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If you’ve ever seen another business owner in your niche who seems to be doing super well, and you’ve thought to yourself, “They’ve got this market cornered. Maybe I shouldn’t even bother. Maybe I’m too late… ” then this video is for you!

You can watch here:

Our brains are wired to notice negatives. It’s an ancient trait that kept our ancestors alive in a dangerous environment that was crawling with threats.

It’s this primal impulse in action when we see people working in the niche we’re in (or want to be in) and we assume that they’ve beaten us to the punch and have already locked up our target market.

What if I’m Late to the Game?

I can’t tell you how many times people have lamented to me that they fear it’s too late for them to dive in and start their business. Someone else is already doing it!

Here’s what I like to tell them: there are going to be 3 billion (that’s with a “b”) new people coming online over the next few years. And that’s in addition to the billions who are already online.

Even if you attracted a teeny tiny fraction of a percentage of those people… you’ll have built an extremely successful business.

So, yes, there’s competition… but there’s also an abundance of opportunity. You’ve just got to train your mind to notice what’s possible instead of what isn’t.

If the doubts I’ve described are holding you back, then I hope you’ll watch this video and really take my advice to heart.

In this video, I’ll explain:

  • What happened to me (way back in the 90s!) that shifted my perspective on the concept of “too late”
  • What I see as the possibility for information/wisdom/knowledge businesses in the future
  • Why it’s natural to default to competition and discouragement… but why you also don’t have to stay there

As always, I’d love to hear from you. If you have follow-up questions or want to share your own experience, leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

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101 Replies to “Is It Too Late To Start My Business?”

  1. Hey, Jeff, you inspire me to keep going in every video you make! Thank you! Keep up the awesome work you do! Best wishes, Luis

    • Thank you, Jeff! If I hadn’t found you (through Michael Hyatt, by the way–Go JVs!), this journey would be A LOT messier for me. You’ve cleared the road ahead to make my path so much smoother. I would often think that someone else was already succeeding at what I wanted to do and that that meant there was no room for me. You’ve shown me that “I” am a unique commodity and that my ideas, when delivered by me, are different from what’s come before. I no longer fear competition. In fact, as I dive further into this (I’m just starting out), I become excited by finding others who are performing at high levels in my niche. It means there’s an audience out there!

  2. Jeff Currie


    Perfect timing for me to see this video! Jeff, my own potential doubts were vaporized with your “3 BILLION coming online…” comment. Thanks a million for pointing out the obvious and giving me the final shove to get going!

  3. Hi Jeff, I always find your enthusiasm so infectious! Every one of your videos leaves me with a smile on my face, and some really good thoughts rattling about in my head. Agree that the spread of the internet opens up such an unbelievably huge market that each of us can find sufficient numbers of people with our exact interests to create really interesting and sustainable businesses. Thanks for showing what’s possible and leading with such a positive attitude. All the best, Steven.

  4. Thanks for this video, Jeff. Yeah, there is room for everyone. Everyone can get his own audience. Maybe you just need to be more creative nowadays to draw more people to you, but no doubt there is room for everyone. Cheers.

  5. Jeff, thank you for this video. This was meant for me. I really needed to hear this message. Love your work and mission. Continued success! Thanks again, Larry

  6. You are inspirational and the world needs more of that!
    Thanks for reminding us that the marketplace is huge and that there is market for everyone!

  7. Great content! I found this inspiring. So grateful for your reminder that we all have the power to speak authentically and find our own niche within a still growing market. “You could not step twice into the same river.”

  8. Very cool. You have the 30,000 foot view right down to the 1 foot view in a 6 minute video.
    Very impressive and insightful

  9. Hi Jeff, as you we all know here, being an entrepreneur can be a lonely journey…. It’s great when I get videos like this in my inbox to feed my vision for the future. I absolutely agree that it’s never too late to start and there will always be space in any market for whoever is willing to put in the work.

