

  112. Hey Jeff,

    I’m a new fan and please forgive me if I ask any questions that you may have already answered.

    First of all I really like your stuff and I like the fact you are a down to earth genuine guy trying to provide value to people rather than just trying to sell whatever BS product you have like a lot of internet marketers out there. Really interested to see what kind of stuff you come up with in the near future.

    Also couple of things I would like to ask.

    First, is it possible for you to reveal on average how many hours would you spend a week on your work (when you’re active and not on holidays etc..)

    Secondly, I remember in the Money Masters video, you talked about if you have something you were passionate about go start a blog or make a youtube video and offer free information until you can build a list. I was wondering whether you are able to do this without any SEO or link dumping because if your blog isn’t SEO’ed how would people be receiving your free info?

    Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts.


  113. May 18, 2011, 1:00PM PDT . . .

    I just got off the most amazing tele-seminar with you, Brendon Burchard and Andy Jenkins. I am positively BUZZING! The information AND perspective you gentlemen shared was nothing short of incredible.

    Thank-you for your time and for sharing your insights.


  114. Certainly glad I found your blog Jeff
    Fantastic insight.
    I hope one day the great lifestyle will become a reality for me too.
    All the best

  115. PLF live was rockin this many cool people did not want to go home. You mentioned the Durango Double… skiing then mountain bike…. and I thought how cool…. my buddies and I have done something similar….waaaaay back when we were old enough to drive… snow ski in the morning and surf in the evening. So I suppose a SoCal Double.

    However I submit a challenge to you… lay down the gauntlet as it were …. as soon as we get local snow…. I propose the SoCal XXX Snowboard, Mountain bike and Surf all in the same day….oh yeeeaaaaaah. I think you should think about coming down to San Diego and MAKE history with us….


  116. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for a great and much needed post. I recently started your PLF3. I had to travel to Shanghai, China for 8 days and with the blocks on many online activities (including the PLF3 website, and any blog that has the word “blog” in the address, etc.), it’s been a week of frustration. Sounds like my goals are a lot like yours. This post gave me a needed boost and reminded me of why I want to make this internet lifestyle work for me and my family.
    I head home today. Anxious to see what’s new at PLF3, as well as get on with my program. Thanks for the boost in morale!
    FYI, I was the lead on launching the mountain bike apparel division for Fox Racing about 15 years ago and was super involved in the world of mountain bikes. Great sport. Enjoy the ride.
    All the best,

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