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What separates people who build life-changing businesses from those who never seem to make progress?

For me, it comes down to action.

You can fill journals with “writer-downers”, but unless you take action, whatever you want to change… won’t.

Action is the key to creating the life you want. And if you’re ready to act, now’s a great time because you don’t have to go it alone…

I’ll help guide you every step of the way as you take action and make big, bold leaps forward in your business. Your first action? Watch the video to find out more.

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18 Replies to “Action (Literally) Required”

  1. Drew Griffin


    Looking forward to PLF Live!

    It’s funny how things happen when one takes action. I have copybooks full of notes and have gathered a ton of knowledge but only when put into ACTION did things ‘happen’.

    • Rebecca Love


      Don’t miss it!!!! The coaching, the community and the support. . .All wonderful!! It has moved me forward in ways I could never have done myself and that’s not just in my business. Life is full and vibrant. Thank you Jeff and team!!!

  2. How about just not ‘action’ alone, in which won’t do it, in which it makes a difference. B/C I’ve been in constant action and flopped my arms up and down vigorously and still can’t swim. What if it is a ‘specific’-type of ‘action’ in which you’re talking about? Thanks for letting me express! Frustrated….

    Frustratedly floppy!

  3. Thanks for the callout, follow-up. Today im putting the finishing touches on my feature-set on my product. You are right! Only action will get your product into hands.

  4. I haven’t been to a PLF live yet, but assuming the timing works out, I hoping to attend the next one.

  5. Steven Roberts


    I would like to attend PLF live. …please tell me when the event is scheduled.

  6. PLF Live is AMAZE-BALLS!!! It gets you into “specific” action (thanks, Leman) towards your business goals. It totally moves the needle in amazing ways…even when you’ve been before, redoing the work brings up so much new information as one digs deeper and deeper into it. Can’t wait for the event!

  7. The Action Required part is where I have been too often stuck. After years of learning visioning under the guidance of many teachers and coaches, without starting a business, it’s hard to keep up the faith that I can one day still do it. I will consider coming to PLF Live. I have really enjoyed the Launch Masterclasses, for the plentiful information and inspiration, but have not been able to imagine myself actually doing the work necessary to make that difference that you talk about in this video. Still not sure whether a PLF style launch could feel right for me, but am open to that possibility. Thank you for the heads up that the PLF Live is coming around again.

  8. Linda Illsley


    Looking forward to the innovations and adjustments to PLF live 2022! it is always a great event that is fun and powerful…also love meeting new people in it! have made some great connections in the past
    Happy Sunday Jeff

  9. Perfect timing – of course! I wasn’t able to be immersed in your last PLF that was at the end of 2021 and I was so bummed. I have been keeping an eye out on your emails for the next one and I am super excited. Thank you for the great work you bring to the world!

  10. Susan Olmstead


    Hi Jeff;
    Without action, there is no reward for what you “Can” do!

  11. Even though I am retired, I still enjoy listening to your videos. It shows me what’s being done in this new world of marketing on line. As you mentioned, it is sooo true !!!
    I have notes galore yet I have not taken action !!! OR I have plenty of ideas that I don’t implement…the current situation certainly hasn’t helped…
    I am interested in joining a masterminding group in Canada or the United States.
    Anyone can give me leads ??? Merci Buckets !!!

  12. Hi Jeff, with PLF, would we also get the live recordings plus the resources we need?
    (So that we can look back at this in future to re-use with future launches)??

    And will the pace allow us plenty of time even if we are having a brain freeze? lol
    (Creativity isn’t always fast for me!)

  13. Thais Muller


    Hi, I would love to be part of it. I have done LF in. my country, but never have put it to action.

  14. I’ve done the PLF Masterclass AND read the book. They’re both amazing. Jeff over delivers every time. I’ve launched one webinar series in my business so far. It’s OK…but looking to ACTUALLY do this PLF style now and see what happens? See? Trial and error. See you soon.

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