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A few months ago I was sitting at a big conference table with about 20 people… most of whom I'd never met before. It was an impressive group – they were world class experts in a number of fields, including things like neuroscience and psychology. Many of them were New York Times bestselling authors (one guy has sold 10 million books.) All of them ran highly successful businesses.

We did the whole “go around the table and introduce yourself and tell us why you're here” thing.

Now I don't know about you, but I sorta hate that type of thing. I'm naturally an introvert… and since my parents raised me to be humble, it's just never felt natural to brag about myself.

But when it came around the table to my turn, I knew it was time for me to step up… to raise my game. This is what I said:

“I'm Jeff Walker, and I'm here for the Future Of All Humanity”

That got their attention. And more importantly, it was true.


Have you ever sat down and written out all your biggest goals? Really went for it in a big way and wrote down some outrageous goals? It's an interesting exercise, and I highly recommend that you try it. The first time I did it was about 15 years ago.

And then a funny thing happened. A couple of years ago I realized I had hit pretty much all of those monster goals that I had written down. Obviously, I wasn't thinking big enough. 🙂

But you know what happens when you reach all your goals?

Well, you might go sit on a beach for a while. But soon enough you wake up and ask “what's next?” or “what do I do now?” or maybe even “is that all there is?”

This might sound counterintuitive, but it's actually a really unsettling, uncomfortable place to be.

I know some of the people reading this have been in that same situation – you work really hard for some big goals, and then one day you hit those goals. That's where I was in 2008…


Before that time, the “Big Why” behind my business was about supporting my family – about making enough money to pay the bills and keep food on the table. That's the reality for most people when they start a business… and that's where I was. In desperation mode.

But as I became more successful, that started to change. Gradually I worked my way out of that desperation mode – my business started to come together, I caught a few breaks, and I kept my nose doggedly to the grindstone.

The next 10 years or so was a non-stop whirlwind of learning to think bigger. And non-stop amazement at the growth in my business – and the growth in my impact.

And, wonderfully, I started to see my students achieve massive success as well… sometimes even exceeding my own success. It was a joyful, simple, wonderful time.

And then there was the quantum leap forward – when I released Product Launch Formula 2.0 – and I did $3.73 million in sales in 34 hours.

That completely changed the game for me.

I've actually got a pretty simple life, and I never bothered drastically upgrading my lifestyle. Sure, sometimes I fly first class… and I don't have to look at the right-side column when I'm in restaurants. But I still live in the same house I bought 11 years ago. And I'm not really into fancy cars… and it doesn't make much sense to drive a Ferrari when I live a mile down a dirt road!

In any case, with that huge launch I found I had suddenly hit almost all of my “lifetime” goals. And it had me wondering what was next in my life.

Like I said – this is NOT a very comfortable place to suddenly find yourself.

Now I'm not the first person to go through this, and I won't be the last. But the story often ends badly – just look at all the childhood actors that destroy their lives, all the rockstars that do the same, all the world-class athletes that don't retire gracefully… the list goes on and on.

So this is how I dealt with it – I went on a search. It was a search that took me all over the place – from Tony Robbins seminars to long trips in the wilderness to meditation to yoga retreats.

I learned a lot from that search… about myself and about what I wanted for the next chapter of my life.

And in the end I found three things that REALLY excited me… that filled me with a passion to create and contribute. And I found something deeply important about my business, and its place in the world.

So here goes… these are hard-won, deeply held beliefs. They are simple statements, because I put in a ton of work to make them simple.

I know these statements will resonate with a lot of people reading this… but I also know a lot of people will disagree with them. But that goes with the territory. Here you go:

1. Entrepreneurs are the future of the world.

I could write five blog posts about this, but here's the short version: entrepreneurs are the ones who are out there making an impact, building things, creating jobs… and raising the standard of living throughout the world.

(Here's a link to some interesting data on how entrepreneurs are the ones creating *all* the jobs in the last 30ish years.)

2. Information marketers are the future of education.

Again, I could write about this all day, but I'm only going to give you the super-condensed version here: the world is changing faster than the current education system can handle. There are so many dedicated, amazing teachers and professors in our current system… but they're too often fighting a losing battle. Clearly, large chunks of our education system are moving online… and that charge is being led by information marketers.

(Check out this link:Will Dropouts Save America by the author of “The Education of Millionaires“)

3. My business is all about helping entrepreneurs and information marketers start and grow their businesses. Which, given my first two statements above, means my business is all about…


I help entrepreneurs and information marketers bring their gifts to the world. That's what I do. That's what my team does. And those three things add up to my “Big Why”… and the future of all humanity.

It's a pretty big mission. 🙂

And when I talk about it in public, it's always with a bit of a wink and smile… because talking about that stuff can sometimes make folks uncomfortable. But I'm dead serious. It's important work.


   You might want to spend some time thinking about your BIG WHY. Now I'll be the first to admit that when I started my business, I just wanted to make some money. In fact, I was DESPERATE to make some money.

But after a while, once the success train starts rolling… then you might want to start thinking about your Big Why, because it changes things.

For instance, back in the days before my Big Why I ran my business a little differently.

I tried to avoid building a team at all costs… because I didn't want the hassles. Now, I'm slowly building my team – because I've got a big mission, and I can't get there alone.

Another example… I changed the way we sell Product Launch Formula. It used to be for sale every day of the year… and it sold really well.

But then I tried running PLF as on online course – similar to the way a college course is taught – and I saw that people got much better results that way.

The interactivity – having me answering questions on the phone and in the PLF portal – people loved it and got better results. It's a lot more work for me this way… so we usually only run one or two classes per year – but it gets great results for my PLF Owners.

(Right now I'm gearing up for our next Product Launch Formula class – we're going to start one in a couple of weeks. Which means I'm trying to get as much sleep as I can right now… once it starts the whole thing just plain takes over my life. 🙂 )

One more example… I used to occasionally take on consulting clients. Now I'm all but impossible to hire, because taking individual clients will rarely fit strategically with the mission of my business.

Finally, and I sorta touched on this earlier, I decided I needed to start talking about this Big Why stuff publicly. That wasn't an easy thing for me – since I'm an introvert, and since talking about this type of stuff can make you a target. And because I'm really not holier-than-thou at all – I've got plenty of faults and make lots of mistakes.

  And I have this rather insistent voice in the back of my head that sometimes says “shut up, who are you to tell people about stuff like this”… and it's a lot of effort to fight that voice. But I realized if I was going to go down this road, I had to fight that inner demon and I needed to talk about this stuff… even if I ended up drawing a big target on my back.


Like I said above, if you're just starting out… then you need to worry about getting to profits. Worry about putting together a great offer and getting in the game.

But once you get there – once you've built a solid business… you should start focusing on your “Big Why”, because it will sustain you.

AND it will transform your business and make it a much bigger force in the market. You will become a leader, and people love to rally behind leaders.

I've now got a process to help people get to their Big Why, but I don't have the time or space to go through it with you in this blog… and this isn't the right medium. Maybe I'll figure out some way to do that outside of my live events… but it won't be today.

But trust me… getting to your Big Why is a very powerful and liberating exercise. And you can make a pretty good run at it if you sit down in a quite place with some paper and pencil, and write down what's important to you in your life and your business. The big picture stuff. Try it, I recommend it highly. 🙂

IMPORTANT: your mission does NOT have to be about the future of all humanity… that's mine, and it took me a long time to get there.

(And you never know, one day I might change it to “finding the perfect Mai Tai on the perfect beach”… but for now I'm sticking with “the future of all humanity” 🙂 )

Your mission might be “improving skiing instruction so that people can make turns on their first day on the mountain”… or “bringing people closer to nature through mountain biking”… or “helping people lead healthier lives by losing a combined total of 1 million pounds of fat”… or “helping people protect and grow their life's savings”…

This doesn't have to be your final answer, and you can't get it wrong. You can always change your answer (and I can pretty much guarantee that you will.)


OK, this has been the longest blog post ever. Thank you for coming along on the journey with me. This has been something that I've been working on for a few years now. It's been evolving and will continue to evolve. And I promise to keep you updated.

But for now, since I just put myself out there in a big way, I have one favor to ask – please leave a comment below and let me know what you think about all this stuff. Agree? Disagree? Give me your reaction. Or you can even just tell me to shut up and get back to talking about marketing. 🙂

(P.S. All photos are from a hike I did this summer in the mountains near my home. That's where I go to think about the important stuff and recharge my soul.)

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217 Replies to “The Future Of All Humanity, Part 1”

  1. Great stuff. Our mission is to eradicate bad customer service in this country. And until I read this blog I used to think it was a small and humble mission. But now I realize if I think about how crummy service affects our economy and ruins our businesses it now becomes “we are out to save the foundation of the US economic system”. A much more worthwhile statement and very value oriented.
    This blog has helped me realize how we need to re-present our mission statement to the world to get their attention in a more meaningful way.
    As always, thanks Jeff for the enlightenment. Maybe I need to move to the country and get a life (a real life that is, the internet marketing life). Oops that is a different blog. LOL

    Take care

  2. Hi Jeff,

    Love to have a big why – really helps keep you motivated and on track. Our business focus is to help business owners work less, make more so they live more. Like you I believe they are one of the cornerstones of our society but often they get caught up in the business rather than living their life at the same time. All the best!


  3. Jeff – Really great post. I think about this constantly. The Chinese have a saying: “May you live in interesting times.” It is supposedly meant as a curse to those that have to adjust (or not) to the disruption of change.

    We all become complacent with our lives and eventually the comfort of routine leads to a quest for the real meaning of life. As we look around us today, the world is in disarray. The entrenched systems of the disconnected analog world are breaking down everywhere. It seems as if nothing traditional is sacred or stable. Certainly anything that digital has touched has become disrupted.

    All this means that no matter who you are or what your business is, what got you to where you are today, is not going to be what propels you forward. It is a new game with new rules. Huge, encumbered, centralized institutions are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Our educational institutions are teaching the wrong tools for the future, and they are equally slow to change.

    The really great news is that each and every one of us has a big chance to have significant impact on the world moving ahead. You are exactly right that the future relies on the nimble entrepreneur.

    They are the ones who will capitalize the ideas and information and craft them into the knowledge to overcome the shortcomings of the current decaying structures. I am so grateful for having met you and to have been able to learn and share ideas with you. We all need to look higher and aspire higher to our maximum potential.

    When it becomes clear, the tools PLF provides are more than sequences to launch a product or idea. They are the social mechanisms for building connected communities around new ideas and new ways. Adapting to change is always disruptive. Sharing your ideas, insights, and vision in a crucial leadership role is essential in speeding up the changes that each and every one of us is capable of. I look forward to Part Two of this and the onward journey.

  4. Hi Jeff,

    Great post!

    Ultimately, I think this is what a lot of us who follow your work are here for as well That’s part of why we’re drawn to you – we want to get our greatest work out in to the world 🙂

  5. Great insights, Jeff. Totally agree that entrepreneurs & business owners are the ones who will save the economy.

    Goal setting, long term planning, and actualizing the “big why” are all things I need to work on in my business. Thanks for a great wakeup call!

  6. Your mission makes a lot of sense to me. I agree wholeheartedly about entrepreneurs being the future of the world, and I think “education” is the answer to an awful lot of questions.

    I’m still nailing down my big mission, but I know it has something to do with possibility and developing human potential (instead of utterly wasting it as happens in poverty-stricken, war-torn countries… I hate that).

  7. Kevin Kramer


    Great post! Agreed it is hard to bring up such a subject especially publicly but I think most people would on some level agree or feel the same way whether they know it or not! My goal is too help people learn art in a fun non sleepy-time formula. If that one goal can change the life one person then it is worth it! Here’s to the people changing the world one dream at a time.

  8. I think the voice in the back of your head must have been separated at birth with the voice in the back of my head. You have the Biggest Why nailed and it takes courage to say it out loud. Truth is, most of us can work our way up to the same Big Why regardless of our niche. If you can separate yourself a little bit from the money and tip the balance towards service, you can do very good things for humanity. And do them Bigger with PLF, of course. I’m glad you reminded me of this today. Thanks!

    • @Annie: to tell you the truth, my courage comes from my amazing PLF Owners… especially the ones at my live events. When I interact with them in person at my events… will they give me the courage and encouragement to push myself beyond my comfort zones. And then when I go home from the events, it’s a lot easier to carry that out into the world.

