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What's your “Massively Transformational Purpose” or your MTP?

HINT: when you figure it out, it's going to make your business decisions a lot simpler… and it's like adding rocket fuel to the growth of your business.

Please leave a comment below and tell me about your MTP…

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150 Replies to “What’s Your MTP?”

  1. You funny thing you…you are dyslexic. Isn’t it MTP?
    I like the expression…”Put a ding/dint in the Universe!”
    You have done that Sir, now it’s time for the ones who have been “dinged with it” to shine.

  2. MTP? MPT? MTP? MPT? Make your mind up!!!

    Certainly food for though especially when you think about the “tree” of your impact.

  3. Great video Jeff, you’re definitely making an impact, giving knowledge experts the tools to help millions of people transform their lives. Thanks for the regular inpiring wisdom.

  4. Jeff,

    I think that you might struggle with a bit of lysdexia, as I do … maybe MTP (massive transformational purpose) instead of “MPT” :)) Regardless, your video made me think of my own MTP … thanks to your PLF course, I’m about to launch the first offering of my own online course. although I have helped develop online e-learning sites for others.

    My own course is the “productization” of my consulting and coaching services: I help health systems, hospitals, and medical practices to better connect with their patient communities. Why? Because better-connected patients are simply healthier: they are more compliant with their treatment, better at exercising, taking their meds, eating better … healthier. Simply by being better connected to their care team. My first course will be offered by the “Healthcare Content Academy.”

    I hadn’t thought about it before your video, but my MTP is improving the health of as many people as possible – millions? – by helping health systems and practices to use content marketing to serve their communities. Is that too much of a stretch? I’m not sure, but it feels right.

    Thanks so much for all you do to help folks like me to serve a larger community (loved PLF!),

    • Tricia Eagle


      Hi Russell,

      I resonate with your MTP. I am an Occupational Therapist and have worked in healthcare for 20 years. I am currently writing a training manual/book on communication for the medical community for some of the reasons that you cite.

      Tricia Eagle

      • Hi Tricia, sorry I didn’t see this earlier. Thanks for the comment, and best success with your training book! Russ

  5. Lorrie Hargis


    Super, that you are keeping us abreast of what you are doing. My massive transformational purpose- To guide others to take responsibility for their health and well being.

  6. Hey Jeff, Great post! The idea of having a Massively Transformational Purpose and certainly considering it makes one think well beyond all the daily to-do rut deepening exercises. While I haven’t figured out mine, it really helps me think about having a bigger, more valuable contribution to the world, region or even community.

    • Meg Gallagher


      thank you for expressing the “daily to-do rut deepening exercises.” Yuch. Needed this video to lift me out of that!

  7. to reach ALL those who have told me they want to get in shape. Yet they may noot have time to go to gym. I want to crete a systemized fun aproach to get them started

  8. Jeff, I have followed your work for a long time. I have one of your original product launch programs. It helped me launch my first online program (Advanced Laws of Attraction). That was the first of ten online programs. What I have found, Jeff, in the “Spiritual Niche” the launch concept is just not that effective. I know you have talked about this but that’s my experience in 5 years on the ground. This niche has a very tough audience that is super sensitive to any kind of approach. I know you have advised Tony Robbins with these models but that’s Tony Robbins! I send many clients to your work and believe in it wholeheartedly but not in this particular niche. The “MTP” is powerful idea and something I have been teaching for many years. Thank you for getting that out there and thank you, brother for your contribution.

    • Gregory …You know it! The opening is there for marketing that sits well with the spiritually sensitive. And for those of us who so want to get our messages out but are sensitive to to spiritually sensitive LOL!

    • Talking the talk is in a different universe from walking the walk. If anyone can walk the walk, it’s Jeff, and those who are so-called spiritually sensitive” will smell the difference. What is the difference? It can be called “authenticity”, but that’s an inadequate word because Al Capone was no doubt authentically nasty. Jeff has a generous quality, a balanced, humane and happy quality, and a helpful but business-savvy demeanor. That’s why he can represent the insights he has of the inner game better than most, especially since he already has mastered the best practices of his business, as is obvious from his financial success. So, I must say that I think you are incorrect when you advise Jeff to avoid the spiritual niche.

    • @Gregory: the “spiritual niche” is in incredibly broad term… so it’s hard to for me to make generalizations about marketing for such a varied market/niche.

      However, I can tell you that Product Launch Formula has been very very successful in many launches in many areas of the “spiritual” niche. For example, you mentioned “Law of Attraction” – in that specific niche/market there have been some amazing launches. In fact, some of the best-ever launches in the history of PLF have been in that market.

      • The ONLY reason I was inspired to begin learning how to market my business is because you, Jeff, do come across as having a spiritual foundation (call it loving-kindness or sincerity or gratitude or so much more). Since first reading your Launch book last year, I have dived into massive tech learning in order to bring my work to more people. I’m still working at ground level, but getting a lot accomplished thanks to your inspirations and the skills of others you have led me to. Thanks.

      • That’s so great to hear Jeff.
        I was first introduced to you through an email from Reid Tracy. I trusted him, so I trusted you. And your work has been incredible for me. Thank you for inspiring and sharing your work with so many.

  9. I try to help SMEs to perform better in business, get access to tools that have always been only big players and availing it to small businesses to remove their obstacles to grow and do well as big ones 😉

  10. I will help one million people find the beauty they thought was lost in their lives. I will help them turn the ugly story they are telling themselves into a new bold and fabulous beautiful story of a life they love! 😀

  11. Massive Product Transformation: a webinars series about how to write screenplays with an integrated synergy from creative with marketing. thanks Jeff ! loved the background !