  10. Thanks Jeff. I indeed have been having these doubts. Hard part still seems like connecting with your niche. It’s on my to-do list- becoming more active in seeking out my tribe. And I get it. They’re out there, just need to attract them…authentically. And btw I’ve been getting LOTS out of your course. Just this month completely altered my website for better opt-in funnel. much appreciation… Peace, J Stewart

  11. I guess anyone willing to go for it is early in the game. Life is that way: it is what we MAKE it. It didn’t all get done in the 90’s! I probably still isn’t done and there is plenty of room for the “doers.” The whole JV thing is brand new to me and what a cool thing JV is- it turns all those competitors into partners. Thanks for your big part in this awesome shift!

  12. I was just about to go for a run, but decided to watch your video first. Thank you for caring enough to add wisdom and knowledge to my life. You inspire me to serve others and care deeply about the work I do.

  13. Hi Jeff, thank you for showing me the exciting time we are living in. I can take the themes I like and share my message to the world, regardless if there are others which are perhaps doing the same. It will be my person which makes the difference. And I will do it authentically, transparently, congruently.

  14. Hi, Jeff,

    Where were you when you did this video? I looks like helicopter training site?
    and were you just holding your iPhone 6 and took this video? 🙂

  15. Great video, Jeff. We all have a unique voice that attracts our unique ‘tribe’ who love what we do and also the way that we uniquely do it. Room for everyone, for sure! I think of it as true abundance – plenty for all!

  16. Thank you Jeff for the reminder and encouragment ! You are absolutely right , the potential is there , one just need to act upon it.
    I hope you had a nice morning walk in the trail.

  17. Michele Pridgeon


    Thanks for the reminder to not to give up and that the audience is there waiting for what I have to say. Keep up the good work.

  18. You nailed it. Your story about worrying that the 600 customers might have tapped the market is so funny. Thank you for all you do!

  19. Thanks, Jeff~ I agree, and I like to think of it as adding another voice to an expanding choir, and each unique voice brings it’s own nuance, enriching the entire choir and all of the listeners.

  20. Thanks for the inspiration Jeff! Every day now I work hard to put my new plf skills into action. I have worried as recently as this morning that my market is saturated….but deep down I know I have valuable information to share, and I know there is room for me too.:) Thanks for everything.

  21. I was talking to a friend this morning about getting our businesses started and how the market has so much of the same content. They add bling and sparkles trying to get people to support their offering to the point where authenticity is lost. It is shallow and a salesman’s pitch and we are often conned into buying a high price commodity that was well marketed.
    This clip is good.. comes off as real, as do you. I will be sending this to my friend because you just have something that is real. Over the next year, I would like to prove to myself that we can do something that makes a difference and live a happy life doing it. The exaggerated value of this information market has become a reason for many people to turn away from bothering anymore.. it is all hype and repetitive washed down, reboxed information. We really do need to rethink how we can add something real to another’s life…. authenticity is the new direction…. put away the plastic boxed solutions and build a message that will find it niche. I am prepared to do the work… and determined to share a part of my life that will inspire others to keep on going when life leaves you at the mercy of your own determination.

  22. Hi Jeff thanks so much for the video and your book ‘Launch’. I have read it over again. I do art and i will be applying the techniques. Its exciting times 🙂

  23. I like your authenticity call. Proud of being in your tribe. Your confidence is infectious and as a PLF owner, I know it’s not based on magic thinking or lottery mindset. I’m convinced of the overall market opportunity: it’s pretty obvious. My weak point is my own ability to believe I can do it. Exactly like your example. But probably more insidious as it is emotionally that I can’t feel this. I want to tear down these crippling doubts in 2015 and be part of the wining crowd, who has dedicated her life to something meaningful.

  24. Since most people aim for mediocrity, there’s always enough room on the top, at least for those who are in it for the long haul and who dare to make it to the top.

  25. Timothy Pettet


    Jeff, You are walking, talking example of the authenticity you encourage. Your messages, not only this one but all I have read or heard, are all delivered with a smile that comes from the great delight you take in sharing your wisdom, which comes directly out of your experience. You are alive to the wonder. Good Stuff!!! Tim



    Hi Jeff
    Almost all other commentators I notice have created a crescendo of mindset, inspirational, and ‘never too late to start’ slogan. All very well but I firmly believe that if you can offer a precise ‘PLAN OF ACTION’ for people to follow, it will be a LOT better than a ton of inspirational stuff!