      • Ahh.i get it. Showing more humbleness. Now my mentor, Jeff, you have a new challenge to face and overcome. Your mission is a part of you. Nothing can stand in its way, therefore nothing can stand in YOUR way. With COVID19 on our home-front and PLF scheduled to be a virtual event – YOU WILL NOT HAVE THAT SAME ENERGY of us jumping up and down and dancing to the music in front of you… But I am 100% certain this change will not effect your drive, your ability, your motivation, your mission. Necessity is the mother of invention – and I am only one of 1000’s of followers and students of you who are grateful and excited to watch you now direct us into a whole new world of online CONFERENCING. It’s a huge job that has been thrust upon you – at the last minute to pull together. But it’s the next step in your mission. I’m excited about it and looking forward to PLF LIVE in the first VIRTUAL online conference event. I wish I could help you (but I have my own mission to fulfill! Once again, you are making history. And we all will be patient and gracious as we all watch this amazing PLF event unfold in this format. Oh – sure… a library of hard cover books is always exciting, and there’s nothing like a book in my hands. But I love my computer, and the convenience and vast quantity of material to search through on the internet – and LIVE LIVE events and LIVE VIRTUAL events MAY prove to be similar – but the necessity of a Virtual Live Event – will only jump YOU and therefor ALL of us 10 steps forward. I love you my friend. And your whole team. I love the energy you give and the energy your team is able to give because of your leadership. Let’s Go Get Em.

  9. hey there Jeff! What a fantastic read. I’m going to link this article in my blog to my masterminders this week… it is SO at the right time for them to hear this.

    Many of the folks I coach arrive at their “Big Whys” before they have a clue how to take care of their survival needs (yup… I teach spirituality, wellness and healing and holistic arts practitioners how to market themselves. They relate to me because I’m one of them.) It is so validating for them to hear from awesomely successful dudes like you that you guys really ARE concerned with the “Big Why”s.

    Personally, I taped a quote that Frank K let fly last summer at his deal with Brendon B: at some point that weekend, he said something like “Practice Random Acts of Coolness.” That’s been on my wall for about a year now 😉 (It’s my way of reminding myself of why I am doing what I do, for the moment….) …and you just did exactly that: a random act of coolness. That’s what this blog post is… awesome 🙂

    The thing is, even when you begin an entrepreneurial career from the stance of already having a good idea of your “big why”, it can still get lost when you start REALLY amping up your business for the first time. Even my students in healing arts find themselves feeling lost and overwhelmed a LOT… and need reminding about WHY they are doing it all. In a few years it will be easier for them to take that time to ponder and reconnect with their “big why”s… but right now I am cracking the whip on them a bit to get their businesses off the ground… which is why I am linking them to your blog for a good read this week. It’s important to continually reconnect with the big stuff even when you aren’t sleeping much in the initial stages of your entrepreneurial careers 🙂

    THANKS for doing such a great job of reminding us ALL why we are really doing what we do.

  10. Hey Jeff,

    A tough one to write, but a very worthy one!
    I think its was 2 posts ago, I let you know I’d reached my goal of the 3 day work week… Fantastic right, but it did leave me with the question…

    What next..? How can I make a bigger difference..? How much more value can I add..?

    You’re so right, the ‘big’ goal of funding lifestyle is just the beginning. I am currently digging deeper, asking myself the tough questions…

    One’s like this…”Are you taking on challenges worthy of your life..?”

    Great post, looking forward to hearing more.


  11. Straight from the heart Jeff! I loved it. I am right in the beginning of this kick myself in the butt and get going stage right now. I left a sales job a month ago or so and one of the things we focused on was our “WHY?” I can’t even say I’ve strayed from that thought because I’ve never put it into play or action with the things I would like to accomplish, my goals. Thanks for the extra kick in the butt!

  12. For now, my goal is to bring in some money and to show my grandchildren that they don’t have to wait around for someone to hire them, that they can take their own lives into their own hands and triumph over the bad economy, the witless government, the naysayers and their own “shyness.”

    For me, this is enough.

  13. I know you’ve never met me Jeff, but for about the last year and a half, you’ve been an amazing influence on my entrepreneurial passion, and for that, I would like to say ‘thanks’.
    Anyway, I just was writing today for the clients I coach on the big “why” they undertake any mission in life (particularly in my niche, which is natural fitness)….. I’ve found that some people have one big ‘why’ moment, where it all seems to come together, and it’s good enough for them to move mountains. For other people (like myself, and many that I’ve coached), it’s a continuous journey of reflection…. And sometimes, that ‘why’ may change from time to time….. I appreciate your sincerity in explaining how it’s changed for you, and I wish you continued success in your mission.
    -Michael T.

    • @Michael: it’s definitely a journey, and I know my Big Why has changed a lot … and I’m sure it will continue to change.

  14. I agree with you Jeff, I have seen you I have read your stories, I am glad you are here with the Bigger Why… Purpose is only reason we have everything we see here. I love what John Carlton said to frank kern…

    Here is what I got
    Here is what it will do for you
    Here is what you do next

    Now doing this with product, or service is pretty clear
    and when I decide to apply this to me, then nothing I believe is true
    to know this is freedom

    Here I am
    Here what I can do for you and everyone I meet
    Here what I do next

    As I begin to look at why
    Why not now?
    Why not here?
    Why not you?

    Things I used to want no longer drives me
    What drives me today is to meet amazing overcomers
    Like Carol Wachinak who was gave up by doctors, and
    She and her children find a way live life full out and
    spend time in health and now she is sharing this massage
    of hope one by one.

    My joy, my big why is I know there is
    someone, somewhere where amazing life transformation
    story to tell. Bring the message of hope and transformation
    in this world.

    Thanks Jeff for sharing your Big Why

    • @Robert: I’m with you… I love stories of transformation. I’m also fascinated by (and study) examples of human excellence. Love ’em.

      No matter what our circumstances, there is always an example of someone in just as bad a circumstance (or worse) who overcame and excelled.

  15. Love the post, and totally agree. The one thing I would like to add is that having your Big Why can seriously help when starting out as well.

    You touched on my Big Why, the education system, which I’m looking at ways to support and give an alternative to so people have better learning opportunities, via game design. That then leads to the whole “Future of All Humanity” topic.

    • @Steven: I’m sure you’re correct… but when I was just starting out it was all about survival for me. I felt like I was trapped in a box… and just scrambling to find a way out.

  16. The’ big why’ is what everyone is searching for, in one way or another. They try to fill that void with money, success, possessions, fame, sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling, anything they can to “get there”. But the void can only be filled one way. We are all born with this need. Deep inside everyone is this desire to be in and among nature, under the stars, around a campfire, trees, ocean. It is our connection to nature that we all have, but technology has pushed it aside. Everyone has native roots of some kind, Native Americans have the most recent memory of that way of living in balance, and a small remnant kept the secret. After years of trying, the elders have finally allowed me to share it, to help all people. From our most ancient ceremony, still practiced today regularly by over 300,000 Native Americans, come the wisdom everyone seeks. Now in my book “The Thirteenth Step”, available on Amazon, with a great book trailer on This is my mission, and it will change humanity. Are you ready? Thank you, Steve, you are right on track.

  17. James Ehrlich



    That was a very inspirational message—you are absolutely correct.
    For many years, I took enormous risks to set up expensive high tech prevention centers in 4 cities in order to lower the risks for heart disease and cancer for thousands….it made a real difference but was a financial disaster for me building these centers loaded with CT scanners, etc…and marketing it offline.

    My goal now is learn what you and others are teaching about the internet to share all the strategies (that your doctor never mentions) on a much bigger scale. The key to prevention is early detection—and as the physician with the nation’s leading experience with early detection tests and technologies, i think i can save lots more people from getting heart attacks, diabetes, strokes and cancer than i ever did before….and not get so poor in the process.

    I also live in Colorado and hope to meet you someday,

    the early detection doc,
    James Ehrlich, MD

  18. Jeff….I am encouraged by those that are willing to risk. Your post shares some great insight. Too many people in the world today have a sense of entitlement. They expect larger than life rewards but are either unwilling or unable to confront and face risk and work hard to realize the reward. Instead, it’s simply easier to resent people/companies that took risks and realized reward. I was once told that life is like licking honey off a thorne. Everybody wants the honey but nobody wants to be stuck by the thorne. The fact is that if you want the honey in life you have to be willing to tackle the risks.
    I can’t agree more, entrepreneurs are the future. I view education as a pyrimid. Traditional education may provide the base but to achieve the pinnacle (if one ever achieves the pinnacle as education never stops) requires the acquisition of knowledge at a faster pace then offered by traditional education methods. To remain competitive in today’s markets knowledge is increasingly acquired via information products as you say.

    My only hope is that our political leaders can evolve to understanding that if you regulate everything to death it makes it difficult for entrepreneurs to thrive in a competitive world market…..Keep it coming Jeff

  19. Thought I would share the video I released today on my Big Why…

    Let’s change the world folks!

  20. Service is the true intent on humanity…one can serve yourself, your imideate family, your neighborhood, your town, country, hemisphire, globally…and beyond…Service is the “best of” what humans can acheive here…It is delightful news that you have that you have joined in the practice of service, and especially that you want to share this aspect of human possibility with others in your arena and beyond……
    May your lowest low, be as high, as my highest high!

    Love and Light,
    GIRL xxx

  21. Great post! You are inspiring in all you have achieved, but wonderfully down to earth and your writing is so easy and very interesting to read!
    I’m still at the ‘wanting to make money to support my family’ stage – but I also have BIG goals and dreams which I know I will get to one day.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and encouragment to dream and succeed!

  22. As a neophyte entrepreneur at the tender age of 63, I rarely find the time to read other people’s blog posts. But I felt a strong push to read your email announcing this blog post today. I loved it! Thank you for putting yourself out there to share your mission. As a newbie in the world of entrepreneurs in the last year and a half, I have been astounded by and hugely enriched by the wealth of wisdom and generosity that abounds in the world of entrepreneurial innovators. I totally agree with you that information educators and entrepreneurs are the new guiding lights for our 21st Century world. And an exciting world it is!
    My mission of clearing the pathways to light and joy in the world, also sounds too abstract and huge to have any meaning. But when I clarified it after doing some intense purpose work, it completely freed me to start my own coaching and workshop company to help Boomer women in transition reinvent themselves in ways that allow them to share their highest and best gifts with this world in innovative and impactful ways. I get excited thinking about how a group of people who are such a huge resource of wisdom and experience could positively influence the stewardship of our planet if they were all to develop and shine their light fully.
    I’ve learned something new today. It is time for me to make it a practice to read blog posts by you and other experienced entrepreneurs. Thanks.

  23. Jeff,Thank you for your transparent expression of the state of the Expert Industry that is an integral element of the sweeping change in the world today. It is an honor to stand along side of others who know their “Big Why” as we endeavor to make a difference in the world. You are a profound expression of TRUE NORTH. I am grateful for your insight and content rich – everything! I know you know, but, I must simply say – you ARE truly making a difference.

    In gratitude to you Jeff,
    Katie Cavanaugh

  24. Amazing Post Jeff …I love this quote from Mohandas Gandhi
    “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”
    From ‘simple survival’ to becoming an ‘influential person’ in the world it’s great that you are prepared to speak out – thanks sharing

  25. Thanks Jeff – me too I am an introverted Person and I see that if I write things, people liked it. It seems that lots of introverted people prefer writing to talking. Yes Internet is a wonderful way to get out with our message. I am on the very beginning of my business and just start my busibess. I feel that through Internet many many lifes are changed many lifes are saved, and that we all wabt the same: to be estimated in some way – cos we are not animals – we need humanity- we are Human Beings- that is all we ever were and ever will be – that wants to be estimated.

  26. Wonderful Article. This reemphasizes why I go to bed at 2am and wake up at 6am, because I am passionate about serving my gift to the world in product form. The Key However…are the ones who have read this article, how many of them will actually TAKE ACTION?? This is an important question, because without action……goals are just ink.

  27. Great stuff Jeff… My big why is bettering humanity too! I bought PLF 2.0 a couple years ago, and while it was awesome, I wasn’t there yet. I’ve struggled, and continue to struggle as I get better and better at delivering my message. Thanks Jeff for always being such a wonderful humanitarian icon.

  28. Jeff—For years I’ve taught David McClelland’s conclusion of “Why do nations rise and fall?” He believes it’s because nations that have at least 3% of the population with a high need to achieve (read, 3% entrepreneurs) rise, because those 3% provide jobs for the other 97% and the nation prospers. Nations with less than 3% don’t stimulate enough business and the economy is stagnant. He demonstrated ways that high n-achievement can be taught, instilled in a person or a group.
    You mentioned changes in methods of education. I expect to be part of that and hope to take my courses on line. Developing a high n-ach will be one of them.

  29. It helps explain maybe why some of us have the drive we do, or at least helps rationalize it.
    Thinking big enough is a problem for most, but as you demonstrate we can keep thinking bigger!

  30. Jeff, your honesty awakens my intention. Right now I’m still in a desperation mode. I have a big why currently to keep myself motivated. Reading your post is inspiring because I know someone (you) has walked this path I am trying to walk on. I wish you avalanche of abundance in every area of life. Thank you for you honesty, it makes ways for me to move forward in my own journey.

