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Some people (and by some people I mean “me”) can start to feel a bit weird or even guilty when they start to make a lot of money. Then a friend shared one single sentence with me, and it permanently changed my entire mindset around money…

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45 Replies to “The More You Make…”

  1. Hi Jeff,
    thank you so much for everything and congratulation for the great things you are doing.

    At this moment I am preparing my first lauch and I am looking forward to seeing the result.

    Best regards from Luxembourg


  2. Hi Jeff, I’ve been working for 25 years in education in Hungary, mostly in charity organizations. I experienced that without money you can make a very limited impact.
    Thus I am very aware of your message. Your human behavior motivated me to join PLF (and PLF Live). And this is the main reason why we are going to launch our new sorftware product (Snap Launch).

  3. Thank you Jeff

    I struggle with making it across the finish line to launch. Your vision and optimism are fabulous.
    I will keep the faith that I too can make a difference like you are.
    New York, NY

  4. Glenn Akins


    Great stuff! Love to hear this message… No reason to feel guilty!

  5. Nicole Jackson


    Morning. Congratulations and awesome. That is wonderful. Thank you for the ideas and tips you have given. I will fired my boss in 12 days.

  6. Hi Jeff,

    I’ve been following you and your blog for around a year now. I also bought your book, Launch on Amazon and it was really an eye-opener. This video really inspires me a lot 🙂 I just want to say thank you for being such an inspiration and keep up the awesome work!

  7. Jeff: Fantastic achievement building the school in Kenya.
    I think that things have changed. Since I first discovered you, not too long ago, the market looks like it has become saturated with hundreds of solutions and suppliers that have PLR’s and run affiliate programs – all claiming that they make six figure and seven figure incomes.
    I get offers of products from all over the world to the point that when someone comes up with a new product, I get six and sometimes as many as ten more offers for the same product within a day or two.
    The standard language is that they all make six and seven figures income.
    I rarely add my name to any list and spend time cleaning up my emails by unsubscribing but as a result of the affiliate formula there is this “free for all” which makes me think that the market is saturated.
    Hope you continue building schools in developping countries.

  8. Money is not the root of evil,not using it to benefit others in need,is the root of evil.
    Thanks Jeff keep up the great work.

  9. Your PLF Live event was one of the greatest displays of generosity we have ever experienced. It was unbelievable and the impact that money will have will continue for decades impacting thousands of people.

    I absolutely LOVE the opportunity we have as entrepreneurs to impact others and we are SO grateful for the way you continue to lead the way Jeff.

  10. Love this Jeff! That’s my prayer. That God continues to help me be a good steward and grow my business and Give more. To date we have provided over 50,000 meals for kids around the world through Rice Bowls but I can’t wait until number is 100,000 or even more!

  11. Perfect message today. It helped me see the dynamics that shape my goals into something truly spectacular… now to manifest it into form ❤

  12. Hey Jeff,

    I loved being part of PLF and then PLF Live. As a woman who runs multiple businesses and raises 5 young kids, I need Launch Life more than ever. I convinced my best friends to join Lunch Club with me (even though they had not heard of you) and we are all so psyched to being LAUNCHING together.
    Thanks for your impact. The ripples are profound.

  13. Awesome message, Jeff!

    I am creating wellness for people with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia will be a thing of the past, like diphtheria or even small pox.

    Omce I have that up and running, I am going to take wellness to the masses by having wellness pharmacies all across the nation. Think more supplements than drugs. Think tailor made solutions instead of drug treatment.

  14. Steve Etherington


    Hi Jeff, this is Steve from France, i needed some guidance and find a mentor. I ve found with you ! I m gonna follow you on your videos and articles until your Next PLF launch in 2018 and grab my place and ticket.

    Thanks a lot , it’s a pleasure to hear you.


  15. Jeff,

    Loved PLF live and watching the total contributions and participation rate for Kenya grow. That was amazing in and of itself! Thanks for a timely message, and for all you do to help others. That too is inspiring.

  16. Jeff, very interesting. Awhile ago my daughters friend asked what I would do if I won a lottery. In Minnesota about 25% of the homeless are veterans. I told him I would like to use some of schools that are sitting empty be made for mini apartments for these veterans, get some company who need people to work at their factory. They could use these schools, put in some machines or whatever they would need to train these veterans. I see empty schools in the Mpls/st. Paul area that could be used to get the veterans into a place to live until trained and have enough money to get their own apartment. I know this may never happen but it would really be good for the veterans. What they did for our country, we should help them get off the streets, and make a living to support themselves.

  17. Terrence Ward


    jeff, out of curiosity what was the final percentage at launch live? It was 95% last I heard. I was truly inspired by launch live, and I cannot wait for the next event in Dallas. I was disappointed that I was unable to join launch club at the event, but i was very proud to be able to buy a bracelet. I have already set in motion my next large launch and am excited to be living the #launchlife very soon. Keep being awesome.

    (Duh duh dun dun dun duh duh)

  18. I had success in the past and it felt so great to “treat” others, and share in that position. Then unexpected life events hit me, shook me, and knocked me for a loop. Until I was able to release those HUGE loss and grief emotions, I couldn’t get my footing back. I used EFT tapping to clear out the traumas and I’m again excited about being able to share like I used to from an abundance stand point. I have really missed being able to share, & give and it’s a joy to think about doing that again!

  19. Marian Martinho


    Thanks so much Jeff for all you do and a wonderful PLF live event in Phoenix!
    Always appreciate the inspiration…. Peace and love always! 🙂

  20. Thanks Jeff, couldn’t agree more. (Giving is therapeutic, too.) I’m seeing a lot of boomers shrinking in their thinking as they hit their late 60’s, envisioning their energy and their lives as getting smaller. And, though it means I won’t be cashing out and going to Paris for breakfast, my aim is to stay in the game forever, and keep expanding in every way. To me, all giving is a measure of how I’m doing spiritually, psychologically, and materially.

