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I’ve just spent a week and a half hosting three in-person, back-to-back events. Which probably sounds like a nightmare if you’re an introvert like me…

But I’m feeling nothing but gratitude. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have the clients and team that I do.

So here’s what it was like to be together with them in my hometown after 3 years…the sound gets a little wonky on this one. After months of drought, a rainstorm finally rolled in while I was recording the video!

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12 Replies to “Productive Days, Fun Nights, & Endless Gratitude”

  1. Awesome Jeff……you’re doing super work, and I for one am super grateful for how much I have learned, thank you!

  2. After following you for years and knowing you have helped many with great success, I am awed by your humility and gratitude. You are considered in high regard by many popular entrepreneurs.

  3. TDiane Nguyen


    Hi Jeff,
    I like what you say about hosting your masterminds, having gratitude for one another, having a good time and strenthening our groups. My group does lift me up in times when I need it so infinitely thank You All. Can’t wait to be mentoring people when it’s my turn…
    Have a wonderful day and we are grateful for the rain brought by forests…

  4. Chrystal de Freitas


    You inspire me to be a better person and move forward. I’ll definitely order the book!

    May you and your family continue to be blessed.

    San Diego, CA

  5. Tal Mandelbaum


    Wow Jeff, so wonderful to hear about your experience! It actually makes a lot of sense….after these two years of covid and all the change that is happening in the world, we can FEEL that nature/the process really is pointing us towards greater, more heartfelt, human connection. It is really the “result” nature is after 😀

  6. I am grateful for these reinforcements videos that you deliver each Sunday on topic Jeff.! Happy to get the most recent subject content then travel back in time with you as you share another take on that same theme. Gift for teaching -indeed!

  7. What did you do to deserve this?
    You gave. You kept giving. You acted ethically. You set a standard for quality and community and giving.
    When you put good out in the world, you are in a better place to see good in the world and to accept it when it is given back to you.

  8. Thank you for being authentically YOU! You’re an inspiration. I just purchased your book. I’m launching my very first launch on August 15th. Lots to organize and automate. I’m going to push that button! Thank you again.

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