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How are you labeling yourself? And are those labels holding you back or pulling you forward? Here's the distinction that will make all the difference…

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64 Replies to “Are Your Labels Holding You Back?”

  1. Jeff,

    I am a PROUD student of PLF, owner of your new best selling book Launch and a big fan of you as a person.

    How we label ourselves is the driving force or the anchor to our success, but there is something more to this…

    Jay Abraham says “most people are not successful because they don’t know what success looks like.”

    You have been a beacon of success in the online marketing world. Now, you have shared what success looks like in becoming a Best Selling Author.

    Thank you for continuing to share what success looks like and sharing the formula for anyone to discover their own success signs.

    All the best…

    Jeff Moore

    • So happy for your very well deserved success Jeff. I ordered “Launch” a month ago but I’m in the UK , so I’m guessing I’ll have to be patient a little longer. Here’s to your ever expanding popularity as a great guy, who happens to be a wonderful teacher.

      • Jalan Semarak Api
        @Jonilea , I purchased the paperback version but couldn’t wait so I also purchased the Kindle Version 🙂 You can do so Jonilea!
        The books really beyond my expectations …

    • Hello Jeff I think you are a great man and you encourage me thank you ! We celebrate July 4 th also my wife is from Philippines they celebrate with U.S.I am of course from Briton however my memory of British life was a life of poverty but I am free now see this I hope you like what you see here as this was your encouragement that got me started? I knew I must get going on this if I was ever going to do it then it had to be now?

  2. Louis Di Bianco


    Thanks, Jeff. You are bang on. Words are powerful. The moment we speak it, whatever it is, it starts to become our reality. The more diligent I am with tis process, the better I feel, and the more successful I become.

  3. Jeff, I’m waiting for your book to arrive. I can’t see the moment to have it in my hands. I think I’ve learned all else what I needed except the launch and this is something I know I’ll get from you.
    That’s why I’m PLF member and this is a guanrantee for me I’ll make it!
    I’m so happy for you also, as I saw how happy you are with this book publishing, and it’s really fantastic… Congratulations Jeff!

  4. Likeability is one of the most important aspects of sales and selling. And likeability is NOT “gushing over people”; “kissing ass at every opportunity”; “being phoney or not genuine in order to make a ‘good’ impression.”

    Likeability is more about being a real person talking to another real person, as yourself, and trying to be of value in some way to them, without an ulterior motive.

    Jeff Walker… You are a great salesperson because you are a real person who talks with a real person – me! Thanks


  5. Hi Jeff
    Thanks for being who you are, down to earth
    human being.
    I look forward to receiving my book in the mail.


  6. I saw this by accident and I feel this man is truly a very special individual…a very simple man with awesome wisdom.. and shares it…
    I wish u success Mr Walker. Mentors are the people who make a difference in other peoples lives…U must be one. I simply feel it. And I do associate with other mentors…and there are so many on utube~ HFV

  7. That was very inspirational video. I agree that a lot of tests are just garbage and can really discourage people from taking action. I was told as school I was bad a languages and till I was 21 I could not learn how to introduce myself in English. Couple of years later I am fluent and I am about to launch product to English audience. Still got Polish accent but I don’t think it matters a lot.
    The new website design looks great . Is it a wordpress theme?


  8. Congratulations Jeff!
    You are such a blessing and an inspiration!
    I received my book in the mail yesterday and can’t wait to start reading.
    Thank you!
    Your strategies will empower me to be the best leading Purpose Strategist I can be at

  9. Hi Jeff,

    It is nice to see a Michigander have success. Your ability to pursue and move past the labels is inspirational. Labels can become the prison we live behind. The excuse why we can’t be a success, be happy, and/or change our lives. It is important to have role models who are able to break through these limiting thoughts. Thank you for sharing your journey and rooting us all on for success. I just received your book in the mail and I cannot wait to read it.



  10. Jeff, still waiting on you book in the mail. But I just had to comment on your new site. LOL I am a wordpress expert and I was on the verge of offering you my services to clean up your blog and bring it more current. LOL But I guess with the book and all you were a little sidetracked. So nice to see you have joined the second decade of the 21st century with your website.