    Once a tried and tested PRECISE plan/ course is offered with early tangible successes achieved, you do not need any inspirational or uplifting mumbo jumbo! Small successes automatically inspire you to bigger and better successes.

    For years now I am looking for such a course. I have looked into list of your products. Unfortunately I did not see anything suitable for a beginner. Most of your products are either just inspirational or covering simply a segment of an online business. Not the whole turnkey or a complete ‘business package’

    Unfortunately for people like me, most of the products being offered only aim to satisfy just PARTS of the business as a whole. Individually these products may be fantastic. However how do you do equally important OTHER parts of the business?
    Maybe Jeff you will come up with that evasive PLAN OF ACTION I am looking for. I am sure a lot of people like me are also looking too. An authoritative, sincere, respected and helpful person like you, I am sure can come with something like this. How about it Jeff?

  27. Hi Jeff

    Biggest compliment I can make is probably to say your authenticity is incredible and real and transparent. It’s probably one of the most refreshing things about your videos. Not many come across as authentic as yours, but I believe it has something to do with the person that you are and the heart behind it. You can’t fake that. What’s inspiring for me is I think I’m pretty authentic too and gives me a lot of confidence to pursue the PLF with our business.

    Have a great day – thanks for the videos.
    Steve Lee
    Hamilton, New Zealand

  28. HI Jeff,

    I’m in much the same position you were when you started. I’ve had some successes and made some money online but now it’s time to step it up and get serious about it!

    I never realized when I heard your name several years ago what a caring, authentic and real person you were. I only read about you from the twenty online marketers that were selling your stuff.

    I’m so glad my first impressions were wrong. You continue to educate and motivate me with these videos. I hope to be able to participate in the next PLF offering you have.

    Best wishes always,


  29. Pam Blackman


    Perfect timing. Perfect message. I guess we really have to be careful to not allow ourselves to see our own little piece of the world as being little. We’re not our parents with just a local community storefront. However, while I know that’s what we probably need to do, it’s a continual challenge to feel like I can ever be seen in the big ocean. I often feel I’m just a little guppy among all the big, bigger, and biggest fish. Now how’s that for an analogy? Thanks for the video.

  30. This is a thought that crosses my mind often and it’s a great reminder to hear that we each have something unique to bring to the world… So true! Thanks for the encouragement!

  31. Cyrus Epler


    It is nice to hear your message. I want to write in an already crowded niche (health, diet and fitness) and I hope there is a place for me. I would like to think I bring something new, if only my own perspective on the subject. I would rather think that the number of books in this arena is an indication that there is a massive market for those books, not that there is any lack of opportunity. Thanks again for your timely adn encouraging message!

  32. Thanks Jeff,

    You just gave me a whole new topic to Blog about. I won’t go into it here, I don’t want to saturate the market. lol

    Thanks for the Tons of Value you put out there..


  33. Thank you so much, Jeff, as always, your messages bring comfort and inspiration. Perfect timing on this one, your comments assuaged some anxieties I was having about not getting my material out there fast enough. Thank you for always sharing from the heart and so honestly.

    Your words so appreciated.

    Thanks and take care,


  34. Hi Jeff,

    I have been watching video blogs for several weeks now, in preparation for shooting my first video for a website I am launching. This will be my first of many, as I will be doing a video blog as well. I absolutely agree with your thoughts here. I am going to focus on authenticity and transparency. My plan is to just be myself and share information with the enthusiasm I feel. Thanks, as always, for the encouragement and motivation to get out there and go get ’em!

    Be well,

  35. Hi Jeff,

    Great video. I really enjoy receiving your updates. You mentioned mutual funds & day trading, what are your thoughts on publishing on the market in today’s information age environment? Does David Bach have that wrapped up? Thanks:)


  36. Dick Mohammed


    Great video Jeff. I am ready to take some action and your video was an inspiration.

  37. Great Stuff Dear Jeff, I like the reminder about the stat or the trend. I learn from Tony Robbins that the internet community will grow to 6 billions by 2020, three times than what we presently have. So the market is getting bigger and bigger. Its a great encouragement to know that will still be newbies than people like us can serve elegantly. Until next time.

