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How do you write emails that get opened and clicked? Here’s my best advice for emails that your subscribers will love…

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I just had this question come in from Marcella Huresburger, and she asked, “How can we create appealing emails to get people to open them, and actually click on the link?” It's a great question, and it's one I think a lot.

I've sent a lot of emails in my career. It's been over 20 years, and I've sent way more than 10,000 email broadcasts, and I've seen… I've had great success and I've had some that didn't work so well.

The number one thing you have to do is, you have to deliver value. Even if you're selling something, you have to deliver value. When people have joined your list, you basically have a contract with them. You said, “I'm going to send you something.” When they joined your list, when they came to your opt-in page, to your squeeze page, and they enter their email address. There's an implied contract that you are going to give them what you promise them, and what you promise them – there's probably some amount of value there.

So, when people first join your list, that's when they're most likely to open your emails. And so, those first few emails, you really have to worry about delivering that value, and when they click on something, that the click delivers value.  Don't try to entice them, or trick them into opening an email, or clicking on a link, and then giving them something different. Don't do a bait and switch because you will only be able to get away with it one time, and then they're not gonna open your emails anymore. So, that just scratches of surface, of course, there's huge amounts there.

It’s all about copywriting, – it’s what we're talking about. First of all, there's the subject line to get people to open. That's your headline, and then once you get them in the email, it's get them to read, and get them to take action.  But at the end of the day, the most important thing is following through on that implied contract that you said, “If you give me your email address, I'm gonna give you something.” And, probably implied in there is, “I'm going to give you some value.”

It doesn't mean you can't sell. It doesn't mean you shouldn't sell. I sell all the time. I sell millions of dollars of my products, and other people's products through emails, but you have to build that relationship when they opt-in. You have to give them what they opted-in for, and you have to do it in a way that builds trust, that builds authority, that builds rapport.

There's no shortcut to this.I mean, you can go… there's email subject lines you can put in there that’ll get a huge open, but they're fundamentally dishonest, or untruthful, or disingenuous. If you do that, you get one click, you're not going to continue to get the clicks. It's just like any relationship really, like if you have a relationship, and you continue to build value within that relationship, that relationship will flourish. Same thing with your emails.

There you go. How to get your emails opened, and clicked.

I'm Jeff Walker, wherever you're watching this, scroll down. Leave a comment for me, and let's go ’em this week.

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35 Replies to “How To Write Awesome Emails”

  1. Thank you for your all efforts and shares dear Jeff Walker,I appreciate 🙏😊🌠

  2. I started my new business after reading your book on launch. I’ve got my first three subscribers and I can’t wait to test everything I’ve learnt from you. The amount of value you offer is immense, and I am willing to go the same lengths for my followers.

  3. Richard Dickens


    Being honest and truthful been dealing with a customer requirements providing value. Thank you Jeff for that valuable For that reminder.

  4. Its so simple that people forget about it..

    Its true.

    The CTR and Open Rates are proportional to the amount of value you deliver.

    Thanks jeff.

  5. Godfrey Pafura


    Thanks Jeff, I have always got stake when it came to email marketing. Getting them to opt-in was always the easier part. Took courses on how to build an email list but what they never tell you is that it is the easiest part but the hardest is when you have to maintain the relationship . Tried to outsource but still could not feel the communique as me. That is why I give my attention to this subject with both hands and head to you. Thanks again and keep this value rolling.

  6. Jeff,
    I am one of your rookies and I appreciate your teaching and your lessons. They are helping, but I still have much to learn. Thanks.

  7. Christine O'Leary-Eldred


    Hey Jeff – Happy Sunday!

    As with any relationship – Honesty, Consideration & Generosity!
    Thank you, kindly for the (weekly) Stellar Example!

    Shine On . . . Till next time . . .

    Many Blessings ~

  8. Andrew Chapman


    Thanks Jeff. I have been online for 8 years and I gave up twice. What I have learned from the time being online is to offer Value in everything you do online. Focus on one item before you go on to something else. Yes I have been focusing on the wrong path, but I am back and will succeed. Thanks again for the great value and what to put in the emails.

  9. Jeff I respect and connect with your down to earth and honest approach in communicating with customers.

  10. Hi Jeff
    Thanks for your great post, it added real value to me.Now, I am about to launch a new email campaign, and I was wondering what could possibly be the best way to write your welcome email, because it is the one that builds or breaks a relationship with your list forever. I hope you write about that in your next blog post..

  11. Donald Theiss


    One of the most significant videos you’ve posted because it gets to the heart of the matter, ie. show up and deliver what you say you are going to deliever”. This might be easy if you are just offering a physical product but when you are offering advice to improve someones life through insights into perception, changing your attitude, changing your energy, changing something in your own way of being in the world, there is a deeper, more profound implication of the agreement and promise you are making.

  12. Jeff, you inspired me to build my list 1.5 years ago. It’s been transformational to my business.
    Continuous leadership and reminders like this keep me going!

  13. This is timely! My business partner and I set aside today to write the first email of our pre-prelaunch….and we weren’t sure where to begin. Back to the basics 🙂

    Thank you!

  14. Jeff, I continue to be mystified with this very thing about your emails. They give me value every single time. Thank you for your honesty, transparency and excellence. You have created a raving fan in me, and I’ve yet to become a paying customer. I don’t say that to insult you, but rather to substantiate that you are brilliant at the very thing you are addressing. You are mentoring me whether I purchase or not. And I will continue to direct people to your email list and products. May you have continued success, financial and in every other way.

  15. Thank you for the great advice. It makes perfect sense and makes the idea of selling a lot more palatable to those of us with a phobia about selling.

  16. Thank you very much Dear Jeff,
    The most important question for me now is from which mail you are starting to sale?

    Thank you in advance,

    P.s. if you have a checklist for the issues of the first mails , i really would like to get:)
    P.p.s. could not find any link to one of your programs :), would you please send me 🙂

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