  31. Thank you Jeff for the courage to share this amazing transformational journey you are living and trusting.

    Synchronicity. I just wrote an email to one of my MasterMInd groups sharing (a bit) about what I experienced recently in AZ with the “Big Why” question.

    Then I go to relax and read my emails and voila – your awesome post!

    My big why is to be a catalyst for people and organizations, enabling them in realizing their full potential, embracing it with humility and vulnerability, so that the personal power, influence and impact of each individual’s gifts make a difference in the lives of the people they love, cherish and care about in the world.
    (Pretty bold for an other pure introvert here!)

    Thanks Jeff.

  32. Thanks Jeff,

    This has been my mission for a while now. I gret lost sometimes in the “game” of internet marketing and the tasks of running the business.

    It was great to have a reminder. It has bumped me back to reality (my reality, its all very subjective, isn’t it?)

    Together we have a chance to save humanity. What a worthy cause.

    Besides, what else are we doing for the next couple of decades?

  33. Jeff,
    You have great stuff in here, and I just feel inspired each time I read your ideas. Here is my biggest why, I have been waiting for this 42 years? I believe this could help more US economy and our farmers [who keep providing food for us and our kids] then anything else I know of. Let help others find faster their why, by sharing this with friends and loved ones.

  34. Okay, as usual I’ve got it backwards. 😉

    I’ve always been a big picture kinda gal, and ** always ** had trouble focusing in on the baby steps that would get me to the goal. And I’ve always got too many big ideas going on at once, though lately I’ve latched onto one that’s resonating in a huge way with me, and seems to be doing so with the folks I’ve run it by as well, so maybe this one will be the one to put me on the path to paying my bills more comfortably than I’m doing now.

    I like the way you think. Why not think big? Somebody’s got to! If we all spent all of our time bogged down in the details nothing big would ever be conceptualized.

    I’ve got the germ of a product in mind, but it’s not totally fleshed out yet. Maybe (hopefully!) I’ll have at least the rough draft done before you launch . . . so you can help me with mine!

    My big why? It’s helping people through this tough economic time by showing them how they can change their mindset.

  35. Hey Jeff,

    After watching you tell your story at PLF Live (and jumping up and down on stage with you), I think everyone’s big why should be, at minimum, to make at least one customer (and hopefully many more) have a great, happy and joyous life. The ripple of that then passes to their family, friends and even strangers, and then through them to others. It’s the pay it forward of good karma. Great stuff indeed.

    p.s. Sorry my Lions beat up your Broncos, but that’s karma finally coming Detroit’s way.

    • @Jim: the ripples of all the work we did at “PLF Live” a couple of weeks ago are still reverberating… for all of us. That “Big Why” exercise had the strongest reaction of anything I’ve ever taught at any of my events… and that’s saying something, because I’ve had a lot of amazing events.

      And it was that reaction that pushed me to write and publish this post… basically, I was inspired by the amazing people at PLF Live. So don’t for a second think it was just me up there on stage giving my heart and soul to all the attendees. The giving was definitely going in the other direction as well… and I came away with enormous added energy and intention.

  36. Jeff, I haven’t bought a thing from you (yet) but I love reading your emails. This is post my favourite yet. Thank you for letting us in on your journey, it inspires me to greater courage and authenticity.

  37. Isn’t it easier to focus on the “Big Why” once the money is secure?

    There aren’t that many poor “global thinkers”, unless I guess you count the OWS crowd.


  38. Julie Cairns


    Hey Jeff,

    Great post! I love that you connect the Big Why with the idea of courage. Going beyond survival (fight or flight) to the actual hero’s journey, which involves having a purpose beyond one’s own survival… that is somehow tapping into a broader story about what it means to be human.

    The Big Why is kind of asking “Why are you here?” “What is going to be your lasting impact on this sphere of existence, what is your legacy going to be?” It’s a big question, and it deserves a big answer. For every one of us. And here’s sonething I’ve been contemplating lately, which makes this post so timely for me: if the mission (Big Why) I settle upon doesn’t scare the pants off me, I’m probably not thinking big enough! I mean, it’s not courage if I’m not scared, right?

    • @Julie: shhhh… I’m trying to not scare everyone off as I lead them down the path to great adventure. 🙂 But you are, of course, correct. All learning and growth happens at the edges of our comfort zone.

  39. Hi Jeff,
    I loved your blog. I don’t know why it is one of the hardest things to speak up for the truth in one’s heart and put out one’s vision–I know what you’re saying. Being willing to be bigger and organize and create a group of your own feels like it will take away from private time & pleasure, but I’m sure in fact that it gives a deeper, spiritual satisfaction in upholding humanity. Bravo! I’m excited by the venue you have taken. I have been bumbling along with internet marketing and much hampered by lack of funds and time to really concentrate and get things done. Everyone says to outsource but I haven’t done that or had the funds to do that. Recently I went to the bank to see about money for start-up. I had had a company for 7 years that survived but was not what I would call successful. As you know, SBA wants to see 2 years of being in a business before they give out money. The bank told me that since internet marketing was a different field, it doesn’t make any difference that E had a company before. In fact, they would give me a loan if I had enough money to cover the loan in the bank already.
    Some logic!! I’ve been studying affiliate marketing on my own with various top people, Anik Singal, Howie Schwarz, etc. but it doesn’t count for anything jobwise or bankwise because there is no school certificate. I’ve done it all my own. I have not been able to do what I even know to do online because of funds. I look forward to your future creations! Thanks for the blog.

  40. Hi Jeff,

    Inspiring words, and I completely agree with you. I think the absolute best hope for the future of humanity does lie with the entrepreneur, and those who are in the service of helping entrepreneurs are truly doing great work. From one Coloradan to another, thanks for all you do.

  41. Yes Jeff, possibly one of your longest but also possibly one of your best blog posts ever. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us all. I would like to respond to Mike’s comment about “isn’t it is easier to think about the big “why” once the money is secure.”

    Having gone through this process myself I can say yes, it may be easier to act on the big why at that time, but I believe it is there all along. Possibly buried deep beneath the burden of financial worry. But, for me anyway, it has been there for years, I just never a)considered it or b) knew how I could act upon it.

    But possibly the “big why” that was inside me was what drove me to a place where money was secure in order to move forward more clearly in the direction of my Big Why. What I am suggesting is while it may be true that, some may not consider the Big Why until a time when money isn’t as much a concern, what if considering it earlier better lights your path to that financial freedom?

    The Big Why which might currently be hidden inside may actually be what is lighting your motivational fire every morning without you consciously knowing it. Hmmmm what came first the chicken or the egg?

  42. I believe helping people has to be part of your Big Why as much as getting something for yourself and your lovely one.

    Jeff, why thinking about a single Big Why when we can have 3, 4 or 5 Big Why and use all of them. We probably need a Big Why for each area of our life to be successful at each of them.

    I am sure “The future of all humanity” isn’t the only one. What are you hiding? 🙂

    • @Benoit: you’re absolutely right… I’ve got lots of big goals in many areas of my life. My family, my wife and my kids are at the very top of that list. Then there’s my friends, my community, my relationship with the natural world, my spiritual life, my physical self… it goes on and on. In my goals I list many different roles that I play in my life – and I have big visions for those roles, and big goals in all of them.

  43. Hi there great yes We are all on a Journey which we are all apart of this awesome amazing world connected ot one. Of higher sauce God /whatever for you / I love our world for the contination of all, We as individuals can make that difference healthier people, foods, peace, patience, tolerance, homses , schools roads asssiting others good deeds Always wiht truth and integrity of others virtually the ten commandment’s as were tis true these days everyone screaming husbands at wifes Neighbours fighting countries same if not now will we change I say Look thy enemy in the eyes and say My God gave me the right to forgive you and that shall be frreedom for you t me forgive you t which is your gift from sauce to bring to the table of mankind , PASSION AND STRENGTH , creating an innerpeace

  44. Hi Jeff,
    Good for you for putting yourself out there and talking about what really matters to you in spite of your discomfort. I don’t believe there’s a target on your back; I think most people believe in the things you believe in, they’re usually just struggling too much to focus on them or talk about them with any clarity.
    Speaking with authenticity and power is what my business is about. I’m a communication skills coach as well as a life goal accomplishment coach, and I teach college – care deeply about education – so what you’re saying resonates with me absolutely.
    So three cheers for you. Keep going!

  45. Valerie Darlington


    Thank you for the reminder that creating a big “Why” is what takes us beyond the ordinary. For many years I have been trying to build business, and like everyone who just starts out, its all about making some money to just take care of every day things. I think I have lost sight of my “Why” and this makes me unable to do that which must be done to achieve success.

    Like you, I also believe that entrepreneurship is the “future of the world”, and that education is the way to go. No matter who we are, there is always something we can teach someone who is not quite where we are in experience and knowledge. Helping others to “learn how to fish”, is the way to help them be successful.

    Thank you for your mission and big “WHY” because just sharing these thoughts with us today has helped me to get an idea of ‘what’ and ‘how’ I can share to help others as I help myself become successful.

  46. Funny but Ive just finished listening to the start of a free series – The Art of Love and Deepak Chopra was talking about how science can now show how interactions (social, business,etc) affect not only the brains of those engaged in the activity but those once, twice…removed – the ripple effect.
    From what the experts say, what youare doing here and your current attitude cant help but influence positively and widely; also drawing a great team to you.
    Please let us all know how you get on. As a little business owner, I appreciate you drowning out those loud negative inner voices. Smiles, Liz

    • @Liz: you’re absolutely right – we’re building an outstanding team… and it’s because I only want people on the team who are onboard with the mission. And that’s one of the reasons we start our weekly meeting with a gratitude sharing… we “go around the room” and have everyone share something that they’re grateful for. It’s a great way to start our meeting.

  47. Frank Casanova


    You truly are a great marketer. This long essay is pure marketing dressed as philosophy… and I say that in a very good way. Not to diminish your philosophy at all ( I believe you believe what you’re saying with all your heart), yet the bottom line is that this is genius marketing leading the reader to the prescribed conclusion. I am in awe and my hat’s off to you!

  48. My Big Why? To be a Hero and feed the world’s malnourished children. These children will be taking our place, living and being the Future of All Humanity.

    This Big Why is what drives me to be persistent, focused and committed every day to growing my business and being a social entrepreneur.

    Another “awesome” post. Thanks my friend.

  49. Jeff,

    This is awesome stuff! I am going through the same process of discovery right now with my wife as my co-pilot. It’s brought us closer together than we have ever been – which is fantastic.

    I believe that entrepreneurs are the future as well, and make everything at my business about communicating that message and trying to support other entrepreneurs. It’s a fun adventure!

    All the best,


    PS – I’m down in Boulder – hope to run into you in the mountains some day so we can meet in person.

  50. Jeff,

    Love the pics of your recreational laboratory…there is nothing like being in nature’s wide open spaces to renew one’s creative faculties.

    You have taken on a BIG mission indeed.

    Your points #1 and #2 resonate with me deeply. “Entrepreneurs” in the holistic sense have always been the future of the world–they are the visionaries who believe and act on the knowledge that something better is possible. Information marketing has always been fundamental to the educational process; however, the disconnect is that our educational system doesn’t necessarily understand points no. 1 and no. 2.

    I, too, stand with you for the the future of all humanity seeking to live out my mission as the guru of personal stewardship and or life management.


  51. Great post Jeff.

    I am a PLF 2.0 owner and I am really bummed that I had to miss PLF Live a few weeks ago as I was unexpectedly called to teach that weekend.

  52. I love this, Jeff. When you talk about the future of humanity it makes me think of all the why’s for the work I do. I coach parents on how to work with their babies and toddlers, from sleep training to nutrition and from childbirth education through to coaching them in the delivery room…it is the future of humanity that I have an impact on, and it’s clear to me that taking another serious look at my 12-18 month future map is the next best thing to focus on.
    Thanks as always for the encouragement.

  53. Excellent post! I never really thought about what would happen when I finally got there. You have an inspiring story, Jeff!

    You don’t happen to have a price in mind for you class, do you?


  54. Great post Jeff! I agree with you that it is important to find out your Big Why. I recently started being an entrepreneur and it’s tough…but having a dream helps to keep me from doubting whether I’ll make it or not. You did say that when starting out, you just have to focus on getting in the game. But knowing your Big Why helps to steer where you go.

  55. Kenneth Lord


    Hi Jeff,

    Great post.

    Love to speak with you about the future of all humanity.

    Currently, we are working on a significant project which includes All of Humanity.

    Please read about me and how we can get to the next level.

    Kenneth Lord
    P.S. I help people find the “Big Why” behind the why, I’ve been doing it for some time!

  56. Thanks so much for sharing your own story in a nutshell! My wife and I are feeling everything move around us…we’re selling our house to move to who knows where…told my boss I’m retiring from the 9 to 5+ at the end of May next year, after I write my position manual and see the organization through a season. We smell our own Big Why coming on, and your story just helps me to see we’re on the way.

