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The Question That Got Me Thinking

Someone recently asked me a thought-provoking question: “What are the two biggest skills you have intentionally developed that have benefited you the most in your life and career?”

At first, I found it hard to narrow it down. But, after a little more thinking, two skills jumped out at me.

And the weird thing is, these two skills might actually be two sides of the same coin…

Decoding the Art of Copywriting

The first skill I thought of was copywriting.

Copywriting is the ability to effectively communicate with people in a way that makes them care about what you're talking about. In business, this means getting them interested enough to buy what you have to offer.

A common mistake a lot of business owners make is presuming that their customers already care about their business or offer.

Sorry, but they don't.

The reality is, everyone has so many distractions fighting for their attention, they're probably too busy managing their own lives to care about you or your business.

That's why I advise folks to channel their inner teenager in their copywriting.

You know… the disinterested teenager who always rolls their eyes during boring conversations. That's how your prospects, the people on your list, and the people following you on social media feel about you. They don't care. They're too busy, and your email, video, or social post is nothing more than an interruption, a distraction, getting in their way.

That's why for more than a quarter of a century, I've been intentionally developing my copywriting skills, and it's made all the difference.

Because whether you're writing an email, a sales letter, a script, or just speaking off the cuff on a video, it all falls under the umbrella of copywriting.

It's ALL copywriting.

So if you're having difficulty reaching your audience, communicating the benefits of your offer, or persuading someone to do something, it's a ‘copy' problem. But that's good news because it means you can solve the problem by channeling your inner teenager and learning how to write better copy.

Positioning: Crafting How the World Sees You

While copywriting is a core skill, positioning is a close second.

Positioning is how you are perceived by everybody in your industry – whether it's your clients, future clients, potential partners, competitors, or other influencers.

Regardless of what market you're in, you want to be seen as an expert – someone who gets results for people.

In all my businesses, I've always aimed to be seen as the best in my field – as a premier teacher, trainer, consultant, and coach helping people build their businesses.

One technique I've used to help me do this is to step outside of myself and pay attention to how other people in my market might perceive me.

Positioning, like copywriting, runs through every aspect of your business – every action you take and decision you make either builds your positioning or hurts it.

The Intertwined Duo: Copywriting and Positioning

There you have it – the two most important skills I've developed over the years – copywriting and positioning.

Remember: these are not separate, stand-alone skills – copywriting and positioning are a two-edged sword – a powerful weapon you'll use every day of your business life.

By developing your copywriting skills, you can grab your audience's attention, hold it, and persuade them to take action. By honing your positioning, you influence how the world sees you, so you are seen as an expert in your field – even if you're a complete beginner.

Together, these two skills have formed the foundation of my success in my life and career. And I'm still studying and learning new copywriting and positioning tactics and strategies I can use to grow my business today.

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