    Some might wonder why I think this is important. Well it’s because if someone makes claims of success, but they can’t keep the platform they present those claims on current, it raises questions. I recently decided to give n and buy a product that I thought would help one of my clients. It was from a well known marketer, with many followers and many more claims to success. it turns out the campaign for this product is over a year old. It has obviously been set on “autopilot”. NONE of the module videos worked, and the WordPress version was 3.5.1, meaning the site had not been adequately attended to for over a year. but they sure were still collecting money for it.

    This type of thing makes savvy investors in this business skeptical and jaded. There is no such thing as “autopilot” in this or any other business. That is why I have decided to respect how you provide your training and information. You know that quality in an online world can change literally overnight. And to be honest, I scrutinized all your videos and claims very closely, due solely on one little thing on your website…that broken share button. yeah you know what I’m talking about. A single broken image on a website can send savvy onlookers running for the hills. LOL

    Fortunately you are the real deal. You practice what you preach. You release new versions of your program to stay current each year. And you even explain the tactics you use, AS YOU ARE USING THEM! I’m looking forward to the good read.


  11. Pat Ringold


    I’m grateful for your new book, too, Jeff. Thanks for being so generous with your knowledge and for the reminder about labels. I’m currently involved in Product Launch Formula. It may take me a bit longer than some folks to set it up. I do believe in process, know that it works and am applying the information one ‘baby step’ at a time. Thanks.

  12. Congratulations Jeff. Hail the process! It is so true what you said that it is a process. You eat an elephant one bite at a time and I have seen many fail with that. They have process a few days a week and then it disappears. I follow the same process every morning form 04:00 tot 06:30, 7 days a week. The week might have ended, but your life has not and going through your PLF training and seeing where you came from and what you have become is testament to the process of success. Luck is created. I think Gary Player, the golfer, said: The more I practice, the luckier I get. And Jeff seeing what you do, you have a lot of luck coming your way.

    Enjoy the book! Looking forward to receiving my copy in the mail.


    Willem Gous

  13. Congratulations Jeff on the release of your new book. I am waiting for delivery if my order. I am also currently working with your online PLF training course. Your story resonates with me. After being let go from my corporate job, I decided to use this opportunity to pursue my dream of starting my own coaching practice as well as Online business. My future and that of my family is riding on the success if the launch. I look forward to sharing my story via testimonial to your program in due course. 🙂

  14. ken ca|houn


    Jeff – great example you’ve had here for months of doing a video blog the Right way; you’ve inspired me to do similar for my lists (good use of personal one-on-one sincerity in your videos; agree w/Jack’s post above). Labels can be extremely helpful, or hurtful, depending on context. Having positive self-image and labels, starting with authenticity and of being genuinely helpful to others, is a great core to build on. Thanks for rocking it w/your book, PLF and vlog, you make a difference. You’ve got me hooked on your blog here, I always bop on over here to see your newest video, they’re excellent; thanks! 🙂

  15. YES YES YES Jeff….(!)

    …in regards to the labels.

    I work with folks who have a lot of labels and thinkings around who they are based on what their parents wanted them, or didn’t want them to be, and it can really mess up a person true path and what they are meant to do on the planet.

    Good luck!

    From Vancouver, BC.

  16. Congratulations, Jeff!

    Many thanks for all that you do for me while I’m at the intersection of a very difficult time of my life. I look forward to meeting you personally one day soon. Best wishes for continued success!

  17. Hey Jeff, Thanks for the advice on not labeling ourselves. that’s really great advice. I ordered your book and I’m really looking forward to reading it. In fact, I might jump over to Amazon and just grab the Kindle version too so I can get started sooner. Thanks again…you do awesome work!

  18. Yes, labels… A few years ago a friend of mine who is an NLP trainer said to me: “Do you realize how often you say ‘I’m a technical moron’? Why don’t you drop that label?”

    From the on, I stopped using that particular label – and to my surprise, I found that I’m actually quite good at learning to use new software. What was holding me back before was the label I had created and maintained for myself.