    Great stuff!

  57. first off, well said… second, I’ve started this note like fifteen times, and can’t word it correctly. But while survival is important, and I’m still working on that, I’m blessed by discovering there might be a REASON to survive, other than just being here.
    Once you’ve gotten past the “bread on the table” stage, and are into “even my kids don’t HAVE to worry about bread on the table”… then it breaks into an area one friend of mine called “mental furniture”. Some folks can’t conceive of anything other than more houses, more cars, and more gilt statues of cherubs, to overstate a case – their mental furniture is sparse. Others, once the “survival factor” is removed, begin to grow and evolve into something else – good or bad, they evolve. They ADD mental furnitiure; fill new rooms with it. Sounds like you’re getting there….
    Have a great one!

  58. Ryan Ferrier


    Wow! What a fantastic read. I’ve got a great job, but I have this undeniable urge to find my Big Why. I’ve caught the content marketing bug and your stuff is amazing inspiration for me. I always leave your site thinking that you “get it” and I want to inspire people in a similar way. I’m excited for your upcoming product launch formula class and hope I can be a part of it.

  59. Jeff, this is probably the most profound blog post I’ve EVER read. I’m so glad I started my day reading it. Evolution of consciousness means evolution in our 3D world is around the corner.
    I find myself, to have a bigger why every time I look from a HIGHER perspective both figuratively and actually (I mean, we are among the first generations who fly on a mass scale).
    Being Greek, I would like to contribute a bit to the conversation by giving the ACTUAL meaning of the word “crisis” which is nothing more than judgement, or else, time to think. It does NOT mean disaster, economic turmoil or any of these fancy labels that journalists, begging for our attention, come up with.
    So, in my opinion, IT IS time to think things through, or even better, FEEL things through…
    Here’s to THE BEST of each and every one of you!

  60. Jeff,

    I was at “PLF Live 2011” and the big why exercise was extremely powerful. Thanks for sharing it and reminding me of it in this post.

  61. Hey Jeff,

    I know you do not know me but I’ve been kind of keeping up with your newsletters and I’ve read a few blog posts that you’ve posted. Anyways, referring back to this particular blog post, I know exactly how you feel. I actually went through the same thing with my passion which is art. I came to a dilemma where I asked myself how art contributed to society and the reason why I did art. This really resonated with me for about three weeks, and thought about it non-stop. I would come home after work, and do a search on google asking “whats the reason for art”, “why do artists do what they do” etc. and what I found was none of the research really didn’t help me.

    I realized then that this was something I had to discover for myself and really think deeply about. So for the next few weeks I would sit outside and think about it and really went into the theory of art. Anyways, I came to the conclusion that art contributes to society by giving people ideas, we’re all interconnected and a simple thing such as art can set off a domino effect in someone that could set off ideas within people to create something for themselves. I want my art to inspire people and help make people better human beings. I know you’re probably thinking, “okay guy art is just art…” it doesn’t matter what other people think, I know where my place is and what I should do with the gift that god has given me. Anyways, that’s a’lot to think about for a 27 year old like myself. Well, I went on too long with this.

    Anyways, I agree with what you’re saying and understand where you’re coming from. At first your business could be about making profits but after that it has to be more than that because money is not everything. Apple is a perfect example of this. Anyways, love the post and keep it up man. Love the post. 🙂


    P.S. if you want to check out some of my artwork there is a link to my site. Leave a comment in my guestbook and let me know what you think, I like to hear from others.

  62. Hi Jeff,

    Great post – thank you for putting it “out there”.

    As far as education goes, the problem is much greater than simply not being able to adapt quickly enough – it’s that our education systems are designed around churning out cookie-cutter children, very much in line with the thinking of the Industrial Age. If you haven’t sen Sir Ken Robinson’s take on reforming education, it’s well worth a watch:

    From your post, it sounds like you might be familiar with Simon Sinek’s Start With Why – How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action. If not, you can see his TED talk here:

    Great stuff, and please do keep sharing your vision – it’s inspiring!

  63. Hi Jeff,

    Great post. Congrats on your success with PLF!

    Sounds like you might have read “The Art of the Start” by Guy Kiyosaki where he discusses “making meaning” in the world as an entrepreneur. Or you could just be a wise person who genuinely wants to make a positive impact in world!

    As an introvert myself and being a private person I can understand how hard it is for you to share you inner life with people. Thanks for sharing.

  64. Hi,

    You have a good “Big Why” but, who knows, you could manage to reach that big goal. So when you’ll get there what will come next ?

    Isn’t it a great question to deal with and to take care of now that you have find your “Big Why” ?

    Hoping you’ll find a satisfying answer, if it’s not already the case…

  65. Allison Shefield


    The big why of humanity’s past, present and future, is to BE love to all of creation. Tempus fugit.

  66. A very inspiring post, Jeff.

    I guess my Big Why, that has driven me since I was very young, is multi-layered. It consists of: thriving instead of surviving; eating for health not just taste; questioning our conditioning… is it really healthy for us? There’s more… conscious business… this is a big one for me. We CAN treat our customers, our colleagues, ourSELVES with higher integrity, using truth as our guide. We CAN sell products and services that we truly believe in, that improve not only our own lifestyles, but others as well, in a healthy way, plus support the health of our planet.

    But the biggest layer goes the deepest for me… man’s inhumanity to man, the environment, and mostly to himself. This is the BIG ONE that I would like to be incremental in changing. That alone is responsible for the mess we’re in on this planet.

    Right now, I am working on thriving instead of surviving. But I cannot sell my soul by selling over-priced, over-hyped, get-rich-yesterday-pushing-one-button products, nor do I really want to be associated with that whole system. I believe that it is simply wrong. It is the poison that is keeping us from conscious business.

    So Jeff, I am appealing to you and your heart space. If your Big Why is about the Future of All Humanity, then please lead your clients into offering quality, life- and health-supporting products and services that are not based solely in making money. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, our society planet-wide is in trouble, due largely to power-struggles and greed fueling most of our decisions. This is a no-win situation for it WILL collapse in on itself, as we are witnessing globally.

    I believe that the Future of All Humanity is in the hands of our children. I believe that we have a huge mess to clean up. We have mistakenly been thinking that the planet is ours… no, it is our children’s. And they need new tools and healthy guidance to pull the planet out of this deep hole we put it in. From your perspective of being an entrepreneur and an information marketer, you see that you are the solution. This may be true, but only if you offer a completely different model to our children than the one they are currently being spoon fed.

    Help me with establishing Conscious Business as the norm, Jeff, and anyone else reading this. Our society desperately needs this. Create high quality, healthy, information products and services rich with substance that will guide us out of this mess! Not empty make-money-fast nonsense. Now I am not saying that you are offering nonsense products. But if your PLF is helping your students to launch very expensive nonsense products, then are you really contributing to a NEW Future of All Humanity? Or just more of the same?

  67. Jeff; as a Grand Master of persuasion, you have a dangerous power that you inhale deeply. If one were to pick up a tin of PLF3 from a supermarket shelf, the ingredients would read: “Everything that’s good for you, and nothing that’s bad for you” Is this true? – Tell me that your sales targets never get in the way of your mantra about the future of humanity. Is there a paradox here that could be the thing that ‘keep you awake at night’?

  68. I believe that the “WHY” you want to do something is far more important than the “HOW” to do it. It’s the Fire in the Belly that will keep you going when you have to work late into the evening or get up early in the morning.

    When things are not moving smoothly, always focus on WHY you are there and that will help keep the furnace stoked.

    David Rodwell

  69. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for your insights, I can’t help but think that we all need to think this way for the future of humanity, there is too much greed in the word, and selfishness this has to change before humanity can change.

    We all need to start to help each other so that we can move forward together as one.

  70. Agree, I feel fear to do the same publicly, but i will do it. Your blog helps me to shut off the negative voice in my head 😉

  71. Thanks Jeff,

    you are not an introvert at all.

    Keep up the pace, do what you do…

    The real true BIG Y is actually unknown to anyone of us, though we imagine one for ourselves, then we get into it, then we follow this tale… when the tale is being told smoothly, we call it success, right 🙂 And when our envisioned story-tale is not going as we wished, we call it failure…

    Those both ways of living seem to occur nothing but the pursue of wind in the air 🙂

    For me most important things: 1.Relationship with my family, relatives, community and so forth till I reach all humanity …2. connection with the superior energy, God, or infinity (whatever you might call it).
    3. energy (health) for sustaining me and my body (feed my mind by good examples of people behavior, wisdom living and body health)

    God gave us a mouth, so the food will be begotten by itself, just do not refuse or abuse the gifts you are given each day, learn the lessons you are being taught each moment of your life.

    Stay in peace and love

  72. Hi Jeff,

    Though I rarely leave a comment anywhere, I have appreciated your sharing. I have lived in four countries and worked in about twenty. To paraphrase a quote “in the best of times, in the worst of times” it has been always been the case all throughout human history. Some good, some less good. The difference? Our attitude toward it, our posture and response to it. Today like any other good/bad day, is a good day to live if we know how. I keep focusing on the most important thing a human being craves for: love, my family, my friends, people in need. Thanks.

  73. Granted freedom reinforced by helping government (non meddling) and free market will benefit us all.

    Entrepreneurship is welcome in bringing environment and society as this 🙂

  74. Dear Jeff,
    Your kind sharing in this article completely hit the nail on the head for me. I’ve been thinking about the same thing now. What is next for me? Your sharing in this article really helped to drive home the conclusion to me that I really need to take my business to the next level and there’s not better time to start then now.
    Thank you for sharing.

  75. Aaahh, the Big Why and its big implications: big thinking, deep exploration into meaning, true value, and true insight. How sad that one has to battle the hurricanes of economic paucity, steer your ship through gales of wasted opportunities and over maelstroms of failures before finding out the Big Why is the gilded writing on your headstone. The difference you make, the lives you touch and how you helped change and build – the elusive raison d’être. Technology, systems, infrastructure, and none of it leads to more time and even less to Nirvana. We should all get a compass, a guidebook and storm candles at birth – maybe we’ll be better at finding our way across the dark seas 😉

  76. I love your post. I believe the entrepreneurs are the next economy as we all awaken and remember Who We Really Are – creators.
    When I listen to all the blather about the debt, it is as if we will never make another dollar. Yet we know, as we strive to improve ourselves, gain our big why, and confidence – work with Jeff’s…that we are helping transform this nation – and the world one at a time.
    These are the most interesting times! And all of us wanted to be here for it.
    Thanks for posting Jeff. Kathy

  77. Jeff, I think this is courageous, and I got a lot out of reading it. My vision for my business is all about the Big WHY and I struggle more to focus on profits and marketing as a necessary means. I came from the academic world and left a very cushy track there because at some level I felt that education that would really make a difference in the future wouldn’t occur in a university setting – reading your blog just now really made me feel like I’ve made the right decision.

    As for your Big Why, I think as you get more clear on the real scope of it that voice in your head that you have to fight will get more and more quiet and eventually shut up forever. Really owning our power to impact the world flies in the face of every lesson we’ve been taught both explicitly and implicitly about our limits as human beings and how grace and humility lie in accepting those limits and not presuming to be more than we are. True humility lies in accepting the scope of our own true potential, and true humility brings about peace of mind. When I think of true humility I picture the world changers who stood for equality – Gandhi foremost among them in recent history. Something tells me that the Gandhis of the future will be leaders in the online world who deliver information products that subtly but profoundly begin to transform our culture…

    You’re a catalyst for this, and the more you own how people like Brendon Burchard and other dynamite information marketers can impact national and global culture, the more you’ll own your own potential power as a connector who helps leaders like Brendon reach the people who need them.

    There is a new economy dawning, and the leaders of that new economy need to reach people directly outside of traditional economic and political channels. I think this is the real promise of the internet. It can be a vehicle for meaningful cultural change through access to profoundly life-relevant education on business, health, relationships, spirituality, etc… – all the truly meaningful spheres of life that we learn so little about inside the education system. Our world is slowly beginning to wake up to a way of living that actually meets our deep set needs as human beings and allows us to really express ourselves and contribute to everyone around us in our daily lives. The info marketers are teaching us how to live this way, and you’re helping them do it. Keep thinking bigger about how you can help all of us connect with the teachers we need and bring our own teachings to those who need us. Thanks for all that you do!

  78. Great story…

    Face it – we all have 100s of ways to make money. When you’re in the trenches doing the grunt-work to accomplish a goal – the challenge is the grunt-work. Once the challenge (the grunt-work) is gone – things can get mundane and boring – that’s when real passions can ignite – as long as you don’t get in a funk.

    That’s where Socks for Seniors came from for me. Just like the hassles of building a team – making money, doing business- whatever you call it – has it’s headaches. Socks for Seniors fills a need, doesn’t involve MONEY at all – and is rewarding – an escape for business, perhaps. BUT it’s executed using all I’ve learned about business – or marketing rather.

