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I just wrapped up my first Launch Lab Workshop… 6+ hours of training based on my team’s findings from debriefing 67 of our coaching students’ launches.

And the info is super current — these all happened within the last 6 months.

So what works right now when it comes to launching? Here are two things that really stand out for me…

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15 Replies to “67 Launches Later…”

  1. I can imagine that online is interesting. Personally I notice I am getting fed up with webinars, everybody bombards you with webinars. Somehow there should be a system of splitting the good from the bad.

  2. I am very disappointed because at the end of your 2020 virtual event your team never responded to my request to set up an appointment to discuss lunch club and now you are opening your doors again. I have spent a lot of money with you guys over the years.

    • Hi Adam! Ash here from Jeff’s Team. 🙂
      I searched for any messages from you in our support email and didn’t find you – and the Adam Weber we have in our system has a different domain than what you’ve entered.
      We definitely want to connect with you today – so please email us at today and we will get you all set up today!

  3. Hi Jeff, I am in the process of ‘crafting’ my first launch. In the middle of piloting an online class which I’m so glad is going incredibly well. I teach the skills of self compassion and slowing down. You know, I am tearful as I write. I’m just so grateful to you for your book, it’s clarity and encouragement, and it’s nice to see you here sort of in person. So I just want to express my gratitude to you for your open heartedness and generosity in sharing what you have learnt.


  4. Thank you Jeff. I love the idea of sharing the transformation in my emails. I will definitely include that.

    I am just starting out. I did my first launch last fall after taking your free Product Launch Formula workshop (which was SO inspirational). I couldn’t afford to buy your program but tried to launch using the information I learned. It didn’t go very well. I tried to teach WAY too much in a very short period of time (4 days) and the result was that people dropped out. I also wasn’t clear (even in my own head) about what my offer was and in the end bailed on even opening my doors. UGH!

    I am launching again in January and this time I will stretch it out over a longer period of time and make the learning about helping people begin a transformation.

    So again, thank you! I can’t wait for your next PLF opening. I’m joining this year for sure!

  5. Hi Jeff – I really enjoyed Launch Lab and I really liked the emphasis you put on transformation. As a copywriter I’ve always been in agreement with putting much more weight on transformation instead of agitation, which of course is a sharp tool that was always used a lot in old school direct-response copy. Agitation still has it’s place, but I’ve always found transformation to be a much better way to inspire people into action. Thanks – Casey Demchak

  6. Jody Miller Young


    Thank you, Jeff! Definitely focusing on the transformation. 🙂

  7. Hi Jeff!
    Last year, I bought a spot in your launch community. Then, in that same week and in the throes of 2020, I decided I wasn’t ready. Your team gracious refunded the investment.

    I continued to do what I do the way I do it.

    Last week, you completed a review of 67 launches…wow… and I – incidentally – completed a total of 67 Free Get Free calls!

    Your review inspired me to also do a review. Thank you.

    I wrote about it, and tagged this video of yours, which I think is instructive as well as inspiring.

    Thanks for that, too.


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