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I just shot a quick video for you about what I consider one of the most critical things you need to master if you plan on having any lasting success…

Let me know what you think – please leave a comment down below…

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195 Replies to “Baby Steps On Your Way To Success”

  1. Hi Jeff, this is a great video! I absolutely agree with you. I teach Internet marketing courses in Toronto. One thing I have observed is that many people don’t take action after the training. Internet marketers eat an elephant one bite at a time. It is all about taking baby steps continuously.

  2. Jeff – great post at a great time. I have taken many steps in the past, but most of them were side to side (zig – zag as you stated) and without a path. Now as I’ve focused and planned out my steps – most of them are moving forward towards my goals. Focus and baby steps are the keys to my success moving forward and following people that have integrity and great purpose behind themselves – thx Jeff!


  3. Good reminders, Jeff. But sometimes it’s hard to keep up the enthusiasm for stepping forward each day when the hole never appears to get closer (or actually moves farther away).

  4. Hi Jeff, thanks for the video – I think what holds me back is the fear of taking baby steps in the wrong direction! But I like your golf analogy, and I know it makes perfect sense. I need to get over my “paralysis of analysis”.

    Right, I feel inspired now – time to take action and take that first step TODAY 🙂

  5. It’s always a great reminder that these things take time and a lot of learning. Each day I learn something new about what I need to learn. This current season is all about growing smart and finding solid help. I don’t know anything about this stuff. Time to learn.

    BTW – great video! Do you use any special equipment to shoot your videos?

    • @Rob: We keep evolving our video capabilities and equipment… my son has been doing all my shooting and editing for the last 3+ years, and we’ve come a long way in that time. This video was shot with a Canon DSLR. The outside shots are always tricky due to wind and lighting challenges.

  6. Thanks! I agree – it takes persistence but later on, you look back at the past few months and say, WOW! Look at all the cool stuff I did!

  7. Jeff,
    Great advice in a beautifully small capsule!
    Reminded me of Lou Holtz’s–WIN formula. What’s Important Now! Get a good nights sleep, put your socks and shoes on right to avoid blisters, eat a great breakfast etc.
    “Baby Steps” – focus on the basics one step at a time and you will succeed!
    Thanks–great way to start the day.

  8. Thank you Jeff, I needed this reminder. Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps builds the business , and builds the mental muscle. It’s just like working out, it takes time and practice to build muscles and to achieve a goal.

  9. Jeff, great message. Baby steps and gratitude are powerful things to keep in mind when building a business. You’re right, it doesn’t happen overnight! I really like how you continually measure your success. The “baby steps” concept is all about perseverance. If you’re committed to your vision and adapt along the way to what’s working and what’s not, you really can’t fail. Thanks for staring this short, but meaningful video.
    Best, Scott

  10. Hi Jeff,

    I totally agree about both points – baby steps and focusing on gratitude and appreciation.

    One of the things I’m most grateful for is YOU. The principles you teach have changed the way I view my business and progress and marketing. One time you allayed my fears about teaching even though I did not feel like the absolute master of that topic yet by telling me “You’ll learn by teaching” and “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” That was life-changing for me and I really appreciate your guidance. You’ve also directed me away from hope marketing. I wish I learned that ten years ago – but I’m happy to be on track now. In addition, you’ve put me in touch with amazing new friends too. Thank you!

    And I totally agree with you about the power of taking the next step and resisting that siren song of “How can I get all the way to the top TODAY?”.

    Tony Robbins talks about taking MASSIVE action and I get his point. Success often takes a lot of work. But all of my successes have come after I took one small step… and then the next baby step… and doing each next achievable action today if possible.

    My next action now is to get clear about my big why. Still struggling with that. So that’s what I’ll do today.

    • @Jim: You are such a leader… even if you don’t realize it yet. I knew that the moment I saw your humility and sensitivity at DWD. Remember, the path to your “big why” is a journey, not a destination. 🙂

  11. Hi Jeff Love the backdrop, I can totally resinate with this, if every person just started taking baby steps towards there goals without overwhelming themselves, they will know doubt start to see significant results.

    Most successful people online and offline started with just baby steps to make there fortunes the SECRET is taking action, think BIG start small and Speed of implantation is key to success online

    Rising To The Top

  12. Hi Jeff, great video. Did you shoot this in CO. with this beautiful countryside? You are so right, but just when you master 1 tiny baby step – another hits you in the face. Then you figure out where you can get the help to accomplish that step. I just did my first product launch. It wasn’t in the millions or even the 100s of thousands, but it was bigger than your first one so I will celebrate that tonite. I am now working to repurpose the product and looking for someone to take over the small day to day stuff – a Virtual Asst. have you found a resource for this? Would love to hear.

    • @Eileen: Congrats on your launch… that’s awesome to hear!

      The video was shot right outside my Secret Headquarters (i.e., my video studio) here in my home town of Durango, CO. I love that view… it’s truly inspirational.

  13. Elise van Hijfte


    Jeff, not just what you tell but the ”sound between the notes” as Miles Davis would put it, makes you an extraordinary person, inspiration and leader. The day my budget allows it, I come and get my marketing tuition from you.

  14. Great Stuff Jeff from your student with the baseball business…Rome wasn’t built in a day, which I’m learning the same is true for a business…consistent action/baby steps no matter how small, but taking some action each day/week will get you there even if you have to go off course for a little. Its a marathon not a sprint. The other thing I’m learning is eventually you need to have business systems in place so you’re not trying to do everything and wearing all the hats otherwise your business will stall and you can’t grow it anymore.

  15. I would add that those baby steps are directed toward finding a working strategy. There are many ratholes that lead to dead ends. A great strategy brings ease to the path.

  16. Hey Jeff, great video. I love the concept of baby steps. I also employ a similar tactic with regard to productivity. Each night before I fall asleep, I write the top 3-5 tasks that I must complete the following day. Then, when I wake up the next morning, I immediately focus on those 3-5 most productive tasks.