  12. My MTP: Help reduce the suffering in the world.
    Moment by moment by being as fully present as
    I can be to the person living and breathing right in front of me.

  13. Hi Jeff

    Very touching video, thank you for making it. Just wanted to let you know that although you may not quite ever know for sure the exact exponential factor of your work, what came over in the video was, in your heart of hearts touchingly, you have a nugget of hope. I want to tell you the impact you have with my own business planning, just one tiny dot amongst thousands of dots.

    Let me say that although you don’t know me, and I haven’t bought your products (yet), I watch you and listen to you and have read your book twice. With my wife, I am engineering a product/service which will attempt tackle the western world’s growing obesity problems (MTP! right there). That sounds like delusions of grandeur if ever I heard it! A year ago this was a silly idea, nothing more. I would never have allowed myself to think that way. Brendon B introduced me to you and since that time my whole business model has revolved around your launch ideas.

    In that year, I have worked to become one of the most highly qualified medical specialist personal trainers in the UK, and will now use your exact model to seed launch. My wife has already launched a new type of branded keep-fit class which has become really popular in our local community and is ready to twin with my my weight management programme under the same umbrella brand to go global.

    My biggest ambition is to get enough money together to buy into your products and come to see you do your thing live – and take things to the next level.

    So, as I say, you don’t know me, other than as an email address, but my MTP is to help a generation of people avoid becoming horribly sick without knowing it (with metabolic syndrome etc). The person that made that even remotely a business plan is you, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for creating that for me with your value content.

    Pete and Debi

  14. YOU sir, have most definitely made that impact! Over and over, from one to the next, to the next hundred, to the next thousand and on and on.

    Massive Impact…this does change how I look at the outcome of my impact. I never looked at it in that manner. Thank you again!

  15. You have already definitely discovered and have been putting your MTP out there for years Jeff and it is appreciated by so many!


  16. Thanks so much Jeff, for sharing about the Abundance 365 workshop. My intention is to attend in the future.

    What is my massively transformation purpose? Such an awesome question & proposal to integrate into life’s play ground!

    My MTP is to: help elevate conscious awareness around what really happens to the body when we eat certain foods & how actively exercising the power of choice to live a healthy lifestyle will give you the most epic body, mind, spirit experience ever!



  17. OOps, I accidentally sent my last comment before it was finished, so … my MTP is to share a unique but, super powerful system of remedial movements with people who suffer from physical strain and often serious physical problems as a result of their work-related postures and activities. Very simple, but very effective and all based on movement and some simple positional releases. Just needing to get the filming done, but will do so once I follow protocol in your PLF, so that they actually get what they want and need…

  18. Elizabeth X Kligge


    Thanks for the video Jeff. My MTP is to lead as many people as I can into a deep sense of peace, love, joy, and purpose.

  19. Do I need an MTP or can I just do it better than anyone else? I don’t have a need to transform the world I do have a need to do it with honesty and integrity no matter what the cost.

  20. What if we made a world where mining wasn’t necessary, where all societies were steeped in a sense of the sacred? What if we could heal nature and do small things with love and self-respect,? What if creativity and beauty were commonplace, what if wisdom and reverence for the source of creation were accorded high respect? What if the arts were everywhere practiced and sought out, what if ego-culture and heroics were seen as temporary adolescent states to be grown out of instead of encouraged?—there’s an MTP!

    • Love your post David. In reading all the posts I was trying to find the words to describe my MTP. When I got to yours, there it was. Your words describe what my MTP is. If I can contribute to this shift I will rest in peace.

  21. Great encouragement! My MTP/MPT is to help leaders, teams, organizations, and churches understand grief and bereavement; to give positive and encouraging counsel as people encounter life, loss, and transitions. My goal is to support grievers.

  22. Thanks Jeff, good stuff. Mine is to nurture ethical leadership as the path to successful business. IMO, real leadership is about self-leadership first and that naturally leads others.

  23. Awesome video and message Jeff… Reminds me of the conversation we had back on that walk in Boulder during the Success 3.0 Summit. I’m convinced you have been gifted with a system/technology that “democratizes” humanity’s ability to receive and circulate financial abundance (so they can rock it out in life). Anyone in the world, who has an idea/solution that creates value for others, can package that as a business and use your system/technology to get it out in a big way. Thanks to you and all your “drinking buds” for pioneering the expert industry and laying the runway for the rest of us to launch off of. I’ll be at one of Yanik’s events this month and I’ll him thank him for nudging you back in the day too. Keep on being EPIC my friend… 🙂

  24. Richard Denzer


    Jeff, very good message. Here’s what I think. Most people help and give a lot more than they give themselves credit for. Look at what you have done. Pretty amazing. I look at my wife, a 15 year recruiter, finding and providing jobs for thousands of people. And what’s really cool, we want to keep on doing it, because its fun and the right thing to do. Giving never gets old. One of the great things about marketing is we get to learn and get better at expanding our reach of giving.

    So, from all of us thanks for all of your teaching and giving. I know we all appreciate it.

  25. Thanks Jeff. I love that term MTP. MIne is to education millions of women about their birth options, to increase awareness about the midwifery model of care vs. the medical model of care. All this in the name of improving birth outcomes. I have been working on a project with that MTP in mind.

  26. Thanks very much for this, your videos are always thought provoking and this one if no exception.

    My MTP is to raise awareness of traditional English martial arts to the point where it’s a real alternative to Oriental martial arts. Thanks for helping me start down the path.

  27. Thanks for yet another great video, Jeff. My MTP is to help every parent who wants to take charge of his/her children’s education to hit the ground running and finish the race.

