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Here are two big challenges for you in the coming year… these are the two biggies that I focus on almost every year.

Please leave a comment down below and let me know what you think…

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98 Replies to “Two Challenges for the New Year from Jeff Walker”

  1. Thanks Jeff. I’ll take the challenge and create my own future, balanced and active. You are a great guy and helped me to see that if I don’t like my reality, I can change it, and if I have an idea for a business, I can get there, slowly or in the next 6 month, I’ll succeed. The goals are being set and I know I’ll get there.Thanks a lot and Happy New Year!

    • Djuro Velimirovic


      Dear Jeff thank you for useful, wise and well-meaning advice like, congratulation and best wishes for the New Year 2015.
      Personally, I was honored and pleased to learn from you as a top expert and a great personality and I am in touch with you.
      You and your family I wish a Happy New Year and new successes in all areas.

    • When my “balance” is out of whack, everything else is too. My spirit struggles & the easy flow of life is bumpy. Good recommendations, especially for entrepreneurs 🙂

  2. Great video Jeff 🙂

    I was working on my Business Goals & Vision Planner for the new year right as I received your email with the link to this video. I recently finished your book “Launch” as well and I have to say it’s been one of the best books I’ve read for my blogging business since I started in 2012.

    *cheers* to a happy and balance new you, thank you for all you do,

  3. I am much better at intention than balance since getting my business off the ground has taken all my time for the past 4 years. I have a definite need for more balance because working so hard has worn me out. Thanks for a good video.

  4. Joyce Kawasaki


    I love your challenge to us to have a balanced life this year! I like the different roles you have including being an athlete (not just exercising) and being someone with a spiritual life. I also appreciate you mentioning participating in your community. I find I am drawn to you and like you because of your high vibration of joy and lightness, not just your content which is also very good. Other business people on videos are tense under their smile, aggressively competitive, speak loudly and brashly, or look tired, and make me tense up just to listen and watch them. You are a great role model in business and in the community. Thanks for this message! Much appreciated.

  5. Demian Casado


    Thanks Jeff for reminding me the most important thing in my life and it makes me move toward my goals. Happy new year for you, your family and all who follow you and appreciate.

  6. I appreciate the “turn around” you made by identifying balance as they way you can have your successful business, rather than your successful business allowing you to have balance. Nice. I will be setting goals and identifying the “why” for the parts of my life, creating intent for what I truly wish to have, do and be. Thank you.

  7. Great stuff Jeff, raising the bar as usual. I always feel a little more happy and calm after watching your videos regardless of the content, you really know your craft.

  8. Joyce Kawasaki


    After watching your video I see “balance” is one of the challenges, but had to watch it again for the 2nd challenge! It’s “intention”, the big WHY behind what we are doing. Why are we doing the things we are doing? I believe the big why is the engine for manifesting, the magnet for opportunities that presents us with actions to take. Thanks again!

    • Happy new year Jeff and a big thankyou for the reminder for balance and to set the focus for attention to include all aspects of a flourishing life.

  9. Great word Jeff! Thanks for encouraging us and reminding us of these two key things. Balance is something my family and I worked towards in a big way this year by moving and starting a business on our terms. Intentionality is the name of the game for 2015.

    Thanks again!

  10. Scot C. Morgan



    Thanks for the video. I appreciate your reminder for each of us to focus on the why, and to remember the areas of our lives outside of business. Keeping our why in focus, and acting with intentionality are great ways to get through the frenzy and mental clutter that can so often accompany building a successful business.

    Btw, I thoroughly enjoyed your book Launch. I read it entirely the same day it arrived in the mail. I’m building a course now drawing on my 10+ years of experience in the shipping/freight forwarding industry. I’m using your product launch strategy to bring that course market. Thanks for your work.

    Have a happy and fulfilling 2015.
    -Scot C. Morgan

  11. Jeff …

    Thank you for this timely advice … I don’t want to get caught up in the dollar signs as I set goals for 2015 either! I sincerely want to concentrate on “WHY” I do what I do … you’ve given much to think about! Thank you sincerely!