  17. You know, of all of the stuff we learned in PLF and even at the conference, “baby steps” is probably the saying that stuck with me the most. Baby steps are super important, but I also hear you allude to self image and belief in this short video. As powerful as baby steps are, those baby steps don’t mean much without a solid self image that really believes it will accomplish the goal of those baby steps. Those things together will create amazing success. Thanks for the baby steps reminder Jeff.

  18. Good stuff Jeff. I know a lot of folks get caught up in thinking things should happen really fast but if you focus on “baby steps” you can really achieve big things in a relatively short time period.

  19. As always, great insight Jeff! People don’t realize how many so called “overnight successes” are not really overnight! 😉

  20. Rita Marshall


    Thanks for this Jeff. I have heard it many times, but never as convincingly or as sincerely as you have put it across. I am not an internet marketer, but know I will be in the future, so I will take these words on board and make a Mantra of them. Blessings.

  21. Refreshing Jeff! Baby steps with eyes always on the end goal. Focus is so important and the biggest area needing improvement for most marketers and small business owners.

  22. Jeff. Great stuff and the perfect approach. I personally appreciate your heartfelt (non-salesy) mentoring. I may be in the minority, but this sorta generosity from you engages my “law-of-reciprocity” tendency. Every time you do it…I’m more obligated to buy when you’re selling. Preaching to the choir I know, but I wanted to re-affirm what you obviously know. Give, give, give…occasionally take!!

  23. Hi Jeff,
    Great advice – it’s easy to get down about the fact that you haven’t made your first million when you haven’t even made your first dollar online!

    All the best,

    Mike Lawson

  24. Hey Jeff

    Thanx for this short …YET….straight to the point video. As you said before, ROME wasn’t built in a day. And as I like to say, the greatest human being started with only one cell :D, then that cell meets another cell then voila!

  25. Robert Pruitt


    Gratitude is a concept that is severely under recognized. We all seek recognition, appreciation, and a pat on the back. In business, gratitude can and does impact the bottom line.

    For example, one experiment found that customers of a jewelry store who were called and thanked showed a subsequent 70% increase in purchases. In comparison, customers who were thanked and told about a sale showed only a 30% increase in purchases, and customers who were not called at all did not show an increase. In another study, regular patrons of a restaurant gave bigger tips when servers wrote “Thank you” on their checks.

  26. Jeff,

    As always ROCK SOLID! This is so important for anyone in business. So many people think we all just hit home runs. I have seen so many people give up when they are so close to success. I really appreciate your message. Thank you Jeff, great video!!! BTW – what an awesome backdrop great shot!

    You rock – thanks!!!


  27. Oh jeez – that was SO perfect for me. It was exactly what I needed. Trusting all the baby steps are adding up, giving myself credit for each baby accomplished, knowing I am staying the course with the babies, seeing the babies grow up and make a difference in the world. I also love the heartfelt way you are.

  28. Hi Jeff,
    Great video! Baby Steps, thats a great way to put it and I do this everyday. Have to take baby steps before that Giant leap forward..It takes time and hard work, but thats the only way to move forward… I’m so tired of hearing about the “Magic Button”…No such thing! It takes time and baby steps to get things done..


  29. Carlos V Herrera


    Thanks Jeff. The need for baby steps I think is one of the most powerful elements for any entrepreneur to discover. Otherwise, it’s VERY easy to lose focus and suffer from what I like to call Entrepreneur’s A.D.D.. Limited attention, limited focus and you quickly become a “serial” project starter.

    Stay Awesome,
    -Carlos V Herrera

  30. Awesome advice Jeff! Most people got sucked into the get rich quick mindset and get frustrated when it doesn’t happen overnight like they are led to believe. Focus, take action and improve! Love it… Do what you love and love what you do. Thanks Jeff, your PLF and mentoring has consitantly worked for me.

  31. Finally someone speaking out about this – overnight successes are a myth, it takes a lot of persistence to get somewhere you’ll be proud of.

    Thank you Jeff for being an influence of GOOD in this market place, we owe you a lot!

    Take care and God bless!

    • @Fabi: you’re so right… I think there are few things more harmful and limiting than a belief in (and pursuit of) “get rich quick”. I can well remember when I had no money and very little going for me and I was desperate for a change for my family… I wanted to believe in “get rich quick”. But I knew it wouldn’t work back then, and it doesn’t work now.

  32. A wonderful reminder. Be patient and focus on building a wall one brick at a time.

    Thanks for the post Jeff 🙂

  33. Thank you Jeff. I really needed to hear that today. Baby steps, consistant baby steps lead to success. GOT IT!

  34. Andy Broadaway


    Excellent. Give up more videos like these. Tell us more stories of how you did it, it will help us all keep taking baby steps. Thank you for your products, Thank you for your integrity, Thank you for being YOU. Andy B.

  35. Thats the opposite of how I open businesses but exactly how I fine tune them once they’re open. Good stuff.

    I like these kinds of posts, I wish more of your counterparts did this.

  36. Jeff,

    Great video. Thanks for your transparency and humility — and for knowing when to take a stand. Becuase I see what you’re doing here as just that: taking a stand for persistence and gratitude.

    It’s great advice, and it is timeless.

    Especially gratitude.

    The Bible says “give thanks in all circumstances”. I think that means ESPECIALLY in the tough circumstances! If we can give thanks THEN… when we can always find SOMETHING to give thanks for… we get access to the keys we need for the breakthroughs we seek.

    • @Ray: thank you!

      One of my greatest strengths is the ability to attract amazing people into my life… and you, Ray Edwards, are a prime example.

  37. YOU are so Awesome, Jeff. One of the most incredible teachers/gurus in the industry.
    Thanks for your wisdom and reminder of “baby steps” and “gratitude”.

    So appreciate you!

  38. Gratitude – yours is a nice “twist” to a virtue. And “baby steps” is a dose of reality to those in a hurry.

  39. Hi, Jeff —
    Your philosophy, PLF and “stepping our of my comfort zone” are highlights of my career.
    I will say it again: “In a few years the wison of Jeff Walker and PLF” will be taught to packed classes in universities.

    All the best, all the time.

  40. Excellent content as always. I needed this today big time. I have been extremely discouraged and distracted lately from my product creations by job interviews and being in limbo with my “day job” but this has reinvigorated me to get up, take another baby step, and get back at it. You’re a huge inspiration. Keep up the amazing work.

