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What would your ideal work life look like? Mine includes the ability to be completely offline for long stretches of time.

I just spent three weeks on a raft trip, floating through the Grand Canyon. No cell phone, no Internet connection, no electricity… and my business survived just fine without me.

Here's a quick look at how I've created a business that supports my ideal lifestyle – and how you can do the same…

Leave a comment below and let me know how that ideal life looks like for you…

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52 Replies to “Lessons From 3 Weeks Without Technology”

  1. Brian Wroblewski


    Jeff – well stated and to the point. Loved the “real” and unscripted nature of the video. Just finished LAUNCH book while on vacation in Mexico on Friday, and back to the grind. I want to live a life where I can do exactly those sorts of trips, whether Mexico or rafting, and keep up on my business with occasional focused effort. Thanks for the motivation.

    • yeah and I think the lack of script is directly derived from that mental freedom. convinced.

    • Hey Jeff
      Just on my second reading of the Launch book. My passions are Health & Fitness coaching, helping people live healthier happier lives and online marketing, building online automated systems. I kanda scanned through the book quite quickly the first time and now I am going through slower taking notes while at the same time planning how I am going to apply this resource. I have actually been following you right from the very beginning of you career. Been studying this online marketing for a while first under the Grand father of internet market and Cory Rudl we died in a race car crash. I bought just about every product I could about online marketing and by the time your product came along I had already maxed out a few credit cards and my wife at the time was already starting to look at me cross eyed. So truth is I really wanted to but could not afford product launch formula. So I was one of those people who took every free product I could get regarding product launch formula. I knew the value of the product because Mark Joyner spoke about it in the early days in his ebook IPPLM formula for a successful business. Anyway I studied everything I could put my hands on trying to learn as much as I can and stayed close. Then the book came out and I pounced on it! Just in time too because I am now ready to launch a few projects. I know I need to be doing evergreen launches for my fitness business. I know for a fact that the key ingredient in the success of my mentors like Bedros Keuling lies in the successful application of product launch formula along with other success principles online. So I feel like it has taken me a long time but I am finally seeing the light here! As I said At the moment putting together three big launches
      1) A TV show that starts I January 2015
      2) products from a consumer direct marketing company that I am very passionate about
      3) My seasonal fitness programs
      So anyway I know I have been rambling on and on but I do want to thank you Jeff for your tremendous help and I will keep you posted 🙂

  2. Nice video Jeff. I love the message. I also live in Southern Colorado and moved here to enjoy this beauty and the outdoor life. My “why” is my family and freedom so being in “auto-pilot’ is not an option. I look forward to meeting you one day. Thanks for the message.

    • Rocky Tapscott


      LOL there’s always somebody who completely misses the point.

      Great stuff as usual Jeff!

      Thanks for sharing mate.

  3. Jeff, great stuff. Surviving without the cell phone and internet–impressive. No electricity? You truly are amazing.

    I’m guessing there are a few critical characteristics in your business that made this time away from the office a reality:

    Great business model built around a customer base with a high demand for your products
    Great people
    Great business processes

    Did I leave anything out?

    Side note–I’ve already read Launch twice.


    • @Mark: if by “great people” you mean “great team”, then that’s a big part of it. Another big part is not having the business dependent on the “news cycle”. When I published about the stock market, that business was dependent on publishing about what was happening in the market… which meant I always needed to be plugged in.

      • Hey Jeff,

        Just found you and bought your book and I’m halfway through it. Much like you I’m starting my first business talking about the stock market. I’m concerned after hearing you talk about your experience, hah.

        Was your business about “trading” and not investing? I’m thinking of doing a product launch on a course that teaches people how to be investors so it’s more evergreen and no need to update based on news. What are your thoughts on this? I’ve had a good proof of concept with 35% opt-in rates on a couple lead magnets and 10% of those folks have signed up for a free membership site in which I haven’t even got to work on yet (feel bad about that).

        My ideal life is working on my investing business 7am-2pm and then being with my two sons and wife the rest of the night, also being able to attend anything and everything they do in the future, something my parents didn’t have luxury to do with me.

        Thanks for all your generous content…


  4. Jeff, somewhat confused by this as you were very active as an affiliate for Ryan and the machine. Did you do plan all the emails before you left or was someone ghost writing?

    • @Anthony: I got home from my trip shortly before Ryan’s launch started. But I’ve had other times when I ran promotions while I was completely offline – I just wrote the copy ahead of time, and then either queued up the emails ahead of time or had my team queue them up.