    A common belief is that money enables generosity, but it’s probably the reverse. It’s always shrink-think, at any pay scale, to believe we don’t have enough to give. I’m pretty sure it’s the giving (plus a little hard work) that keeps the flow going, in and out. Thanks for talking about it. OK, tax distraction is over, back to the next book launch.

  21. Great stuff Jeff. You are exactly right. To add to what you said, I would say not only does it feel great to give/donate money, but also creating jobs for folks is awesome.

    Thanks for all your great inspiration.


  22. Thank you Jeff, this shift in perspective that comes from defining the meaning of money more clearly is incredibly helpful. I have been nearing the end of the album I have been producing with my sister for about the last year, and have recently had a surge of motivation to beat the resistance from realizing that it can be directly used to give to other people. My girlfriend told me about a school in Tanzania that she worked with while volunteering that needs more funding to be expanded, giving shelter, education, and a brighter future to orphans. This really moved me and by expanding the scope of the project, and by deciding to use the release as a fundraiser for this orphanage it has given me the drive to bring it to completion. I know it’s not exactly money, however, music is where my energy goes and what I have been focused on growing so I view it in a similar way.

    I usually stay quiet on content but I wanted to thank you for sharing your message and being someone that seems aligned with values that I respect which is rare among other internet marketers. Showing your passion for outdoor recreation, music, and family makes you much more appealing to learn from. I hope to dive into your PLF program soon to create a healthy financial situation after I wrap up this release!

  23. Jeff, thank you for being so upbeat and honest. I have just been going through a venture that ended up with a leader who is not ethical or honest. I was so glad to be reminded that there are ethical and honest entrepreneurs and you are one of them

  24. It’s wonderful to see people with worthwhile causes seeing them become realities. Thanks for the video, Jeff!

  25. Thanks Jeff! My husband and I were at PLF Live and it’s awesome to be part of building the school. Giving is one of the most awesome parts of life!

  26. Thanks for your videos.I have strated recently in network marketing and I regret not starting 10 years back.My goal is to get to the place where I can make enought money to beable to help more.Iam runing a charity organization for the past 12 years and I would like to empower charities to become financialy independant.

  27. Thrilled to have been a part of PLF Live and for the opportunity to support World Teacher Aid.

    My business mission is to help entrepreneurs give away their money most effectively and with the greatest impact. You are absolutely correct. The more you have – the more you have to give!

  28. Thanks Jeff ! I shared that feeling too and thanks to you and other models I’ve learned the importance of giving to others and to myself.

  29. Jenny Payette


    The more we earn, the more we have to invest in worthwhile endeavors–as Jeff Walker is demonstrating through his humanitarian pursuits. He is a great role model.

  30. Jeff – thanks once again for the impact you make AND the community you generate AND the inspiration you bring!
    And, thanks for asking what we’re up to, too!

    I teach people how to kick tobacco, stay free and love it (but only if they want to). Over the course of the last several years, I’ve gained experience, written books, gathered endorsements, and helped people see results. Earlier this month we celebrated a woman who now has five years free – she had smoked for 40 years and nearly gave up trying to stop. So incredibly exciting, especially after starting smoking myself at age 12, and trying to stop for so many years. Had no idea I’d find myself here.

    Next step: finding my Dream Team – the team that’s already looking for me, whether they realize it yet or not:) ! Now I feel like I have something of great value to bring.

    Thank you for reminding all of us to be persistent in working toward our vision, and to get good guidance and support.


  31. Jeff, you are a God-send. I too have worried, needlessly, about earning lots of money and leaving folks behind. It seems silly now to think that I worried about something that I had not even achieved! But I realize that that thinking has kept me back, blocked me from taking the necessary steps to accomplish my goals. You have just reminded me of what I can and intend to do with the success that I am bound to achieve. To paraphrase Nelson Mandela, ” it does not serve the world to hide your light under a barrel”. Thanks Jeff!

  32. Check out the book Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker, I went to one of his seminars in Amsterdam and it transformed my life. It’s totally true that being broke you can’t help anyone else. You can’t give someone a job if you don’t have the wages to pay them so start a business, make money, grow the business, employ someone, and you’ve changed a life. Feel bad about the homeless situation where you are? Start a business, make money, grow it, set up a charity with 10% of your profits, or donate it to an existing homeless charity. There you’ve made a difference. Money is a tool, a fuel for making a difference. Money isn’t a dirty word or object, it educates people, it feeds people, it pays for an MRI scanner in your local hospital, or cancer treatment for a sick child. Yes you have to have the right attitude, but having the right attitude with no money leaves you powerless. Go for it and thank you Jeff for reminding us of this nugget of gold!

  33. Jeff,
    Always love your videos. I’d much rather see the mountains at sunrise than see you (or anyone) with their fancy cars or mansions. Keep it real. Love ya.

  34. Mark Kalpakgian


    There is a danger in directly linking our impact to dollars spent. For example, think of the biblical message of the widow’s mite–the one who gave one coin, everything she had. Ultimately legacy is not measured in dollars given, but in love poured out for others. What is more important is giving one’s life–time, talent, and treasure–in big ways and little for others. This is something each and everyone of us–rich and poor–can do right now. Don’t wait to get rich to think about your impact, legacy, and ability to change the world! Sometimes it’s the encouraging word, the volunteer day, or the little unknown moment that makes the most difference of all. It’s an illusion to think more money equals more impact. It may or may not! It’s a paradox, but it’s true!

  35. I always have time to listen to you Jeff. What a way to go……doing what you love, getting paid, allowing you to help others. Awesome!!

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