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If you’re an entrepreneur, you get paid to be a creator. But here’s the thing… you can’t create from a depleted mental state. To build your business and make an impact, you need to invest in your mindset — here's how to create an abundant mindset…

Do you operate from a mental place of scarcity or abundance? Please scroll down and tell me in the comments section…

And you can watch the FREE Worldwide Premiere of “The Abundance Code” through June 30, 2016.


The highest leverage way to invest in your business is to invest in your mindset. (Click to tweet.)

As an entrepreneur, you get paid for what you create with the thoughts running through your head. (Click to tweet.)

You either operate from a mental state of scarcity or abundance. The choice is up to you. (Click to tweet.)

When you’re focused on what’s negative, ugly and wrong, your work suffers… and so does your impact. (Click to tweet.)

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41 Replies to “Creating an Abundant Mindset”

  1. Yes Jeff, we do currently live in an abundant world. My abundant world took an enormous leap in the year 2002, when I discovered on line info marketing, I wrote several “how to” ebooks dealing with an obscure metal craft hobby, which have, over a long period of time provided an abundance in sales… I’d love to teach others how to do this, and just may do that one day. Many people have heard the old expression “The world is your oyster” and that old saying has more truth in it today than in any previous time in history.

  2. The world has enough to go around–enough food, enough money, enough love. Growing successful businesses is one way we can help spread it around. Good thoughts, Jeff!

  3. I’m in the transition space between scarcity and abundance. Working a full time job that goes nowhere, while learning and building a business that’s starting to add to my income.

  4. You’re right again, Jeff. This is a terrific film of empowerment and inspiration and wisdom. Thanks for being a great mentor.

  5. YES YTOU ARE CORRECT I know you are right even though I never made money online I will never give up my dream to be able to give to charity and raise funds for charity for the victims of floods and earthquakes in Philippines. We gave sleep mats to the prisoners in Philippines, and now I cant stop wanting to give. However I have never made money yet but you are my inspiration.

  6. This message was perfectly timed for where I am today. I was letting myself drift into despair instead of moving toward my vision of helping couples create passionate relationships in the bedroom through coaching and online course delivery. Changing the world one bedroom at a time! Thanks for the good reminder.

  7. Hey Jeff,
    Congratulations on your first movie! It was a great production and your contribution was amazing. I am looking to create that environment in my hometown, the city of Birmingham, AL . As I continue to follow you, keep up the great work! Take care.
    -Steven Andrews

  8. Hey Jeff, this was the exact message I needed to hear. After reading Dr. Weil’s book “8 Weeks to Optimal Health” about 20 years ago I did as he suggested and stopped allowing news in my life. My life improved 10 fold. Recently though I have been so addicted to what is going on in the crazy politics that is happening today that it is affecting me. Friday I even got in a heated argument with my business partner over it and we never argue – about anything! I will now turn that off and commit to staying in my world. Thanks again.

  9. Hi Jeff, I am always looking forward to your Sunday video. I love the way you talk and your positive attitude. And I love that you often share the beautiful surroundings. Vision boards are not my thing, but when I see you talk on this beach, on R.Branson’s island or in front of your home in Colorado I sometimes make a mental picture and say to myself: yes, that’s the way I want to live. Like many people I have to work on lots of scarcity beliefs, and a problem might be, that I never had a positive role model of someone who is rich. The people you see on TV or in the magazines with their fancy clothes and fancy cars, their big houses with high walls around, their yachts, jets and bodyguards- their lifestyle is not tempting me. Yes, I want to earn a lot of money, but stay down-to-earth, do the work that I love, meet and work with like-minded people in inspiring surroundings. You, Jeff, are a great role model and you help a lot to get in this mindset of abundance. Thank you.

  10. Hey Jeff

    I’m on the abundance/goodness track! Appreciating the amazing shifts in consciousness and relationships that are blossoming.
    So, it’s great people have 17 times more wealth than 200 years ago, but sadly, prices for ‘what one needs’ are also at least 17 times more, too! I’m a PLF ‘owner’ and deeply appreciate your wisdom and perspective. It’s great to have a bubble to live in with friends and clients that create a “buffer” between mainstream reality and personal reality one can co-create with the pay-to-play crowd. Thanks, and take care!