  28. Hi Jeff,

    You are on purpose and your Massively Transformational Purpose is blooming all over the world. I have no doubt that with the kind of followers you attract that your exponential influence will reach a billion people.

    Okay, now for my MTP. It is so ridiculously massive that I am stepping out by sharing it ….BUT I am starting to manifest some things that show I may at least land among the stars. I like business and economics and I write mostly for the healthcare business but also business in general. I just published my own book called Working with SMEs (subject matter experts) and did my first webinar last week. It was sponsored by a man who is a Harvard MBA and someone from MIT on the call wrote to me and is planning to buy the book. Okay, so that’s a good start. This is all within the last few months

    But what about my MTP? I grew up in the great post-world war II expansion where we had a magnificent middle class here in the US and it supported public education, health advances, and allowed families to be solid. We actually had a pretty good thing going but for all the reasons a lot of people on here know, we have ruined it. My MTP is to figure out the secret sauce, how to replicate a great post-war boom, worldwide, without the war. Essentially, what are the business, social and economic factors that go into a stable peaceful society? Because I like business, I am attacking this from how to grow productive private sector businesses that employ people who then have both personal fulfillment and contribute to a stable society. Told you it was big. But wait! This story takes a turn. About three years ago when I had some downtime I started to write a book about how to replicate the great post WWII peacetime expansion without having the war first. I outlined it, had some ideas for research, and then got sidetracked by paying work. A few months ago I met a retired CEO who was a turnaround specialist during that time and he has asked me to write his book on turnaround leadership. I am about 75% finished, and last week I realized that in some form, I am writing that book except instead of doing the research, it is fast-tracked because he was there, he lived it and did it. It’s like having a sole source document, a biography.

    I watched the Peter Diamantes video and read a little about Singularity University. Technology and tech startups are part of the picture, but there is more to making us viable on this planet (note, I said on this planet) in a stable, human way than just the tech businesses. There are all the other non-high tech disciplines that we need to make life human, humane and people-sized, too. I am a huge proponent of tech advances, I am just thinking we are putting a lot of eggs in that basket and there are some other baskets that are quite empty right now.

    So, who knows? I’m nobody from nowhere, but have a lot of passion and heart for this issue. I could go on about places it has brought me that little Italian tailor’s daughters from a steel town in Pennsylvania with a public university degree are not necessarily destined to go, but I have been following my heart.

    That’s my MTP! If anyone cares to look, I blog on business training and I blog on healthcare technology policy.


    • Thanks for sharing Peggylou,

      I look forward to reading the book on Turnaround Leadership. Let me know when you done, will you?

      Humongous MTP by the way.

    • Making beautiful things by hand, cultivating the earth with a sense of reverence, letting go of hubristic big ideas, fostering community and awareness of how intertwined everything already is–is it perhaps possible that our obsession with technology and tools can be kept in perspective? I say that as half-owner of a software company that creates tools for small businesses, ironically enough. But I believe that small IS beautiful, although I can’t help but notice some folks seem to need out-sized ideas to get themselves motivated. I agree with you that the human element should stay paramount, but I think American culture mitigates against that, much more than, say. Italian culture where relationship comes first.

  29. Jeff,
    Making an impact one person at a time has advantages but the MTP for me is to aid men in changing their life to go from success 2 significance. I feel that this can be accomplished on a grand scale because at some point this concept consumes most responsible men.

  30. Vivienne Duke


    Love this simple phrase and it fits perfectly with my own MTP
    “To help everyone in the world awaken their inner hero and fulfil their life purpose”

  31. Hi Jeff: It’s sweet of you to post this video and share your own learning process so openly. . .it’s especially nice for those of us who are just beginning — building our websites, facebook pages etc., planning our programs and launches. . .clearly you were affected by this gathering and the visions of many people there. . .and paused to think about your own path. . .I like the phrase MTP very much. . .especially for us heart centered business practitioners (Men’s Health Coaching). . .imagining an ever expanding field of possibility makes it even easier to proceed. . .and I love your phrase “baby steps” — every day do that day’s tasks and your future will become your present. . . Thanks for your genuineness. . .Michael.

  32. Coach Daphne


    Thanks for sharing Jeff! I’ve been receiving so many great “nuggets” and this is one of them. Narrowing down and getting specific has been a fun adventure for me, but I’m seeing now that I haven’t really narrowed things down to my MTP. I’ve been talking about my purpose, but hadn’t really thought about the massively transformational aspect of that purpose. Putting it on paper really makes a difference. Blessings!
    Coach D

  33. Massively Transformational Purpose – Turn Transformational World Leaders into Lightworkers by getting them out of their heads and into their beautiful Bodies through my programs on Sacred Body Language…Awakening Within! To reach way up you’ve got to dig deep down…

  34. MTP – Massively Transformational Purpose, just happens to be the theme behind my newly launched Book and guided service!
    My purpose is to help guide others in realizing their unique value, discovering their passions and how to align them with Purpose. I do this with a thoroughly researched and proven system of steps. It is no less than transforming for a person to realize their own inherent desire, match them with their own unique abilities, and show them how to successfully aim them towards a meaningful purpose. My book and guided service are meant to help as many people as I can, shift into a life of their own fulfillment, joy, wealth and happiness!

  35. I want to bring JOY to the world with my ReAwakenJOY ——- doing this will be fun because I will be empowering people to take back their lives and to understand themselves and the world better. The fun part will include their money personality. This will show them that the way they look at money is the way that they view themselves and the world.
    Thank you for your straightforwardness.