  19. Charles G. Horn


    Jeff… I received your book and started reading it. It’s excellent by the way. My big take-a-way is that despite self-imposed labels, and other-imposed labels, success is gotten despite one’s labeling. Achieving success includes learning about one’s self, fighting through adversity and difficulty, climbing, clawing… until. It is possible to achieve success, despite, or because of, one’s self. That adds to the glory! Congrats!

  20. Congratulations Jeff! Your book came in yesterday afternoon’s mail – so quick! It’s very sweet to share in your excitement about the book through this video. “Genuine” is the label I’ve had on YOU for years, and I’m stickin’ to it! I’ll bet there isn’t a person on your list who would disagree. In the next edition of your book, don’t forget to include your picture. Faces full of caring and integrity are always a real pleasure and an inspiration to see. I’ll be settling into a comfy chair with your book this evening. Thanks for publishing it!

  21. Hey, Jeff–
    Isn’t it interesting how little these labels have to do with reality? Your video reminds me of Brecht’s “The Caucasian Chalk Circle”, where it recounts the fable of a person who had a line of chalk drawn around him that he was unable to escape from. Well, these labels are those imaginary limitations we circumscribe our possibilities with, and I’m glad you pointed this out. Getting rid of these labels, by the way, is easier said than done. Most of the time we are unaware we have them.
    Congrats again on your wonderful book, which I’m about halfway through at this point.
    Al Davis

  22. Jeff,
    I’m really excited to read your new book. I’ve been getting your videos and training and watching them. A lot of this is new to me, yet I feel like it is really great stuff. I’ve been reading books by Brendon Burchard and Tim Ferriss recently, too, and all three of you are filling my head with a LOT of wisdom, processes and insights. Hard to pick through what would work for me, yet I’m willing to learn.
    I’ve just finished a rough layout of an 8-CD set package aimed at early childhood development for the craniofacial community, and am going to record it this weekend.
    Through your processes, I KNOW I will succeed, make money and — most important — give back to the world.

    Thanks and blessings,

  23. Jeff – your smile lights up your whole face when you talk about how excited you are about your book’s status. Congratulations !
    Looking forward to reading mine which arrived yesterday.

  24. Brian Walker


    Jeff, congratulations!

    I’ve got the book and love it. Very well written and inspirational too. Thanks for everything!


  25. Hey, Jeff! I just GOT Launch 2 days ago, and started reading right away. I am excited for and with you about the book! Today I’m “taking the day off.” Hmm. I probably shouldn’t do that. Anyway, I eagerly await the lessons/bonuses that are to accompany the book.
    I don’t perceive astrology as something easy to market, yet I’m doing my best not to think negatively or say “I can’t.” I’m planning to launch in late August (26th), and find I’ve focused so much on learning and making the website, now I’m out of practice! Any advice on that specific field will be greatly appreciated. I carry the same labels as you: introvert, not good at sales (much less marketing), and also fail tests that gauge for entrepreneurship. But here I am. I’ve GOT to make this work, and I’m determined to do so.
    Hope to meet you some day. 🙂

  26. Hi Jeff,

    Wonderful sharing! Your authenticity speaks directly to my heart and I’m excitedly awaiting the arrival of LAUNCH on my doorstep here in Australia.

    Just hearing that you’ve spent about a 1/4 of your life learning how to launch has inspired me so much. I’ve spent years passionately learning about how to blend my spiritual beliefs and who I am in my heart with my business acumen.

    Peeling back the layers built by the corporate environment to reveal who I truly am a has revealed some amazing stuff to me about LABELS.

    Finding YOU however has been a huge catalyst in my final transformation as I prepare myself and my business for my very first aunch 🙂 It’s a scary part of any journey – that “coming out” part. You make that process feel safer and simpler and way less scary!

    Blessings and good luck with your book sales – I just can’t wait for it to get here!!!

  27. Congrats Jeff, I’m waiting patiently for the delivery of my order. I’m in Nigeria and I can’t wait to get the book and start reading it.