  11. Jeff,your incredible abundance as well 100K GAMEPLAN video was amazing an inspirational.So many times as entrepreneurs we second guess our hopes and dreams OR work other’s dreams harder than our own.I have struggled with this concept for years.Thank you from the bottom of my heart as well as my family’s for sharing this mental shift and abundance living concept.

  12. Aaron Koral


    Hi Jeff – great message this week on protecting your mindset! So true that one can only create from a mindset of both confidence and abundance. When your mindset is both fearful and embracing scarcity, you can’t find the wellspring of ideas to create and grow yourself and/or your business! I got the message today – thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom as always!

  13. This is what I have always wanted to do.Have a 100k GAMEPLAN.My ultimate goal is to do speak around the world having my audience share their stories.It will be an inspirational and interesting ride to watch as people from all over the world share their hopes,dreams,and ideas all while some of them coming true in front of the group’s eyes.Perhaps we are able to share the stage in a collaborative effort.

  14. AHHH Yes, the Leveling up one’s game.i Too am preparing to do this as of the video.You see,i humbly been asked to be a guest speaker on local associates radio show that markets to the community via their non profit using college students

  15. David Crabill


    I totally agree. I just watched the movie and that is also excellent. AND YET, you teach scarcity. You teach people to artificially manufacture scarcity into their launches. The abundance movie itself is ironically being launched with a major scarcity play (only free until June 30). You teach that scarcity is a timeless mental trigger that will never go out of style. Surely you’ve thought about this, and surely it bothers you?

    • @David: I teach people to bring their prospects to the point of making a decision… and the most effective way to do that is with a deadline. I don’t teach people to “artificially manufacture” scarcity, but to put a real deadline into their offer.

      With regards to the film, the producers spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to make it. The fact that they’re allowing it to be viewed for free in it’s entirety during this initial release is a beautiful thing – and incredibly abundant.

      • David Crabill


        Thanks so much for responding. I recently finished reading your book, and it seemed like you had talked a lot about scarcity in that, which may be why there was such a stark contrast with the message in this video. Perhaps your current PLF course uses the term less, but I just did a quick search of your ebook and found the word used 38 times. The first sentence in the section titled “Scarcity” is “Scarcity is one of the most powerful mental triggers in existence, period.” You recommend that people “create scarcity in (their) offer” and combine “three forms of scarcity and layer them”. Which, of course, would only be effective if people had a scarcity-based mindset.

        But what you said in the book makes sense, and I agree with you. I guess the overarching question is whether scarcity is really a bad thing. If a scarcity-based mindset allows someone to make a decision more quickly when scarcity exists, couldn’t it be a good thing? Doesn’t scarcity need to exist to give a definition to abundance?

        Also, if I as a content producer had a totally abundant mindset, then I could create a digital product and give it away in unlimited quantities for forever, instead of artificially (my word, not yours) restricting the availability to a limited amount, which would ironically *decrease* the amount of people who would decide to use it (or notice it). And yet I know you don’t teach abundance in this way, so it just seemed like I was getting mixed messages, but I probably just misinterpreted them. Thanks for all the great content and information! It’s already dramatically changed the course of my life.

  16. What a difference it makes when you live with a mindset of abundance over scarcity. I am a life coach, new to this online entrepreneur world, but am constantly seeing the thread of scarcity running through the minds of those I coach and and how those thoughts hold them back from experiencing joy in their lives, let alone financial security and overflow. As I build my own business I am believing that there is a bounty out there…more than enough for everyone!

    Thanks for your thoughts and work!

  17. Absolutely, your thoughts determine your actions, which determine the trajectory of your life. The world is largely negative so a conscientious effort is needed to keep your thoughts positive..leading to abundance.

  18. Heather Marsten


    Thank you – you are right – what we think and speak is what we manifest.

  19. This was delicious Jeff, thank you for offering me and anyone I meet in my journey of abundance, this gift.

    I’ll see you soon during my launch of my ebook ” How to start a LEGO ™ club?” And my blog,

    I love small humans and want a world of S.T.E.A.M. Experiences for them. Yes, adding ART is what will make the world abundant!