    Recently after many years of working the program locally and regionally – I decided to attempt to take the program national. Reached the right list – and in a week’s time have grown to 50 locations…the goal is 200. (See – the grunt-work is rewarding!)

    Senior Citizens have always had a place in my heart; And I’ve advocated for them in many ways over the years. Socks for Seniors is another way I do that.

    I’d invite everyone to learn about it and join…

    Jamie Coyne

  79. Twenty-five years ago I went on a fishing trip with four guys. They all made $200,000 a year. I was making $35,000. Rubbing shoulders with them for a week unlocked the magic that you crystallized in this essay. I changed my entire way of thinking, eventually ended up with over 200 employees, retired at 54, and went on to create two dozen documentary films for charity (round two). Now you have me thinking, what is ROUND THREE? Nice job. (You get more comments than a New York Times front page story!). Bill Kizorek, CEO, Two Parrot Productions

  80. Right now I am just trying to get my online business off the ground so I can be a full time entrepeneur. Why? So I can have the freedome of time and money to make great choices in my life that fit my desires.

    Bigger than that, my Big Why is………always changing for sure. My Big Why is to realize myself as a strong leader, so I can inspire and help the people around me.


  81. hey that was great, here I am in Reno where I have had everything I attempt including donating plasma, turn to dust and road blocks. This morning a intuitive message told me to start writing things down. Then I read your blog from a email address I rarely visit. I’m likely old enough to be your mother but I am at the start and don’t know who to listen to as I’ve been scammed too many times. I really need some serious WHY in my life beside the one that I have carried many years now and that is to quote a line from bruce willis in 5th Element: “Yea, I know I ‘ve got to save the world” With no car and no way to find any thing outside of the internet and I’m thankful to have my laptop and the phone, I know I must find a way.

  82. Jeff,

    Age plays a big factor in bring the Big Why to the forefront of one’s consciousness. I’m 62 and always knew about the Big Why — and fantasized about it — but it would always get hidden by the ‘getting of the present’… as you experienced. As I got older, the ‘getting’ becomes less important and the Big Why becomes all important. Ironically, you berate yourself for not getting this in place sooner when the energy was readily available!!
    I have an all consuming Big Why (Hippo Water Project) now and building a model to financially support it… It’s being built from the IM expertise of people like you, Frank Kerns, Mike Koenigs, etc. I’d love to share it with you.

  83. I read and hear a lot about the sense of entitlement that is pervasive in the pattern of decay all around us in the US.

    Then I look at Jeff and others at the top of their entrepreneurial game (Tony, Frank, Rich, John, et al) and it seems clear that the only thing that will move things in the right direction is a group of winners who make it their business to help others win.

    By all means, Jeff, teach us how to find and grapple with our Big Why’s.

  84. Jeff,
    thanks for this. I was at “PLF Live” this year and it was totally life changing. Especially the session about the Big Why.

    • @Marco: it was fun watching you at the event, and watching the light bulbs go off. Thanks for making the trip all the way from Italy… I’m glad to hear it was worth it.

  85. Couldn’t pass up a subject line like that!
    Been forced to consider the Big Why after going “empty nest” and not HAVING to do anything…
    Since my best connections are made 60 or 70 or 100 feet under the ocean, I’ve found recommitting to reconnecting with that part of myself helps fill in the blanks – Palau, here I come!
    Thanks for putting this out there (from one introvert to another, I know how risky that is).
    Maybe I’ll do a product launch just so I can do your program!

  86. Hi Jeff, I have a lot of respect for you and what you are doing is the reason why. There are tons of products out there and many of them are good, but I think there are many like myself that are so confused we just give up after awhile. Then we move on to the next product because it is being promoted as easy to use and the answer to all our problems, but once again many of us run into the same problem. There are many people who are not willing to invest in their future and they deserve what they get, nothing. There are also many of us who are willing to invest whatever it takes to learn and become masters of our own destinies, but for most of us, we need more detailed and hands on help at a reasonable price (Thank you for your attention to this)
    Robert Jobb

  87. From the beginning of my business my big why was: To be a catalyst for positive change in the world. And I agree, it is the thing that keeps me going even when things were tough and money was tight. Any time I work with someone it is absolutely the first thing I have them focus on. It is 1 of 5 components for their “business compass” as it were. Although without this element of the Big Why/Mission a business owner tends to be lost and dead in the water.

    Good for you for having the courage to declare it!

  88. Gracias por compartir su Gran Porqué, logró hacerme pensar en mi propio desafío y en como realizarlo. Gracias Jeff

  89. Jeff,

    Intriguing post.

    When i started making money, was the moment i changed my goals, to my goals.

    People say you must set up goals, like “earn $40 a week”, and things like that. I used to use goals like that. However, i changed my goals to what i want to achieve, like “i want my daughter to have new shoes for school, next year”. It changed the way i think, and i am now succeeding.

    Not quite got to my Big Why yet, but i see it coming after reading your excellent post.

  90. Jeff, similar to you my transformation began out of desperation and urgency. My life was turned upside down when I lost a house to foreclosure, a car to repossession and was faced with a mountain of debt, and not enough income to pay the bills and keep the electric on. I had 2 kids, ages 1 and 3, and a wife dealing with post-pardum depression when it all began.

    I was at the live event last month, and am still amped up to continue building my heroic character, and develop my story out of “The Big Why” that you led us through. Thanks for the jumpstart, the energy, and for plowing the pathway for entrepreneurs of the world. You are awesome.

  91. This is going to be boring to some of you but I only can repeat myself:
    Jeff is making history, and it is a great thing to watch from close and even being part of it.

    Here and now I propose to the future history book authors that they should date the New Age of Internet Marketing from the PLF Live 2011 event and this article above.
    It will take a lot of effort, work and teaching from a lot of us to make more and more people understand: there is a different way of doing internet marketing and make a living from it than steal couple of goodies from those who has original ideas, re-package it and sell to clueless newcomers.
    Oops, I’ve might just found my Big Y for the time being…

  92. Hi Jeff- You’ve just pointed out the next step to the Big Why. Do you know that you did it? You highlighted that what happened at PLF Live was dramatically strengthened by all of us there. We are witnessing what happens in the vortex of giving & receiving. We are all lifted up, as we are lifting up. It is the cycle of giving & receiving, where one is not distinguishable from the other. Indeed they are the SAME thing!

    I published The BIG WHY in our biweekly magazine today. It is credited to you & our PLF Live group. Indeed Attila is correct, we are part of something amazing.

  93. Thanks for the inspiration Jeff. It’s great to see the path I’m on from the perspective of one who’s further down it than I.

  94. to understand how and why someone got to where they are is the human aspect that sooo often is lacking in our society and biz… seems to be all about what we can get and how fast can we get it….your Blog post is refreshingly honest!!! And your viewpoint is a breath of fresh air!!! To do biz (and everything else in life) with and for the good of all ….now that is the juice of life i’m talking about!!! and then there is the big why?!!!! good stuff!!! Thanks for being you and pushing thru your stuff and sharing your self… encouraging us readers….. gratitude, Rena

  95. Wow, now that I have learned a little about you I wish I had taken advantage of your offers when they came to my inbox a few years ago. I have tried so many ventures and failed that I was naturally skeptical when I read yours. Although there was something about your program that rang truer than most, I was too scared to give it a try. Now, I am jobless and need your program more than ever, but financial constraints is my excuse now for not joining your program.
    Thanks for your story, it was very inspiring.

  96. Sabriena van Rijn


    Hi Jeff,
    I’m glad I didn’t delete the email you sent out and took the time to read what you have shared. Your point that Information Marketers are the future of education really gave me pause and resonated deeply with me. I’ve been searching for a way to describe what it is I’ve been doing and what has drawn me to information marketing, and you linking it to it being the education of the future was a BIG A-HA! moment for me.
    So thank you very much.
    I’m off to happily continue with information for education, online!

  97. Shut up and get back to talking about marketing! LOL – I’m kidding!

    I stumbled upon you via Jay and Sterling sending an email to their IBM clients. Then I watched your video about your sideways sales letter … for an introvert you sure have a great way of presenting your marketing material.

  98. Jeff – way to go!

    Introvert? Me, too. I totally relate to being hesitant to take a stand – particularly on controversial issues…so hats off to you – for your willingness to live outside your comfort zone. I LOVE it when people expand their self-expression, take on the world- and change it for the better!

    PLF ownership is definitely in my future … because my passion is helping people to understand complex issues – like, say, how to care for their health – and make choices from a place of understanding and knowingness. And of course, being in the health product business, that presents an interesting challenge, which PLF is perfectly suited to meet. Yay! I’m really excited to have discovered this!

  99. Hi Jeff,
    I just finished listening to an interview you did with Greg Habstritt (which was great, by the way) and just had to check out your blog! This is a great post. I have been struggling with finding my Big Why and was thinking that I really should hurry up and define it before taking my business to the next level. Thank you for showing me that I don’t have to just yet! I know in what direction I am heading and am looking forward to my journey and truly discovering my Big Why! Looking forward to reading your other posts. Thanks! 🙂

  100. Now that I’ve read this,….
    I’m in. You’re someone I can work with.
    I would love to interview you on my internet-radio show (“The 11th-Hour!-PT(c.)” which begins 11/11/11…!) It is directed at entrepreneurs and the soon-to-be-self-employed. My belief is: this is the ripe time in the historical cycle-of-economics to restore the US to the small-business-dominate climate that existed before the industrial revolution. Clearly, this re-balancing of internal trade IS the only solution to saving our country’s economy,…and thus the world’s.
    “Tradesmen On the Web(c.)” And well-packaged for Hyper-Distribution(c.) That is our focus, our mission–convincing people that this recent-past “economic disaster” was just the universe’s way of clearing the path for something better!
    Would love have your help and to give you ours.
    “T.O.W. The Line, People!(c.)”

  101. You rock Jeff! Nicely put article. After a couple of years of not figuring out what I wanted to do during retirement a peak experience brought it all together for me and once that happened, I wanted to share the process with others so that they could have an irresistible retirement too. This became my mission. Hope to attend your next seminar via the internet in order to do even more. Kathleen Rodma

  102. Hey Jeff:
    I’ve been a fan for quite a while and love your business ideas. Now, with this post, I have more reason to check in on what you’re doing. Great post. We all should have something bigger than business and financial survival in our toolbox. After all, we are here to grow. Whether you choose to call it a “big why” or a new set of goals, it’s primary to our nature to want and need growth and expansion.

    Some believe they can’t achieve anything better than they have already accomplished. That’s just sad. But those of us going for more will bring a lot of others with us.

    To the future of humanity!


  103. It takes great courage to speak aloud such an audacious goal. It is inspiration. I’m at that point in my business, as an educator, where I can see my product and my leadership making a tremendous difference. Standing up, speaking out, moving out of desperation, is critical, as is investing in one’s own growth of knowledge. Thank you – from one introvert to another.

  104. Henry Vargas


    Great post Jeff. I completely agree and have even gotten clarity on my Big Why. Like you say, initially my reason for starting this business is desperation. But I’ve also already developed my Big Why and have adopted it into how I can going to manage my business.

    Thanks again, Much Success

  105. Elizabeth Haines


    OMG, powerful sharing that inspired me to share…..The BIG WHY for me is to help others discover their BIG WHY…and then the little ego voice starts saying: who do you think you are? Go back and focus on something real, something that people will pay you for…I go back and forth between these 2 states…I just saw your interview with Brendon Burchard about your launch of PLF and my first inclination was to check if you have an affiliate program so I could recommend the product to help all my wonderful friends….and now I am thinking…the PLF could help ME launch something that will fulfill my big why…now that I see it so clearly, I will regret it if I don’t listen to my voice…I will sleep on it….

  106. Seems to me the classroom of the future… actually the classroom of the present is not actually a ‘room’ at all. It is a combination between accessing the right information at the right time via the internet and life out in the real world applying, adjusting, applying, adjusting. The world moves so fast and the traditional educational system needs to adapt accordingly. In the future, classrooms will still exist in the traditional sense but will no longer carry the same ‘clout’ they once did. We will no longer give authority to those who got a degree and started teaching without getting real world results. In fact, degrees will mean very little in most professions. All that will matter is results. The shift is taking place already. And the best, brightest and fastest implementers will always rise to the top. Entrepreneurs will rule 🙂

    Live Your Dreams,

    Jill Koenig

  107. Jeff, I have bought PLF 3.2 and have been busily listening to all the list building videos. I already am a MLSP, Main Street Marketing, Infusionsoft, and Kajabi subscriber and follower. I feel like your influence will tie much together. I am a serial entrepreneur, and an ecolonomic evangelist. I am way past the moneymaking phase of my life. I have been fortunate to achieve almost every financial goal I have set for myself. I am also an avid coach and athlete. I am an ultra-runner, tennis player, ex-racing cyclist, rock climber and fisherman. Most importantly I am a lucky husband and fortunate father of 4 adult children.

