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Is It Too Late To Start My Business?

by on Jan 25 2015
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Way back when I was first getting started, I was worried that my target market might already be all locked up… that someone had beaten me to the punch. I was wrong back then… and if a similar thought is holding you back right now, then this video is for you:

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How I Finally Finished My Book

by on Jan 18 2015
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I’m not going to lie… finishing my book was an epic struggle. Here’s the simple technique that allowed me to finally finish it…

Here’s some of the resources I mentioned:

Relax Melodies:
My “Launch” Book:

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How To Make Your Own Good Luck

by on Jan 11 2015
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What does luck have to do with success? There’s no denying it… it’s great to have good luck in your business. But the most successful people engineer their good luck. Here’s how to do it…

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How to Make Your Competitors Irrelevant

by on Jan 04 2015
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Here’s one simple thing you can do to completely stand out from your competitors (I learned this when I had one of those “light bulb” moments in the back row at a seminar – the woman who taught me never knew who I was, or the impact she had on me!)

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Two Challenges for the New Year from Jeff Walker

by on Dec 28 2014
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Here are two big challenges for you in the coming year… these are the two biggies that I focus on almost every year.

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Your 25 Year Plan

by on Dec 07 2014
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Last week I worked on a 25 year plan for my life and my business. To say it stretched my thinking is a bit of an understatement – here’s some of what I learned…

Resources mentioned in the video:

Michael Hyatt’s free videos on his “Best Year Ever” process

My coach Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach

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The Discipline of Gratitude

by on Nov 26 2014
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This one habit – the Discipline of Gratitude – will make you a happier person… and it will make an incredible difference in what you achieve in your life and your business:

Start your gratitude practice right NOW… please leave a comment below

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The Online Entrepreneurs “OCD Loop” (And 3 Tips For Increasing Your Productivity)

by on Nov 02 2014
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Does this loop look familiar? Check email. Check stats. Check social. Then start over by checking email AGAIN. The online entrepreneur’s “OCD Loop” is a soul-sucking productivity killer… and this video is all about how to get out of that loop…

Please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear what you’re doing to be more productive…

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