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I just got the chance to interview Peter Diamandis – the Chairman and CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation and co-founder (along with Ray Kurzweil) of the Singularity University… Peter has a new book called “Abundance – The Future Is Better Than You Think” – and it's an “eyes wide open” look at where we REALLY are, and why we should be so excited about the future.

The reality is that the media loves to talk about how bad things are, but in the last century child mortality has dropped 90%, while life span has doubled. Average per capita income worldwide has tripled. Groceries cost 13 times less than they did in the 1870s. Poverty has declined more in the last 50 years than it did in the previous 500 years. And the reality is that we're just getting started… there are huge forces at work that will soon bring even greater abundance worldwide. And that's exactly what Peter's book is all about… check out the interview:

And by the way, the above is NOT an affiliate link, I'm just a big fan of the book!

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57 Replies to “Abundance – the future is better than you think”

  1. Jeff, thank goodness someone in our internet marketing crowd is talking about how great things are, rather than how terrible things are. I had just read the Forbes article, and can’t wait to get this book!

    It’s so refreshing that people are actually discussing the fact that things are getting better, much faster. We often think it’s getting worse because we can communicate (via social media, largely) much easier now, and people often post the negative, rather than the positive.

  2. I would love to know where you shop, as shopping isn’t cheap where I am from. And income has halfed as well, so I would like to know where you get your stats also, cheers.

  3. I feel the harder I work, the worse things seem to be getting. I remain optimistic.

    • @Dave: clearly some people are having a hard time, especially in the last few years. Global statistics will always obscure instances of hardship… both for individuals and entire regions.

      But that doesn’t change the message – overall… globally… we’re far far better off than we were in the past.

  4. I love hearing about great things going on in our world. Doom and gloom sells but the price is very high and I am not buying.

  5. We are living at an amazing time in history; we are just too caught up in all the cool technology to notice it most of the time! The news media does aweful-ize things, remember it’s their job. Thanks for the reminder of all the positive shifts that have been made.

  6. Hi Jeff,

    I have been following you for a while now and I love your positive outlook. Yes, your facts are right and I hope people adjust to this frame of mind more. If you really think about it, not only do poor people have a better lifestyle within the past 50 years, but all people have a better lifestyle, in my opinion. The reason I say this is because so many people maintain a digital perspective. What I mean by that is, many people are infected with materialism and that in and of itself, depletes a lot of the positiveness that shouldn’t be there in the first place. I am by no means wealthy or rolling in the dough; however, I am so thankful for my health and the fact that I have a roof over my head. Although I may be minimizing this a bit, I do respect the fact you’ve taken the time to point out the good in life and it’s about time. Sorry to go on a bit of a rant, but there’s a tremendous need for a positive frame of mind all the time…not just some of the time. I could go on and on, as I do in my blog, but I will spare you the book I was about to write. Anyway, great job and thank you again for your inspiration!

  7. The oversight with these analyses is what this growth has been based on. (“The economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment”.)

    If it is based on non-renewable resources then these will run out (already are).

    We need to shift to renewables and VERY quickly.

    If we do then we can sustain the abundance into the future. If not . . .

  8. Hi Jeff – I’m sure all of this is true, though I might take issue about the cost of groceries.

    Their low cost is largely based on government subsidy of corporations and mass manufacturing which has adversely impacted the quality of our food. We’re eating poorly as a nation, and the cost of that is reflected in skyrocketing healthcare costs.

    Someone in the IM space should really find a way to change all of that! 😉

  9. I loved how he tied our brain’s physiology into explaining the appeal of doom and gloom in the news. It backs up my personal decision to not watch TV news! I find I am a much more optimistic person than most folks. It is just easier for me to move forward with curiosity and enthusiasm. I know that I am a problem solver. Thanks Jeff for sharing this.

  10. Thanks for sharing this Jeff. Good stuff. I’m not in favor of censorship, but I feel the news is one of the most destructive forces on the planet.