  28. Jeff, this video reminds me of the Proverb that says “death and life are in the power of the tongue.” What we say becomes our belief system, it could kill our spirit or raise it up. On another note, I am excited about your book and waiting for it to arrive on my doorstep. I have just completed my second book, Listen to Your Heart and Rewrite Your Story. I need your book to learn how to launch my book. My book takes 3 women through the life coaching experience. I wanted women to read about life coaching so they would have a better understanding of how it works and the value it brings. Thanks for sharing and being authentic with your audience!

  29. Hi Jeff,

    Can’t wait to get my book! I’m excited and believe that the information within will change my life! Thanks for being a trailblazer!

  30. Jeff,
    Congratulations on a best seller. I am looking forward to spending time in your book, gaining more insight into launching my business.

    As my husband and I were raising our sons, we were very careful not to give them labels that would stifle them, but to give them labels of empowerment and growth. The labels I acquired in my youth are with me today and it is very hard to overcome some of the more negative ones. But they are just labels and I don’t have to believe anything about myself I don’t choose to believe. I can add the labels of accomplished, expert, or anything else I choose. Just as you have chosen to add best-selling author to yourself.

    Congratulations, again.

  31. Thanks Jeff for this book, it really delivers more than I was expecting in a simple book .
    Already trying myself on the formula.
    By the way your new website looks great 🙂

  32. Hi Jeff, I am so pleased to see your success and grateful that you’re sharing your success – I can’t wait for my book to arrive.

  33. Rita Malhotra


    Hi Jeff, Congratulation on for being best seller. As always this video is full of good advise. I ordered your book looking forward to reading it, I am sure it is going to help me with my business. Thanks

  34. Hi Jeff I am happy that your book is finally out and I cannot weight for it to arrive to my mail. Congratulation to you.
    I have published a book “Healing Epilepsy Naturally” last year, and I though that it was going to reach very fast all the millions of people that suffer from this tremendous disease that the doctors believe there is no cure for. There is a natural cure and I am the living example, in fact the book is my life story and I teach these natural principle in person and on my website
    The book is in two languages on Amazon and also on Kindle, I got very good reviews . I would love to be able to reach more people but I don’t have a list, can you give me some help, would you be willing to become my first affiliate?
    Thank you for your time to read and consider this.

  35. Hi Jeff I am happy that your book is finally out and I cannot weight for it to arrive to my mail. Congratulation to you.
    My book is not sailing as fast i would like, there is millions of people that suffer from this tremendous disease that the doctors believe there is no cure for. There is a natural cure and I am the living example, in fact the book is my life story and I teach these natural principle in person and on my website I would love to be able to reach more people but I don’t have a big list, can you give me some help, would you be willing to become my first affiliate?
    Thank you for your time to read and consider this.

  36. Huge piece of the inner game, Jeff. Thanks for the video and congratulations on the book. Pretty sure mine will arrive this week! Now, time to rewrite some labels 🙂

  37. Jeff, you won’t believe this but your short little video here brought tears to my eyes, where you are talking about how you used to think you couldn’t do sales or be good at marketing or business. I want to say I’ve been watching you over the last month or so and you are the real deal … a truly authentic presence in a sea of BSers. Thank you for your willingness to be authentic, vulnerable, honest and most of all, for your passion for helping us. I can’t wait to get my book!

  38. Hi Jeff, it is so true what you say! thank you so much for giving PLF and all your thoughts to the world. Huge benefit for everyone who discovers you. Blessings, Kathrin

  39. Greetings Jeff, thanks so much for all you do. Just received the book today. Own PLF, have traveled to Scottsdale and still look forward to soaking up more of your expertise. All my best

  40. Hi Jeff,

    This is such a powerful video because it reveals how anything you want to have is yours for the having. If you are open to learning and open to leaving your labels behind, then it’s all yours for the taking! Awesome!

    You are so right that the stories we tell ourselves ABOUT ourselves can either hinder us or empower us and I appreciate your encouragement to stretch beyond past expectations.

