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What My $350 Bike Pedals Say About Your Business

by on Jul 16 2016

What kind of a crazy person would pay $350.00 for some pedals for their mountain bike? Who does something like that? Well… I guess I’m that crazy person. Here’s why I did it, and what it means to your business…

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What $350 bike pedals have to do with your business success… (Click to tweet.)

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What frogs can teach you about market niches… (Click to tweet.)

Knowing The Rules (and Breaking Them)

by on Jul 02 2016

This is probably the most chaotic video I’ve published – trains whistling, buses driving through, and a party gettin’ started… it gets a bit crazy. But the real gem in here is knowing the rules… and knowing when to break them…

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When it comes to marketing, know the rules… and know when to break them. (Click to tweet.)

In your marketing, rules were made to be broken… but you have to know them first. (Click to tweet.)

Why it’s important to follow a proven formula in your marketing before you follow your instincts. (Click to tweet.)

Even the best marketers can lose their way. Stay on track by following a proven formula. (Click to tweet.)

Creating an Abundant Mindset

by on Jun 25 2016

If you’re an entrepreneur, you get paid to be a creator. But here’s the thing… you can’t create from a depleted mental state. To build your business and make an impact, you need to invest in your mindset — here’s how to create an abundant mindset…

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The highest leverage way to invest in your business is to invest in your mindset. (Click to tweet.)

As an entrepreneur, you get paid for what you create with the thoughts running through your head. (Click to tweet.)

You either operate from a mental state of scarcity or abundance. The choice is up to you. (Click to tweet.)

When you’re focused on what’s negative, ugly and wrong, your work suffers… and so does your impact. (Click to tweet.)

Why It’s Generally A Bad Idea to Wait…

by on Jun 18 2016

If you’ve been slowly working on a knowledge product for years, but still haven’t launched a thing, it’s time to stop. Stop perfecting. Stop procrastinating. And most of all, stop waiting. This is what you need to do…

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No product survives contact with the customer… so get it in front of them sooner than later. (Click to tweet.)

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Waiting to put your product out is actually counterproductive. Here’s what you should do instead. (Click to tweet.)

Movement inspires movement. When you get moving, you’ll see your next step. (Click to tweet.)

Climbing Your Entrepreneurial Mountain

by on May 27 2016

I shot this one on Richard Branson’s private island in the Caribbean – and I got to thinking about this dirty little secret that all entrepreneurs have…

We try to make it look we’ve got it all figured out… but the reality is that we’re just making it up as we go along. And sometimes we get stuck along the way… and that’s what this video is all about.

An Introvert On Stage (In Front of 1,000 People)

by on May 07 2016

I’m an introvert, and I just spent three days on stage in front of 1,000 people… here’s how I survived:

How To Know When You’re Ready

by on Apr 30 2016

Are you “getting ready to get ready to get started”? How will you know when you’re finally ready to take action? Here are your answers…


Have you been “getting ready to get ready”? Have you been all preparation and no action?

Making big moves in life, like starting a business or launching a product, can be intimidating. Most of us want to wait until the time is right.

But how do you know when that time has come… when you’re ready to take that giant step forward? Just keep these eight thoughts in mind…

1. Procrastination is a killer. A telltale sign is putting too much effort into getting ready to get ready. Everything has to be just so… even perfect.

2. No one can ever be that ready. Entrepreneurs at the highest level have never waited to be ready. They simply made a decision to move forward because that’s what’s always required.

3. People procrastinate in the hope that their confidence level will increase the more they get ready. But confidence comes after you make the decision, move forward, and enjoy some success. So waiting for confidence means you’ll never be ready.

4. If you’re asking, “Am I ready?” 99% of the time, you are ready.

5. Making a commitment takes courage. And yes, that word can make you feel a little uncomfortable. But stepping out of your comfort zone is the price every entrepreneur has paid for their future success. So you won’t be the first to do this.

6. Everything is “figureoutable.” If you have a vision of where you want to go, and muster up the required courage, you can figure out how to make your commitment stick.

7. Share your commitment with your target audience. What a great incentive to move forward. And be sure to share your commitment with someone who you know will be supportive of your decision.

8. Finally, remember these “Four Cs”: Courage (leads to) Commitment (leads to) Capability (leads to) Confidence.

Playing Hard With Richard Branson

by on Apr 24 2016

I’ve found that one of the best ways to get to know someone is to play with them… to compete with them. I just spent four days playing tennis with Richard Branson, this is what I learned about him (and from him)…


Entrepreneurs and business owners rarely think twice about putting in the “overtime” to grow their businesses. But if you’re going to continue to perform at a peak level over the long haul, you need to take care of yourself. In my opinion, if you’re going to work hard, you need to play hard, too. Here’s a quick 5-step approach to fun and play:

1. Make personal health your #1 priority. Without it, you can’t build a business.

2. Schedule time for physical activity as part of your daily routine.

3. Choose an activity you enjoy… so you actually look forward to doing it. Positive addictions are good for you.

4. Always look for things to physically train for… events, big adventures, races, etc.

5. When you consider your business goals, consider the impact on the rest of your life. Don’t give up your health, lifestyle, or relationships to advance your business.