  36. Great video, Jeff. Love knowing that you are at events and looking to play bigger.

    MTP: To lead by example so people will challenge themselves to better health by going 30 Days Sugar Free.

    Let’s go!

    • @Barry: I love it. One of my highest aspirations is to lead by example. It sounds so simple, but to actually live it is a huge goal.

  37. Jeff, I was working on a presentation and did not know what to call it. So there we go I needed this boost. I hope that I can follow through with it all the way. Seemed so appropriate for the moment as i was compiling and getting ready for a launch for the people in South Africa as our Country needs people that know what their calling and election is and which sphere of society they are called for. I like the working Massive Transformational Purpose as this is all about what I am trying to put together to launch.

  38. Marko Ikonen


    Thanks Jeff, core stuff!

    My MTP is to help and encourage people grow themselves and their businesses to the level they’re truly dreaming about. By simplifying things around them and inspiring them to use their existing potential.

  39. Thank you Jeff. My MTP is by making the subcounsious visible, (in one drop of blood), that still hurts and gives stress, physical discomfort. Prevent burn-out and teach selfesteem.

  40. I help people put their businesses online, & transform the way they do business, by promoting your Launch Formula, and showing them that they need to do these launches and to get a website & hosting plan from me to build their brand, & reach the most people with the help they can give with their products and services.

    Actually, I’m currently helping someone find their purpose in the health & wellness, or fitness industry! I will be helping him launch his new service with your templates I received from LeadPages. I love those templates…look so great & professional!

    And thank you, Jeff Walker, for all that you do in helping people understand the true potential for their products and services through the Product Launch Formula!

  41. Awesome video Jeff! My MTP is to bring joy, fulfilment and happiness to hundreds of thousands of people by guiding them in transforming their lives, clearing their “baggage” and igniting their spiritual power with the help of the angels. How’s that for a Moon Shot? 🙂

  42. Always great stuff. What burns in our souls is to provide jobs to people that want to work but have been marginalized by society. Both my husband and I found ourselves without employment , income or prospects so we created a soap business. We never thought of soap as revolutionary, but we do understand the demand for natural ingredients…. And we want to see this business build to the place we can employee others who are struggling with joblessness and the shifting economy. We want to take what was the most difficult thing in life (joblessness/unemployment) and drive our business by providing dignity, purpose and income to others.
    Keep up the great job on your updates. We have learned so much from you.
    Barb Bloom
    Images In Bloom

  43. Jeff,
    Thanks for being who you are. My MTP is to help others raise the capital they need for their dream projects by giving ahead. You are a great example of giving ahead and receiving afterwards. Continue giving and you will continue to receive to make it possible to expand you giving.
    Our goal in AZ is to see the Community Building needs in Southeastern AZ met with over $300m in grants, gifts and loans to those who have a dream to meet the needs in our communities by helping others realize their dreams first. That might not be Trillions, but here that’s like going to Mars.

  44. My MTP is to help 1000 small businesses succeed by getting more customers and selling more, and to help 1 million individuals succeed by finding their passion and helping them achieve it.

  45. Thanks, Jeff; as always, your authenticity and inspiration in this video comes right through your big heart! My MTP is to share cutting edge science married to mindfulness, wisdom and energy practices to people; this inspires and supports them in healing, transforming and living their most joyful, vibrant lives. I do this through speaking, writing and coaching. I’m just beginning to use technology in this effort, with a website still under construction, and I’m learning how to create audio and video to deliver content. More and more I know that speaking live will be the most powerful way to share my gifts, so I’ll focus on this along the way as I get ready to launch this year.

  46. Jeff, one of your best videos ever. And they’re always good so that’s saying something! It was inspiring to hear someone like you, someone who is living on purpose, someone who has had massive success, asking themselves the same questions I ask myself. How can I make the biggest impact? How can I make a difference in the world? Thank you for being honest, open, and sharing Jeff.

  47. inventing systems to Help at least 10000 manufacturing factories all around the world to have 10x profit and potential to hire 5x workers

  48. Hi Jeff,

    My MTP is to help at least a million people realize they’ve already got what it takes to be a successful entrerpreneur. They just need to see it and believe it for themselves.

    Great video and as always, great inspiration.

    Do you ever stop smiling? I hope not because you’ve got a lot to be thankful for and I know you know it.


    • @Jeff: You’re right… I have an insane amount to be thankful for! However, like everyone else I have times when I forget that – and those are the times I stop smiling. 🙂

  49. My MTP is filling the gap between pregnancy and parenting: it’s called parenthood. What’s the difference between parenting and parenthood? Parenting is your relationship with your growing baby or child. Parenthood is your relationship with yourself as you grow into a mother or a father, the relationship between you and your partner as you both grow into parents, between you and your own parents now that you have a new perspective. It’s also about your relationship with your extended family, friends and colleagues as you move into the new phase of your life.

    We don’t prepare parents for parenthood and this can costs them their mental health and marriages: one in seven new mamas have postpartum depression as do one in ten dads. One third of women experience postpartum anxiety, as do 17% of new dads. Sixty seven percent of couples report a decline in relationship satisfaction in the first three years of family.

    I’d like to change that. My MTP is to teach expecting and new parents (and the professionals who care about them) the eight stages of new parenthood that I’ve discovered over the past 15 years as a relationship counselor and independent researcher. Jeff, thanks to your book, I’ll be launching Becoming Us, 8 Steps to Grow a Family that Thrives in April.

  50. My MTP is wanting to inspire and motivate others to believe they really have few limitations in terms of personal achievement, and their impact on this world. The older I get, the more I realize what I’m capable of, and the more diverse my abilities are. And I want to help set others free to this level of possibility and accomplishment. You are clearly a “skies the limit” kind of person. Keep up the good work. You’re an inspiration.