    Thanks for your continued inspiration. You are a powerhouse! 🙂 Dana

  41. Congratulations, Jeff. I signed up for your book before the
    launch and am looking for it in the mail. Your materials, blogs
    and webinars have all been very good and helpful. I will
    not label myself. Jessie

  42. Congratulations Jeff! Thanks for the reminder to remove labels, especially those we give to ourselves. Take Care!

  43. My labels are totally holding me back….
    page is bookmarked so I can rewatch.
    That will mess up your analytics, Jeff, because 73% of the views will actually just be me. 😉

  44. Thank. You. for this. I’m feeling kind of irritable and exhausted lately (in managing life’s minutiae) and it’s awesome to be reminded that the answers are still out there, I AM making progress in going through PLF and I will get to my goals one way or another, even if I am uncomfortable at points along the way. This video was a great little pick-me-up.

  45. I am looking forward to receiving your book! You are so right about how the labels we believe describe us are limits we do not need. In fact, any negative things we say, about ourselves or others, have more power than we think to cause harm.

  46. Negative self-talk is the enemy of self-worth. Words are powerful – even if they’re kept inside your head. Ultimately it is up to us to change how we talk to ourselves. Be kind. Always.

    Looking forward to receiving your book Jeff. Congratulations! I’m in the process of trying to find a publisher for mine and anticipate a positive surprise any day.

  47. Hi Jeff
    Congratulations on becoming a Number 1 Best selling Author! I also am a Pre-purchaser of your book. I do believe one of the labels that fits you well is this: You are Totally Awesome and you Just can’t help it, because that is the way God created you! In HIS Image!

    Thank you for sharing so much wisdom and possessing Integrity, long term focus and fortitude. You are a committed self-master.

    Congratulations again! I am looking forward to getting my book also.

  48. Jeff, just keep doing what you do and keep the ego out of it and people will gravitate towards you naturally. Looking forward to jumping in the book to see if what I do can be brought through the launch process.

  49. Jeff I got a free copy of your book in the mail on Saturday…but I couldn’t wait to read it so I also purchased a copy on-line. I finished your book on Sunday and now need to go back and absorb it all. I heard you speak last September at Expert’s Academy and have been following you ever since. THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge and insight with the world! Your impact is yet to be seen and so many people’s lives will be changed for the better including me!!! Congratulations on being a published author, a #1 Best Selling Author!

  50. Hi Jeff,
    I am extremely proud of you! I am reading your book and it is terrific! Congratulations on publishing, becoming a #1 Best Selling Author, and staying true to yourself in the process. The book will reach more people and continue to help many to launch their dreams. I am finally going to work on my own vision for my future life, and see where it leads me.

  51. I Am
    I Am
    I Am
    All of these are First Person – Present Tense

    As the Bible states, you are as you think. If you want to change, start with I Am . . . In a month’s time, your subconscious believes what you consciously want to become.

  52. Thanks Jeff. Letting go of labels is such a powerful transformation tool & so liberating. Patiently waiting for your book to beam into Sydney Australia x

  53. Hi Jeff,
    Just grabbed “Launch” and already enjoying and learning from it. One question when you have a minute or two…my main interest is gardening info and I have noticed that, in general, the market is highly seasonal (spring fever). Any suggestions for minimizing the seasonal nature would be appreciated. Congrats on your successful LAUNCH and keep up the good work…we need all the help we can get 🙂

  54. Thank you so much, Jeff! You inspire me to be a more outgoing, better-selling introvert!

    Looking forward to getting my Launch book!


  55. I am really touched when I saw Jeff’s videos, not this one. It almost likes I can feel what he experienced and went through all along the way. It is very inspiring to me, not only because of Jeff’s success, but also something more valuable, something that can change me from my inside out. Even though I am not your student, but pls let me say “thank you” to you, Jeff.

  56. Hi, Jeff

    I relate a lot to what you say. Able to sell and to make money used to be labels I’d never attach to myself. Now I know this can be changed. Getting rid of self-fulling prophecies about what you can or cannot accomplish is a huge step, and I’m grateful for every help I can get in this process. Congrats for your book!


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  58. Christopher Hatfield


    I have just started to read ‘Launch’ and after more than a year of trying to get going with internet marketing I think I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and also a way towards my goal. Thank you Jeff.

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