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Every business has assets that, believe it or not, are even more valuable than money… and finding wealth-building assets could be the difference between making a living and being set for life. Here’s where to look…

The big takeaways…

  • Why building wealth is different from just making money.
  • A few simple ways to bring in extra cash flow while your business is growing.
  • The fastest way possible to destroy your reputation with your customers.

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28 Replies to “Something More Valuable Than Money”

  1. What an amazing video! Great advice, and so fun to watch. Thanks Jeff and Victor!

  2. Great advice – focus on building assets. Things banks don’t even look at, your list, relationships, knowledge, etc. Very helpful, thank you.

  3. That’s awesome. I too deal with both the corporate and entrepreneurship space. Not a lot of us out there Victor.
    Thanks Jeff for this awesome share.

  4. Thank you Jeff!
    I subscribe to several sites, but I ALWAYS make it a point to watch your videos and read your Emails.
    I’m publishing my first book this year and part of its success will be because I used your advice and tips!
    De F.

  5. He’s so right in that I’ve lost respect and trust in people who are recommending things that didn’t end up being as valuable as promised.

  6. Onyinye Etoniru


    Nice one. Good to hear from you Victor. Brilliant words! Thanks Jeff.

  7. Great video and a terrific subtle shift in thinking. Gets down into the “soul” of your business. Well explained!

  8. Allen D’Angelo


    Thank you Jeff and Victor for your insightful and thoughtful distinctions! I know that Victor has over 200k people on his list and walks this walk with a very serious business. Appreciate your taking the time to share this very much.

  9. Definitely, a great reminder: the difference between working for income and creating assets that grow your income (work for you). Thank you!

  10. Jeff, I listen to a lot of web development resource people, but you are one of a very few who remembers what it was like to begin. Your advice is exactly what I need during this first year. It’s really amazing that, as successful as you are, you haven’t forgotten what it was like to begin. Following you during these initial steps is making my dreams reachable. Can’t thank you enough for being the resource I need to move from point A to point B.

  11. You and Nike, Jeff… just do it.
    That was simple and yet great advice to stop hemming and hawing and get it done.
    Always amazing advice… thanks

  12. Carmen Cook


    Wow. Victor really spoke to me. His way of comparing the assets he and you, Jeff, talk about vs assets most people see as assets was so clear. Thank you so much both of you for taking the time to shoot this video.

  13. Great conversation. Encouraged me that I spend so much of my time building non-financial assets. There’s a balance between the two.

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