  51. My MTP is to get an advanced brain training program into every third grade curriculum in the USA so fewer children will grow up with math, reading, handwriting, focus and overall learning challenges that affects maturity and self confidence. Children are our future. If you want more information visit my website to read about this amazing intervention. The studies are from researchers across the country. I have started a book to provide my experiences using this program. I have used it with children in grade school and high school as well as adults. I have seen amazing outcomes with individuals with strokes, head injuries and dyslexia. Most problems are related to the time clock in the brain. Jeff, you have provided the encouragement to step out of comfort zones and to launch my dream. Thank you.

  52. You helped me reach 30,000 people this week with my very first pre-launch video! I didn’t know if this would work but I’m drinking the kool-aid now! Go read some of the 300+ comments if you can spare a moment, and see how you helped me help all of these people see the purpose knitting has brought to their lives. “Grow my impact” – love this phrase. Thank you for sticking with us. If you’d stopped when you’d made enough money, you never would have reached me, and I wouldn’t be reaching them… Sincere thanks.

  53. I am a PLF owner and in training. My MTP is to teach all urban kids to learn to grow their own food and to transform all lawns into food forests. You are transforming those lives through me Jeff! I am learning such wonderful skills from you, already expanding my reach!!! Watch me go and enjoy your impact through me! 😉

  54. My Massively Transformational Purpose is to create a world where anyone, anywhere, who is truly ready to lose all their excess weight and keep it off long-term, will make the transformation successfully. I’m a “thingineer” (thing + engineer). I engineer people’s transformations to “Happy, Thin, and Free.” I’ve helped hundreds, in 2015 I will help thousands, and within 5 years I’ll be reaching a million. And who knows? Maybe that “M” will become a “B.” The next launch of my Bright Line Eating Boot Camp is set to roll out this month (first PLC released on Thursday), and I can’t wait to increase my impact and experience that “launch echo.” WoooHooo!!! Thanks, Jeff!

  55. Diana Patterson


    Wow! with all these MTP’s I fully expect a much better world to live in ;-). Now, let’s get with it!

  56. I watched this because I missed you. You’re always fun and you give me a lift, and if that isn’t massively transformational, nothing is. Thanks for your work and for sharing. I do healing work and write stories. My novels (coming out soon) focus on reconnecting with nature to get us all back on track. My protagonist, a bookstore manager, becomes a shaman in the Lilith and the Faeries Series (Blue Moon over Madagascar, Smell the Plumerias, and Faery:the Final Frontier). So let’s all get out there with Mother Nature, have some fun, and heal ourselves and the planet. And live HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Love you, Jeff.

  57. My MTP is to shift the Standard American Diet, so kids crave salad, families sit for meals, and everyone eats for their future.
    Thanks Jeff!

    • Hi mia,
      food is the number one thing to change in life to have a beter life, this is a massave mtp !

      I change my way of eating and i feel better now, even if i never had the american diet for standart, so i’m sure it will be a huge shift for all the people following what you say.


  58. I actually thing it’s best to leave things open, but instead to focus on letting go of ideas and assumptions that feel limiting, because underneath those restricting mental images and emotions are potentials that you may not be able to plan out or think up. I think the grand outcomes that excite our ego may be the wrong path. The heart may be driving at a whole other fulfillment, one that may register as grand on a much more profound level.

  59. OK, it needs wordsmithing – creating a healthy home environment where everyone can relax, de-stress, build their health and energy, and form strong family bonds and values so they can confidently thrive in the world.

  60. Yet to figure out my MTP, but I’ve been pondering these past months and knew I was sick and tired of mundane objectives and targets. I want to achieve or be part of some highly positively impacting cause and/or project.

    Thanks for the MTP tip – it puts in a nutshell what would have taken me ages to explain.

  61. My MTP is to to reach 1 million sme business owners in Service led businesses and have them get the business of their dreams, the lifestyle they desire and the time to enjoy it with their loved ones. That will be amazing

  62. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for inspiring video. I took your seed launch training.
    My MTP is to reduce levels of stress in people and women in particular.

  63. Hi Jeff,

    The jackhammer noise in the background is a symbol to what you did with PLF. Opening the mind of people to make place for a new ideas and possibilities.

    My MTP is to help > 10.000 entrepreneurs build and brand their business. Whether starting from scratch or developing ideas to launch.

  64. The MTP that impacts humanity forever is spiritual transformation and it is acquired through accurate knowledge of the scriptures. I am devoting my life to teach a thousand to teach a thousand and so on, to become aware of their spiritual needs and study and meditate on the scriptures daily . Only when one is transformed spiritually can do anything else for humanity. You can start by reading the scriptures and do research.

  65. Thanks for sharing! My MTP is to get 1m people who formerly played an instrument or sang in high school to host or attend local live concerts at least one a month.

  66. Massive Transformational Purpose

    I am looking forward to providing massive transformation to our Mechanics and Technician Association in the area of benefits in order to attract the members that have abandoned it throughout the last eight years.
    I also want to make an impact on the island youth by providing them with the vehicle to achieve a massive transformation in their selected areas (health, finances, spiritual, relationships, etc.).

    I am glad that you share so much valuable wisdom with all of us. God Bless.

  67. This is AWESOME! WOOO WHOOO. To make such a powerful impact with over 10,000 business owners this year alone which means we could easily impact 1 million+ lives…by helping them create the most comprehensive marketing system that combines their traditional marketing and online marketing ,including Social Media, in a way that gives them more results and more TIME FREEDOM.