  41. Thanks for the reminder Jeff. It’s easy to forget such things in this day and age where we all want things instantly and unrealistic overnight success.

    One step at a time, we must work on perfecting our craft 🙂

  42. Awesome Jeff!
    Really down to earth advice and numbers 🙂
    I also find that with the golf analogy is that shot number 1 you aim for the hole. Then when you want to take your next shot you realize that is not the best place to go or the market has changed or you understand your business differently now. So you see another hole/target and you now aim for that one.
    This continues all the way into the hole.. However we never really get in the hole.. We keep going.. Therefore every stroke in our intended direction is a successful baby step process. You need a goal which you aim for to take steps toward, then be ready to zig zag on a different course to what was planned and en up I’m a better place than which you thought. However we need a destination to get started 🙂
    Awesome Jeff nice background also 😉

  43. Great words of wisdom.
    Great words of practice.
    Great heart.
    Just keep it going. The baby steps, too.

  44. Jeff, you’re right. One thing we can do-what I’ve started to do–is put a little silly sticker (Good! or Great! or whatever) on my daily timetable to mark even small advances. Otherwise, I’ve found, I just tick off completed tasks. That’s important but celebrating small advances is psychologically helpful.At first you feel like an idiot but then you laugh and realize you did accomplish something today. (And heaven knows there are lots of days when a small advance is all you’ll be able to make!)

  45. Another great video Jeff…

    Down-under, you’d know the ‘tall poppy syndrome’ reigns supreme…to go alongside that, anyone having success is said to have ‘gotten lucky’…

    Luck is completing the baby steps, over and over… 🙂

    7 x Six figure launches in…I’m getting luckier and luckier…I really am grateful of the baby steps and look forward to celebrating the next one.


  46. hi Jeff thanks, you gave me some strength here in the middle of the night, trying to beat everything, trying to be everything. Its surely not easy to walk the walk without seeing any accomplishment worth mentioning. think big, but accept the small, that’s my lesson here. thanks again.

  47. Love the video Jeff, certainly gave me something to think about.

    Taking the baby steps is a great idea, but often found myself staggering rather than zig zagging, probably due to the lack of a true goal or a lack of focus, which is a big handicap.

    How can you make progress if you don’t know where you are going, you can’t. Time to ditch the dross, go back to the drawing board and start making those baby steps towards a defined goal.

  48. Dear Jeff, taking these baby steps over the period of 10-15 years means one thing only,-this road will never bring to success.
    Why? Because nobody has so much patience to spent years without receiving any visible results. Adding one subscriber to your list daily doesn’t change your progress at all and just slowly kills your dream to have a successful business.
    I remember my business owner-very famous Billionaire was telling people: I was working hard and slowly penny to penny created multi – billion Empire. He even knows the story how to put aside one penny, the next day two, the third day 4 and so on.
    This is the stories for losers!
    Why successful people tell these stories left and right?
    Just because they sell products to these losers over and over again. All these launches are absolute BS. They are written and re-written many many times and their real price is next to nothing. The real doers are just doing and making money. They do not want to teach somebody else to do the things that are working. But 99% of Gurus are selling BS and wrap it into the nice package knowing the buyers will never make even one penny from this garbage. This is like promise to show the blind people how to find the road through the jungle. This is a great game of last 10-15 years and it is based on simple cheating and lie. What is the best way to make money? Just to sell a dream to those ones who are sitting over the ears in debts and have nothing to wait?
    Why I say this?
    Because I spent over $50,000 dollars for over 12 years and all my efforts online brought me disappointment only.

    • @Anatoly: Why do successful people tell those stories? Because nearly all successful people LIVED those stories.

      Would you rather I make up some stories of “get rich quick” and tell those stories? Would that make you feel better? Would it help you achieve more?

      If you want to have success, here is the choice you need to make (and you can make this choice any time you want) – you can choose to stop playing the victim and blaming other people, and take charge of your own destiny.

      Making that choice will not absolutely guarantee your success… HOWEVER. until you make that choice, then you have absolutely no possibility of achieving any significant success.

  49. Thanks for sharing that video. It was hard for me to see if I was progressing in my business because I was taking baby steps, until I found my goals that I wrote a year ago, then I realized I accomplished most of them. So I agree with taking baby steps.

  50. Jeff, great post.

    Anatoly, sure, Jeff could have added that the baby steps need to be taken towards a clearly defined, written goal and not to go chasing after every new gadget or idea that is oversold and over promoted.

    He could have also added that research show it takes about 10,000 hours to become world class at most things. Playing an instrument, mastering a sport or being an overnight success in the internet marketing space. And my take on it is that being a success in the internet marketing space requires a diligence to pursue a proven path and the ability to adapt to change more than many other endeavours. It is not an easy, walk in the park gig.

    Sure, after you have put in the hard yards you may or may not have the “bright idea” that is the “next big thing”. I have not been bright enough or smart enough to do that yet in my area. But I am still working at it. And that gives me a million percent better chance of coming up with it than complaining about the fact that it hasn’t happened yet and blaming others for my lack of a bright idea.

    What’s that old saying, “Winners never quit and quitters never win.”

    Every day each of us has that choice to make. Whether we will keep trying or join the quitters camp.

    You know, there is destructive impatience and constructive impatience. The constructive way to be impatient necessitates you asking the right questions, questions like, “How could I learn faster what it takes to be successful?” “How could I shortcut this learning process?” “Who has attained what I seek and how could I learn what they now know?”

    Change the thoughts you have, alter the questions you ask yourself and you will refocus on that path which will lead where you want to be.

  51. This is a great reminder of how i was taught to chunk it down to get out of overwhelm…Baby Steps BOB”….lol..What About Bob the movie had that lesson down and so does Jeff…OK…ill try it on tomorrow… step at a time!!!!