  11. I have not read the book so this is just a response to the post excerpt:) I hate to be a downer, and I am an optimist at heart, but I am also realistic.. You can come to any conclusion you want with statistics- and I am wondering if the people who are out of work and struggling to feed their family are going to have an ‘aha moment’ just because of a statistic from over 100 years ago- and I am glad someone sees a brighter future, but until it is actually here (this is not media hype, I know many personally who are seriously struggling), most people want to see reality not hopes,promises and the past. I do believe that things are better than we may think most of the time, and attitude plays a huge part in our success- but we can’t have our heads in the clouds here… that one example of Groceries cost 13 times less than they did in the 1870s- this may be true but did we have any the expenses we have now in the 1800’s? I mean come on, this is a stretch, there were no gas prices, cars, utilities and energy prices to consider (among many other things like childcare for 2 parent working families- school supplies I could go on) and I wonder how much housing costs where? Society was a lot different then as well, people were a lot more self sufficient and many grew their own food, so the groceries were more expensive but people were only buying staples not ALL of their food- plus their was a lot more barter and trade for meat and other goods as well…. sorry but grocery prices are a strain on my local community, even with co-ops and local food boxes some are having a really hard time feeding their families. This is fun to be optimistic when we have a roof over our heads, but more and more people still cannot find jobs or feed their family, I am not sure that telling people they are abundant anyway (because times were harder 100-500 years ago) is going to be that enlightening- that is if they can even afford to buy the book:)

  12. Mark A. Coudray


    Jeff – Remarkable interview. I absolutely love these kinds of discussions.

    This concept of exponential knowledge expansion has been something I’ve personally been following for the last 5 years. We’re indeed living at a fantastic time. One of the things that Peter doesn’t mention, but also directly follows Moore’s Law is what I call the Shadow Curve. This is the curve that parallels Moore’s exponential growth . This curve is the rate of discovery that’s enabled by the expansion in processing power. It is also doubling every 18 – 24 months.

    There are some amazing things about this that have a huge impact on how we will move ahead in our own markets. The most obvious is that there’s almost unlimited potential for the creation of new, knowledge based, information products. We’re innovating faster than the markets can keep up.

    This is great news when it comes to product launches. The potential for new products is only limited by our creativity. How successful we are will be based on how relevant our products are AND how easily this new knowledge can be applied.

    What makes PLF such a powerful vehicle is in how we prepare our customers to use this new knowledge (our products.) Moving the Free LIne is a mandatory element of launch success.

    The more advanced a concept, the more important it will be to give away massive, useful information in advance. The consumer is the ultimate beneficiary of this and we obtain the secondary benefit of a highly trusted relationship with our new customers.

  13. Jeff,

    This post couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I was writing about this very thing when I took a break to get some food and saw your email. This interview is epic. Made my day. Thanks for posting this.


  14. Great message Jeff.

    Life is a wonderful adventure, and we need to focus on the positives and the opportunities.

    Oli Hille
    Amazon #1 Bestselling Author

  15. Hip Hip Hooooray! I am inspired. Awesome – thank you for this interview. What would be possible for us as humans if we focused on the positive and cheered on our successes?

  16. Elke Effler


    Hi Jeff

    I like that you are focusing on the positive despite the gloom and doom that is constantly peddled. The problem is that negativity and fear seem to be more powerful than their opposite.

    In respect to food being mass manufactured and not as good as it used to be, Americans have an awful diet by choice. Junk food, convenience food, fast food, does not make for good health. People in 3rd world countries have to eke out survival as best they can and have no choice on what they eat and how much. As a GENERAL statement, Americans tend to scoff down food that is almost entirely foodless but have no excuse as there are plenty of choices.

    So yes, we are much better off than we ever used to be, but the perception of that depends on what we choose to focus on. 🙂

  17. Bernard Hall


    This is exactly what Buckminster Fuller elucidated with his concept of ephemeralization – We are constantly doing more and more with less and less that eventually we will be able to do everything with nothing!
    Sure we live in a world of finite tangible resources, however when we apply & combine infinite intangible resources (thoughts, ideas, imagination & innovation) with tangible resources we create an infinite supply for everyone.
    There is more than enough for EVERYONE to have more than enough.

  18. I wanted to add that I ~really~ did not want to sound negative in my above post… and I do appreciate focusing on the positive especially when the media does tend to focus on the negative:) I just posted that because I did not want positivity to lead to indifference (not helping others that are indeed struggling, even if it is just a matter of perspective whether being hungry or homeless is something that should be thought of as a negative thing). I still do believe that we need to focus on the positive even in the (what we may consider) is the worst of times… and thank you for the interview and the post Jeff, I still plan on reading the book:)

    • @Angie: no problem… and you’re right, hidden in the big picture good news there is certainly plenty of suffering on the small picture. I definitely don’t want to come across as pollyanna with my head in the sand ignoring any bad news. But, as you pointed out, the bad news gets tons of attention – both due to the business model of big media and due to the way our brains work. Peter did a great job of pointing that out in the interview.