    I love the thought of reaching more than just the person you are directly helping. Thanks for getting my mind to focus bigger and my heart to do a happy dance.

  68. Help thousands of women around the world find love and create a beautiful relationship with partnership, commitment and family

  69. Hi Jeff,

    Great Video!

    My MTP is to tackle the obesity crises we have in America. My goal is to create optimal health in the lives of 1 million people. I’m currently just over 18,000 and counting. Thank you for your inspiration and instruction.

    You’re the best!

  70. I love this concept. My MTP is to double the productivity of every business meeting that takes place in the world thus reducing the amount of meetings that we collectively attend by 50% and freeing this time up so that people can regain some sanity in their daily struggle to balance life and work.

  71. Jeff,

    AH!!! I wish I could share some awesome stuff with all of you but I am stuck in no-website-up-yet-limbo.


  72. I provide transformational coaching and love the impact I have on those who find me, BUT my MTP is about creating safe spaces for children to grow and learn regardless of their home environment. So presently my vision is to create systems that adopt whole families with an emphasis on providing for the childrens emotional and educational needs. As I write this Im getting a hit about creating an extended family for those who may be limited in what they can provide their children. As a single mom I was fortunate to have a “village” to raise my son with. I would like others who need a village to have access. Thanks for reading :)!

    • Claire DeLuna


      Awesome idea Lourdes. Single parenting challenges are beyond words sometimes and to have had support of the ‘village’, instead of doing battle in isolation, would have boosted and expanded my ability to parent my children in a much more empowered and energised way. Keep on track with your MTP, thousands are waiting for you to show up. Thank you for sharing. Claire

  73. Claire DeLuna


    My MTP – to facilitate the guidance of a billion primary aged kids to claim their right to self empowered being and living, and to know deep in their hearts that the source of their power is within them waiting for them to plug in. I have began my trip towards this MTP by starting with my children and those I’m in contact with. I have no idea how or when I will achieve my MTP, I just intend it to be so knowing I’m on automatic Grace Assist, which will do for me, what I cannot do for myself. Uplifting vibes to all of you, Claire

  74. I recently went through this process, and came up with this as an MTP: Making Technology Work For Everyone. No small task :-).

    • @Leo: it’s been fun to watch your business evolve from an idea to what it is now… and to see your vision continue to evolve right along with it.

  75. Joey Osborne


    Hey Jeff

    Outstanding video. One of your best. No script, heart-felt with a little vulnerability tossed in. That’s the real Jeff Walker folks!

  76. Hi Jeff,
    My purpose is the Empowerment of People According to Their Receptivity. My method (for this lifetime, anyway) is to teach them the exact nature and anatomy of Stress, by helping them to understand and identify the thoughts that cause it—Upsets, Quandaries, Guilt and Fear. I teach them to locate and identify those thoughts (usually “invisible” or unconscious) using biofeedback methods I’ve developed and perfected.
    My biggest issue for myself and my project has been, of course, promotion. You have been an inspiration, from your book Launch (which I’ve turned many on to) to your videos. Your calling our attention to the concept of MTP in this last one gives me a powerful tool to succinctly impart a message that I’ve been trying to convey to all my clients who have transcended the goal of “trying to survive.” MTP—what a great concept. Thank you!

  77. Thanks for this Video! It was awesome. 1) to see you so inspired and 2) for you to share that inspiration before you left the venue. Very cool.

    And great food for thought – on aiming higher, bigger and therefore not only reaching more people but also having more of an inspired, passionate life. Thank you for sharing.

  78. If there is a plan that is working itself into the world through me, my job is to simply clear the way by letting go of my own small and constricting ideas about what’s possible, because no matter how grandiose a vision I may conjure, it’s still limiting. I’ll follow my nose, then, to find my destiny. Yes, that’s an approach that requires trust–trust in a creative intelligence that knows what role I was made for regardless of what I may think, and trust in my ability to sense when I’m on the right path and when I’m not. At present I seem to be heading toward becoming a bridge for those folks who are unable to navigate a materialistic, money-obsessed culture because for them beauty and meaning are everything. I think I can help them because I have always had a foot in each world.

  79. Great video Jeff….. my MTP is to assist in bringing change to the world by introducing new, simple and effective all natural products which are multipurpose, multidimensional and lift vibration for business, home and personal.

  80. I love this!
    My business has the word “purpose” in the title! I’ve just realized that it’s not about selling beautiful candles, it’s about reminding people to do every little thing, every big thing, everything with purpose. I encourage mindfulness through the simple act of making a wish, setting an intention, when lighting a candle.
    MTP: to remind billions to wish!
    Thank you Jeff, for your wisdom and encouragement.

  81. My MTP is to impact millions of people through my music. Starting with “The Shift EP” in mid-2015, I’ll create authentic, transformational music to connect with people and inspire them to make a shift in consciousness.

  82. Encouraging individuals to live everyday holiness at home, work and in relationships and community.

  83. Hi Jeff,
    Just got out of devotion and there you were with this question. Well my MTP is to encourage others to lead a life of SELF-SIGNIFICANCE.
    I do this by asking a simple question. How do you intend on serving the world?

  84. Jeff, Thank you for sharing your excitment and learning as you go! so fresh and authentic, a joy for me to listen to.
    I appreciate facing into what my MTP might be – as I am lately feeling sad with my perception of the state of the world. The examples you gave of people and their projects are all heartening. I like to think we have a future here. I have served as an example of personal authority. My Transformational Purpose is to dream and craft a world that not only works, but produces love and joy, health and vitality, energy for the whole cosmos. My Moon Shot is a Star Shot !