  38. It’s the moment when you thump your own forehead and say to yourself…but of course; it really is as obvious as Jeff suggests. It just is. I’m only just stumbling (badly at the moment, if I’m honest) into the world of online selling of a service and product. And when you’re sat here as I am now, in a room with just me, a phone, microphone, cold coffee and laptop, it is incredibly easy to think – ‘I’m too late, what’s the point.’ It is too easy. And it takes something like your video to highlight the incredibly obvious. If we dream to sell in various markets beyond our town, county, country and so on, then how can the market be saturated..? Not possible if you think about it unless your product was insanely limited in its niche. I need to watch this again a couple of times to ram this home and then find some answers amongst the thousands out there ( many incomplete, hard to grasp or hopessly complicated) in getting people to my website, my anything, in the first place. How many posts and videos have I watched about ‘how to create a sales funnel’ by countless gurus and left no wiser than when I started. Which is why I owned up the the (badly) bit earlier. However…back to this video; excellent, and thankyou for making me see the obvious and the sensible train of thought.

  39. Jeff, I was struggling with this very question this week, and your post has really helped me get re-centered and confident. I have your book and so appreciate the blog and videos you share to keep everyone inspired and moving forward. Thank you!

  40. Claire DeLuna


    Jeff, I echo most of the sentiments posted here, with gratitude and appreciation for how you show up in my life. This topic crossed my mind some days ago when my Small Self was having a lower vibe day. My Large Self soothed her and put this to her. Sure there are thousands putting out the same message as you, but they aren’t, and will never, quite do it in the way you do. Think of all your family connections, are they aware of the goodies you want share? Not really otherwise all areas of their lives would work in harmony and they’d be masters of their emotions. Think of all the people in your sphere of influence – friends, acquaintances, colleagues, your service providers, etc, do they know about what you want to share? Very few. So when put in perspective, the Big Fish gurus you think have cornered the market can’t be that successful because very few people you know actually know about these gurus. Then there are the friends, family, colleagues of these people, most of whom you don’t know. Most likely they don’t know the gurus either. This is where you come in. Express your authentic self to these groups and see what awesomeness comes your way. They need you to show up, they are waiting for YOU! because no other will do.

  41. It is always such a delight to watch your videos. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, and infectious joy with us. You are so very appreciated!!!

  42. Hey Jeff, perfect scenario, amazing advice and really powerful message as usual.

    Being different (or original) is the least we can do to differentiate ourselves in a sea of people trying to come on top of everyone else (I say this in a good way, of course)


    PS. What kind of camera are you using to record these videos? It looks amazing.

  43. Hi Jeff,
    Greetings from very snowy NYC. Although I am quite confident that once I get things put in place I’ll be able to bring my message to that niche you discuss, that very small % of the 3 billion new online visitors along with the current ones. You do bring a fresh and unique perspective that I need to hear, and it sticks with me. We all agree that it can be a hard road running a solo venture, but hearing your advice sure helps the cause. Thanks! Cheers, Mark

  44. Thanks for the video. It’s funny to see how things change, while somehow remaining the same. The niche is clear to me, nevertheless your video is a good reminder never to fear competition as long as we are a bit different. What seems to remain the same as ever is the need to be in the right network. It has been quite impressive to observe how you have bee supporting members of our network and vice versa.

  45. Thanks , Jeff! That was a very helpful message. Even in popular and perhaps crowded niches, it seems people are always looking for someone to trust and to give them the results they are looking for. Your book is fantastic and got me motivated to do my first ebook and videos so I have products. I look forward to taking your PL course.

  46. Hi Jeff, what if you don’t want to show your face on camera? Do you think the same impact is possible with audio or text video?

    Ps: I love your energy and positive outlook. Whenever I feel like giving up on my business, I watch one of your videos and then realize I’m an idiot for wanting to give up!

    • @Jacob: I have several friends that are doing really well with audio podcasts right now. And you could always do screen capture video. I think it’s harder to have the same impact as with full motion video, but you can still do well.

  47. Hi Jeff 🙂
    Nice video 🙂 Some weeks ago I was there, thinking that if someone make an idea that came to me it’s lost cause that person capture the market and ther’s no place for me. But I’ve changed my thinking and now I know that there is a lot space for everyone to try and make it 🙂

  48. Thanks so much Jeff! Really great message in your video
    and this has inspired me to get back working on my online business.
    Had really thought for a while i had nothing new to bring to the
    table… But since reading your PLF book, which really is incredible,
    i really feel i can get back in there. Thank you for giving me this great
    motivation to continue.