  52. Jeff, you are so right! Being grateful totally changed my life some years ago, it didn’t happen over night but when I look back I can see how much my life has changed because I changed and became grateful. If you are ungrateful or unaware of what you’ve accomplished and the opportunities that life has given you then no matter how much progress you make, you’ll never appreciate it or enjoy it.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  53. Jeff;
    Thanks for the encouragement. I gather the message came from the heart and from a lot of experience with disappointments and temporary setbacks felt along the way. I appreciate that you took the time to empathize with others who are on a similar journey.
    The mountains and outdoor scene helps too; they are serene.

  54. Mr. Walker, saying thank you does not seem to be enough for this wonderful message. I am just at the beginning of what I hope to be a fantastic new journey. Your vision and words certainly provides support on what seems to be limited footing on a regular basis. Thanks Again,

  55. Hey Jeff,
    Thank You for sharing this very helpful information.
    I am a very firm believer in having an attitude of gratitude.
    I really appreciate your sincerity and passion for helping others.
    You are definitely an amazing teacher with a heart of gold.

    Thank You For All That You Do,

    Your Friend,

    Steve Squillace

  56. What else can I say that has not been said already. It is good to have that kind of reminder from time to time. I have been trying to start a business on line for the last three and a half year. I have already a lot of baby steps behind me but no result yet. There are two things at least that I have gain from all of the thing that I have tried so far: experience in internet marketing and a deeper understanding of marketing

  57. Jeff:
    Thanks for your constant encouragement and sharing your enthusiasm for success. I think a great part of your success is that you sincerely want people to achieve and succeed and you never come off as preachy but rather quite genuine and enthusiastic. It’s infectious. Every time I see an email or video from you I know it’s going to be another gem of wisdom or an uplifting reminder to keep moving forward. Thanks always.

  58. Thanks for a very inspiring video, Jeff. Taking baby steps is an important reminder. It’s so easy to drown in stress, overwhelm and the feeling that you’re not getting anywhere. I try to focus on getting at least something done to move myself and my business/website forward every day and be grateful for all the small things I manage to accomplish.

  59. Hi Jeff;
    This is very inspirational. Am just trying to find my feet and what you say here is simple and yet very true. Your golf analogy is exactly the true path of a successful life. Am so inspired.

  60. Love ya Jeff…and I am as straight as they come, btw. I love your sincerity, passion, love for the business, its failures and successes. I started into this arena because of you and I explain the story in my first blog (I hope you don’t mind if I share with the world) You appear in my second post (June 5th)…alongside with a picture of my oldest son – you guys look so alike!!…. like you are related. You’ve gotta see this. Thank you, thank you…for being you.
    Your friend,

  61. Thank you very much.

    It’s very powerful message you give to me. It’s like everybdy knows what baby steps are about but everybody forgot that very often. Thank you to remind me this concept.

  62. I would like to thank you so much for taking the time to share with us a great entrepreneur lesson, thanks! You are a master! Take care, Jeff!

  63. Thanks Jeff. Always encouraging to listen to you. I’m working the program and am nearing my first launch. Been a long and winding road, but I’ve learned a lot along the way. It’s true that baby steps are most important… though I would love to leap ahead! Can’t build the house till the foundation is laid. And that’s what I’m doing.

  64. I smiled when you talked about tracking your subscribers – I did that too (and still do!).

    I smile from the inside out thinking about the fact that as entrepreneurs, we can live in a tiny remote town and still serve thousands of people worldwide… as long as we have an internet connection.

    Life is good isn’t it?

  65. Absolutely fabulous. I have started so many times but quickly get discouraged because I know there is sooooo much to do. Thanks for reminding us to just keep at it and celebrate the little baby steps.

  66. What a good reminder that we all (have to) start small! Thanks for putting our feet back on the ground 😉

  67. Thanks Jeff for the Awesome Video…. I am an PLF owner and first time went through it was overwhelmed with the amount if information. Then went through took the baby steps and did make a launch and now on to more baby steps on taking it to the next level. Thanks for sharing your experiences and insights.

  68. To – Do list vs. goals and think ahead about possible obstacles, some will come along, and plan to overcome them. Always keep after goal no matter what life throws. Don’t get stuck. Great stuff, thank you Jeff.

  69. Jeff,

    I have to remind myself that this is a 3-5 year project and I just completed year one. Thanks for the reminder to take these baby steps. This will keep me focused and grateful. I really appreciate your generosity. That is why God has blessed you so.

  70. Jeff, thank you for that reminder to celebrate all steps to your success (or count it all)! It was the perfect message for the perfect time.

  71. Love this advice, Jeff! It’s affirming to hear from someone as successful as you. Funny enough I did a video yesterday about the power of gratitude and how by appreciating the little things, we shift our current state and make way for more. I really appreciate your transparency about what it takes to make it to the top. Aloha from Hawaii.

  72. Hey Jeff, I have baby stepped my way from 0 to 29 subscribers…so exciting, especially since I have only had my optin page up for a week. You have totally inspired me and your guidance with PLF has been AMAZING.

  73. Great message, Jeff. THANK YOU, it’s just what I needed to be reminded of today.

  74. Good to hear that message again!

    I tend to forget that all it takes are baby steps, from the comments I see that I’m not alone 🙂
    Feeling that the most important to me is to Everyday do a little something . It can be just a link, a directory but 1 everyday. I give myself a reminder of your good and sound advice.


  75. Hello Jeff,

    I always enjoy reading your stuff or watching your videos. There’s no BS with you. Just straight scoop. Baby steps are definitely the right way to go in whatever you do. Never bite off more than you can chew at anyone time.

    Thanks again,

    Vic Boxwell

  76. Hi, Jeff you are 100% right! Baby Steps build not only business but what is more important
    in long term it build positive confidence of doer. Thank you for confirming it for me.
    I am tired of negativity lurking in most emails or selling pages and start deleting them at once before I can see offer. What I loose in meaning of good stuff I gain in peace of mind !
    Background of your video is beautiful ,I’m fed up with mansions, exotic beaches and cars!
    Thank you,Kate

  77. Hi Jeff

    Thanks for your video, very timely. It’s also great to see the comments and see how many of us are in the same boat. Sometimes you just need to hear it again, even though you know it – baby steps, one step at a time, acknowledge successes and express gratitude. Rinse and repeat 🙂

  78. Jeff ~ Wow! ~ This is something we ALL know .. But rarely do right. It really came a Great Time for me and kind of hit me between the eyes! ..
    I especially liked you talking about the .. “GOLF SHOT” .. “PERFECT EXAMPLE” and it really came across and sunk in! ..
    “GREAT VIDEO!” …

  79. Hi Jeff 😀

    Really enjoyed this, you are so right and it is an everyday going process to have belief and trust in that taking those baby steps every day which might not seem big at that moment, but will in 2-3 years make a HUGE difference – that`s the challenge for me (and everyone)!



