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A couple years ago I had my 20th year in business (and I’m still a little shocked at that number). To celebrate, I did a 30-day video challenge I called “20 Years in 30 Days”… and it turns out that’s one of the most popular series of videos I’ve ever done. In case you’re looking for something to binge-watch this weekend, I put together a playlist for you.

[PLEASE NOTE: all 30 videos will automatically play one after the other – you can sit back and binge-watch all of them.]

Check it out…

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21 Replies to “20 Years in One Weekend”

  1. Thanks for the immense value Jeff. Do keep up the good work. I was interested in how you got yourself to take persistent action. You answered that beautifully in a couple of the videos. Now, how do you access JV partners for the affiliate collaborations etc. Cheers!

  2. okay Jeff I’ve been at it as you know since September…and this is the first time you mention the word “IMPACT” that I can remember….but since this is all about ME, now I know that I need at least one JV to put this plan into effect (PS: IMPACT could be $1 trillion or more by years end! (Sorry: my original estimate has to go lower since each day $2.7 billion is being wasted in the governmental healthcare complices (there’s more than one!)- but we can still save as much as $950 billion by working together in a joint venture….I’ll try to revisit this blog area periodically today, let’s go get ’em today! (PS make contact if the website does not make sense or if you want to know more.) gracias

  3. Hi Jeff, looking forward to the upcoming videos. I would really like for you to address those people like myself who have been following you for a number of years just wishing I could attend one of your events live. I have been a guitar teacher for over 40 years and have taught thousands of people how to play the guitar. I am now retired and have a website where I offer free beginner guitar lessons along with a several small paid courses. I would really appreciate in your up coming videos to address how me and small internet marketers like me could really take the next step in building our business. I just don’t have the finances to purchase your complete course and would appreciate any thoughts and tips that you think would be a benefit. By the way, looks like you are a guitar player also. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

    • Hey Sam – I was in a similar position, but knew I could figure it out. The first key is to stop telling yourself you can’t afford it – get it on the calendar late August/early September and start putting away and generating the tiny revenue for the payment plan if you need it. The second is buy Jeff’s book – you can do a launch with whats in there. Third is study everything he does, and what the people he mentions (that are part of his Mastermind are doing). Fourth is take that free stuff off your website and make it into a lead magnet, and start surveying your “thousands of people” and see what they need now. And Marie Forleo is currently running her BSchool launch and she is using the PLF model – go watch and listen carefully to what she is saying – some of it word for word Jeff Walker :))) … hope that helps

      • Thanks Debbie, I appreciate your help and advise. I just recently purchased Jeff’s book. Haven’t read it yet but plan to in the coming days. Take care,

  4. Jeff, congratulations on your anniversary. What a journey! Thank you for the upcoming video challenge. I’d like to know, if you could go back in time, what do you wish you had known when you started your business? Thank you!

  5. Hi Jeff,

    I just launched my fist ever online product, a course for creating your own beauty products, at 10 am today! Thanx to your book it’s already a success!

    Greetings from Germany

  6. David Murphy


    very good video, kind of annoyed to watch the other two videos to get to this but this is gold 🙂

  7. David Murphy


    this blog is gold in of itself, you get my email and i can make a comment without having to log in I like it 🙂

  8. Nathan. Moskowitz


    Hi Jeff,

    A man that I recently sold a vehicle to turned me on to your books and resources for starting a business online. I’ve always felt that the Internet should be the vehicle that would help me become a successful entrepreneur but your story and continued success along with step by step on how to use PLF is fantastic. Glad to be here and hungry for more!!!

  9. Hey Jeff,

    great idea – thank you for the video series and congratulations to your anniversary!
    I have a series of questions:

    1) If you could speak to your 20 years younger self, what advice would you give?

    2) You once said that your real “superpower” is building communities.
    What principles & factors have you discovered are important for building a community?

    3) I have rarely seen someone as humble, authentic, giving and caring as you – even more rarely with such a track record like you. In the PLF coaching program you once said “Its just who I am”. What do you belief that makes you be like this?
    What experiences did you make that confirmed your beliefs?

    4) How is your relationship to money and how did it change within the last 20 years?

    5) When did you start to realize how important intention is, and how? What advice would you give your younger self regarding this subject?I imagine that you have to say “no” quite often – to all kinds of things (invitations, cooperations etc.).

    6) How did what you do change when you started building a team? What were / are the challenges and again, what would you recommend your younger self and a solopreneur like me?

    Thank you for the time, effort and love you put into your work!
    Looking forward to see you on PLF live in April!

    Best regards from Germany,

  10. I’m going to get your book ASAP and pass this on….as I was watching the last 2 or 3 vids I’m thinking of whom to forward it to.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  11. Congratulations, Jeff! You are such a positive, enthusiastic, but still humble, authentic, giving and caring person.
    Keep doing great (Y).

    Sunny greetings from Slovenia,

  12. Curt Siemers


    How about something about passive income online. Is it even possible, have you done it?

  13. I appreciate your demeanor and excitement, Jeff.

    You are a success from starting an online business 20 years ago, when there were like 2 people (you and that other guy) publishing newsletters and selling subscriptions. How does your training method work for today? The internet is a completely different world now, flooded with businesses, bloggers, subscriptions, Amazon, etc. How does a new start-up business compete with this traffic today? How can it be unique when there is everything possible out there now inundating people and businesses upon businesses, marketing being shoved down our throats, scammers, hackers, google, youtube, facebook, instagram, twitter… Almost every physical business has there own website, crafters, homemakers that love to cook blog and send out newsletters, it’s a complete whirlwind now.

    How does today’s online world pertain to your methods now, not 20 years ago.

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