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When I recorded this story with Susan Peirce Thompson, she was just getting started with her business. 

Susan was a psychology professor with no experience in online business. What she had was a passion for teaching people to lose weight – just like she had.

In the video, we show you step by step how Susan used Product Launch Formula® to make her first $100K. 

And here’s the crazy part… 

Within a few years, Susan’s business was bringing in seven figures… and then eight figures. We’re talking $10 million per year in sales.

Watch the video to see how it all began…

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2 Replies to “10-Million-Dollar Rewind”

  1. Hi Jeff, this is a very inspirational video. I’m one of your students and affiliates. This is good timing since I just got done editing my video 3 of my PLC. I have to admit I’ve been tired but after watching this video I’m going to complete editing Video 3 – and get the rest of the campaign done! Thank you! And I’m excited for the Masterclass!

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