  80. Hy, Jeff! Big like♥
    I already adopted baby steps as a way of life.
    And I celebrate every achievement
    Thanks for the idea to celebrate the all new subscriber
    Have a nice day, from Israel

  81. Thanks for your video which made me “pause” on my day trip ! That’s so that ! Step by step, little by little, baby steps… Not much to translate in French though :-)) I just love it that way !! And kind of make humble…
    Marianne fm France

  82. Jackie Holmgren


    I’ve been wallowing in the mire of forest v.s. trees, trees v.s. forest, scrambling about hither and yon, feeling lost in the jungle. Possibly you see this more as sand traps, ponds, deep grass and just plain old can’t find the ball. Your video gave me the focus again to get the chain saw out and start clearing a path out of that dark and scarry place towards the hill top. I want this and we need this, so tomorrow I’m going to start blazing the trail forward and focus on our gratitude for the opportunity and the successes, no matter how small or how large.
    Rocky Mountain High, Jackie

  83. Aloha Jeff,
    Thank you for your information. During these times of restructuring our lives we sometimes have to wear the hats of the Visionary, Starter, and Finisher due to funds. Most of the time by nature we are one of these three, maybe two, so it leaves room for procrastination and stress. I like how you so peacefully explain The Big Vision, the Baby Steps, Celebration, and Gratitude. Thank you for your mission, I have learned a lot today.
    Much Aloha, The Pacific Gypsy

  84. Hey there Jeff,

    I just wanted to say great little video, it really helped clarify a few things for me! I am looking at launching my own product soon, and my mentor Alex Jeffreys always talks about you as being the Product Launch Guru! Now I can definitely see why he said so, you shard more insight into this in 15min than I have learnt in the last 15 days!!

    Thanks so much and keep up the great work!

    Kind Regards

    Zayne Thompson

  85. Thank you Jeff for the video, you have uplifted my spirit! Sharing the importance of focussing on baby steps. And that many gurus succeed because of persistency, being grateful and have the vision in mind. It’s all about building the momentum. Your message is reassuring cause it’s my 10th year since I started to learn about having a website and tons of investment in educating myself. Have not got a big breakthrough yet. Sometimes I think I am a slow learner. Reminding myself to enjoy the journey helped me persist, believe and continue to take self-responsibility. Little video, big leap of faith for me to learn that from someone who is so successful and authentic. Gives me hope.

  86. You perfectly described the key to success in anything. Taking Baby steps everyday guided by a plan.

    Thank you for the great video and inspiration.


  87. “Hope” marketing is just what I have been doing, and it has been letting me down in sales. I have been thinking that if I just work, sooner or later going to pay of, but it is the same struggle in services and products. Hoping to sell leads to disappointment and in the long run, loss of energy. I need a strategy.

    I found the first video interesting. Now how can i apply this to my stuff…Hm. You started some new thoughts! 🙂

  88. Excellent video, just reward yourself for whatever you have accomplished. Baby steps in everything! Yes!

  89. Jeff’s message is right on! In fact a bible proverb states that “Steady plodding brings prosperity.” Any path has steps and the steps must be taken in order. Sometimes there are obstacles to overcome, but once passed the path continues. Ultimately the journey is completed. Be certain before starting where you want to end up and then begin by taking the baby steps.

  90. Just starting to finally take my baby steps. Before that I think I was sliding around in the womb lost! 🙂 But now…I’m out. You’re “How To Start From Scratch” was a God-send, especially the way you priced it, and then combined with reading Brendon Burchards book, The Millionaire Messenger, I was on my way. Finally launching the blog and video series this Monday and I have to give kudos to my over-worked 3 man team of me, myself, and I with special help from Imma Boot-Strapping! It all started here!

  91. Excuse my bad English. (I’m from Ukraine)

    @Anatoly: Do you have a serious mistake!

    We had to change the focus. You think the problem is in the method for actually probldema in thinking and psychology.

    You have to pay attention to your way of thinking.

    You can still get your money back. Mozhetet even increase them! You bought a technique, but they do not work. Why? Weak link – it’s you. Once teach rebuild your thinking, you will get a huge profit.

    I did all of this took place.

    All the best,

  92. Hello Jeff
    thanks for the lesson. It’s great
    i just began on december 2011. i did not have any knowledge to built a website and so on.
    I took a lot of formation and was walking forward as a person walking in an Ocean and trying to draw her way…..

    i have now a better vision of my goal! However still stucked by the technic..

    i loved the step by step modele and the way you built your list!!!

    So, instead to go on from formation to formation, i have decided to learn with you

    i am living in NY by now, my native language is french, i can manage in english language and my wblog may be translated in english..
    How do i do to learn with you? thanks for your answer to my e-mail address.
    the best and thanks for all
    PS/ what i loved is your integrity, specially saying we have to go to live events to meet people and future partnerships. thanks

  93. Philip Donovan


    Thank you Jeff, this is such important advice for a guy like me who has created an audio CD/MP3 that I believe in but, needs to develop the mind elements to see it through to next steps, and finally to a satisfied market. I will remain grateful for all the baby steips I must take and that includes reading, listening and purchasing all your generous, great advice.
    Thank you Jeff,
    Phil Donovan

  94. Hi Jeff,

    Your “Baby Steps” video came to me at such an interesting moment. I just finished launching an info product that took my team and I over 2 years of baby steps!!!! We have experimented and grown throughout. I am sincerely grateful every day for what we’ve accomplished, but, this was our first big launch – and candidly, it was an emotional experience. To finally put it out there was scary. You have such high hopes for something you’ve invested so much in. But, with all the “zig-zagging” along the way, you basically go into it thinking, “Ah. Well, it’s out there, let’s not hope for too much.” And maybe that’s a good thing? Our expectations are no longer super high. We just hope to gain more knowledge and keep on going.

