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How do you triple your sales by running the exact same launch? You add one critical tweak. Here’s what I mean…

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42 Replies to “3.6x-ing Your Sales”

  1. I wonder if you’d adjust your exclusion to coach a supplement business if there was product-specific clinical trials proving the clinical effects of the supplement?

    • Steve Newton


      Hi Sue. Your scarcity could be tied to some bonus perhaps. I’m looking at a launch with limited time parameters and a bonus that includes a call with me. We nave another bonus as well that is based in content only. Now that I think about it, I may try this as split test to see if it works. One campaign with scarcity of the bonus offer call with me, one without.

  2. You’ve been teaching us scarcity all along, but this particular story gives a nice, specific illustration of it. A “case study“ if you will. Thank you Jeff!

  3. Rod Gibbons


    Excellent suggestion.
    But I’m wondering: for book authors, how might one use that “deadline” suggestion to triple the initial book sales?
    Because, of course, authors are primarily hoping that their book’s sales will extend MUCH FURTHER than just an initial first week (or even first month’s) time.

    • Just a thought – if you have a bonus like signed copies or even…. if they buy your book by X date they go into the draw to win a one on one Zoom chat with you the author. Think outside the box and see if there is a special bonus offer that can create scarcity if purchased by a certain date. I remember on marketer was asking book owners to take a photo of themselves with the book and post it on their Facebook page – I can’t remember what the prize was but there was a deadline. Good luck/skills! Sonia

    • Hi Rod, I’m thinking that perhaps what you can do is create multiple small events that have different deadlines (eg segment your target market and then target each segment differently). Could that work for you?

    • Hi there, Rod…one possible thought: offer extra gifts when people buy your book and give those a deadline.

      Good luck!
      Norie Huddle

    • I also wonder about that.
      I believe Jeff has a training on launching a book but could not find it. My book is coming out in a couple of weeks and would like to know about that training if possible.
      Thank you!
      Manuel Ramos

    • Not every approach is right for every business line. These videos cast a very wide net. Books on sales also do the same thing. Your sales vertical may be in service to municipal services, or small businesses owners, or automobile customers, or folks who need life insurance and financial guidance, but no two verticals are the same. Reading a book (or books) and watching a video (or videos) are only going to broaden your knowledge of “what” to do. “How” to do it for your specific situation requires personalized coaching. Think of it as going to a gym three times as week versus working out with a trainer every other day. Or learning how to play guitar from YouTube videos to studying with a professional in a one-on-one setting.

  4. Mercedes Pelaez


    Great article, Jeff – look forward to reading more from you!

  5. Great point Rod.

    In my opinion, you could perhaps make the sales include your paperback (hardback), ebook, audiobook and/or eCourse on the book. Or have a specified number of autographed copies or a special deal which could include passes for a book 📚 signing event?🤔

    Make it clear these additions will go away after the deadline and their money will then be JUST for the book😁

    • Jeff, thank you for pinpointing this important aspect. I have a binder/information set. Offering the printed version or a downloadable PDF version. I have not built my list yet… my website has not been finished. Almost done with my PLF launch email sequence. I’ve been wondering how to present the scarcity… and decided the Subscribers Insider Deal will go away after I reach the minimum pre-publication orders needed to make a print run cost-effective. Listening to your video, now I’m thinking that the date to close the cart needs to be more specific. So thank you for reminding us of that tip.

  6. Thanks Jeff,
    Sage advice.
    What are several ideas to help create real scarcity?
    There is the timed discount. That is obvious.
    Similar to the availability window.
    But are there others?
    Would to see a list or brainstorm on ideas how to create scarcity that is real and genuine.

  7. Hey Jeff, when you speak of list “hygiene”, the process of removing people who don’t open emails, the gentleman that was set 1000 emails before he bought would have been removed.
    Instead of deleting him, would you moved him to another list?

  8. How long did you want until you did your second launch??
    Thanks for share your insights!!

  9. Yes…scarcity works!! Start and then an end. I am looking forward to trying this out with my next launch which will be soon. Thanks for your guidance Jeff!!

  10. Jared Vishney


    Great reminder about using a deadline to create scarcity as put forth by Robert Cialdini’s research. Thanks for the tip.

  11. Love love love this. I’m a ways away from my launch but I want to get it right from the start. Thanks so much! I’m on it!

  12. I’ll launch in about a month an online cooking class. Almost everything is already set up.

    We have a free mini email course with three sequences and after an email introducing our online cooking class and one reminder email three days later.

    Day 0: free content 1 – theoretical
    Day 2: free content 2 – theoretical
    Day 5: free conent 3 – one video receipe of the course
    Day 7: introducing the course
    Day 10: reminder of the course

    We sell it for a starting price of 69.- instad of 89.- dollar. But have no deadline comunicated.

    We have an own list of 400 people and could probably access some more little lists.

    My goal is mainly to get people trough google ads and facebook video ad to get the free course.

    The goal is to keep that system working endless.

    So how should I do it to make contineous scarecity, if I contineously get new subscribers trough ads?

  13. Dione Johnson


    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I’m on my very first launch. A week to open cart. Very excited!! Appreciate getting some of your pearls of wisdom! 🙏🙂

  14. Hey Jeff,
    It is so refreshing to get these Messages. ‘Deadline’ is the. name of the game!
    Many thanks

  15. Jeff, how far do you set the deadline from sending the last sequense email?

    Few days? Few weeks? Few months?

  16. I love this! I’ve been thinking about closing the doors on my evergreen membership, and only “opening” the doors 2 or 3 times a year to create scarcity. It will be interesting to see what this does to the new enrollment numbers over the course of a year!

    • Jeff, this is a timeless piece of advice. So I don’t really have much to add but here are a few things that have helped me think about scarcity over the years:

      People tend to ascribe more value to things that are either limited in number or limited in time. For example, when I cut coupons for my online courses I set limits so that I can honestly say things like “There are only 100 coupons left! Get them now!”

      The other thing you can do is to release a beta product to your list or tribe that is “By Invitation Only” This is a great way to get an influx of paying customers into your universe.

      Hope this helps someone! And Jeff, that’s for the awesome video again! – Vonnie

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