    Wishing you all the very best Jeff, and thank you again.

  49. I have a professional colleague who has been watching my slow but steady progress over the course of many years to develop a digital info product around a niche area we both know a lot about. He didn’t fail to call me “america’s expert” (as he had seen me declare on my website) in a slightly jeering tone, but a book publisher in the UK was calling ME for a book deal, not him. More to Jeff’s point, he said, “don’t you think X,y,z, problem is going to go away” (A $200 Billion problem in the us alone) “now that A, B & C is happening?” The biggest thing I learned from Jeff, (among all the other big things) is to recognize these useless voices in my own head, and/or immunize myself from the fear and doubt around me, and within me (my words). Negative comments like my colleague delivered (at this stage) actually propel me along, because as I get ready for my first “real” launch, (a JV on steroids), others’ negative assessments (in this case “you missed it”) remind me that without the belief that what I am doing is doable (via PLATINUM Mastermind relationships), I would have been lost and given up a long time ago. Thanks Jeff!

  50. Cliff Martin



    Very helpful. I like the positive message and encouragement, especially with examples. Thanks.

  51. I purchased and read your book, “LAUNCH”…..and I loved it. I am a senior citizen, and fairly new to the Internet phenomenon, and Internet marketing in particular. The only online selling I have done is on ebay. I would like to expand that into my own online business.
    I have no list, and no vast expertise, or knowledge, in any subject matter. So, my first question is: If I want to become an expert in a niche market, and be able to provide valuable information to my list on a ongoing basis, WHERE DO I FIND, GATHER, AND ACCUMULATE THIS INFORMATION? As an example, if I want to become an expert in the benefits of consuming wheatgrass, how do I proceed? My second question is: How do I begin to build a list from scratch?

  52. You were introduced to me by Michal Hyatt. He was introduced to me by Andy Andrews. Andy was introduced to me by my wife, who saw him at Women of Faith. This is to say, introductions are very important.
    I’ve been reluctant to take time with your emails because of all the things vaiing for my time. I’m glad I took time today. Your encouraging message, “it’s not to late,” is what I needed today!
    Thanks! You are becoming a bigger part of those I consider mentors.

  53. That is an hilarious story : 600 on the list… Actually that is about what i have now – and growing. Thanks for being such a great inspiration. You are big en Denmark too by the way. Big hugs

  54. Jeff, this one, couples with the seed launch materials in your book, has tipped me over the edge. I’m launching the CIO Reinvention Formula this year. Inspired by you. Thanks!

    Heman Smith

  55. Perfect Jeff! Thanks so much for your wisdom! It is amazing how we compare ourselves to others and then we start questioning our on path. The reality is that we all are unique and have unique gifts to share AND there is room for everyone. It boils down to what we believe. Our MINDSET. Thanks for the reminder. . .

  56. Hi Jeff,
    Thank you for reminding me/us that it is never too late, and that especially now, there is everything to play for!

  57. As always, perfect timing, Jeff! Even though I’ve been in business for a long time, I’m in a transition, so in many ways, I feel like I’m starting over. It’s a totally different niche and audience, so there have been times in the last few months where I’ve wondered… am I too late to this niche? When you put it in the perspective that you did, it definitely helps me to get through any doubt. It’s a big, BIG world out there! Thank you!

  58. Jeff, this is a great reminder! Right on time, as I’m currently developing a new product in a very competitive niche. I appreciate you.

    – Ricky

  59. pat burkett


    Thanks Jeff! As usual you are supportive and encouraging! It is taking me a while and some challenging
    times to get started with my newsletter. I believe that I can be an excellent coach although there are a lot of coaches available. Thanks for the encouragement.

  60. The SKY is NOT the limit – LOL.
    Good one, very congruent with the location of the shot.
    Thanks Jeff, once again, for ‘common sense’ inspiration. Indeed – sharing our special self differentiates us.
    Everyone is unique, and with being authentic attracts people who really resonate with us.
    Love it!