  12. This is one of my favorite times of year as well! I’m okay with resolutions, depending on how you put them in perspective. With two artist-entrepreneurs in one house, balance might look different for us than it does for other people,but we’re constantly looking at different ways to have more balance. We set health, wealth, and love goals, and balance supports all of those.

    The big WHY is easy to forget when things get busy, so I’ll definitely add that to our annual review/new year planning process.


  13. Thanks for the reminder around balance and intention, Jeff. I find those two pieces are more important in my life today than they may have ever been. Like your video mentioned, right now I’m one of those “got-a-job-and-doing-my-business” types … and one of them is sucking my soul dry (the first one). So it’s time to get intentional and balanced, along with creating great learning programs. Maybe you can help me launch my first one and make it a best-selling program. It’d be great to work with you … even for you as a writer. Thanks and have a safe 2015.

  14. Hi Jeff,
    Firstly, I wish you and your family an awesome 2015 in every possible way!!!
    Your challenge is exactly why I’ve done PLF 4 and now PLF 5. The opportunity to get out of the work, work, work, and getting nowhere fast scenario. Your video is a great reminder to, yes, get the head down and do what’s needed, but every now and then come up and smell the Roses… Thanks

  15. Thanks for the encouragement and insight Jeff. I agree and am working towards balance and goal
    achievement. I say this because I have goals but I have bot quite achieved them.
    You always give good advice. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  16. Jeff

    Excellent! This video was for me, like an oasis in the desert!
    To have the best life that anybody can get, the secret that you share with us, i’m absolutely agree, balance is the key.
    But nothing will happen from nothing, we have to be intentional.

  17. Heléna Kurçab


    Great stuff Jeff. I had “Balance and Reasonableness” as my theme for the previous two years because I knew I needed to work on those two points, so that all areas of my life (spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, financial) were in sync. This year my theme was “No More Waiting” which was focused on getting anything out of my life that did not align with my values and intentions for the future. It has been a growth (ouch!) year but at the 11th hour, all the work (mostly internal) is suddenly achieving amazing results and I know that 2015 is going to be one filled with many changes and forward moves. Yet, I’m determined that I will keep simplicity, balance and reasonableness as the oil that keeps all areas of my life running in accordance with my core values. (Author “You Can Do It! El último empujón a tu inglés)

  18. Thank you Jeff for challenging me. To have a good balance is important and I can loose it very easily. So I will write down a list of all my roles / areas and set goals for every role / area. And I will thing again about my big why, it could be changed during last year. I have learned a lot, it makes fun and I want to continue.
    Happy New Year!

  19. Hey Jeff,

    This couldn’t come at a better time! Thank you for the challenge! I accept!

    2014 was a year where i drifted a bit in both of these areas and I’m going to get back to center.

    Happy new year to you and yours!


  20. Balance in life doesn’t mean much. Fans are fanatical and I’ve not known anyone who has succeeded in life with sacrificing some part of their life to succeed at what they’re trying to accomplish. Success comes when opportunity meets preparedness. And if you’re going to be prepared, you better have every detail covered, a well conceived plan and plenty of persistence, like a dog on a rag, never giving up., ever.

  21. Jeff,

    I appreciate your message but it misses a large mark in that all it emphasizes is you accomplishing your goals as if it were entirely in your hands. To achieve a balanced life and carry out your intentions, you need to be in a nurturing environment with cooperation from others with whom you interact, especially your family. Unfortunately, other members of your family can often be a great detriment to anything you work to achieve. If persons to whom you must relate are not cooperative, your best intentions can not be realized. Family does not interact in modern times like they did in my youth.

    The most important ingredient to success, in my opinion, is a cooperative, understanding family unit sharing your goals. Without this ingredient , no one person can reach their fullest potential. We must work within a realistic frame of mind or most of us are fooling ourselves by thinking irrationally. To anyone who you help with your positive frame of mind, I wish the best of luck and good fortune but I believe many persons are misled by not facing and coping with reality.

