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How would you feel about making an offer at TWENTY TIMES the price that you've been normally selling at?

That was the challenge Ocean Robbins faced after his hot seat at my high-level mastermind.

Ocean runs the Food Revolution Network alongside his father, John Robbins. Their mission is to promote healthy, ethical, sustainable food for all – helping folks make food choices in alignment with their values. 

The most recent Food Revolution Summit attracted over 300,000 attendees, all eager to change their lives. But Ocean wants to impact even more people…

Which is why he spent 30 minutes in the hot seat, being blasted with ideas.

Ocean left realizing that to achieve his goals, he needed a team of ambassadors – coaches who can learn his approach and spread his powerful message far and wide.

Going from offering $100 summits to $5,000 premium programs is a big leap for any business owner. And in this conversation, you’ll discover how Ocean is making it happen.

Talking with Ocean is always fun, and this chat is no exception. It’s filled with marketing lessons and takeaways about selling higher-priced products, the advantage of using masterminds, and knowing when an idea's time has come…

P.S. To find out more about Ocean’s amazing plant-based certification program, check out:

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2 Replies to “How Ocean Robbins Created a $5,000 Premium Offer (After Years of Selling at Lower Ticket Prices)”

  1. Michelle Greenwell


    Thank you for sharing the video with Ocean Robbins. It was eye-opening to hear the challenges and thought process for a company that has been established with a huge following, and how the same thought process happens for their next growth spurt. I appreciate the transparency shared through the video.

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