  85. Hey Jeff,

    I love the MTP thought process because it focuses a business and entrepreneur on the “them.” Often customers and clients get forgotten but with this simple way of thinking it not only has us focus on value creation but how to do it on a large scale.

    My focus is to empower 1 million leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals with proven principles, pivotal mindsets, and powerful tools that drive focused actions and results.

  86. Nice, Jeff! 4 minutes on the balcony and I’m now trying to figure out how digital marketing can help feed the hungry in America! You’re always worth a listen. Be HUGE today!

  87. So what I heard you say Jeff is that your MTP is MPT (Massively Purposeful Transformations) Sounds pretty clear to me 🙂

  88. Hi, Jeff

    I’d love to see every person in the world know who their 16 ancestors are through family tree research, but what I am passionate about is family tree historians being able to pass on their research to the younger generation in the knowledge that it won’t end up just stored in the attic, or a fate worse than that – the trash can. I want to help historians preserve, protect and present their family tree so that it not only instructs future generations but inspires them too. I want to help people make an awesome legacy.

  89. Thank you for the video, Jeff. My MTP is to transform the world by helping 300,000,000 people to shift their Core Paradigm to Access their Infinite Intelligence, and Consciously Create the body, health, business, wealth, relationships, life and world of their dreams.

  90. Massive Transformational Purpose
    To decrease the divorce rate by 10% by healing broken hearts and growing women (and women children) to understand the power they have to create love relationships that include chemistry, compatibility, love with respect as foundation so that both partners can thrive and support each other.

  91. I love your vulnerability and your open hearted authenticity is what made me buy PLF4 a year ago with money I did not have!!
    I have not been able to get it going yet with all the challenges we have in Africa but I love what you have created and my bigMTP is to assist and empower 1 million women in Africa to create sustainable income by using the power of their stories…women’s voices rising

  92. My MTP is to show how the simple acts of running and walking can become mindful practices that offer benefits far beyond just keeping one fit and healthy. If you’re going to go to all the trouble to keep your body fit, why not work on your mind and spirit while you’re at it, and get much more bang for your buck. My goal is to reach 4 million people with this message, through on-the-ground instructors, virtual teaching modalities, streaming content, webinars and downloadable audio lessons delivered weekly to your inbox.

    Thanks for all the great work you’re doing Jeff. I want to take your PLF course.

  93. ken ca|houn


    Good topic; always a fan of transformation and improvement. Mine has always been to continue to help the thousands I reach learn how to make more successful trading & investing decisions that in turn help them achieve lifestyle & independence goals, by example. Providing visual anchors and inspiration is a big part of that, along w/professional strategies that actually have the potential to work.

    to making a positive change,

  94. Hello Jeff,
    You and your program were just introduced to me by someone who admires your work and who believes that your program can help us get the launch that we have our sights on achieving.
    My vision and MTP is to provide the tools that will help people better understand, better plan and achieve their dreams. I want to be able to say to people, “if you believe, never give up”. My vision has kept me mentally, emotionally and financially engaged for the past 7 years and we just rolled out a beta version of our first application for helping people initially get engaged in the planning process for a kitchen remodel.
    I just purchased your book last night and hope to gain insights from your program that will make our launch a great success.
    Thank You, David

  95. Thank for your inspiration Jeff! My MTP is 1)to help people solve conflicts through a new way of working with emotions; and 2) to restore right-brain intuitive way of working to its rightful place. Our culture shifted too much toward the left-brain logical and linear way of thinking and working.

  96. Derek C Howie


    Love It Love It.. We Are In The Business Of Giving.. The Best We Know.. Institute Of HeartMath Huawei The Philosophy Is Great As Is Yours.. Derek C Howie Good Life Group Take Care out.

  97. I help reduce workplace suffering by helping managers showing up as abrasive connect their true intentions and goals to effective and empowering action.

  98. This is something I’ve thought of a lot and really what helps keep me going when I’m down: because I don’t see anyone else going for what I’m going for, at least not for others, and it’s really important.

    My massively transformational purpose is to develop business models that allow artists to profit off their work, and have normal work hours and healthy lives. My focus is in the entertainment industry.

    A ton of artists are struggling financially and overwork a ton of hours- not just if they’re entrepreneurs, but when they’re working for corporations as well, ESPECIALLY the ones that specialize in entertainment. I want to change that, because I’m concerned about artists’ well-being and how hard it is for them to make money from their talents, AND I’m concerned about the future of quality art- good entertainment’s expensive to make, and artists are struggling to get money.

    I’ve already developed a business plan I hope to put to the test before 2020, and I plan on launching a Kickstarter for a project that can hopefully help build me up a following so I can progress into that by then.

  99. My MTP: build a civilization of love and a culture of life through the arts! (I’m an independent author, which means I write and publish my own books!)

  100. I just want to offer my warmest wishes to all the artists, writers and world-healers of every stripe on this thread. Jeff does attract beautiful people.

  101. OK, I guess I do have a MTP, although I think I’ll call it a MMTP (Massively Modest Transformational Project). I want to lend an effective hand to writers, teachers and “creatives”… I really like and want to help people who write and teach psycho-spiritual and transformational ideas, and who need an online platform that gets them known to their community, and I want to help them make a good living doing offering their ideas to the world. This MMTP really inspires me because I’m aware of and friends with some of these people and I see how clueless they can be about how to connect to an interested public. Our business is scaling up very rapidly right now, which involves management and hiring of new people (always dangerous), institution of new procedures and production sequences (also delicate), but I do not want to lose sight of my MMTP, which might just help make a better world.