  19. Thanks Jeff for the post and interview. It was interesting to see some of the posts of negativity. I too believe that abundance is in each of our individual perspectives. I believe that especially here in America we have become too complacent, a bit spoiled and it is so much easier to blame the government, the economy – any one or thing but digging in deep and being determined to be a part of the change if you are not happy with what you have today.

    As an entrepreneur coaching other entrepreneurs I know that those who have positive outcomes are the ones who embrace each day for what has been given not what has not been given. Gratitude plays a big role in looking at what we have as opposed to always what we don’t have. I feel we are indeed blessed even with the sunrise each day.

    Thanks for bringing the thought to mind today!

  20. Hi Jeff,

    Yes, I agree that over the long-term things will financially get better, But there is no way to get around the fact that developed countries in the Western Civilization, especially the US and Europe, have a HUGE DEBT CRISIS. Governments from Greece to Spain to France to the US are all on the brink of bankruptcy!

    Since these governments will seek to do either one (or a combination) of the following 2 things:
    — raise taxes
    — print money (inflate the currency)

    The coming currency crisis, greater taxes and entitlement defaults, will greatly hurt entrepreneurism and free markets in the short term because of the monetary contraction that must take place in order for the debts to be liquidated.

    This process will be very painful for the middle class and poor. Government checks are going to bounce … pension funds are going to go bust … and a lot of individuals are going to lose their jobs. This means that spending will contract for a time.

    After the dust settles though (a process that usually takes a few years) then economic growth will be able to resume again (assuming that civil unrest hasn’t completely wrecked our nation’s infrastructure).

  21. Your words simply reaffirm the unshakeable belief that’s already ingrained in hopefully every one of us – or lift up the folks that have lost their way. Your voice means a lot. It’s the E. F. Hutton factor.

    There is more opportunity today than ever before in history. To whom much is given, much is expected and should we be fortunate enough to recognize these simple facts, we should always keep true to the idea that even though things are great right now, the best is yet to come!

    Thanks Jeff!

    -Liam #1 best version of self ever.

  22. Jeff,

    Whenever you send out a blog post, I can’t wait to click. I’ve ordered the book and look forward to spreading this message far and wide. Awesome. Thank you.

  23. Jeff,
    Thank you for the great information, we are all so lucky to experience this time in the world. Regardless of whether things are better or not, or whether you believe it or not or agree or not, we all have to stop focusing so much on the negative things in life. I know for a fact, that when I am focused on what I don’t have and everything that is going wrong in my life, I feel terrible and everything around me is terrible. It is so true, that when we are thankful in the world for all that we do have and appreciate every little thing, every day, life is amazing. The trick is to avoid all the negative that is around us every day and to keep ourselves in that frame of mind all the time. I find it’s best to not watch much TV or the news, to avoid negative or miserable friends, people or even family members and eliminate them from my life. I find that the best thing to do is focus on the way I want my world to be and that is prosperous and growing….

  24. So I cancelled my sat tv 1.5 yrs ago only have high speed cable internet now (no tv programming) I get my news from trusted sources online now ….. in 2009 I created a online biz, made up from kw’s, selling my own physical products. My gross monthly sales EXACTLY doubled in 2011 compared to 2010…..(6 figs now ) and without watching main stream media….boy, sure glad I didn’t get the word that the economy sucks…. its
    all about were u place ur attention and what u believe

  25. Paul Schriner



    This is who you are!!! I’ve waited for you to start releasing real substance. Keep going down this path as you are so much more then a just a PLF Guru. Good Work enlightening the masses and finding others who can articulate what is truly happening. Keep exposing the truth Dude!!

  26. Bernard Hall


    @Evan – you asked “we certainly can do this. The question is: Will we?”. I personally think it’s inevitable. Sure there are challenges, risks, & obstacles along the way with inevitable set-backs, yet these are merely learning experiences with hidden gifts that will help us escalate along the path. I think this is a very pivotal time in human history, a time when our collective human consciousness is experiencing a quantum leap.

  27. Hey Jeff,

    If you believe it’s true of if you believe it’s false either way your thinking makes it so. Thanks for stimulating the dialog. We need more hope in this world!

  28. I must be on the right track too then Jeff, I always focus on abundance compared to scarcity (unless I’m doing a launch) : P

    Darren Chabluk

  29. Bad news grabs people’s attention but remember that every cloud has a silver lining. The advances being made in technology. medicine, human understanding and education are amazing. These have massive implications for every single person on this planet. To imagine that progress would be smooth and constant is unrealistic but progress we will make … together

  30. While optimism is a definite requirement, I question whether we can blindly accept everything is going to be forever bountiful… certainly as we know it now.

