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A lot of folks like to make predictions at the start of a new year. And while predictions and forecasts can be interesting, they don't always translate into tangible business growth. 

But rock-solid insights and metrics do…

Which is why my coaches offer our Launch Club members (i.e., my high-level coaching students) debriefs every time they launch. 

It’s also why I started hosting my annual Launch Lab. 

This is where my team and I break down all the Launch Club debriefs from the past year so you can discover what’s working in business right now.

We conducted 206 debriefs across a wide range of industries and niches in 2022, and we gained new insights every single time. I’m super excited to share with you the practical strategies and best practices that were most effective this year. 

This is real-world data – the very latest tactics and trends – the approaches that’ll help you succeed in 2023. These are the same strategies my team and I will be using in our own launches. 

I’ll have more information on how you can register for the upcoming Launch Lab soon. 

In the meantime, here's a runthrough of my debrief process – fine-tuned over all my years of launching – so you can see just how powerful it can be.

Launch Quickstart

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10 Replies to “More Profitable Than Predicting”

  1. Sanjay Shinde


    Thank you Jeff for all the good work you do and sharing your knowledge. Keep it up.

  2. With five novels on Amazon, we find it increasingly difficult to understand how to drive interested readers to our Web Site, and have not been able– to date– to afford the $$$$ fees required by ‘Marketers’ to increase our book sale. But we are still maintaining a positive and hopeful attitude in hopes someone will be able to effectively guide us.

  3. I truly enjoyed this series of videos Jeff, and the word play too: from entrepreneurs rewarded for implementing their thoughtful ideas, to the importance of meditation practice that aids us in the journey as personal development instigators!

  4. Pongrat Ioan


    Please sir Jeff Walker very much .. if you know something .. you know my situation

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