  5. I’d like to be able to meet people offline. I know we can find and add inumerous fellows at social media, but I think we lost some very basic face to face interaction.
    Here in São Paulo, Brazil we have some MeetUp Groups and I’m starting to join some of them. That’s something very cool about the internet. We can find people with same interests and we can meet them offline.
    But, people should have time to do this. Nowadays I’m very osessed with starting something on the side that I really don’t have spare tome to meet people and enjoy good conversations.
    I need this type of free time after getting some things done.
    Thanks for sharing

  6. YES! This is what I’ve been looking for! Jeff, It’s the hump that’s the hardest part… it’s keeping the ball rolling for long enough that it takes off on it’s own, and makes enough money for you to make the money to hire the BEST team available…

    I’m not 100% there, yet, but this is what I strive for, so Karen and I can travel the world together (without guilt and technology)…

    I hate feeling so attached to my business and my laptop, sometimes, I just have to stop, and look at this from an outside standpoint, and really ask myself if I’m headed in the right direction… am I doing everything right…

    This ain’t no easy venture, but the lifestyle makes everything worth it…

  7. Thanks Jeff – You are living my dream. I make a decent living with my consulting business….I love most of what I do….the down side is that I have to be on-site with my clients 4-5 days a week….week in and week out. I start today to transform my business model to not only give me the income I expect but the lifestyle! Thanks again. Your messages always seem to be right on time.

  8. Great video Jeff. It reminds me what the other day I heard from Mike Dillard who also said that we can make a lot money but at the same time we can not have the lifestyle we want.

    In other words we all have to decide WHY we want to make more money 🙂

    Thanks for your video once again.

  9. Jeff…. I love that you value spending time unplugged. That’s one of the reasons my husband and I find you inspiring. We are both paddlers and guides on the side and are trying to structure our businesses around being able to continue getting out on adventures and also make a living and an impact on-line. Someday we need to get you on some of the wild river trips up here in Canada! You have a standing invitation 🙂

    • @Jess: You’re speaking my language! What rivers do you and your husband run? I’m hoping to get on a Tatshenshini trip in the next couple of years (I know it’s not Canada, but it’s close.)

      • @Jeff – The kids are little so we’re staying local in Ontario and Quebec right now – The Noir, French, Spanish, Petawawa are some of our favourites. It’s all about getting out as a family at this point. There are great rivers going into James Bay too we’ve done – The Katawagami and Harricana are fantastic. The Moisie, starting in Labrador, is likely the most beautiful. We’re aching to head further north again once the kids get a little older (and we get a little richer… another reason to foster the e-mail list!). Andy teaches a “week of rivers” each year which is a combo of paddle instruction and day trips to various local rivers. He’s keeping the paddling side of our lives alive right now…. To access the Tatshenshini you can start in Whitehorse. Contact our friend Kalin at Up North Adventures. He’ll set you up!

  10. First, let me congratulate you on your business model. I have enjoyed your information advise and how to articles. They are keen resources I use daily, once again thank you and continue success.

  11. Andrea Scalici


    Truly inspirational. That is exactly the type of business model I want and am currently building. Thanks for showing me that dreams can be a reality!

  12. Love your video Jeff! This is what I am trying to do & build in my business. I am already living my passion & start to make money doing what I love. The next step for me is to start building the online business model I need to build to allow me to have the lifestyle I like to have, which is to travel for my keynotes (I am an inspirational speaker on the subject of “Passion2Success”), be able to go to a warmer destination to escape the Quebec hash long winter to have fun & do my business at the same time, & attend events without worrying about the finance nor the business still running without me for a few days or a couple of weeks. I look forward to listening to your next video. Much appreciation & best regards.

  13. Jeff,
    I’m finally noticing some bit of passion toward my new business. I can see how it can only grow with consistency. (Kinda hard, being I’m packing to move.)
    How do I schedule my day? I know I can’t watch ALL the training videos in the email. I know it’s time to quit taking notes and start acting. (Officially launched in Aug) But I’m still stuck on what/how much information to keep public, and what information belongs to subscribers. So, for now, except for the order page/services, all information is free on my website. I don’t think it’s right to have a website that you get no “samples” from and have to pay to get into. Hmm. I think I’ll click around YOUR site. That should provide some clues, right? 😉
    Also, I need to finish “Launch.” Oh, yeh. How do I schedule “free time” to read? How do I convince myself that reading IS working, when it’s material like Launch?
    Thanks for all your videos. Always encouraging, and I especially love your line, “Let’s go get ’em this week.” Gives me energy!

  14. I feel like the Tortoise in “The Tortoise And The Hare”! LOL! Letting myself realize that even though I seem to be moving very slowly, I am making huge steps in creating success through deep, sure steps which build a strong foundational layer as I move forward. Thank you for your gentle guidance and support, Jeff! It’s very appreciated!