    I have a huge current vision. I have founded Nourish the Planet, L3C. We have a BHAG (Big Harry Audacious Goal) Vision – To Enable 1,000,000 ecopreneurs by 2016 to Teach the World To Feed Itself. Jeff, I think we could have a synergy that would help you with your dream and help us with ours. I do not know it you read these, but if you do, please email me (personally) and lets find a time to chat. You can also go to and book a time. Thanks and keep following your dream.


  108. Carl du Pisanie


    Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for your reply via mail, it’s awesome. I thank you for your message and will be glad to hear from you soon. I truly do believe you are here for the “Future Of All Humanity”.
    Incredible how humble and honest you stay with all the success you have and that you are still accommodating with the schedule you run, you honestly amaze me! I am very grateful, that I got to know about you and your formula!
    Sharing as you do, is unheard of in the present day and age! PLF results are amazing. The Big Why, surely is intended on paving the road ahead with millions of solutions, aimed to reach all walks of life and to enrich them all with the knowledge to understand their goals and their,” Big Why” and to accomplish phenomenal goals for themselves with your Product Launch Formula!
    It’s my wish that God bless you, your family and team beyond comprehension, because what you empower others with, is simply mind boggling and noticeably sincerely appreciated by all!
    Kind regards.
    Carl du Pisanie

  109. John George



    pretty amazing stuff here. We all have a path if we choose to explore it. I need to find my path and it sounds like you have the vehicle to help me move down that path. How can I find out about your next launch? Learning how to make money online is a dream of mine and I would love to learn how to get there.

  110. Jeff,
    I appreciate your words. I’m on that low rung of the ladder right now, in that desperation mode that I’ve heard you talk about being at just trying to make ends meet. I’m in the process of wanting to get that 1st business started up, a guitar related site. Heard of you through the boys at IBM where I just got started up and all of you guys are opening my eyes and giving me hope of a future someday. Keep up the great work you are doing and thanks so much for helping some of us to see that there are better things out there for all of us!

  111. Hi there,

    Many teachers tell You that in order to build a business, to overcome many challenging obstacles You have to have that BIG WHY. You are the first person from whom I finally got
    that concept. If I strugle financially than getting financial freedom is big enough!

    Thank You,

  112. The BIG Why is a GREAT Idea…I have heard it before and thought about it…I liked the way you worded your why…Which Tony Robbins seminars did you attend? Did YOU walk on FIRE? Christina : )

  113. Hi Jeff
    Loved the post. I am introvert also and find it difficult to put myself out there. Having started a blog I am finding it easier to take chances and believe in myself. We are as youngsters pounded with rich not being a good thing, so I have had to beat this demon up with the Big Why first. I have been able to convince myself the justification for becoming rich and all the good for others that can become of it. Now I am able to think more clearly as to where I need to be headed. But I have so much learning to do and I am NOT getting any younger. Desperation of no job made me start my sites, but now the honorable purpose to help others has become the fuel for the drive to continue. I am making connections with people, but unfortunately it is much slower than I had wished. Thanks for the post…hope someday I can look back at all these set backs and learning curves with much laughter.

  114. Cassie Hager


    The answer to your question-“what if I’m not an expert” was exactly what I needed to hear. My son directed me to your website to help me start an internet marketing vehicle for a business venture idea of mine. I am anxious and insecure about my “expertise” and lack of computer/internet proficiency but our message has nudged me to the next step–DO SOMETHING–just get started.
    Thank you!

  115. Your big why is close to what a seminar I took long ago called the Vision, in a process that does Mission and Vision exactly 180 degrees from the way most corporate consultants do it. Glad you came up with it – you’re exactly right that it will help save you from the problems that can otherwise derail massive success.

    I also think your vision will help you adapt your mission and goals as the tools of the trade change. For instance: imagine who the big players of the internet would be if publishers had realized they were in the information business instead of the ink-on-paper business. Would Jerry Yang and Sergey Brin merely be division heads at Time Warner and The New York Times?

  116. Great post and very interesting insights Jeff. Kinda scary not knowing what you wanted to do when money wasn’t an issue hey…that could be a reason why some people fear success. At the moment my why is to help empower the youth of today by taking the hassle out of part of their education. Learning how to do Maths!

  117. Transparency is such a powerful energy behind the curtain we see that there’s a man pulling the levers it we find out is from Kansas same place were from. It’s my understanding that there was 13 books written in that series. The theme is always great one of working our way home such as in the book the Alchemist.

    John I experience many of the same things over the last two years(lost everything go wasteland experience). In my youth I wanted to be an information marketer reading everything the J Abrahams and Gary Helberg wrote watching the young pony-tailed Joe Polish and a reserved John Carlton and wishing I could work with the greats like them. But alas off to work I went family, responsibilities, and with hopeful youth to make my fortune.

    I would use my copywriting skills to form the subject lines in e-mails in corporate America that’s a long story but still funny one, It most definitely got a direct response. A few years ago I was divorced, laid off same day and then pulled a disk in my neck. Like yourself started the search for the answer to what was stopping me asking questions like what is character? what is my mission? did yoga for a year( almost every day) travel pleaded with a higher power and still clarity was outside the grasp of my consciousness.

    I studied all the business theorist over the years Deming, Drucker, and Abraham Goldratt became quite the enthusiast the business theory called the theory of constraints. The last step in the thinking process of TOC is not to let “inertia” stop the flow the system. Be that profit or be that funding for nonprofit as an example.

    Starting about a year ago being a quick study I started to familiarity myself where information technology was trending and what was hot. With my 30 years of IT experience the started thinking about Internet marketing again and if I could use my IT experience, To start over again. In corporate America I built some the first Silos those of the data repositories of static report data coming out of corporations approximately 80 TB. Supporting others and index the data before it was transferred into the system. As well as training of other administrators and working with architects and system engineers. Copy writing principles truly help, By the Way I’m challenge with dyslexia in and am terrible speller. With the gift the technology I was able to compete and help others regardless.

    That’s is one of big parts of my mission, to use technology to help those trapped within the framework and propaganda about dyslexia..

    Good luck with saving humanity I have many friends like you. I’m a bit more like the Count of Monte Christo hopefully I’ll reach your level of a compassionate heart someday. But now I must return, as you elegantly wrote, to the task of making money now and in the future for my family and loved ones.

    In December I taught my first martial arts seminar to a local police departments as an assistant instructor this was a big dream of my life. So when I was in the wasteland I too found some answers. As well as help from others that did not want anything but to give.

    The devil is in the details as is been said before, I now apply that focus toward Internet marketing and business in general. Great article man. Details are the building blocks or bullet points of complexity. What we learn in those times when we go away from it all is that balance is a practice to and as we grow in that skill of negotiation we learned that little things are the big things.

    a little attempted copy writing….
    What can you learn from fractal-art that shows you the details that you should work on today? 🙂

  118. I find this interesting. I have figured out the” why” and seem to have put the cart before the horse. I am having to re-evaluate what i have set up. I rushed into a business out of fear when my ex husband left us. Sheer necessity and with funds from friends i forged ahead. After finding you and your wonderful process ..i think i have gone about everything back to front. i am looking to find the courage to venture out and do things dfferently. I look forward to finding out more about what you do. You do good work.

  119. Humanity needs all the help it can get. An amazing goal.

    Is your hiking companion a white great dane? I’ve had 4 over the years.

  120. Hi Jeff,
    Just starting out online, been downloading and reading loads of books, really loved reading your post and totally agree with you.

  121. Elizabeth Anderson


    I am going to use this method for my book lauch in September.
    Being Mentally Healthy

  122. Jeff, imagine if everyone thought like you, on a higher plane, finding what it is they can give to the world as opposed to receive. I admire your humility, minimalism, transparency, and care that you give to everything you say.

  123. Thanks for sharing your success journey authentically. The posts here are great ways to learn that we experienced very similar challenges. I have revamped my website and learning to put everything step by step into place for people to sense my big why which was my pain. Be a Child Again – Inspire and Empower Educators and Parents to connect with teenagers. It’s a slow journey, definitely worth moving forward to add value to my own life and others.

  124. After reading Charlie Pages lastest post on role models, he stated your name Jeff, and after reading the above i can see why he holds you in esteme. You express yourself with elequence and sincereity “note i have lost faith in my power of judging people, on the internet” lol except for such minor issues such as poverty, you sound like a younger version of myself, except i think i was born with my big goal. Don Qiote said “Dream the Impossible Dream, reach 1″ past thy futhest grasp” I have spent 50 years preparing for the next 20 or so, ” lol talk about baby steps” and then i too hope to be instrumental in changing the face of humanity, in the very least i will make a major difference to a lot of lives. It truly is a fact that the only real mark of success comes from within oneself, its not money or fame, nor pride or adolation, its simply the knowledge that you have achieved your goal. These are the steps i teach The Family 1st Dream the impossible dream, 2nd Ponder the realities, but forget the negitivies, WE MAKE OUR OWN REALITY. 3. Lol breack it down into baby steps, the smaller the better, the greater the fine detail the better, 4. MAKE IT HAPPEN. I believe in syncronicity Jeff, expect an email from me as soon as i find your contact details. IMPRESSIVE!
    May the Universe continue to watch over you and yours,

  125. Thank you Jeff. Out of all the blogs, I picked that one. A goodie. It is inspiring to know that there are other likeminded people out there that share similar BIG WHYs. Thank you for having the courage to put a big fat target on your back. By doing so, you give others the permission to do the same.
    Wishing you many more beautiful hikes in the mountains. The photos made me homesick, I live in Australia & am from the far north of BC Canada. Thanks for sharing.

  126. Paul Howlett


    HI Jeff,
    I just read your blog here on the Big Why…Now that is good for you as you are now in the Big Bucks tax bracket. This blog was written on November 2011, and now I comment in mid September 2012. I think that your ideas are great…I am sure that you have helped many people. BUT what about the 47% of people that Mitt is getting castigated about in the media at this moment in time. Like the poor, the people who are in poverty traps due to illness, poor education and the like. How are they going to buy your expensive Product Launch products etc? What can you do for the poor people of America and the world, to start up, make their lives richer and better? (Like those small start up business loans for women in Africa). I do not have any answers, I guess…

  127. Hi Jeff,
    I loved this blog post. I totally agree that we need a why to give our lives purpose, and a big why have more energy in it (for me, anyway) than a small why.

    My business is called “Yes To Life” because I see our choice as basically seeing the good and beauty in ourselves, each other, and all life, or seeing what’s wrong with everything. I help people say yes to their own life by choosing the healthiest diet — supporting our own body’s natural ability to be healthy and to heal itself if need be — which then frees us from being bogged down in all the problems that ensue when our health suffers.

    So you are here for the future of humanity, and I’m here for a healthy world, which is necessary if humanity is going to have a future!

    Thanks for all you’re doing for me and others to be successful in our own missions!

  128. Hi Jeff,
    I’m very new to all this information marketing stuff, but I’m starting it now and want to make it big. I see a big gap in social marketing for small beauty salons and I want to help them to make their business more profitable through this channel.
    I find you very inspirational and I hope to meet you in person one day! I am thinking about my “Big Why” but for now, personally, It’s all about being able to move to spain and live a healthier life (Stuck in rainy London where smiling is a BIG effort!)
    Thank you, I will be reading your post regularly and learn from you as much as I can 🙂

  129. hi Jeff,
    I appreciate your making this site available at no cost. Not usual in 2012!
    My problem is probably very common. Though I feel I understand the priciples you share, there is an unwritten assumption that I can just bound into your Product Launch development programme and simply make it work. But I haven’t a clue how to start: “Baby steps” and “Just start” and “Go ahead” is all sound advice, but I say, “How”? Even having no list or money to start with can be overcome as you explain, but the ‘procedural’ very beginning is a big blank area of ignorance to me – and maybe to others. Could you address this? Or maybe you have previously and I’ve just missed it. I’m sorry if I appear to be asking to be spoon-fed. Thanks, Paul Haines

  130. Paul Karroll


    The Big WHY?
    This is a loaded question for me; it can take you down so many roads, Business, spiritual, humanity and many others. I am glad you and many others have found you next big Why, and may it lead you to the next one. There is no end to the Why question and how to fulfill it, we were all put on this earth to follow a journey of WHY. Your first journey as a child, Why do I have to share, as a teenager, Why love hurts, as a parent, husband, family man, business owner and many other time and events in the life of the “Why”.
    The biggest Why Question I have come across is, Why do we keep looking for the next Why and then receive the answer that makes us feel great for a period of time, and then we end up feeling unfulfilled until we think of the next big WHY.
    I truly believe you have buffered your true feeling behind your WHY blog,
    I have to state this question again, Why do we go from one Why journey to the next Why journey. I believe we are all looking for the same Why journey.
    I hope one day soon I will ask the right Why question. With your following maybe you could ask the Why question and open it up to the floor, some times we block the true why from ourselves, and in a collective group, the right Why may be answered, some will move forward with the answer to this Why question and others will laugh at it, If you really want to help this world, try a form on the question, “Why”.

