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Lots of people have BIG plans for their business and life this year. But if you want to hit your goals… you also need to focus on some really SMALL things this year.

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Think big… but do the small things that pull you towards those goals. (Click to tweet.)

If you want to hit your BIG goals this year, focus on some really SMALL things. (Click to tweet.)

Thinking small and achieving big in 2017… (Click to tweet.)

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56 Replies to “Happy New Year! Now start thinking smaller…”

  1. Truth Paradise


    Thank you Jeff for your gentle reminders to focus and keep going

  2. I have started carrying a small note book with me while I work. I have over 20 horses so there is a lot of time every day spent on chores etc. But as long as I have my notebook, I can write down ideas that come to me. This makes even mundane tasks feel fruitful. I have also decided to ‘journal’ as you have suggested..I have done that sporadically over the years but I am going to try to make it into a habit.
    Thank you for the friendly inspiration. I hope you have a lot of “Ski Fridays” this year and a Happy, Healthy New Year to you and yours.

  3. Danelle Denney


    My BIG plan is my first launch! My first “by when” is 1/7/17 for my list to be launched.

  4. Thanks Jeff, timely advice.
    Last month I finally got the “reboot button” on my life. I got a job, paying half what I would have looked for when i was made redundant 3 years ago, but regular income means I can catch up on bills and debt.

    The plan is to build something on the side while working here, to accelerate debt reduction and build a platform for my future.
    In my journal I was writing down a few steps and what I thought I should do. When I looked at it again I noted ‘This is the Product Launch Formula’ so reading your book again is now high on my to-do list.

    But as you say in your video, the key to my progress over the next two years will be habits and routines!

    Thanks again, and all the best to you and your family for 2017

  5. How nice, in stead of partying New year I was actually taking notes at this very moment from your videos when this new video arrived !

    Thank you for appearing last month on my FBpage. Too bad I did not get in your programm.
    So I bought your book and already finished it once.
    And I have installed several habits…starting the day now with gratitude, writing, reading 1 hour (your book), meditating and not watching my phone or emails before 10 am.
    Thank you for this opportunity ! Thanks to this I will even be helping more animals or humans in pain in the future.
    Greetzzz from a Belgian living in Spain

  6. I’m with you 100% about the no resolutions. I’ll continue to focus on developing habits and routines that define and support my systems for change and growth. I hydrate first thing in the morning (and throughout the day), mediate, exercise and do my affirmations/visualization each day to kick start my day! Looking forward to 2017 and continuing to travel alongside you. Appreciate and value your support and guidance. Be well 🙂

  7. I love your videos! There are useful, delightful, and fun. One of my favorite things to hit my inbox each week. I’m seriously considering adding a weekly video to my platform just because I have enjoyed yours so much.

  8. I’m writing a book and giving back making this world a world I want to live in. Happy New Year Jeff ‼😊👋🏻

  9. Thank you Jeff!
    Great advice. Its those small habits day to day that make all the difference. If I am not at the top of my game in terms of my mental, physical, psychological and spiritual state, how can I handle all the different challenges and surprises that will come my way in 2017?

  10. Thank you so much Jeff! This was spot on for me! I love meditation every single morning. It brings me leverage in term of ‘inspired action’ versus motivated action, and aligns me with my inner game. Health on all levels, I discovered this year, is key. Thank you for making my whisper, a ‘shout’. Love to you and all that you do! Adama xXx

  11. Happy New Year Jeff! Great advice! Bring on an awesome 2017 of big accomplishments built on small habits.

  12. I must get more productive this year. I achieved a lot last year by working relentlessly but inefficiently. I need to work smarter and habits will help. Thanks for the perspective.

  13. Hi Jeff, Thank you for the new year wishes and excellent tips about being productive in a healthier way. I don’t make resolutions but I do set goals, once a year with my wife. We sit down and we think about where we want to be by the following year. Two years ago, we decided to buy a motorhome which is something we had talked about for several years before. So we did it, now we love it even though we can’t use it all year round. Next year is one where we are both going to focus on “the little things” that we need to do to stay happy and healthy. We have huge business goals for next year but they will happen, but will they happen being more healthy, centered and energized or less? I believe more so now than ever before.