  15. margot murphy


    I want my business to have a high autopilot, residual / affiliate income, with a great back end in system and management. My talent is being in the front of the arrow, out there talking with people, changing perspectives on problems, and helping to free situations for greater freedom, love, revenue, collaboration, fun, laughter, and living life to its fullest… whatever that means for “you.” i have 30 yr experience in new business development in organizations… now beginning to apply it on the outside for individuals and business. I want to be able to be outdoors skiing, sailing, traveling to visit friends or collaborate in larger global healing events, or as you – going down the grand canyon, without feeling guilty or insecure, or selfish. I don’t want any of that – any more… ever!! I want to live in a beautiful environment, have a fitness coach, Ayurvedic cook, and wake up asking… what can I give today? Without any other thoughts/concerns in the way. It is all about giving. It is all about joining the earth in the fullness of Love. Not behind 4 walls. Margot

  16. Great lesson on the power of intention and building with the end in mind.

    intention + focused action = success 🙂

    Thank you for the inspiring reminder and for teaching all that you do.

  17. Jeff! YES, YES…this is what my goal is in a round about way.
    I just had a real cry last night about how tired I am of working so hard at someone else’s business and goals, while mine get squeezed in as time permits. I took my last 2 days off for the year to attend PLF LIVE because I have GOT to get my priorities in line. I have 4 launches to get off the ground over the next 14 months. I’m giving notice at work for December 2015! I am basically the COO of the business, yet don’t reap the benefits that comes with that hard work.
    Time for my dreams & goals, and look out Colorado, because I’m bringing them there. I’ve waited over 15 years for my goal of living in the mountains. It’s time. And since I didn’t win the Ouray Jeep last night, I’ll have to add buying one to my list of goals! The Mountains are Calling, and I Must Go.
    Thanks for all the motivation to get moving for me and mine!

  18. I’ve been following you for a long time, Jeff. I try to follow what’s new and happening in the IM space. I work at a job in commission sales for a big corporation that does a lot of online marketing. I enjoy my job, I work hard, and long hours. I want to start my own business and create it “systematically” to allow me to do what you are doing, take some time off without losing business or income. You video got me thinking about it more, but now I need to figure out “how to” do it.

  19. michele vorster


    Just read LAUNCH …it came at just the right time. Involved in leading Entrepreneurs in South Africa ..particularly women ..and found your book inspiring, motivating, informative and really practical. Loved the simplicity that you employ in your writing…perfect for those who are just starting out. Will definitely read more of your work and am keen to stay connected . Thanx ….

  20. The same as you do, this is total freedom.
    It’s quite funny to hear that you built a business online, launching product throught internet in wardrobe, but still can disconnect from all the internet speed.
    I think we all want disconnect from this speedy life !

  21. yes, Jeff.

    That life style sounds good. Yes, I would very much like to be unplugged for long of time and have my business still be working

  22. Great approach to life, Jeff. I’m still in the “figure out the basics” phase. Out of the corporate world, fired a few times, built a business that flunked, getting divorced, sunk in debt,… and so on. But I’ve never been so motivated. Keep up sending out your great content.

  23. Fantastic Jeff!
    I just returned from the Bitterroot River in Montana. I’m grateful I get to ‘work’ in nature as a filmmaker. An amazing experience was producing a documentary about a 30 day float down the entire length of the Yellowstone River:
    Looking forward to using your principals to expand my business!

  24. Hi Jeff,
    I really appreciated this video. I’m building my business right now, and am working with PLF. Your advice here has encouraged me to stop and take some time to visualize the lifestyle I want and how to map the business to it. Great stuff to think about. Thanks!

  25. Hey Jeff

    Thank you very much for this great video. I have read “Launch” and found it exciting as to how I can lauch my products and business. I am a school teacher and NLP practitioner. I am passionate about helping kids become more curious and imaginative about the world to realize their potential. I now need to develop strategies to market my products and services to help as many kids in the world as I can. I love what you do and what you teach. One day I want to be there. It is challenging, but doable.

  26. My ideal lifestyle… helping people perform better in golf and achieve excellence in life! And chasing big storms to ski powder all over the world.

  27. I back packed the grand canyon rim to rim and it is awesome. I want the freedom to be able to go build my cordwood cabin in the woods where I can write and do my videos with the awesome Wisconsin fall colors behind me like you are. I want to set up cruise ship events so I can go for free and not have to cook all week and still eat healthy. I want to be able to afford to hire people who can get an opt in page to actually function and have staff to be able to keep up with the 9 zillion social media things I have going on that I don’t have time for. You make it look so easy. I read launch and watch your stuff. Still looks easy…I’d like to get to a point where it isn’t so confusing and I can just do what I love and get paid for it. …You could respond to this but how will I know….I don’t have time to read everything….how do you do all this??? I need to find that someone who wants to make a lot of money making me a success…maybe I’ve been doing this backwards?