  131. I never even thought about WHY, I am a very positive person, even though I struggle with my finances. I tried several internet marketing systems, that did not work for me.
    I am going to start asking the big WHY.

    Thank you for making me think “WHY”

    Ray Adamson

  132. Hey Jeff,

    I got to your blog while I was going through a training program (you were mentioned in it lol). Your writing excites me because I can identify with many things you said in this blog post.

    You encouraged people to think about the BIG WHY, and the way I interpret that is our PURPOSE in life… I knew what my BIG WHY is a few years ago. It started to form in my heart and got so strong even before I graduated from uni that I knew the direction I’m headed – though at that time I had NO CLUE how I was ever going to get there. It is also the reason I quit a stable job to pursue IM.

    Making this move is the most challenging thing I’ve ever had to do but I don’t regret any moment of it because it gives me life. There are MANY difficulties, and they aren’t easy at all. But they make me live and it makes me alive… If that makes sense… 🙂

    I’ve been struggling in IM for quite awhile now but I’m a dreamer and my dreams keep me going. I’m beginning to see them forming and taking shape lately.

    So to respond to your blog post, please continue to take long hikes and think and dream and be a dreamer. IMHO more people, especially in the frenzy of making money and putting food on the table, needs to hear this for direction as well as for inspiration – to know life isn’t just about putting food on the table or buying the latest iPhone. It goes beyond that and I think you’re in a great position to impact people in a positive way.

    I wish you and your family all the best, early Christmas and Happy New Year.

    May you continue to discover Life and even discover a more Eternal Purpose you’ve never imagined before, and may everyone who read your blog post be inspired! 😀

  133. You have been so wise and had tons of patience because it does get done taking baby steps. So many people in markeing want it to happen instantly.
    You have been in business long enough to have a lot of knowledge. We thank you so much for sharing some of that with the public. I t is still a long ways to getting enough traffic. Thank you

  134. Elizabeth Anderson


    My big why is something I have just formulated. My goal is to change mental health practices world wide.To begin, I am starting the conversation with a book I have written. The big why is useful to focus energy and decide priorities. “Why” is the information that is needed to inform the practical “how.” Thanks Jeff for the confirmation -we are all on the journey.

  135. Hi Jeff, great post. Thanks for keeping the beginners like me in mind when writing your blog. I feel I have hit a glass ceiling and am in the early stages of internet marketing trying to get an email list and making a profit. I love your attitude and philosophy. Right now it is giving me hope that I can do this with consistency, and a great product. Right now you are strengthening my believe of living in and moving toward the possibilities in life and making a positive change in the world. My best, Stuart

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  137. Thanks so much for this great and honest post. It made me think – a lot! I’m where you were when you got started…sort of in desperation mode. The BASIC NEEDS get in the way of the DREAM – my dream to build-up and help restore victims of abuse and people struggling with self-doubt. I left a posh corporate J.O.B. to venture into this land of solo-entrepreneurship yet while my heart’s desire was BIG my learning curve and challenges have been even bigger. Sometimes knowing the WHY is NOT enough to get us where we want to go. My WHY is big, it’s sincere, it’s hear-felt and yet, 9 years into this I’m still struggling with BASIC needs. I can see that, like you, when MY money train does show up, it will free up my energy to contribute on a much wider scale. Until then though, I’m let pawing an scraping my way up this daunting internet ladder to the proverbial Internet Success mansion. I hope I don’t run out of time or energy before I get there 🙂

  138. One man; One Goal; One Vision = Simplicity.
    We all have needs … and PLF is a viable solution. How to tell a motivation video, ‘keep moving forward’!
    Regards, 😉

  139. Thanks for the insight. This made me think bigger about the goal of my business and will help me communicate it better. Wanted to take the time to thank you since you wrote that entire post! Like ur marketing style way better to sell when you’re truly helping people. Works better marketing wise and you feel better as a person since you actually help people and still make a living.

  140. What a fantastic story and a fantastic post. I follow your updates and I’m currently studying your product. You’re obviously a driven and focused person.

    One simple question I have is: What time investment have you put in to make this work? I’m talking about a simple hours per week idea. I sometimes feel guilty that I’m not putting the hours in to the product even though I work on it 4 or five times per week. It somehow feels like I’ve never done enough…….

  141. Hi Jeff
    this is the first time I ever heard of you and your company, I have been working on a project and ready to bring it to the market. I’m in the same boat you were in many years ago! A stay at home dad for over three years now but i have my two sets of twins that keep me very busy.I don’t get a lot of time to blog or promote my business the way I should. the older kids just went back to school so now its just the toddlers. I have a older couple that looks after them during the day. my whole being and business is about them and there future. you are right on! its all about the family and how we as father’s take care of them. You are a great help and inspiration Thank You

    Karl Borgen

  142. Thanks for this – I’m reading so much influential stuff on the internet right now and it’s really helping me take action to try to discover what my BIG WHY should be.

  143. Stephen Burke


    Up until 72 hours ago, I did not realise that I had a Big WHy. There has always been the Big Why of others and now I believe that I have found my own. It was a great leap of faith to spend three days at PLF Live in Arizona, but it is real. Really really really real. Once you find it, your challenge is to do it, just make it happen. This will require the courage of your convictions and belief that you really have a Big Why. This is now my challenge. Time to go and be my very best self. Thanks to all the people who were there – this is your time, like no other.

  144. Dear Jeff,

    I read all your long interesting post. Reading it one can walk your inner path.
    A common path for all the people who want to make a difference and transform their dreams into reality.

    But reach that goal is not easy remaining in the comfort zone. It requires to behave as an explorer who (should be) passionate in exploring unknown (for him) lands and learning how to move along the path, step by step.

    Doing that just imagining the desired goal requires a strong and unshakable faith which comes from a solid mindset. Simply because what we want to do is much bigger (or different) than what we built in our past with the (limited) resources we thought to have.

    The courage and the boldness to decide to embark in such a journey is not a choice for all the people. This is the reason why the successful people are statistically few.

    But when we understand how our mindset is influenced by the pain induced by catastrophic thoughts (or ways to look at the reality) we realize that we could be in the same situation of the elephant with a paw stopped by a rope fastened around weak picket.

    When we realize this we should have the inner strenght to start up the success cycle (Potential -> Action -> Results -> Belief) to reinforce our self-esteem.

  145. Hi Jeff,
    I’ve just come across your site (and ordered your book) and I’m really impressed with this post. I couldn’t agree with you more and love all that you’ve said here. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone was moving toward their ‘big why’ with the passion, commitment and enthusiasm that you’ve shown! Seems to me that enabling people to be in a position to do that is truly important – and from what I’ve read about you so far you’re already doing that now. Wonderful!

  146. Jeff,
    My big why is all about inspiring by illuminating the positive. Or more specifically, creating positive programming that transforms lives. There are many ways I follow my mission, but no matter the shape, I see how focusing on the why helps me stay on track, and lights me up with the energy I need to meet life’s challenges!

  147. Hi Jeff – Hope all is well with you! I been around you and several other people since 2003 and quite a few before then. Some of the oldies for me were Joe Karbo , Tony Robbins Mark Hansen, Bob Allen and others but my most loved person was Jerry Buchanan and his Writer’s Utopia Newsletter. A couple others I would have to look up as well. I mention Jerry because he always conducted himself with great integrity, honesty and love for his ‘students’ and especially for me! I didn’t listen as I should have but I did to you and Gary Halbretter and Bob Bly when he came along. Truth, bottom line with the facts, is where we all need to go! I know you and Jerry would have been great friends! My ‘father’ was my grandfather and Jerry in so many ways took his place. I’ll tell you all about it sometime! Meanwhile I am adding my little and simple voice to say you’ve never disappointed me and I would trust you with my life. After all, the only thing in this world that matters is you and I and the rest of us – so we need to step up and help each other whenever it is needed. Thanks for being there and caring! Rick Carter

  148. We are all linked and whether our true purpose and gifts tend to be like puzzle pieces or concentric circles, our connections are integral to the whole of humanity. The Big Why? unites us and leads us to loving of others as much as ourselves. And it is through giving that we receive the most.
    I enjoyed this blog and your thoughts on more than marketing. You are much bigger than a marketing formula, and this post provided insight into you, the man who is part of humanity:)
    Thank you for sharing

  149. Jeff, I was inspired by this post and your candor. I took you up on your book offer, and hope it will help with my business. I’ve been stumbling around IM for a while, and always disliked the hype so common in this industry. I plan on being one of those entrepreneurs you helped create that build back our economy, and an honest work ethic. I hope to shake your hand one day and say thank you. Keep up the inspiration, I’ll be reading.

  150. Your blog here, your last 6 months of e-mail lessons, your current Product Launch Blueprint lessons & book, are inspiring! Reading your blog, this mission statement popped out of me: “To live in a better world” It seems so polyanna. But that simple statement coalesces the purposes that call me to action. Explaining it will take a blog of my own. Thanks for calling those words forth for me. And thanks for sharing so much valuable information.

  151. I just bought your ebook. Shook me deep down inside. I have had the last three days off and I have been working on this stuff you unleashed.
    My why is there but I’m not ready to put it up on here yet? Why? I have my reasons.

  152. Hi Jeff,

    Where is part 2 to this wonderful blog post? It is my mission to create authenticity to achieve sustainable results. I do this by helping people become the best they can be in the most fun and creative ways possible. I am obviously not showing up like this yet…but I am inspired by how you do it. Thanks for being this inspiration to others who are out there concerned about the future of humanity.

    Best to you and your team!
    Cindy Charlton

  153. I sincerely hope that you achieve your mission a thousand times over… and that you inspire millions… to do the same.

  154. Hello Jeff!

    I’m from Russia, I read your blog and it inspired me to make my own buisness. Your PLF is one of the great creation in the world! Thank you for your work and kill this fu…ing demon inside your head))) You are really good marketer!

  155. Your last sentence about going to the mountains to recharge your soul is so in tune with me. That’s where I get my inspiration. Thank you Jeff for opening up your heart and soul in this post. I know it’s hard to do but the more we take care of ourselves, the more we listen to our souls, the more we are able to help others. I’m here and loving what you have to say. Your words are easy to read and make me want to keep reading. Great blog

  156. One thing you said rings loud with my life commitment, “I’m here for the Future Of All Humanity.” I agree that 1. entrepreneurs are the future of the world, 2. Information marketers are the future of education. and 3. entrepreneurs and information marketers need to make their information available to more people, but their is a missing industry that will help humanity grow stronger. I call this industry, ‘the compassion industry.’ Many people are working in it, some are your students, clients, partners and affiliates and have not yet officially recognized their participation in this industry enough to make a conscious connection with one another. My goal is to open a pathway that will help connect them.

  157. Love It Live It.. Working With One Of Our Greats.. Jeff Walker Yes Please.. Love Your Philosophy and Presentations .. Will Follow and Contribute .. Derek C Howie Take Care out.

  158. Hi Jeff,
    When I watched the first video from you, because of a pod-cast where I listen an entrepreneur who had been helped a lot by you and your PLF, I just find you very homely and friendly that is chocked me a bit, because of your humility and your success all together. Then I started the course and you answered yourself one of my firsts questions. And now I read your BIG WHY and I understand everything.
    I really thank you for shearing all of it, and all the best on it.

  159. I feel better now…I was told at Lisa Sasevich’s training, and practically every day since that I can’t want to serve the whole world and that everyone needs to hear that there is a unique plan for their life and if they aren’t doing it they will probably quit, get fired or get sick and be miserable. You gave me hope in this last year and I am still hanging on to it..I have had to narrow my NICHE for now hence the 2nd website but that will change. I am spread to thin to give the kind of customer service you do and I know it matters. Thanks for modeling how it “should” be. My meditation blog on the faucet site is my ritual (which I am not consistant on but am working toward that) and I am really going to quit taking my computer AND cell phone to bed with me so I can work into the night to get out of desperation mode! 🙂 Balance!

  160. Jeff, you are just one of the few Internet Marketers I have been following since I heard about you for the first time, and reading this inspiring story of you makes me realize that it is worth it all the time.

  161. Yes, yes and more yes! I have a similar story in coming to similar beliefs. Thank you Jeff for humbly leading the way and supporting others to do the same.

