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After nearly 20 years of online business, I'm officially declaring that these are the glory days of online marketing… here's why:

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27 Replies to “Why These Are The Glory Days Of Online Marketing”

  1. Thanks so much Jeff. I have discovered you through Chalene on Periscope. You have incredibly valuable content.

  2. Thanks for the great content Jeff! I am reading your book and it’s amazing! 🙂

  3. Love it, thanks Jeff. I was at PLF Live in Phoenix last October and just did my first seed launch – close cart is tomorrow. I’ve since bought Eben’s Digital Product Blueprint so it’s funny that you mention him this week! Attending PLF literally changed my life. I left my ‘work for hourly rates’ day job, I’m freelancing and I’m building my first ecourse on something I’m 100% passionate about. I’ve gained 10k followers on FB in just a few months and my email list is growing rapidly every day. Thank you for your passion – it has kept me going through all the late nights of my first launch! Cheers, Christine, Queensland, Australia

    • Great, I have just finished reading Jeff’s book, looking for my first launch

      Sydney Australia

    • @Valerie: that’s awesome that you’re coming to “PLF Live”! I think you’ll find that we’ve grown up quite a bit over the years… 🙂

  4. Good stuff Jeff. I am prep’ing an ad launch on Facebook that is an affiliate / lead generator. For everyone who clicks my ad I get the email lead and potentially an affiliate commission. The best part is I don’t have to have a product to sell. I hope that helps some of your followers.

    Love your work. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Good Morning Jeff. Thank you for that helpful video. I am looking forward to more content about Facebook Ads and how they work. I heard Mike Dillard discuss his mega list and highly profitable business on a podcast the other day. He says that the only thing he does in social media is to buy ads for his right fit client to build his list and sell his product. His product is an evergreen. webinar based course.. Talk about a great business model! He agrees with you that learning copywriting is the most important upfront skill any of us can have. It’s really great to be in your tribe. You feed me what I need. Have a great day!

  6. l am convinced that Jeff is already fulfilling an incredible mandate that is capable of positively influencing generations yet unborn not just for the moment only! l am poised to utilize his innovations to better my network efforts by all means.
    Thank you Jeff.

  7. Thumbs up, Jeff, again (and again) – you never fail to make my day. Why? Because you keep it simple! Today your email content was so short sweet and WYSIWYG at the ‘click here’; and I was fascinated to hear you mention Rolfing, because now at age 85 I am enjoying ‘health, sex and longevity’ apparently as a result of developing, some 40 years ago, a simple self-health solution for my own chronic, so-called incurable, low back pain. So dear Jeff, I guess there must be parallels between Rolfing and my system, and I need to learn more – can you recommend me to an online Rolfing site? Thanks, Tom Lucas

  8. Anthony Fernandes


    I am in the ethical makteting business. I do know that there is a greater market on the net, I am waiting for a mentor to guide.

  9. Jeff you always have valuable info to share and this post is no different. Thank you.

    I’m gearing up for my first product launch online and I think it’s going to be awesome! Reading your book changed the way I see online marketing and totally transformed my thought process of how I can share my gift with s much bigger audience when I want as many times as I want and as long as I want.

    Thank you much.

  10. So excited about exploring the options on FB. That’s my next goal; build a seed launch with a brand new list cultivated from FB. Thanks for confirming that this is the right time for this JW. Love that they can narrow the demographics so precisely!

  11. Hi Jeff,
    I was listening to your video about objections people have to your offer. You mentioned it can be used in any market. You are right that if someone has just one or 2 products they can use product launch formula. But I have a different issue. I launched a website selling hundreds of different products and I want people to come to my site and buy from my site. I want my site to be popular and people should come shop when they need these things. Now , I can do the plf on one specific product but how is that going to make my website successful? I would love it if you would do a future video on that.

  12. Haha I love it! I’m a rolfer in kauai and have been practicing for 11 years. Last year I moved into the online market and haven’t looked back… I’m working on a new offering, an online retreat for mothers, and have been incorporating some of your wisdom into my launch plan. Mahalo!

  13. Knowledge is like food. Some like it fast, while others enjoy growing and reaping it seasonally. Thinking in the long-term is a farming ethic. Keep cultivating change!

  14. I always get something out of the things you share. Thanks.

    I find great encouragement and look forward to hearing, “So, let’s go get ’em this week!”

    A simple statement with a huge impact. So, thanks for that too.

  15. Hi Jeff,

    Many thanks for these beautiful and insightful videos. The first one seems to be a bit unplanned, unstructured, nervous – however this is actually what I love about your videos – it’s just like a friend talking to a friend, sharing his truth and authentic opinion. So much appreciation.

    And thanks for “DJ DJ” Dean – I guess he is right, and I now learned to treasure the leads for a long term nurture approach. Same is true for me – I know we will sign up for your program as well as some of your referrals ( e.g. Jeff Johnson, Ray Edwards, and especially John Reese.); we are just not the right time for these steps.

    So thank you for all the great info – I treasure them, so I treasure and appreciate you.


  16. Thanks Jeff, I’m always looking forward to the weekly insight and motivation. You’ve always made it very clear that your list (when taken care of) is your license to print money. It’s a great reminder to everyone that FB and social media are definitely great tools to get you where you need to be. The best product or service goes nowhere without an audience. Thanks for the tips on getting those lists built.

  17. Hey Jeff, Email lists are definitely a core part of online business, can you refer us to some good information on how to build an email list, which content to release etc?

    On the topic of PPC as per your YouTube video, I find advertising promotions and giveaways via Facebook to build my email lists.
    How are you targeting business owners?

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