  28. Thanks, Jeff! I recently said something similar in one of my blogs, more toward the concept of really taking care of ourselves. And, one way to do that is get away and disconnect! I post daily through both Twitter and Facebook, as well as my weekly blog on Monday. I’ve been able to take time away by using the scheduling feature on Facebook, and separate program (Future Tweets) to schedule my tweets on Twitter. I have the next two weeks already scheduled, so I can concentrate on the daily writing I want to do. I’m fully behind the concept of having a business that works to enjoy the lifestyle I want, and not be shackled to my business even more than I am an employer! Have a great week!

  29. Hi Jeff,

    The “Internet Lifestyle” that you have built that allows you the freedom to do what you want when you want is something that truly resonates with me. While I desire and expect the money that comes along with this type of business, it is the life experiences and freedom that draw me to this lifestyle. A man can have all of the money in the world but no time to enjoy it…and that seems like a jail sentence to me. I appreciate how you have built your business and will continue to do my best to replicate your systems with “freedom and family” at the forefront of my decision making process! Thanks for the great video!

    Take Care,
    Rob Anderson

  30. Hey Jeff – great video (again)! I love to travel and I LOVED reading Launch (got my copy through Darren Hardy). I loved rafting the Colorado river and especially the Rangitata river in New Zealand. I do have a question – what video camera do you use? It always looks so polished and professional but I get the impression you don’t have ‘crew’ filming you. How do you do it? Thanks!

  31. Jeff – YES! This is why I left being a litigation Attorney! Being strapped to a hourly pay structure without the ability to really enjoy life – its no way to live. I love that you raft every year – that you plan your “trip of a life time” every year! And, I love the message it sends to your kids. My son is only 6 now but I want him to understand that you can do something you love and have a life of your designing! Thanks for this great reminder, Jeff.

    Looking forward to PLF Live 🙂 I am doing my first launch and plan to open cart Thursday!

  32. This is a big reason why I like learning from you. You seem to live the lifestyle that I’d like to have. I see some other business coaches and they look less and less healthy year after year. Like they just grind and grind and grind, stop working out, stop taking care of themselves. Forget how awesome it is to go on a ‘dirtbag’ adventure, take time (completely) off, away from the day to day.

  33. Barbara Foxworth


    This sounds like heaven to me, Jeff! 16 days unplugged and rafting through the Grand Canyon….ahh, pure bliss! That’s true freedom. That’s a life I am working towards w/ PLF… true freedom. It’ll be so worth all the struggle and challenges.

  34. Jeff,

    I just got back from a father and son trip to the Havasupai Reservation that has the beautiful falls and creek that is a tributary of the Colorado River of the Grand Canyon. It is one of my “intentional” trips for my sons. I was only out of internet and cell phone coverage for four solid days, however, I did nothing in preparation for the deluge of email, texts, calls and continuation of our ministry. Your video hit a “chord” with me to allow for further time away and still maintaining a functioning ministry while gone.

    In December, we are planing a missions trip to Tanzania, Africa. I need more help in allowing for future times away like these and setting up a maintenance plan while I am gone.


  35. The lifestyle I want is to be affluent enough to share life adventures with my children and grandchildren, exploring the wonderful world we all live in. I have never had more than a two week vacation in my entire life. A friend of mine suggests that we should all fit in the number of weeks that equals our decades of life, so 2 weeks in our 20’s, 3 weeks in 30’s, 5 weeks off in 50’s etc. As I am past my 20’s I have lots of catching up to do.

    I have watched many of your videos and read Launch and followed the instructions for a seed launch. Unfortunately, there is no success story to share. I will try again, but I must admit with creating 4 pieces of pre launch content after 2 months of free weekly blogs and daily FB posts and pinterest pins. Plus, creating the emails that would have autodelivered once someone signed up, including reminder emails and teleconference details etc. It was a tremendous amount of work and a bit of a letdown to not garnered interest. The work and content will not go to waste, as I figure out some other way to use it.
    I’d love some advice, if you read these emails. And no, I haven’t asked my audience yet why they chose not to accept my teleseminar offer – been less than a week since the promotion closed, and I’m not sure how to proceed yet next. Ideas?

  36. Hey Jeff,

    Just catching up on a few emails today. We were at PLF Live and know we want a lifestyle that affords off-line time. Part of my off-line time is to spend it with my grand daughter. She’s just turning 1next month and the last thing I want is to be interrupted because I am tied to being in my business all the time.

    Thanks for providing a program to make this possible for those of us who have plenty to offer and want to take time to rejuvenate with time to ourselves!

    Great Event at PLF Live!


  37. Dean Krosecz


    I have a soon to be 15 yr. old with aspergers. Earlier this month I took him to southern California and he had his first encounter with the Pacific Ocean. He loved it and can’t wait to get back. I want to build a business that enables us to spend two weeks a month in Southern California or just traveling and learning about new places, people, cultures, food, and music.

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