  162. Introverts often see the world from behind the curtain. We like to stay there. We’re not comfortable being in the spotlight. But we must go towards the light if we want to help others. Like you did. You stepped out of your comfort zone to help me. And him. And her, and them and so on. Forget the profits, look at what a humble person can accomplish if they get uncomfortable to help others come out of their shell as well. It’s so worth it – and so many of us have so many gifts to offer the world – we just need to get uncomfortable for a little while. It obviously hasn’t changed you – and therein lies the secret for me.
    Much Thanks, Jeff.
    Nova Scotia

  163. Hi Jeff, man you continue to surprise and inspire me with what you give to all of us who wish to emulate the same success you have. I’ve watched your success over the years from when you started out with your stock trading newsletter to now with the massive success of your launch formula. You are an absolute inspiriation to the many introvert entrepreneurs out there such as myself who just want to get over their own insucurities and give something back to the world and in the process improve the lives of those dearest to us. Thank you for your insights and for keeping it real.

  164. I just finished listening to an interview you did with Greg Habstritt (which was great, by the way) and just had to check out your blog! This is a great post. I have been struggling with finding my Big Why and was thinking that I really should hurry up and define it before taking my business to the next level. Thank you for showing me that I don’t have to just yet! I know in what direction I am heading and am looking forward to my journey and truly discovering my Big Why! Looking forward to reading your other posts. Thanks!

  165. I love your concept of the Big Why! and share a commonality with your thinking, I am Scottish & come from a nation of of great inventors & natural entrepreneurs. I was born into a family of entrepreneurs & believe great Enterprise builds economies and in turn better societies building better social supports in education, health etc. I use ‘Creativity’ with business & personal development to help individuals pursue their Big Why through the vehicle of their business designing & inventing more intelligent business’s. My personal pursuit is to put ‘ethics’ into the center of business. We need more optimists, dreamers and believers in business, look forward to learning more about your organization!

  166. Indeed Jeff… it’s that BIG WHY that we should be worried about, on the long run. Because without it… what’s this life going to be? Just a race for the money? What were we put onto this earth for. Philosophical maybe, and maybe too philosophical or esoteric for some. But, IMHO, that Infinite Intelligence that put us here does have a plan for each and everyone. This for me is the BIG WHY. I am still looking for it so far… but at 38 I definitely can and need to step up my game to find that rather sooner than later.

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  168. Aloha Jeff,
    Your story is real. I like how you openly share that starting off is hard and you were deperate, and in the beginning it’s important to focus on getting in the game and then addressing THE BIG WHY. Answering that question that can/will change at some point. THE BIG WHY is something to think about, and I do think that when the deperate mode is beginning to fade away there can be that final moment if smoothly transitioning into discovering and honing in on what your own personal answer is to that expansive question. Then again it could just be as expansize as you make it! Thank you for sharing your story and the realness of what it’s like building a business and maintaining. Warmest aloha. Remi

  169. Jeff, big kudos!

    I’ve been loving all your videos and insights for a while – and I’m excited to hear that you kept following your heart and found a new bigger purpose! So excited to hear that you made it your mission to educate the world and make entrepreneurship and information marketing more accessible to everyone!

    Love it! I’m from Switzerland (a not very entrepreneurial country, we’re more security based), and moved to an island in Alaska. I live very remotely. Online entrepreneurship is a big opportunity for me and many of us here too. And learning through online classes as well!

    Can’t wait to see more of your adventure.

  170. As always you hit home , I enjoy your blogposts because you are authentic and always over deliver. I have some of your products and they
    are worldclass . Thanks Darryl.

  171. Julie Gosnell


    Hi Jeff,
    I have had to do a paper on Entrepreneurship and your journey has really been interesting to read. I really relate to some of the things that you have said. It is all pretty real if even if you don’t have your own business because a lot of it can be used in everyday life. We all hit rock bottom at some point and that is kind of where I am right now. Just trying to make ends meet. I really would love to have my own business and have many idea’s for it but not really the time to create it and make it happen. I would like to figure out an internet business verses one that would require an infrastructure which are the business that I have in mind. I will keep pushing forward and maybe something will come through. Keep up the fantastic work and keep in up to date on your success.

  172. Jeff, Your purpose is from the bottom of your heart. I wholehearted embrace your mission and thank you for inspiring me to embrace my mission: peace, love, joy for humanity through teaching entrepreneurs in managing their finance with ease and clarity! Thank you for this wonderful weekend! I am so grateful you came to my life. I am ready to step up and take off! Thank you. Jinhong

  173. I’m sitting here, trying to write a post that doesn’t sound pandering, but the truth is that I have yet to find my voice.
    I’ve been reading and researching everything from Frank Kern, to Tony Robbins, to PLF, for a long while now. Giving myself permission to have authority is my greatest hurdle. My why is coming from both a desperation of not having to succumb to the nine-to-five lifestyle, and a desire to contribute endlessly to a cause and a community whom I’ve come to cherish and value greatly. But I fear the how will forever elude me.
    Thanks for all of your work Jeff. It has done so much for me, and yet has much more to offer.

    Warmest regards,


  174. Thank you a lot for your simplicity and honesty. Your warmth and openness are really inspiring to me and my wife. Yes, I do believe we all have as an inner “default” mission an impact to the world — in infinitely various ways. And it’s only up to us to accept it and work towards accomplishing it.

    Thank you again,

  175. Brilliant Jeff. I’m anxiously awaiting the next opportunity to become a PLF’r. 🎯

    My Big Why is to change the world by helping people unleash their greatness and live an extraordinary life.

  176. This article transported me to a place where my everyday ‘why’ got way BIG and real at the same time !
    Awesome! Deep thanks, Jeff.

  177. Hi Jeff,
    You made your WHY happens. Jumping without having the WHY, is like jumping without not knowing how to swim. Once you find your WHY, I think, we have to hold it, working hard to keep the faith in what we choose because our “product” has to be “a dear outcome”!
    I kicked the buck in the past but a year ago I had the courage to move to another country, to a complety strange city, without knowing a single person. I decided to built a new life and a new identity, I’m still working in my WHY because my brain keeps fighting against my sucess. I’ll win. You definitely influenced me!
    I’ve been following you for 4 years, not just because of the PLF but for the person who is behind all this.
    Thank you & congratulations,

  178. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your heart, in this and every post i have heard thus far.
    I am very inspired, not only by the content of whatever the topic may be, but the warmth of your
    Kindest regards,

  179. Danelle Denney


    Wow, Jeff. I came to this post expecting a mission statement, but what I found is the most profound essay on the future of humanity I have ever read. The whole premise rings true for me. The really mind blowing and humbling thing is that I get to be a part of it. The future of all humanity rests with entrepreneurs and online marketers, and I am both. Furthermore, I am part of your tribe. Whether you decide to hire me in this round or not, I am honored to be part of your path, your movement, your tribe. Thank you for all that you are. With awe and respect, Danelle

  180. Hello Jeff,

    I find it ironic you are pictured laying between a rock – and – another rock …and that life is good for you.
    Was it intentional – I wonder.

    My goal – to the very core – is to offer hope in any way I can.
    Long story behind it, but it’s what I was fabricated for.

    And I bet after that image shot, you picked yourself up and moved forward.
    My kind of hope for the future.

    To your greater success, sooner.

  181. Hi
    Just starting my journey, at 50 + a bit, working out my why, my first business, contacting my first community, finding my voice.

    Thanks for your Big Why discussion. It is grounding for me.


  182. Hi Jeff. I think it’s important thing to think about this issue. You really want to go through what is it you want to achieve in life and write it down. Two years ago sat down and wrote my financial plan for the next four years time and placed to to the fridge door so I can see it every day.

    One really smart and wonderful person thought me that almost 19 years ago. I didn’t pay so much attention then but much later when I read Robert Kiyosaki’s book, where he guided to do such a thing from the financial point of view. Well, the point made a home run. Finally! I have went through lot of struggles in life as a guy and entrepreneur. This writing your goals down and systematically go forward those goals is really important. I only had to think about my dear wife and now nine month old daughter when I seek answers how to make my up coming online migraine self-care coaching business really work. Then I found you Jeff and I honestly can say that finding you has been the single most important development step I have ever taken in my 23 year long entrepreneur career. It’s been a really crazy ride this 23 years and now I’m feeling like I’d have discovered the huge treasure map and can’t wait the next step. So thank You Jeff!

  183. Oh, my Lord what an interesting read! I have not read a blog that long, fully, for a long time!
    I am on my way, I think, to start a business online and I understood every single reasons why I should now do it! For my future and the future of humanity. As a teacher, I wasted years of my life (and the kids time) teaching in an outdated, worn out and crippling system!
    I now need to think of a way so what I do online is really going to make a difference, is qualitative and will make people want to learn more and develop themselves further. Children love learning, adults love learning. We all want to evolve and grow. The web needs brilliant teachers like you!
    Thank you for such a wonderful post.

  184. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for these beautiful thoughts! You give hope!
    It has been a few years now that I have been struggling with the idea that “I want to save the planet”. Few people I dare speak to about this …
    Keep this up. You are very valuable to our society!
    I wish you all the best.


  185. Jeff, you always make me smile and realize that no matter how bad things are at the moment, there is always a place for entrepreneurs who want to make life better for people. Just when my negative voice begins to rant, you send out a blog message that helps me fight to maintain positivity. I thank you so much for that!

    I loved to read your text so clearly written , humble and touching .
    I know what is my purpose of life . I also started my journey proportionate to people accessing to see what was going on in the world through satellite TV . I used to sell satellite equipment to provide people apdated information and also enjoyment . My company was the first one in my country to have this type of business .
    Now I am retired but I have the purpose and maybe the mission of appeasing people …I mean I like to pacify people when it’s needed .
    I like to see everyone CONNECTED in peace ! ….
    I also like to give …I like to pay food for everyone , and I like to see people gathered and joyful ! ….
    I am a connector of people .

  187. Merlina Waterworth


    Great to hear you share your vision Jeff, and I agree with you that it is all about the future of humanity, and the need for humanity to transition and evolve in order to survive.

    As a creative coming from a spiritual background, my why has always been about ideas and visions as the starting point, more than making money,. so I’ve had to work on changing my mindset around money – still a work in progress! My big ‘Why’ came to me back in the eighties to create a more holisitic way of doing business, but I found it hard to make that a reality in a society dominated by material values. It got re-kindled a couple of years ago when I first discovered about the possibilities of selling digital products and information…..There was an immediate idea that came to me at that time to create a way for people who were on their own at Christmas to be able to connect and celebrate with others in the same situation, and then an even bigger one to create not just an online course but a global academy. I still wasn’t clear where to start, and what the initial steps should be, and how to bring it all together into an offer…….But now, in the present situation, it is becoming clear as I am seeing the needs arising and how my ideas can all come together and serve people.

    The global academy idea seems far less big and scary and impossible, in the wake of what has now happened to education. But my immediate mission has now become simply to help people transition to this new reality, by using the internet and social media to connect and interact. It feels as if the last thirty years of my life have been preparing me for this time..

  188. Kevin G. Farrell


    I am a huge fan of Simon Sinek’s very 1st Ted Talk about buying your Why. I have struggled to find mine. I still cannot seem to put a finger on it. Will keep exploring however. I loved reading this and I Love your Why.

  189. I believe the world is in the midst of a huge metamorphosis – one in which our very consciousness is changing! Some say our DNA is changing too!
    I think if I were to say that in public before the Covid-19 crisis people would think I was a crazy person.
    But if you look at where we were headed just before Covid-19 you’d notice we were going to descend into our very own man-made hell.
    The internet has brought some good things and some bad things over the years……but I am sure we all now agree it is a very big part of what’s going to create our future.
    Jeff, my intention is to join your movement for “The Future of All Humanity”.

  190. Happy to find your work through Brendon. Working on great things to happen. Finally opened my own company at the age of 29 and now know what exactly to do

  191. Eric Forrest


    I appreciate you for living during our time. You have changed my entire focus. In 2020 I died twice. On April 11th 2020, I was rushed to the hospital, once there I was informed I had tested positive for covid19. The next 36 hour was pure hell. I was placed on a breathing machine the sad thing was, no one was allowed there to be with me. I recovered but was left severely damaged I spent the next 7 month slowly dying everyday. The worst part about dying slowly is you have no power, no desire but you mind reflects on the things you are leaving unfinished. Mine was my kids, I knew I wasn’t done teaching my boys the life lesson I wanted to. I did great thing throughout my life. But in the end it was all going to die with me. I was saying to myself what was it all for. All the life experience, all the skills sets I learned, what was it all for? No one will ever know what I know. On December 12, 2020 I was rushed into surgery and the doctor turned off the left side of my heart and replaced it with a pump. Leaving me to live on batteries and having to plug into the wall at night. But I was given a *3rd* chance. I was like, God left me here for a reason. It’s (really) not about the money, it’s about the teaching. Memorializing my life experiences. And monetizing it doesn’t sound to bad. Jeff Walker you have given me the framework, blueprint, cheat sheet, step-by-step guide to my destiny. I can assist you in saving humanity. Straight Ahead!! Bless you for living Jeff!!

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