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I hosted a $10,000 workshop recently – and I was surprised when a total stranger signed up. Usually the people who buy at that price are clients I’ve known for years. Even more strange – turns out he had been on my email list for 10 years without ever buying anything. So I asked him what changed after all those years, and what he told me was an eye-opener…

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21 Replies to “After 10 Years, I Finally Made the Sale”

  1. Hi Jeff, I still have the printed copy of “The Product Launch Blueprint” copyright 2014. After 5 years of listening and watching your free stuff, you offered PLF 2019 at $1,000 and I couldn’t get my application in fast enough.
    We are a small family business and are trying to launch the Pet Waste Wizard and BioBin which disappears pet poop. This has a worldwide market – how to tap into it??? After my 1:1 meeting I have clarity. We need one or more JV to get worldwide distribution.
    Your video today about alignment made me look back 18 years when we started with one product Septic Care and we still have the same business and personal alignment we started with when there was no social media, mobile phones, and dial up internet!
    I am back in November for more.

  2. Hi Jeff – my wife Connie saw that in you over 20 years ago before she died. She said Dick you want a million dollars but really you don’t want that … you’re like Jeff wanting to help people and you can’t see that. Follow him and emulate his actions … our friend Art isn’t a Christian but he acts more like a Christian that others call themselves. The thing about us is were accident and illness prone … ? I don’t remember really but she’d say that … I miss her a lot. Every time I tune into you i remember Connie — and that’s good! Rick =)

  3. HI Jeff-
    I can relate to the person who did not buy from you for over a decade, because with so many “thoughtpreneurs” -with so many gurus out there on social media vying for our attention; we don’t know who to believe or which way to turn.
    I do remember seeing you (on video) the slopes skiing in the mountains (very inspiring) and having the time to do what you enjoy and living a “balanced” life. Yes- Alignment is very important and being true to who you really are while making a difference in the lives of others is a great way to live.
    I have enjoyed the authenticity of your marketing, which is why people have not “unsubscribed” you.
    Some of the podcasts of other “marketers” I have listened to, go on for hours! – which is WAY too long -taking up my valuable time. You, on the other hand understand that, while we are interested in what you have to say, you don’t go on too long during the videos. Thank you for you content and I will continue to help make a difference in the health-lives of others …and who knows? maybe one day our paths will cross.

  4. I had something similar happen to me a few weeks back Jeff, when someone who wasn’t even on my email list sent me a message asking for my help and paid my fee too!

    When we spoke, she told me she had been following me on social media for a few years and liked my message. So when the time came for her to really need my help, she reached out.

    Consistency of message and staying in integrity with our message is also important. We never know who’s listening.

    • Dr. Ellen schultz


      Yes, thank you for this, Jeff and Vatsala above, It really gives me encouragement and reassurance.

      I’m at the early stages of my biz and it can feel disappointing when potential clients don’t sign up after a discovery call, or a certain video or post gets very little response – but it’s so true- if you stay true and consistent and passionate and ALIGNED- your tribe cannot fail to follow. Mine is small at the moment- but it’s glorious and I have some major fans.

      thanks for the reminder/encouragement to keep going, staying true and confident to my values and message.

      This is gold. x

  5. Jeff I too have been following you for a while (5 years) I haven’t bought a product ( YET)🤔 but I love your content and your Authenticity. Your just so matter of factual that it’s engaging. I will continue to follow you and I will get into one of your courses. Thanks for the Free Courses you offer. They matter to me😌

  6. Jeff,

    I have followed you for years.

    And I recommend you to my tribe often.

    Who knows? I may be one of your “$10,000 surprises” someday? Soon ?

    Thanks for all of your valuable ideas and content. And for staying so transparent and authentic. That’s what I really like about you and your brand. You have a lot of brand equity with me and my small tribe.

    Thanks again, Alvin

  7. Choosing your ground, and sticking your flag into it, remaining consistent is very strong. People who oscillate and try to be all things to all persons don’t seem to connect with anyone. It could be that fellow finally gained the right degree of digital literacy to understand the value you offer Jeff.

  8. Great message, Jeff! I’m going to think about the values I want to embody in my work. I appreciate you getting this thought process going in me.

  9. Wayne Benenson


    Well said. Jeff, I appreciate your “heart-centered” message. I so appreciate your priorities: no “I” in team. Alignment is awesome.

  10. So true Jeff – this is great – it is one of the reasons when I work with clients I introduce something called the logical levels of alignment (they walk a circle of excellence) because if any of the levels (values included) are out of alignment then one is not congruent and things do not turn out as great as they could. Inner Fitness + Self Mastery.

    Have the best blessed Sunday possible.

    Blessed be.
    In my love, your team and you are

  11. Jeff,

    Thanks! I was at PLF in Phoenix and so happy to be there and learn and be with people who are inspired ‘launchers’!!…maybe you could say what ‘alignment’ means to you…It’s great to have your wisdom and you are ‘full of love’ (ie. heart-centered :-))…we’re working a refining our launch and making our contribution too! Joan

  12. Brilliant video Jeff. I have not only your book that I constantly review, but my notes from the very first videos you did. Years ago. I do various notes in different colors to remind myself on the deepening changes as I learn.

    Been using your format for 9 years. Allingment – yes Jeff. The core of what you teach is the same since I was introduced to PLF.

    Peace thx Jeff

  13. I have read that the measure of a person can clearly be seen in how you treat the people that can’t (/don’t) do anything for you. In this culture of walking away from anything that doesn’t immediately benefit you, it’s wonderful to see that you don’t aggressively scrub your list and also that while you might not pour excess energy into a dormant ‘client’, you are also not excluding them in attitude. 🙂 also you come across very personably on your video. Thank you for sharing!

  14. I’ve personally been following you for a number of years. I bought your launch book and blueprint, but haven’t gotten anything else since until PLF Live 2019. You offered a deal I couldn’t refuse 🙂 My husband and I attended and received a huge amount of value from it, and thank you for that. (the strobing lights were a drawback, but I understand why you use them.)
    The reason I have stayed on your list (without buying) is because you have always been “real” and, while changing in mediums and techniques, have always come across as genuine. I have unsubscribed from many lists because they were always about the next shiny object, not about the value they could give me. You have offered guidance and value even as your prices have increased. People will pay for things in which they recognize a value to them.
    I have enjoyed seeing your progress and your family’s progress. I’ve enjoyed seeing you help a lot of other people succeed. You are an inspiration and I wish you all the happiness and success you are achieving through your hard work and integrity.

  15. Alignment = Integrity That’s how I perceive it. And I’ve found either / both to be rare…very, very rare. I don’t recall how I began receiving information about making money online from too many people offering their programs. I do know that I reject their offers primarily due to two things: 1) I don’t resonate with their energy; 2) I sense a lack of alignment / integrity. I haven’t bought your PLF yet, but certainly intend to when all factors in my life align for me to do so. I have bought your book, Launch, am close to finishing reading it the first time, and will begin re-reading it for greater detail and “think time,” which will help prepare me for the time when I do attend your PLF. Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for sharing your alignment / integrity in ways with which I resonate.

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