    I would love to know what percentage of your students achieve the life they are striving for.

    If your life is balanced and you are in shape, why the bags under the eyes?

  22. I’m so excited about this new year ! I’m already a successuful business owner Off line, but I’m very enthusiastic to start my On line business these days. I’m doing a seed launch at the moment and I’ll start to deliver my first on line program in january ! This new project is providing lots of passion, lots of fun, lots of challenges of course … At the moment, my life is not so well balanced … But my “why” is clear, I want to help my clients to grow, and I want to design a new life style in the coming year for my family.
    So this coming year is a tipping point for me …
    I want to thank you Jeff for the wonderful inspiration you bring (not only the PLF course) … I really feel inspired when you talk to me, as I feel your message is authentic and simple. It’s coming from heart, which makes the difference. Happy new year to you and your family !

  23. Thanks Jeff, your videos are always encouraging. Thanks for being the person you are. I know this wasn’t the main point of your message but what jumped out at me was when you said you consider yourself an athlete. Adopting that mindset might be just what I need to get myself back into the shape I was in the Marine Corps.

    Thanks again for all you do!


  24. Thank’s for this message Jeff! I’m in the goal-setting process, as always this time a year, but this time I did indeed take all aspects of my life into the equation, so your message is a good reminder that I’m on the right path.

    I’m reading your book as we speak, like it so far 🙂

  25. Jeff,

    You can capture a topic that overwhelms so many of us, present it in an attractive way, and then inspire us to do what we wouldn’t have done otherwise. Thank you.

    Even if my best laid plans only improve life for part of the year, it’s still much better.

    Thanks again!

  26. Hello Jeff,
    Very good advice. I also feel that all the parts of our lives are connected and affect each other

    One of my favorite times of the year is after the new year since there is nothing planned for the weekends in January and February, and there is no yard work or outside activities to do. Plenty of free time to get things done.

    Goal setting is definitely going to be part of my plan for the new year.

    Thanks, Jeff.

  27. Jeff I see myself in many ways and one of the ways I see me is as an athlete like you. I would suggest you replace the chair of your office with a bouncing rubber ball at least 1-2 hours a day. Your back would be grateful to you 🙂

    Have a prosperous 2015 in all areas of your life!

  28. Jeff, thank you for the challenge and for the insight.

    I chuckled to hear you say that new year’s resolutions “suck.” 🙂 Thanks for that!

    Much love and thanks for all you do ~ have learned so much and feeling grateful.

    Wishing a happy New Year right backatcha!

  29. Hi Jeff
    Thanks for reaching out with your video and the reminder about what are often call the Life Wheel outlining the major areas of ones life. Having just left a traditional job as an IT executive working far too many hours it is now time to recast how time and energy is committed each day to living a life that brings value to those around me and myself. I am finishing up your Launch book right now and it is giving me many new ways to consider taking more action in the next year. Have a great 2015!

  30. Hey Jeff, many thanks for your very wise words. As always, SO much to reflect on 🙂
    Also, I’d like to thank you for all your continued help and expertise over the course of this year. If everything goes to plan for me, 2015 is about to be a huge, breakthrough year, thanks in no small part to my deployment of the Walker Burchard Kern Deiss Formula..!!
    With that, I’d just like to add my very best wishes to you for 2015 and “lets go and get ’em next year!!”.
    Tony Schofield

  31. Happy New Year Jeff,
    may the new year fill you with beauty, grace and love. Thank you for your video. I’m blooming with excitement for the New Year, to be of service, to learning and receive what will come my way. Intentional goals coupled with action is my plan. My idea of balance is having bucket fulls of laughter with good friends, doing that nature thing and hanging with the husband. My Chief once said, everything you do now is a prayer. I thought, what will I pray into this world. Life isn’t always easy or fair but it’s all I have so I’ll keep on keeping on.

  32. Jeff – you have such an easy flowing conversational style that makes your points of creating, balance, and intention simple to absorb.
    Thanks for continuing to share and help those of us who also want to help others.