    If you see severe storm clouds coming, you don’t sit there an ignore it. The pessimist will cry doom and gloom and take cover. The ignorant will get blown away and end up with the doom and gloom lot.

    The optimist however will realise that things don’t stay the same forever. They know nature goes in cycles and so does the economy from minor recessions to booms and busts. Like the weather watcher, they will be wise enough to have an eye out for tell tale signs and prepare for the possibility of dealing with major disruptions to their lives. So while everyone else is dealing with the aftermath, the optimist will be ahead of the rest, looking for and taking advantage of new opportunities.

    Its a simple fact of human nature – we blindly thrive on boom until all our human traits take the boom to the point of bust. The when we bust we see no future. But not for the optimist, who indeed does see abundance, just in another form to what it was before!

  31. Hi Jeff

    Thanks for this blog. It’s great to hear good news stories and have a different look on the world. It’s good to celebrating life as well as solve problems in live.

    Have a nice day!


  32. Great interview. We so often forget how much better off we are than in the past. I know not everyone has everything they want – but life is so much better for most of us in so many ways. Look forward to reading the book!


  33. Hi Jeff,

    I just saw your email sharing this article and tuned in. I totally agree with you. There are many good and great things happening around us, yet, the major media corporations choose to mostly focus on and promote whatever ‘seemingly’ negative news they can find …….There will always be skeptics and doom-and-gloom thinkers and preachers, though….simply because we have been trained to think and believe this way from others…..and negative news sell. Let’s focus on the wonderful things that we have and which are happening for us and those closest to us. Let’s be thankful. It’s so easy to complain and when you do you put your body and mind under unnecessary stress.

  34. Abundance…you can say that over and over again; times of hardship speaks of need for ‘software’ engineers…all you need to tap into the abundance in times of hardship is to become a ‘software’ developer in a given area of life. if life are hard…then become a master of making life soft…then you are bound to enjoy abundance, come rain come shine. Nothing kills a dream like convenience…and nothing powers the fulfillment of a dream like inconvenience and impossibilities… problems are simply proof of the need for solutions…and solution providers. If there are no problems then solutions will not be marketable. keep thinking, keep creating, keep softening; Samson Adah Paul

  35. @Chris “If you see severe storm clouds coming, you don’t sit there an ignore it” Darn straight… you figure out how to sell ponchos & umbrella’ s & windshield wiper blades. You dont have to wait for the ” sliver lining”. …above the storm clouds… it always sunny… all the time, just a matter of perspective. For those that get it, storms are opportunity no different that sunny days…in fact there is MORE opportunity in storm conditions, metaphorically or otherwise.

  36. Thanks for the interview Jeff. I found Peter’s insights stimulating and in alignment with the kind of leadership work we do.
    Journalists are taught to ask why things are happening (which sounds negative and judgemental in an interview situation). They ask questions people don’t easily have the answer to (to make issues sound more complex, more difficult than they really are); they ask questions that lead to speculation (to divide readers’/viewers’/listeners’ opinion) and to ask “whose fault is it?” to place blame. All of these lead us to feel negative, overwhelmed and out of control.
    Starting a daily habit of looking at what IS working, appreciating what we DO have – or have access to and knowing what REALLY fulfils or satisfies us, increases our sense of being at choice and in control. I would also encourage looking beyond the physical resources that so many of us have access to – to appreciate our intellect, our emotional world and the people around us. As the advert says “priceless!”

  37. As an entrepreneur I know that the sky is the limit. When you run your own business things can always be GREAT regardless of how the media portrays the economy.

    I launched my blog, my first Ebook is on it’s way, created a baby product, and this afternoon I’ll be featured on the home page of Yahoo! Shine with money saving tips & talking about my story. They get over 31 million users a month.

    The main reason we need to ignore “lack” media is because it’s important that our business thrives and makes money. It’s not just about our families or our business. The more we make the more we have to give to other businesses and people who may be struggling. Our success can launch others. And that’s what it’s all about helping people grow, succeed, and over come discouragement. When people talk about how bad it is I just turn it off. I protect what goes in my ears, mind and heart. My head is not a dumping ground.

  38. Great Interview Jeff! Thank You!

    Gonna listen to it again.

    I ordered the book from your link even though i was tempted to take advantage of Amazon Prime…lol

    • @Mark: thanks! It was a fun interview. Just an FYI… that is NOT an affiliate link, I’m just a fan. And I know you’re gonna get some extra goodies by pre-ordering directly through Peter’s site.