  20. David Crabill


    I love this video and I love Jeff’s teachings, and I’m surprised that my last comment was not approved. It was not a “haters are gonna hate” comment… it’s more like there is a major elephant in the room, and it would be nice to have some discussion about it.

    It is well known that Jeff teaches about scarcity in PLF, and that he considers it to be one of his most important keys to running a successful launch. It is well known that he encourages people to artificially create scarcity in their product launches. I don’t hate him for teaching that — it’s simply an effective tool when doing a launch, even though it relies on a human weakness that Jeff himself would like to eradicate.

    I’d be very interested to hear about how Jeff reconciles the use of scarcity in launches with his personal abundance mindset. Jeff, would you love to see the day when scarcity no longer worked as a mental trigger?

    • @David: your earlier comment wasn’t approved because my team was stretched really thin in the last 24 hours – we were running an event all weekend.

      As I mentioned in responding to your last comment, I’ve never taught my students to create “artificial” scarcity. I’ve always taught putting a real deadline on their offer, and to bring their prospects to the point of making a decision. I think guiding your prospects/clients/students to a decision, whether the answer is “yes” or “no” is one of the highest services you can do for them.

      • David Crabill


        Thanks Jeff for responding to not only one but BOTH of my comments. I can definitely understand holding a potentially controversial comment for moderation until you have a chance to respond to it.

  21. The world is full of despair, desperation, and misery. It’s easy to find. The world is also full of love, abundance, and inspiration. That’s also easy enough to find. What you find depends on what you expect, which determines what you’ll look for. It’s pretty basic psychology. Look for what you want, not what you hope to avoid.

  22. Dear Jeff,

    You are so right about this. It’s a message I first heard from Michael Hyatt, but one I can never hear often enough. Frankly, I limit my exposure to various forms of media because it is so focused on the negative. When I am tempted to move to a scarcity mindset I think of all the people I have known during my life. The majority are good people, just trying to do the best they can. A small number are little black holes of negative beliefs and behaviours, but usually that can be understood for reasons of poor opportunity, mental illness, or other adverse circumstances. I can number on the fingers of one hand the few who seemed to have no redeeming goodness in their lives. That kind can be healed only by prayer. Thank you for your good work.


  23. I love your messages each week. You were great in The Abundance Code! Thanks for your inspirational videos – I love me.

  24. To be honest, I have been operating in a mindset of scarcity for a long long time. It’s only until recently that I’ve done the work to identify my self-limiting beliefs, rewrite my thoughts about who I am and what God has in store for my life, and begin operating in a mindset of abundance. And the results have been EXTRAORDINARY! I’ve already been able to see new income in my business and even leave my 9-5 job to work on my own business full time. The Lord is itching to rain blessings down on us — we just have to get out of His way :-). Thank you Jeff for this great message!

  25. Hello Jeff,

    Thanks for this message of hope. You’re an inspiration as always.
    Let’s bring the world to another level.

  26. Great post, Jeff. Mindset means everything. And great point about the news. About a year ago I made a decision to read the news online, instead of listening to it on TV. It’s made a world of difference.

  27. Hey, Jeff. Love these [4] videos. I recently started listening to and reading the teaching of Abraham (Hicks), and this is pretty much what they teach: be happy. Don’t wait for circumstances to “make” you happy, just BE happy. And abundance is there and will follow. Great stuff. Glad your message was in my in-box as I’ve determined to start listening to you and Brendon again (it’s been awhile) as I begin my new entrepreneurial adventure. — Thanks.

  28. This is a wonderful expression of truth. I love to watch you, follow you, and it’s words like this that are our connection.I also am attracted to the fact that you can say so much in 5 minutes, while many others take hours to say less with many more words. you are a blessing in my life. Thank you.

  29. Jim Shanklin


    What a timely “refresher” from you with this series, Jeff. I just finished it; making notes along the way. “Abundant Mindset” is a requisite for each of us entrepreneurs; seasoned, like you or novice, like me. It was a timely and memorable “kick in the pants” to stay positive.

    Thank you again.

  30. I think this is so true what you say about things going on in the world today. Despite what we see or read in the news, the vast majority of people on the planet have things pretty good. I’m glad that I live in this time of abundance where I can connect with friends and family around the world with just the click of a button.

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