  14. Thanks for the confirmation that I’m going in the right direction… I like to break each major task into the sub-components that make it happen – “it’s in the details”…. I like that you remind us all to focus on the body/mind support activities that give you the sustenance to keep going each day at full strength.

    Awesome to listen to your support and wonderful inspiration – nice to get a boost every now & then!

  15. Thanks for the inspiring video! It seemed clear the large and small are important, and the video helped illustrate how they might fit together and in what way. Happy New Year!!

  16. Love this! I agree – I hate resolutions. But goals and small habits make the difference. Stoked for this year! 🙂

  17. Thank you, Jeff, for your balanced approach to bringing in the new year! My hopes, goals, and dreams including launching at least two new courses about the golden ratio, Fibonacci numbers and patterns in nature for middle/high school homeschoolers. I’m almost half-way done with revising the first course. Whoot! Looking forward to hearing more from you this year! Thank you again and a very happy, productive, fulfilling new year to you too!

  18. Dear Jeff:

    Thanks for the great inspiration going into the new year! Yes, habits matter. Habits are the little engine to behaviors which drive big outcomes like goal achievement. My 15 minute morning “ritual” is to practice daily gratitude by acknowledging the people and things I am most grateful for at the moment. I also practice a little NLP by telling myself ten times what a great day I’m going to have. That puts me in the right frame of mind to work productively. Again, our daily habits we practice helps us learn behaviors to accomplish big things in business and life! Here’s to your best year ever, Jeff, as Michael Hyatt would say, in 2017! All the best!

  19. Mr. Walker you make me feel so good about it all!!! Being a caregiver for a disabled adult and an autistic child you shine the light where i does no always shine

  20. I totally agree with doing small things in order to ultimately reach big goals. “Just do it” as a famous brand stated! Thanks Jeff.

  21. Happy new year, Jeff and thanks for your great videos to keep us all on the path to self and business growth.

  22. 2016 has been a year of working out my actual direction. It took me until November to figure it out but…I published the first in a series of six horror short stories. Fogoyle: A Short Story went live the end of November and I put the finishing touches on my debut novel today! Book 2, in the series, Fogoyle: A Short Story Two launches 9 days into the new year! My debut novel is slated for February 1st and I have something planned, prepped and ready to publish every month until July! I’ve not sold enough copies to even break even just yet, but with your product launch videos in my tool belt, I’m confident 2017 is going to be a great year!

  23. This is so perfectly on time Jeff. I’ve never been a fan of narrowing my focus, or thinking small. But for the last 14 weeks I’ve been targeting my steps closer, tighter than ever before. As I work on my offering I’ve been diving deep in the small portions that assemble to bring what I do to the world. Those small habits, formulas and skill building practices are what make our dreams come true. Thanks for showing up Jeff!

    Happy New Year to you!!!

  24. Thank you for reminding me. It is the thing I am most proud of, to get a morning routine for keeping me healthy and focused, and I have learened it in 2016. It really makes us a bigger WE. I wish you a very happy new year!

  25. Thanks so much for another great video. I’ve also never done resolutions. I’ve never seen the point. It feels like a permission slip to let yourself down every year. The self-love and self-respect comes from the priority of moving towards your goals in some way ever day; regardless of what day/time of the year it is.
    All the best in the new year!
    – Jody

  26. Morning rituals are important. Mine has evolved. I now do my own version of what Tony Robbins’s calls “priming.” I go for a half hour walk around the complex at work. The first time around I think about all the things I am grateful for during my entire life. Second time around is for prayer. Third time around is for visualization of healing, etc (listen to Tony’s description) and last time is also visualization but I break it into body/health, work goals for the day and my why. Of course, much earlier in the morning I do a hour and a half workout at the gym (good habit). So how does somebody get all this done before work? I get us at 1:50 AM every morning. No, that is not for everybody, but it works for me.

  27. Very sweet message and video, Jeff. It is completely in alignment with my personal and creative strategy: excellent self-care every morning—and integrated throughout the day—makes us excited and fulfilled creative people. Great things do result from healthy habits. My having rebuilt my body out of a wheelchair is proof of that. Regarding your “bipolar” comment (nicely delivered), I couldn’t agree more. My personal mantra is “I choose to pace myself gently, like a marathon runner, so that I may glide across the finish line in all areas of my life with grace, ease, and laughter!” Yes, I am a Self-Care Vigilante, and name is Ilana Kristeva. Thank you for your service, Jeff!