  33. Happy holidays Jeff! Thank you for the inspirational and intentional video. I am about to write goals for 2015 and so glad you placed the importance of balance. I was going to create a vision board just for my business but now I’ll include every area of my life and write goals for each area and each role I play-family, friends, community, self, etc. Thanks a lot!

  34. Thank you for the peptalk, hearing you talking abou ballance, that is on my mind and daily scedule too and is more important than people want to hear.
    Love your videos

  35. Hey Jeff,

    Thanks for all your wisdom, words and actions, I bought your book this year and it’s incredibly insightful. It has a lot of your soul in that book. I’m now launching my new Twitter Power Marketing course in January thanks to your book.

    Wishing you and your family a prosperous, healthy an spiritually fulfilling year ahead for 2015.

    With Gratitude

    Simon Dunant
    New Rise Digital

  36. Hey Jeff…

    Originally, I created my business for lifestyle, purely to be able to live freely while serving others… I’d much rather work 12hrs as I do, than 8 some other way.

  37. Challenge accepted! I love these two things to focus on. I’ve watched the video twice so that the message really sinks in. Personally, I’m not a bit fan on goals or resolutions either. “Resolutions” are so unwavering! With no room for something better to come into our lives! This year, my conscious and heart centered friends and I got together and held an Intention Setting Soiree. I wrote about it on my site:
    Thank you so much for this reminder Jeff!
    love, Ritu

  38. Hi jeff! Great video there, thnx for putting the effort to make it for us. have a wonderful “Happy new year”. Its all about balancing i hv got it..

  39. RE: Balanced Life Video. As a work-a-holick I understand the idea of too much work and little play. Recently I’ve taken action to do other things–attend a concert, meet new people, explore new places and books. Listening to other people’s ideas. I’ve read Launch many times. And a a result I’m preparing s series of teleseminars with two associates. We launch in late January. I believe on line businesses are a great way to go given the decline of profits in manufacturing and distribution. The info marketing product is less expensive to start up and
    it gives greater independence to be able to live a balanced life

    Happy New Year to all the Jeff Walker hivers. And of course to you Jeff.


  40. Hey Jeff,
    That’s very cool. When I watch videos you put out like this sometimes I feel I’m looking in a mirror, hearing my thoughts being actually vocalized. That’s great validation!
    So thank you for that, as always.
    Have a Happy New Year and a wonderful 2015!

  41. Happy New Year Jeff! May 2015 bring you and your loved ones much joy, laughter, and fulfillment. I couldn’t agree with your challenges more…I practice and preach the same!

  42. Jeff
    You are a wonderful person and it shows through in this video
    For some of us , it is always has been a challenge in term of balancing between job, community service and spiritual journey .
    Hope to balance all these 3 needs of my life in year 2015
    Happy New Year to you and your family

  43. Cliff Martin


    Jeff, without reasons long term development isn’t possible. Clarity in our reasons is the driver behind what we do. Thanks for the reminder. Happy New Year.


  44. Balance is so important Jeff! I have found that out as I try to create new things for my company. I can get burned out and I need time to enjoy my family and my friends. We recently got back from a trip to Colorado for some skiing and I feel much more balanced and re-charged for getting ready for 2015. Using Michael Hyatt’s Best Year Ever for 2015, looking forward to great results.

  45. Jeff I so appreciate your Sunday video. They really help me to focus on the week ahead. Thanks. Blessings on your New Year.

  46. Thank you, Jeff, for sharing with all of us. Your videos always inspire me.

  47. Roy Harrison


    Hi There Jeff and All the Very Best Wishes To You & Yours for 2015 !!

    You have a very cheerful disposition which I enjoy !
    Its very interesting the balance and reasonableness you have already attained while I am, as it were, just beginning. This has actually been my underlying aim but life has taken me in many paths not envisaged at the outset, over the years ? I was amused the other day when I recollected that at the beginning of 2014, I started slimming by dieting and exercise, that I now was becoming more of an athlete in the way I am exercising ! Thanks, I am reviewing ” why I am doing what I am doing ” !

