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I had a question come in this week… it was about what I’d do if I had a time machine and could travel back in time to when I first started out, what were the key things that led to my success? Here’s my answer…

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45 Replies to “Time Machines and Lessons Learned”

  1. Hi Jeff
    It always seems so complicated — until you start talking! This is great, doable advice, and makes total sense. Thanks so much! And yes, please do post on this subject again!💐

  2. Yes, Jeff, tell us more of your wise “Time Travel” decisions you made (way back in the day!) and you would do all over again. I had a math professor set me up on the “Internet” 26-years ago, after she responded (I placed an ad at University of Illinois’ Chicago campus!) She came to my office and showed me the ropes. Yes, dial-up modems, Netscape browser, different world 🙂

  3. Hi I wrote a blog that didn’t go anywhere so I stopped it but I used the material for my Amazon kdp EBook ‘Flocks of Angels’ and to my surprise you can find it by asking google. Things are going on. I am not going to live long enough to get rich but it’s fun.
    Best Regards

  4. Ps My second EBook ‘Memories ‘ is ready but hasn’t been published yet for technical reasons and is about existential things. I guess everybody has loads of these.

  5. Thomas Bell


    Those were the days! If we needed some fancy feature or software, we just built it 😀

  6. Hi Jeff,

    With everything else I’m doing in my business as a holistic psychotherapist and communication specialist, I have found that keeping in touch and sharing my message has been the most effective way to rebrand myself as an expert, online.

    It makes so much sense yet with everything else I need to do, I have not always been as consistent about this as I want to be. So thanks for this reminder and please keep your time machine ideas coming!

  7. Hey. I was ready to listen to the next thing you did right to get you where you are now. So keep going 😌🙏. I publish a blog in English and Spanish on a weekly basis and send an email to my subscribers and also present the subject via FB live every Saturday. Wish I would have more engagement though

  8. Dear Jeff!

    Thank’s a lot for your very “down to earth” advices!

    To be distinct and sharing my expertise is just what I’m working at right now.
    So helpful to know that this is really one of the crucial things to do.

    Warm regards
    Michaela Hennig
    Helsingborg, Sweden

  9. Booooo you just leave us wondering what eqs the second thing hahahhaha do the series !

  10. Hi Jeff,
    Thank you so much for that idea of starting with publishing! I’m still working 9-5 and needed a good place to focus for more growth. I have collected a few emails & wasn’t sure about whether to focus on that or social media. When i heard your video, i knew that is my next step.

    Cynthia Carter
    Knit Knax & Beyond

  11. Actually, yes, I’d like to hear more about it.
    Getting the distilled knowledge is powerful, but getting background makes me toknow where the advice comes from and how it is meant… I guess.

  12. Thank you for YOUR good heart.
    I appreciate your practical, heartfelt generosity — teaching the tools and specifics to make it work!

  13. Awesome video, Jeff! Love your videos and very much like this idea of the time travel machine where you share your wisdom. Thanks so much!

  14. Nice post, Jeff. Love the time travel concept. Great to hear about things that were relevant then that are still important today. Would make for a nice series. Thanks – Casey Demchak

  15. Please continue the review series! Having you share your hindsights which brand brand new or aspiring entrepreneurs don’t have is valuable perspective. Thanks Jeff!

  16. “Time Travel With Jeff” … the series title even sound good! Yes – more time travel please! Thanks a bunch for posting this video. I ‘launched‘ my YouTube channel last week on July 17, 2020 to start building an audience that I give free value to now and can monetize later. Feels incredible knowing that I’m in the early days of building an asset, and your video validated how important that is. You rock Jeff – what happened back in 1996 has positioned you as the expert we all know today!

  17. Thanks for the honest assessment of the various stages of your transition from when you started to where you are. I always appreciate hearing that when starting out, things won’t be perfect. It’s the regularity and practice that leads to improvement.

  18. Not sure you’ve ever posted anything that was NOT super helpful. Thank you!

  19. Yes, more time travel. So many of us just starting out need to hear about “beginnings” and “issues encountered” and “issues overcome”. You do it so well! Blessings…

  20. Susan Noble


    Please keep telling your “time travel stories”. That is so real in the way process works … how we really learn by taking action. And, like you say “perfect” isn’t necessary or sustainable. It the mid-takes we learn from!! Please keep this going!! Inspiring!!

  21. Yes Jeff, I would love to hear more time travel blogs since it helps me to see that everyone runs into the same situations I do… Even the great ones 🙂

  22. More time travel stories, please! I needed to hear that admonittion to “just publish”!

  23. Great advice!!! I got so much motivation from your book some time ago, and now I got more from this empowering video!!! Thank you, Jeff, for sharing your experience and giving so much to this world and to me personally!!! Waiting for your next videos on the subject!
    Warm hello from Russia 🙂

  24. You’re the best example of what you are saying because it’s your voice that keeps me returning to your material. I’ve listened to many others who say similar things but you have the integrity, humility and clarity that I resonate with. Thanks Jeff!

  25. Nadia Iannacone


    Thank you Jeff for the following gold nugget: Publishing = positioning!

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