  61. Les Wiggill


    Thanks Jeff, you are an inspiration … encouraging us to use common sense, which is not always so common!

  62. Jeff, I just completed your latest PLF the first week in January. I am working my tail off with my business partner and launching two different businesses. I have redesigned my sales funnels for my real estate business and with my partner am working on another business to a seed launch which will happen next week. Your success has encouraged me and I do not want to cooperate with anything that is limited. Thank you for continuing to post videos that lead this community toward success. You truly are a benefit to this world and to helping people reach their purpose and joy. A lot to learn from your course, but I would encourage everyone to take one video consistently at a time. Print the notes first and write the things that will spark your memory when referencing each step and implementing. PLF is definitely worth every penny. I will keep you informed at what we are doing and will send you links in the PLF community to show you what we are doing. Thank you again!

  63. I jeff, i just agree with you, but how to reach more efficiently your tribe when all that marketing buzz 24.7 all around, I strart to think that this all noisy space disconnect us from our true nature…

  64. Good reminder, Jeff. I used to worry and wonder, what’s the point? Why would anyone care what *I* have to say? I don’t remember who first told me, some website, probably, but what people will pay me for in MY perspective, what you call my own “special sauce.” There are Soooo many other astrologers, but no one is like me. I’ve looked at websites and listened to several astrologers, and it’s true. I don’t know if I can describe it, but my perspective, and how I communicate things is definitely my way, and not somebody else’s.

  65. There is room for everyone. You just have to show up! Thanks for sharing your story and inspiring people to move forward and building their online presence.

  66. Jeff- Elegant,down-to-earth and so heart warming. Thanks
    P.S.- You are a new wave again- casual video messages- the way to go

  67. Jeff, thank you for this video. It was just what I needed! I got a little discouraged last night when I did some research and found a few people with my same screen name doing similar things to what I am doing. I thought about changing my name somehow, but it’s pretty well established already, so that was not really an option. Your video reminded me that there is plenty of room out there for everyone, and I should just go on and do my thing, and the people who need to hear/see me will do just that, no matter how many other people there are out there. Thanks!

  68. My mtp is having people to discover more of Paris, especially backpacker and students as you can see on my website

  69. Wow Jeff, so many relevant comments you have a very nice community here with intelligent people – YES there are nearly 4 billion online right now and another 2 billion expected to become regular onliners in the next few years – they will all need services, goods, direction and guidance….we are the people to provide it-it is not about instant wealth it is steady growth and building your portfolio and products…all that good stuff.
    Thanks mate

  70. Hi Jeff,

    Great video….been following you for a while. I’m in the expert industry and encourage/help aspiring authors, entrepreneurs and bloggers get going with books and blogs. They often ask me the same question: Is my book idea or blog idea too similar to others? We can always find a way for them to distinguish themselves and their products in the market. And, as you said–and I loved that you said this–everyone brings their own authenticity to the mix, their own secret sauce. And that’s what makes the difference.

    I saw you commented about podcasting. Do you think video or Google HOA are better than podcasting, or do you recommend doing video or Google HOAs and then stripping audio for a podcast–to kill two birds with one stone? Or is the audio not good enough for a podcast if it’s stripped from a video?

    Thanks again!

  71. Thank you, Jeff. You are a force of good in the world. You certainly inspire me to look past my limiting beliefs with this video!

  72. Thank you for the words of encouragement! I have been questioning whether I was too late to get into the market. I was thinking that the market was flooded with people like me and that there were not any prospects to reach. Your encouragement helps me to remain focus and keep looking to help people.

  73. Thank you. Very encouraging. My brain is doing all kinds of thinking about the possibilities for on this. .

  74. Hi Jeff,

    Ever since PLF Live 2016, I’ve been wracking my brain to figure out what kind of offer I could provide to a few different markets I had in mind to explore. The potential business I’m most passionate about is really “niched down” (long-distance bike touring in the United States) and I was thinking that, since my avatar already has a top-dog publisher / established market share that I wouldn’t have any opportunity in that niche.

    I Googled “Jeff Walker Saturated Market,” found this video, and it was EXACTLY what I needed to hear to stop my perfection procrastination.

    Thank you for your brillance, Jeff.

    For the future of all humanity, ;^)


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