    Thank you also for assisting others, as it is service to others, that helps the world go round !!

    Now I need to get into making Resolutions, no, sorry Goals For 2015 !!!

  48. Right on Jeff! This is my year of balance as I scale my business being clear of my “why.” May 2015 be the year that makes history for those of us who seek!

  49. Thanks Jeff. I have been thinking the last few days how I need to be much more intentional in what I do.. including intentional in things like relaxing and having that balance. Your video gave confirmation to these thoughts.

  50. Beatrix Willius


    Procrastination is my problem. Thanks for reminding me! My goal for 2015 is to improve this.

    What is the difference between a resolution and a goal?

    All the best for 2015.

  51. Thanks so much for the short but sweet video. Simple is usually very powerful and these two essential points can so easily make the difference between imagining and manifesting what life we are creating for ourselves.

    Sending you sincere thanks and best wishes for your (and my) best year yet.

  52. Thanks so much for your short, sweet and profoundly simple challenge.
    Sending you wishes for your best year yet and focussing on my balance so that I can join in on the good stuff.

  53. Jeff, you are such an inspiration! This video feels like you’re talking to my soul right there. For the past 6 months I have been struggling with balance, having a 9-5 job and in afternoons and weekends trying to create seeds for my future business. It is challenging, but I am sure it worth it.
    My 2015 will be a whole new life. I have quit my day job, recently moved to another country and I am determined to put all the effort to provide value and make a difference for my followers and clients, my family and myself.
    Happy New Year!

  54. Thank you so much Jeff, it is a very good message and you are indeed having an impact!. Best wishes fro the new year.

  55. Thanks for this, Jeff. Living with intention, and just generally remembering to be present are right at the top of my goals list for not only 2015, but for the rest of my life!
    Here’s hoping you and yours have a 2015 filled with the best life has to offer!

  56. thanks for the video…it is always helpful to hear what you have to say. There are many ways to be successful and I appreciate all the ways you delineate them. It resonates with me and I am sure with many others. thanks again!

  57. Jeff,
    Once again great words to make every day and therefore this next year a success. We were made to create, so let’s go out and create in such a way to make the world a better place going forward. Thanks for the reminder to bring balance to our lives. In doing so, we will have a strong base to create that much more.
    Wishing you a success filled 2015 as well!

  58. Great advice as usual Jeff, all the best to you, your family and the PLF team for 2015 and beyond!

    As I work thru the PLF modules I just keep repeating “baby steps”, “baby steps”, lol. I’ve got the Rainmaker platform and Clay Collins’ lead pages now, I just have to start putting the design together and I’m going to outsource that. Then the content….and then the seed launch, internal, JV… step at a time…..rinse and repeat 😉



  59. Ballance in my life…
    Well its quite a big challange but I love this one,
    So this time I’ll try to not get cut up when I try to have ballance in my life,

    Btw jeff your videos are amazing as much as your book, i’ve almost finish it thanks to christmas holidays 🙂

    Amazing year to everybody

  60. Thank you Jeff for this timely reminder. All the best for 2015 and beyond.

  61. Good stuff Jeff. Your videos just keep getting better as you put more of yourself into them.

    Happy New Year!

  62. Great sentiments. I know I need to work more on not-working – i.e. balance!

    Loved the bit about “working 12hrs a day so that we don’t have to work 8hr a day”. (Only 12hrs a day….. someone’s slacking!)

    Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year, Joy

  63. Hey Jeff – Happy Monday!
    What a Delightful Spirit you have! I SO Appreciate the Inspired place all your videos and work come from – It’s more about Living successfully on All levels: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical than just about making $$$! Thanks for Sharing your journey and not oversharing. Nobody cares about the incessant “Story Of Struggle” that is touted as the springboard to launch a business from. We who are developing our online biz just want to know the frame – that you stood where we (perhaps) are and that your rose above it! So we can, too. You are a Deeply Creative and Caring example of The Very Best Gifts of the Sign Virgo: A deeply grounded individual, Conscious of personal Well Being, who is a Cooperative Component to the infinite details that inform their disparate universe – and for whom Service is the key to a Balanced Life. (Serving Self and Others for the Highest Impact!) You embody the adage: Walk Your Tallk! Thank you Jeff, I always feel you are my personal Cheer Leader, your Encouragement is Priceless! To The Best Year (so far) For You, Your Family, Your Circle of Friends and To All of Us Fortunate Enough to be Connected to You! Many Blessings On Your Road, Jeff. Christine

  64. Dear Jeff, It was great, my family and I can really use these and I am going to share that with my friends too, I wish you a happy new year and I hope I can achieve my dream soon and live where I like and do what I love.

  65. Hi! Great video – glad to be watching it now. Intention and focus in 2015 (and beyond) for all areas of my life. I can’t wait to see what it brings. Jeff, I am inspired by you and your message. Thanks!

  66. Thanks Jeff,
    To me this much better than a goal.
    Beginning this past summer I have been gleaning little snippets from you, Jeff Goins and others. I have been using your encouraging words and ideas to piece together how I am going to go about my business adventure lying ahead of me.
    I have made plans for 2015 to be a year of achievement in the entrepreneurial realm.
    Your words of balance and intention are the directives I was looking for. Thank you.

  67. Thank you, Jeff. I watched your video as break from a day with unending technology problems. You are a calm voice in the wilderness. Regards, WildFire!

  68. Jeff,

    This video blog came at just the right time for me. I am deficient in some areas that need balance. I will set goals to get back in balance. Thank you for the reminder of thinking about the intentions of my business.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful 2015.


  69. Good stuff as always, Jeff, thank you! I’m heading off for a few days of balance at the beach with my wife to celebrate our 33 year anniversary (I know that sounds ancient but we’re still smoking hot and madly in love) and just relax, review, renew and preview the coming year. Then things are going to get super intense and slightly unbalanced for a bit with a new business launch ( on top of already demanding ventures, but I’ll keep your words in mind and keep enjoying your videos, book and other content. This is the year for all of us to harness the power of our personal histories, dreams and DNA for maximum impact! God bless y’all!!

  70. Many thks Jeff – thks for yr inspiration and honesty. You are an amaziing person 🙂 and deserve all the good things of life. A big hug and a wonderfull new Year

  71. Hi Jeff:

    I wanted to take this time to thank you for how you have inspired me to believe that a life as a successful online teacher and coach is possible. One of the things I truly appreciate about you is that your integrity always shines through in your communications. Whether it’s in your PLF videos or on your blog, you come across as a sincere, honest individual who wants to make a difference in the entrepreneur’s life. Having taken different courses in this field, I think the attribute of high integrity is rare in this field; all the more why I appreciate it when I see it present in you. Thank you for your work and presence in this field.

  72. For years I have instructed my Personal Fitness clients about balance; diet, fitness, work/play, etc. It is great that other experts also remind me of that! I need the reminder, too. So my goals for this year are;
    Publish my book; current title is “Relief from the Ravages of Sitting” but is still subject to change.
    Market the book
    Build my Social Media presence
    Create workshops
    Create small YouTube workshops

    Thank you for the right Kick to start out the new year right.

  73. Jeff – I am a big fan of your work and can’t wait to buy your next offering of Product Launch formula. Balance is a big one and I am not sure there is balance. I’m in my 2nd 6-figure business and I see it as integration. I do see the scales tip for me at times when I am working too much. I schedule down time and trips where I can refresh myself at least quarterly. Thank you for serving the way you do.

    Happy New Year!