  39. Jeff,

    Right on!

    Great interview. I just watched it from the beach here in Santa Marta, Colombia. I am so glad you are putting this out there. There is such much negativity and a good example is here in Colombia. You can’t imagine the opportunities here, but most people’s perceptions of this amazing country come from what they have seen on TV.

    I think what is truly sad, is most people are comfortable living in: Thoreau’s quiet desperation. It comes from the lack programming they are receiving on a daily basis.

    I personally feel this is the greatest time to be alive.

    Can’t wait to get back to the states and read the book, and also help you and Peter get the word out.


  40. Hi Jeff,
    always enjoy the unique content you bring to us….

    the interview stopped playing at 7:50 all three times when I attempted to complete it in entirety.

    Please advise.


    • @Joy: Hmmm… sorry about that.

      I don’t know what to tell you… the video is hosted at youtube, and we’ve already had over 1,000 views. I would guess that the problem is on your end – possibly some type of problem with your connection.

  41. Hey Jeff,
    High 5 for your effort with promoting this message – I could kiss your feet. (Well on 2nd thoughts!!)
    I want to say something about today’s blog on peoples attachment to negativity.
    I think it is more that when we are in a tough position we want to be acknowledged an not minimized and brushed over. The GFC has affected me BIG TIME in ways that are out of my control – and it hurts.
    Jeff, Harry S Dents book on the current crash is also true and is an important message so we can point ourselves in the best direction for our financial well being.
    But this is the key –
    I can CHOOSE what I STARE AT. I become what I think about and stare at. There will be no answers for me when I look at the bad stuff.
    That’s why I thank you for this blog. I am going to send it to everyone….
    What you are representing is the FACT that on a planetary level there is FAR MORE good going on than bad. Plus, there is an opportunity like none ever before, to ride a wave to fortune. But only if I choose to hunt it out in my own relevant world.
    Thanks again Mate,
    from Cheryl in Australia

  42. Jeff… You’re a breath of fresh air in the stagnant media…so full of “doom and gloom” prognosticators.

    The message is alive and not just full of “hope”, but actually living with us if we choose to open our eyes and our minds.

    Thanks for spreading the word about “Abundance”.

  43. Yes! Be very aware of the problems. Don’t complain, don’t riot, but innovate, create, solve the problems, educate and offer the solutions! Don’t ask someone else to change, Be the Change! We created all the problems we face today, if we just put our minds to it, we can SURELY create a better version for tomorrow. Why not?

    Agreed! Abundance was here, is here and will increase even more. Remove all obstacles in our own way, live and share in the abundance! No one is stopping us except for our mis-taken beliefs, attitudes and behaviour. Thank goodness we can learn and create a better version of ourself also! Thank you for stating common sense in a sense-diminished majority.

  44. I guess I have much the same attitude as Peter and am the DIY-type. We can get so caught up in expending our time and energy focusing on all of the daily negativity and feel sorry for ourselves, or we can take that same time and energy to first, focus on the strengths and resources that we DO have, and figure out a way to make things better. I have not been without my own struggles the past several years, but I’ve had to cut out many long-time friends that were drowning me in their constant negativity, fears, and doubts. I simply cannot afford the luxury of time spent in despair. I’m not out of the woods yet, but I’m making positive progress every day and enjoying the journey.

  45. Hi Jeff,

    I Just finished viewing an awesome video where Tony Robbins is interviewing you, Money Masters …Thank you for sharing …Looking forward to this adventure 🙂

  46. The future will better…. IF YOU THINK! That is what I think the title should be. It is always good to have a plan for the future, and work the plan. That’s my two cents!

  47. Thanks for sharing this interview with us Jeff, I have seen a lot of people talking about this book and praising it… really seems like it’s worth reading now!

    Keep up the great work! Looking forward to more interviews from you hopefully!

    David King

  48. I am glad that not everyone is a pessimist. There are still a lot of things that we need to fix… but overall, life is good! It is up to us to keep making it better. Thanks for the post.

  49. What a great article and interesting group of comments. It is easy to see who the people are that are stuck in the poverty and doom mindset. No matter how bad things might seem to people, no one is starving, no one is dying out on the streets unless they can’t think properly to get themselves to a shelter. This is truly an incredible time in human history! We are all Kings and Queens of our own realms. Hopefully more people realize just how much power they have to make the world even better! Thanks for the article!

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