    As one of the comments here said, “The challenge isn’t doing the baby steps, it’s to keep doing them every day.” When I get exhausted, frustrated, doubtful and scared that what I’m doing is pointless, I always go to my mantra, “I have to do it…because I can.” I realized recently no matter how many setbacks I have, I’ll just never give up. Is that a blessing or a curse? Let’s hope it’s a blessing. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing that video – I needed it today!

  95. Jeff,
    Very interesting topic that covers you in this video.
    Really the big problem is that we forget to do the simple, one step at a time. As always, we forget to do the basics and simple – “We should climb the ladder rung by rung.”
    Thank you for your inspiring message and remembering this important detail.


  96. Really really really like this – just sooooooo pertinent to where my business partner and i are right now. I think we have just driven into a bunker and need to chip back onto the fairway before we can go for the hole!

  97. Ok so I prayed and asked “Whom is it that I shall use as my mentor” “My rock” And it was not one but two…You and one of your partners M.F. I truely believe that if I dublicate what has been done,Then I too shall reach that top..Some day soon! Thanks..

  98. Thanks for the 16 rules for success and the video on babysteps. Very helpful! I think that sometimes focusing too much on the big picture can be immobilizing. I am re-energized and re-focused after watching!

  99. This is so true. I have seen this happen many times over around me. Nice video with a nice topic.

    Anthony robins says: Your only a little peace away!

  100. Hello Friend, Jeff I must say that I found you through a good friend who also turned me on to Brendon Bruchard. I hope you are happy and healthy because you have so much to share for people like me. I Lived in Pagosa Springs for 12 years before moving to Portland Oregon in 2008 where I live now. I just watched your first video on baby steps and I am hopeful because I have just learned to crawl at age 59. I am very interested in geting out my message and ideas but I have been missing the how. I am pretty sure you have the how. I will find out soon enough. I feel your vib. Thank you Dean

  101. WOW this is it man…I seen this model with so many guru’s in the market place…You want to do what got you to pay for a product or join an opportunity or a membership site, but no one is really showing you this process works…. This is good stuff Jeff

    Now I have a guide for my product launch thanks Jeff

  102. Hannah Rose


    High praise for Jim! (How geat is that!)
    Just wonering if I can be of any assistance to Eileen who is looking for a VA ? If she could specify what tasks she wants to outsource, maybe we could talk it over, see where we are.

  103. Manju Thirani


    Yup Jeff,
    These baby steps are what conquer and smash overwhelm-that enemy of action!!
    And as always,gratitude should be foremost in our lives.
    Every moment is due to God’s grace.We know that.So we must be grateful for that.
    Thanks for all that you taught in your vids prior to the launch.

  104. Hannah Rose


    Forgot that I wanted to say THANKS to Jeff for reminding us of the SMALL STEPS principle.( In total contrast to the freebie marketing videos in my inbox promoting a “system” that can earn thousands in a week or even month, while starting out with no knowledge or skills.)

    Jeff’s tip reminds me that anything I ever accomplished was started in total ignorance, probably with a great deal of uncertainty and fear…only getting better after putting in time and effort.And–my feelilngs about it one way or the other did not affect the outcome.If I was down some days, I still made it in the end.

    It’s about learning to be happy with where and who we are today, while looking forward to it all coming together in a way we could never have anticipated. If you practise a musical instrument you already know that after putting in a certain amount of effort, you WILL be able to play the piece. At that level you get new insights on how it could be better with more specific effort.

    Hoping someone will remind me of my own words when I need it!

  105. Thank you Jeff. Baby steps is something not heard every day. I think that it is refreshing to be reminded of regardless of where one is at. It seems like one needs to do is slow down, take a refreshing moment and move forward. thanks again.

  106. Martin Jelley


    Thanks very much for this Jeff – this is incredibly reassuring to hear – it lets a newbie know they are on the right track even if they aren’t doing”mega dollar” lunches.


  107. putting one foot in front of the other … taking those steps in the right direction rather than in circles … this is what the product launch formula’s model helps with … taking those baby steps in an organized manner is what it’s about!

  108. Love the reinforcement that it takes baby steps to reach the big goal. I wish more people would remind us of that – so many business coaches out there try to sell the “6 figures in 6 months” model – and that is unrealistic for most startup businesses from the get go. There are detours that will come up along the way and it’s up to us to navigate the detours to get back on track to our big money goals.

  109. Thanks for the reminder Jeff! I teach my patients this same principle & it’s important to remember it applies here as I transition my lifes work to be able to utilize the internet. I am a big believer in two steps forward and one back still has us making progress!

  110. I appreciate your advice on the importance of baby steps and the need for one to persevere, but I was expecting you to assure your audience that you have been through it all and they won’t need to reinvent the wheel. Or will they?

  111. Hello Jeff, I really like your video which is very helpful for me. You are motivating me. Every single step which I’m going forward is a next body shaking experience for me. A couple of days I published my first video. It’s an interview about my new business. I was so scared but I did it. Now I’m very proud and feel a little bit comfortable with publishing a press release or just writing a blog. Thank you for sending me this video. Greetings from Sandra from Germany

    • @Sigurdur: that’s the view from my video studio looking into Durango, CO (my hometown). The mountains in the distance are the La Plata mountains.

  112. Nice video Jeff! Just what I needed to hear right now, I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed lately with things, you really put it in perspective for me with your golf analogy, the bit about how golfers hit the ball in the general direction, and then spend the rest of the time “correcting.” I like that.

    Great camera work, btw. Epic background.

    – Sean

  113. Truer words were never spoken.the longest journey begins with the first step

  114. The only problem is sometimes the baby steps seem to be going backwards. Not really. Thanks Jeff for another great thought.