  74. I enjoy your easy going style and your messages. I was in a bad car crash not of my doing. It’s funny how life changes after this. Things that were so simple to do become onerous and all that you believed about your abilities and how you would handle things goes by the wayside. Balance and Intention becomes a very focussed event indeed but on a smaller scale. Presently, I cannot handle anything but my health and balance becomes balancing how long I can do things for. Your lofty goals now become how can I best accomplish a few smaller goals and be patient with the the new state of affairs. At times, it is a question of learning to accept things with dignity and move past pain.
    I guess my message is that balance in all areas is the optimum but small steps towards a modified plan of action is also valid. Just keep going forward and small increments are just fine. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
    Happy and profitable New Year!

  75. Thanks, Jeff, I needed that. I’m crazy busy because I’m in that “just starting out in business but I have a job” phase that you talked about. Oh yeah, and I have three little kids. But I definitely aim for balance, and I’m going to think about my goals for 2015 in every area of life, just like you suggested. And thank you also for the reminder about intentionality. I got crystal clear, when you were talking about this, that my “why” is simply “to fulfill my destiny.”

  76. Jeff et al.,

    all the best to all of you as well as your families. Let’s make 2015 the best yet yet. It will be so amazing that it will only be surpassed (in due time) by 2016 😉

  77. Balance and intention. LOVE THIS! Love setting goals for each part of our lives. Never looked at it that way before! Yummy stuff here.
    Happy 2015. I feel big stuff coming our way!

  78. Wonderful message Jeff and reminder that we are responsible for the direction our life takes! I’m reading Launch this week to launch me out of the corporate world in 2015. Thanks for the inspiration and hope you provide!

  79. thank you Jeff – You have so inspired me at this crossroads I find myself in! I will do the two challenges and let you know down the road how it goes. I appreciate your easy going style and down to earth manner!
    God bless you and yours this New Year!

  80. Alexander Gloth


    Thanks for keeping it real Jeff. Best New Year’s message! You are an inspiration. You can be inspired and keep your feet on the ground! HAPPY NEW YEAR Jeff!!

  81. Hi Jeff

    First of all: Happy New Year to you too!

    Regarding that phrase about entrepreneurs: I have heard that from Barbara Corcoran from SharkTank. She said: “Entrepreneurs are people that are willing to work for 80 hours a week for some time, in order to avoid having to work 40 hours per week forever”.

    There’s a lot of truth inside that, I believe.

    But even 80 hours a week can be more pleasant than 40 hours per week, if out of those 80 hours only a few feel like something ‘unpleasant’, whereas during your regular 9-5 job almost all hours may feel like something you have to do rather than something you want to do.

    Regards from Greece,

  82. Happy New Year Jeff. Thanks for your thoughts on balance and intentionality. Just finished outlining my 2015 outlook. Your thoughts really affirmed some of what I have been considering. Knowing the “WHY” is key.

  83. I love how you said

    “I couldn’t have the business I have without the balance.”

    It is counter-intuitive. Most people feel the opposite way. If I worked towards balance, I would slip in business. Keep up the message, Keep evolving your game. Happy New Year Jeff.

  84. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks very much for the great video and the great reminder about making the year 2015 a more balanced and a more intentional year.

    A lot of people tend to go for more, do more things, sell more products, create more business, write more blog posts, shoot more videos, without realising that the more they add, the more things they’ll have to take away too.

    I particularly loved this statement: “It became an exercise to reduce and reduce, but it makes it easier to build and easier for people to work with. – Jonathan Lie”

  85. Beatrice Aragon


    Thank you. Happy I looked you up again. Needed that. 2014 was my biggest challenge in business after 17 years.

  86. Jeff Meister


    Jeff, What an awesome New Year’s massage. You nailed it! Just one question, though… What are the two challenges? I jotted down fourteen lines of notes… I think they are: 1) introduce balance, and 2) be intentional. But you really packed a lot of wisdom into six minutes (18 for me, because I viewed it three times). Thanks for all you do and for your “community.” Jeff

  87. Jeff,

    Watched your video o n the 17th of February 2015. Already my year has gone to crap, but this video has really given me the “shot in the arm” that my life so desperately needs right now. Thank you for your advice which is so great in its simplicity. I look forward to your emails and will be following your blog… helps keep me going!!!

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