  102. Thank you Jeff. You message to me is perfectly timed. I just cancelled the online program that was to start today because I only had 4 registrations. And I am completely aware that I lack a big enough “why” as I play this game, which is so closely aligned with and MTP. I created financial freedom for myself about 4 years ago based on a system that I created. Although I have been teaching that system at UCLA for over 20 years, it took an injury for me to look at taking it online, and not having the success I envisioned, I was ready to close it down. Based on your video I have to seriously consider, and create, my Massively Transformational Purpose. Again, thank you.

  103. Thank you, Jeff.

    My MTP is to encourage a million marriages! I want to support husbands and wives so that their marriages are healthy, their children are blessed, and society itself is strengthened.

  104. My MTP is to help give people back their power, value, and confidence in how they interact with others. Especially those in sales. I want people to be not only financial independent but also psychologically independent as well.

  105. Build a business empire based on helping mothers ask questions they didn’t even know they had so as to challenge themselves and create a skyrocketing trajectory towards self-actualization!

  106. Thank you Jeff for asking this question. You are a continuously inspirational teacher for so many!!
    My MTP is to respond when people invite me to see them where they are, and offer them tools for becoming more truly themselves.

    Happy day to you!

  107. My MTP is releasing my book/program, “The God Formula!” I sure could use some one to assist and guide me in launching it. Do you know some one? 🙂

  108. When Edwin and I first teamed up, his idea of success moved me not at all. I had zero interest in being a huge corporation or selling our start-up for millions. I just wanted to create something solid, something useful, and if at all possible, something beautiful. Being famous, being filthy rich? Boring, stupid even. Over time, we got on the same page. as much as I criticized success in its usual forms, I find I actually enjoy the experience.
    And Edwin? He now aspires to help the underdog, those folks who could use better software than normally available at our prices. I think he’s more aligned with his innate values. Not that we can’t grow into a large company while staying faithful to our values of service; of course we can. We just had to get clear about those values from the start.
    We finally have a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment, after years of working out our product and business models. The initial sense of having persistently—over time–fashioned a beautifully built and useful construct that people want and will pay for is extremely gratifying. I know now that we are and will be successful, that all the effort and faith was justified. The product, the thing hammered out over several years, is what I needed it to be in terms of quality, but also what Edwin needed to create in terms of a useful and high-functioning system that fills real needs in the market.
    Working as a unit, it’s as if we comprise one brain, Edwin and I, coming as we do from widely differing mind-sets, demographics and age-groups. He’s the left brained geek and I’m the right-brained artist, yes. But it’s not that simple. I’m at least thirty-to-forty percent left-brained, and he has a large right-brained component. I’m philosophical, artistic and emotional, and he’s logical, mathematical and mechanically oriented—and yet I’m better at setting up management and procedural systems than he is, better at dealing with lawyers and accountants and management thinking, and he is much more alert to the aesthetics of website design and construction.
    It took us almost five years to merge our widely differing approaches to be able to create a product and a business that satisfied us both. Now that we’re experiencing success, it’s sweet, because for several years it was touch-and-go, which is not sweet at all. Determination and persistence, and the fact that we naturally liked and respected each other got us through the hard times, and there were in fact several times when we couldn’t see a way forward. Churchill said that success is the ability to go from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm, and that can certainly be said of Edwin.
    I may be less effusive than he is, but I am nothing if not dogged and stubborn.
    Now that success is here-and-now rather than off in some far-off, hoped-for future, it seems impossible to point to any one thing as key. Strangely enough though, if any one thing does stand out, it’s the experience of failure. That will galvanize and focus your mind more than anything, believe me. I recommend it, because once you face it down, you’re a better entrepreneur.
    But success?—success is fun. I really like it.

  109. Jeff, my son and I are pastoral leadership consultants. I’d say our MTP is to enable pastors in all English-speaking countries to be better and better at what they do and to be encouraged in their own personal development. Then maybe afte we get done with that we will move to non-English-speaking countries:-)! This is way bigger than us. Thanks for all your help. We look forward to PLF Live this fall.

  110. Such excellent timing. I call it the BHAG or Big Hairy Ass Goal but yours is much sweeter sounding. I’m rebranding right now to help others discover their purpose in life, based on my own exploration and a spiritual transformation over the summer. Best feeling ever and the synchronicity that is occurring is giving me angelic assurance. Carry on, everyone. We need brilliance everywhere!

  111. Hi Jeff. I totally agree on the need of having an MTP prior launching a business.
    This help to stay motivated in difficult moments and to focus on a inspirational goal.
    I don’t know if you read the book “Exponentional Organizations” of Salim Ismail from Singularity University but it actually talk about this on a very smart & pragmatic approach to meet exponentional growth in business.
    Thanks for the video.

  112. The current state of wellness in our culture is terrible and quickly getting worse. Research shows that we could save 75% of costs and personal pain and suffering by changing lifestyle. My MTF is to help reach the tipping point where this trend is reversed and prevention takes the lead

  113. Hi Jeff,

    I started receiving your emails/videos last fall– so helpful! I’m doing a bit of ‘catch-up’ work and going back thru. I loved the idea of the MTP– I’m a holistic health psychologist, author, and speaker and as I’ve evolved, I created a mission statement to help me fine tune what you are calling the MTP. For me, it is to be a vehicle of consciousness to help others reach a a radiant level of “Soul Health”. I have a holistic health model called “The Soul Health Model”– both a life-balance model and a soul evolution blueprint. Looking forward to launching some videos with your suggestions to help build the consciousness– thanks so much! K Kelly

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