  28. How good it is to hear positive words at the beginning of a new year. Thank you for always instilling thousands of people to never give up on your dreams. Happy New Year friend.

  29. Happy New Year Jeff and team! Thank you for the reminder that it is our habits that create momentum and set the foundation for success. Looking forward to a wonderful year and wish you the best!

  30. That makes me laugh “high highs and low lows.'” Yeah, I get intense emotions, INTENSE. Star Wars “I can feel your anger, it makes you FOCUS!” FOCUS….

  31. Happy New Year to you Jeff and thank you for your good advice. My goal for this year is to work less( be more focused in what I do and say yes to) and sew more( to allow myself time for fun and creativity). Won’t make a lot of money but will feel better about life.

  32. Thanks – this is spot on – if we can’t get the small things right we aren’t operating at our best! Another really impactful morning ritual that I’m starting is an 30 mins – 1 hour of creative work time after mediation… I’ve been doing it for a few days and the results are great. By the time I’m working out or doing yoga I’ve already produced and my approach to the day is open and enlarged instead of rushed…

  33. Thanks Jeff.

    Did my real estate niche training launch earlier in 2016 and fleshed out the membership training site in 2016. Now 2017 is doing live webinars and ramping things up.

    Thanks for all you do!

  34. Thanks Jeff, this is the first time I have watched one of your videos and really liked it and found it helpful. Many thanks and all the best for 2017!

  35. As always, tons of encouragement. Reviewing my habits and “upgrading” to make sure they’re pulling me forward. Thank you so much, Jeff.

  36. My goal is to successfully complete my hypnotherapy training and begin my private hypnotherapy business to help others improve their lives. Your message is so helpful as it helped me break down why I have the goals I do. I know I want those goals but hadn’t really looked at the small habits and could not previously connect with all my big whys. Thank you

  37. Joanna Free


    Thanks for this! OK – I know I need to start small – our tiny, current budget makes that clear AND your message is a great reminder of the wisdom of this, too! I need an email marketing platform that’s responsive – like strong tech support by phone and/or chat, because when something “breaks” I have no idea how to fix it, and I’m preparing to do a launch and it needs to be solid. So – here’s a question: if you were starting today and starting small, knowing what you know now, which platform would you choose to support you in that?
    And, if someone else besides Jeff’s team is reading this and has a suggestion, please feel free to share that with me via LinkedIn or Facebook. Thanks so much, and Happy New Year to All! – Joanna Free

  38. Bill Traylor


    HI Jeff,

    Thanks for your message. I am a believer in daily meditation, preferably earlier. I’ve just started listening to your messages and I am reading your book. I’ve been researching products and/or services that I might start my first business with. I am motivated and excited about starting an online business and I have the funds available, but I’m stymied in that I can’t decide on a first product or service. I’m fortunate in that I don’t need to worry about “boot strapping” and part of my desire to start an enterprise is to be able to give up to 10% or more of net profits to charity. I like that you talk about creativity and I agree with you that starting any kind of business is a creative process. Hopefully I will get some clarity about where to start.

  39. Adriana Freitas Bandeira


    Hi, Feff.
    I’m from Brazil. I am learning in practice the strength of good habits. Thanks for the tip. Small habits can lead to great results. I wish you a spectacular new year.

  40. Hi Jeff. I am from Fiji and have been inspired by your videos. I am actually practising the 10 Productivity spheres from the beginning of 2017 and I have seen that I am really getting productive and I share this with my family that they should also try to do the same. All the best for this new year and looking forward to learning more from you.

  41. great video thanks! loving how this coincides with the work i’m doing by brendon burchard about achievement and forming awesome habits.

  42. Wonderful year’s message to all of us entrepreneurs. Great advice, and yes….I am excited about all the new things I am working on to expand my business this year….in face….it’s a real game changer. Very excited, and yes….I am definitely focused on all the small steps as target attainment to reach my goals this year!!! I agree with you!! Let’s all do awesome this year!! 🙂

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