  115. Jeff:
    Coming into the arena a little later then most having retired from a major corp and an International Airline, the one thing my background has taught me is that the only road to success is planning and plan execution. You’re absolutely correct, it always a step by step process (we used to call it “Plan your work but work your plan”. Celebrate each “baby step” because it just brings you closer to your ultimate goal!

  116. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for your words of inspiration. What I love about you the most is that you seem so real and sincere.

    God bless, and Keep being you!

  117. Thanks Jeff, I really appreciate the gift of this video!

    I’m going to follow your advice and remember to celebrate each small accomplishment as I work towards my larger intentions.

    ~ JA

  118. There is more on-the-level integrity in this single video than I’ve heard in so so many. While I think there are many ways to train yourself, and lots of sources of information, baby steps are the key to implementing all you’ve learned. So, it isn’t about always learning new and better techniques, but putting one of them into action now, then another, then another. On one level, this is obvious. But that is seldom made clear in the world of hype and push. Thanks!

  119. Wonderfully grounded advice and inspirational guidance for those of us starting out. I might assume, along with gratitude for what you achieved and have learned from others, you also had belief in yourself. Thank you Jeff! 🙂

  120. Love what you are doing and your contributions. Suggestion — brain will not respond positively to the word don’t – change it to stop or put it in the positive like always do —–

  121. Mornin’ Jeff. Exactly the message I needed today. I woke up feeling frustrated that it’s not happening as fast as I wanted it to. After your video, I felt gratitude for the job that’s paying my way while I develop the business I’m really passionate about. Thank you for your message that arrived in my inbox just at the right moment.

  122. Nice video. Baby steps are important so at some point you can start running:).
    This is a great motivation to think about my day and analyze what went wrong or right. Gosh, I just wish there would be more positive news rather than negative…

  123. Thank you Jeff! You made an important point. We will make mistakes, and learning what NOT to do is what leads us to focusing on what works, and the zigs and zags do get smaller and smaller. I built a successful tutoring business and am now teaching others how to do the same, and saving them much pain. It started with 2 free ads on craigslist, one for household organizing and one for tutoring. I didn’t have a business for either one.(I guess my version of the seed launch!) I got calls for tutoring, pulled the ad, put a business together in 30 days, put my ads back out, and I am still going strong after 2 1/2 years, with great customer testimonials. I made MANY errors. My website is done on I-web,and it’s still not great. It doesn’t get any easier. I put listings on Yahoo and Google business for FREE, and received calls from those in the first 3 months of opening for business. I moved to another state, did it all over again, and it worked again. All baby steps!
    I know now that real estate is my first love, will put the same principles to use, and intend to be a PLF owner next year as a part of my plan for a real estate business.
    Thank you for your inspiration and the AWESOME free content!

  124. It is nice to hear this message, because everyday of mine is full of these babysteps, and sometimes it can feel like they don’t add up, but I know they do!

  125. Thank you Jeff! This is very encouraging! Sometimes I’m frustrated and impatient over my slow progress but I guess baby steps should be the right way. Otherwise I’ll kill myself before I reach my goal!

  126. So true, I actually had this same realization a few weeks ago I had been reading and learning and procrastinating for so many months. I know how to program, I know how people are making money online… I wasn’t scared, yet something was just holding me back. I realized it was simply looking at the bigger picture and being overwhelmed, I watched a YouTube video of Will Smith talking about when he was a child his father made him and his younger brother (ages 14 and 9) knock down a 9foot by 3foot brick wall, and then rebuild it.

    They couldn’t look at it like they have to build this huge wall, that’s impossible. What they did was just take one brick, and lay it down as perfectly as they could… and they did that over and over again.

    Wise words Jeff, Thanks.

  127. Jeff- You are such a grate man for what you are doing to change the world of business with your integrity skills. Amazed to learn that baby steps are vital each day in business road map. My business deals in Tourism to Kenya and Eastern African Region and I will follow your grate experience to nature it. Thanks

  128. Good morning, Mr Walker.
    May I just note a slightly different angle to the ‘baby steps’ for entrepreneurs message, please?

    My colleague and I recently launched a new business (the product is also new, but not ours), which is essentially a service. As we began our marketing process, it became very clear that not only were we needing to take baby steps, but so too were our potential clients.

    Because my colleague knows the product extremely well and our service has become second nature to him, he has tended to overlook that both the product and service are very new to our potential clients. I have been in the position of being able to ‘look on’ knowing little more than the clients about either the product or the service. I’m learning about it in the same way as our prospective clients are doing.

    At first he was frustrated that potential clients just couldn’t grasp the value being offered and benefits the product and service could bring them. In his eagerness, he was forgetting that we didn’t know what he knows and his explanations went too far ahead leaving out crucial baby steps for us as learners.

    Since we identified that our potential clients need to take baby steps too, our marketing has changed and our progress in terms of the product and service launch in only a matter of days has been most encouraging. We won’t be an overnight success, but we will have a solid service that now knows how to market more effectively to potential clients.

    I have watched some of your other videos about product launches – most helpful – indeed they were what prompted me to take a back-seat and watch, rather than intensively studying our product and service before we launched. I wanted to know what it felt like to be on the receiving end of our marketing, so that we could tweak where and how necessary. This strategy has been most beneficial with positive outcomes in only 4 weeks. I’m hopeful that by the end of the year we will either being jogging or taking strides!

    Kind regards,

  129. Thanks Jeff

    A powerful message from a powerful man.
    It is easy to look for the gigant step, and fall while looking for it.
    What you are saying are so true, but also hard.
    Don’t we all want to see a huge development very very quick so uou easily miss the importance in those baby steps.

    It’s a great reminder for all of us.

    Thanks Jeff


  130. Hi Jeff, good reminder that not everything can be achieved in a short time. People often forget that when they start out at point A, they all have to follow the succeeding points in order to reach point D (goal). Nowadays It’s very easy to get fooled by people saying that you can skip points B and C and take the fast lane. With friendly greetings, Hans

  131. Hey, how could I miss this one in July? It would have helped me avoiding quite a few steps not taken at all! And reusing “old” content is absolutely a great way of just doing something when you’re blocked out. Now you might want to add, that even a step, that’s not only zig-zag but right backwards is o.k. – afterwards, you’ll be sure of one more thing to Not-Do!

  132. Hi Jeff, thanks for the inspiration, I can already feel a relief from the feeling of overwhelm that creating my business gives me sometimes. And the gratitude thing is my synccronicity today, I’m grateful I took the time to see this video today (and glad you created it) 🙂

  133. Shireen Khan


    Celebrating the milestones or the advancements towards accomplishments is what really touched me. I do the gratitude daily but celebrating each subscriber ……. Love it! Thanks!

  134. Shireen Khan


    Celebrating the milestones or the advancements towards accomplishments is what really touched me. I do the gratitude daily but celebrating each subscriber ……. Love it! Thanks!

  135. What a joy it is to see someone who has achieved such success share this truly vital message. And I was giggling by the time you got to “there is no straight line to success”. I’ve been sharing the message of the power of “baby steps” for a long time and I have to admit, it feels great to have this philosophy validated by you.
    Sending you many blessings —

  136. Some people are whining about “Taking Baby Steps”… Then a JOB is what you need. Fuhgeddabout makin money online.

  137. Jeff,

    You know what I love about you, you’re so real. Your such a down to earth guy. You make us feel like we can do it too. I love when you admitted in another video you were out of work and your wife told you, you gotta find do something! That is such a real life scenario. Look forward to more of you!


  138. Jeff,
    I never take time to post but I learned alot from your free video presentations. This is exactly what we do in our business, we give great content, free and make a way for our patients to try new things. My partner and I started all the online marketing for our health practice this year. Most health/medical practices dont’ do what we do, we are unique and we built our business on this concept of baby steps. This year we launched and invested some big money in our education for all of this web based marketing, some mistakes but always learning. I love your product launch material, we weren’t able to take advantage of it this time, we already spent our budget for this kind of material, we are still digesting other materials. However, I so appreciated your “free” video’s where I learned some great things we’re implementing. Your seed launch in particular takes it into bite size steps for us. I know we will join your Product Launch at some point, maybe your next launch but for now we are using what you generously provided and using it to the max. Already working and we have no doubts that it will take us where we dream of going. Thanks for your humility and honesty.


  139. This is so awesome Jeff. First of all the mountains behind you are SO inspiring. I’m in Florida for a few months and I decided that I too would focus on Baby Steps. And consistency. That’s it. Just keep celebrating the journey, keeping the big picture in mind, but refusing to get stressed about it! You hit me right where my heart is at. Taking it all one baby step at a time 🙂

  140. Jeff,

    Thanks for the splendid & REAL video. Are there any businesses this doesn’t work well for?

    I provide clean, affordable, safe homes (rent & sell) to lower middle income working folks. I can’t see (yet) how marketing online will help me, but I guess I don’t know what I don’t know. It is a very local business ~ newspaper ads and bandit signs work.

  141. Jeff Walker, you are the most transformational, amazing guru. I got involved with your program, PLF last year for one reason, but you transformed my mind. Now, I am using baby-steps (trying so hard not to get overwhelming with all the new stuff, internet marketing on my almost 60 years of age). I will let you know when I reach “there”.

    I just have to say thank you for the “new mean of life”.
    Thank you so much

  142. Great Video! I’m always trying to conquer everything in one sitting, I’ll sit back and think of the million things I feel I need to do. Then I get overwhelmed and discouraged and start back-sliding again. I like the idea of before going to bed at night do at least one thing to help build traffic, thanks for the tips! – Jeff

  143. Hi, Jeff, I like the way you are teaching. It is so natural that there is no distance between you and me even though I am in Taiwan now. I just start to learn 2 days ago without knowing anything about internet marketing. Listening your teaching, I think I can understand what you try to tell us. I really appreciate your kindness and hard working on these lessons. I will go back to listen them again and again. Please send me more information and any lessons which I can learn from you in the future. Thank you again.
    God bless you. Respectfully,
    Joan Wang

  144. Dear jeff:
    yesterday I checked the website of tony robbins to see if there is a new product from him. I encountered with the “The New Money Masters” and what I found in the internet about this product was the video clip that tony interviewed with you. I really amazed by your success story. Without wasting time I checked your website and subscribed my email and downloaded the baby steps video. It is really cool and nice clip. In this video you have talked about your students. Actually I donot live in US. Is there a posibility for me to be your student?

    PS. Thanks for sharing your success secrets.

  145. Cat Stevens


    Wow! I am thinking those baby steps are quite powerful in the adult world of people with big dreams and big shoes to fill. That is great advice as we are an instant gratification culture seeking end results instead of focusing on the present moment and enjoying the journey. I think the baby steps boil down to patience and pictures. By that I mean it is hard to take baby steps if you only focus on the end result. You must keep pictures in your mind of what success means to you and keep the faith that each little step is following a pathway to that success. Every time you have to do something you don’t really want to do you need to tell yourself it is part of the patient faith you must have to get the resolve. When you live it and believe it, it can only come true.

  146. I recognize baby steps as another way to describe prototyping. Tom Peters says some marketers get stuck in the “ready, aim, aim, aim….” mode so he suggests “ready, fire, aim”, in other words do the step and correct it. I am learning that baby steps are just good trials I can learn from and correct my aim. Thanks.

  147. Jeff thank you so much for this amazing video, so true… Like Darren Hardy says in his book, “The Compound Effect” it’s all about consistency and appreciation along the way, it’s so clear now…

  148. Abdul Jabbar Alvi


    Thanks Jeff, for sending such a amazing video,
    I got the real massage from it, That is in every sucsesfull organisition there is
    alwaya a brick of Baby step . These steps always toward ur goal,
    I am reall thankfull to u.

  149. Really enjoyed this – baby steps are something that I really struggle with, I want to do it all going 100 miles an hour, or not do it at all. This puts things in perspective, thanks!

  150. Couldn’t agree more. For me, the most important step is just taking a step. Even if I don’t know the complete direction it will take me. It’s very easy to spend days, months, or years paralyzed by making the “wrong” decision. I would rather make the wrong decision, but at least be moving forward, than do nothing for fear of doing something wrong.

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