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This one's a little different… it's a bit of a peek behind-the-curtain (almost a preview) as I get ready to head into one of my big launches.

Check it out:

This is all new for us – let me know what you think in the comments…

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68 Replies to “Take a Sneak Peak Behind Our Curtain”

    • Felicia Mareels


      I never get tired of seeing your videos Jeff because although I may not be running with the idea of launching myself I am swimming in the ideas of who I am as a contributor and person of real service in this world.
      I feel like I have to be really disciplined with my time and for good reason.
      New material is coming to me faster than I can write my book and it is distracting because this new stuff wonderful and really makes so much sense however it is a second or third book.
      The other thing is I have a partner who is not convinced that I could not do this alone as well or better without her. Its hormonal. I’m through that part of my life so understand. I just brought in another partner who can add a beautiful dimension of technology that will give “living proof” to the evolutionary change of persons who experience our consciousness building playshops step by step. Love this Really do.
      What I do appreciate is that you never lose the energy of being a real person while you become a success and I think that is what keeps me coming back to your support.
      We intend on working relatively small in gatherings of 20. The offer is to create quality integral experiences that establish Living Proof of human greatness.
      Our hope is that we attract persons of exceptional spiritual curiosity and a knowing that they belong as leaders for shaping our future vision of freedom in a world fully realized by conscious capable, empathic human Beings.
      Thank you Jeff
      Even if I turned off the sound I would get it through your eyes.
      Blessings for your heart-centred service
      ~~~Silver Moon Dolphin~~~

  1. This is so moving! I feel totally inspired hearing how, through heart based marketing, people’s lives are being changed for the better. Thank you Jeff and thank you to all your proactive students!

  2. Jeff,
    GREAT video!!! Very emotional from the devastation of the mountain bike crash to the success of rebuilding a career. Finding the answer to what do I do next and how do I do it is the biggest dilemma. What a great example of redefining how a message, craft, talent, gift can be delivered in ways we don’t normally think about. Thinking outside the box can lead to so many incredible opportunities.

  3. Hi Jeff. Your videos are just brilliant; you are such a gracious winner and an obviously generous and caring person. I aim to follow your PLF and gain success.
    Very best wishes Katrina

  4. This is amazing Jeff!

    I literally have my first product ready to go in 4 weeks! Would love to be a part of PLF!

    When is this next version available?

  5. Stories! I am almost finished with your book, “Launch.” I love how your formula has allowed people to pivot in their lives and develop something new that will help others. I’m on my own journey to do the same. I also liked how Barry emphasized that what he was doing was for his son. That is the big “Why” of doing whatever it is we want to do. Keep that “why” front and center. I also loved Susan’s story (and signed up!). Looking forward to hearing more “behind the scenes” stuff!

  6. Great story of how an accident became an opportunity to transform his purpose in life and effect change for so many people. It reminds me of your story Jeff.

  7. Dear Jeff,
    Both are very effective but I see these as being useful for different purposes. The first one is a great introductory video to PLF and the second one is so detailed that it is useful for people that are already committed to building a business and have started the process.

  8. A very inspiring video and story. I really admire this man.

    I have classic autism and until a few years ago I was always living of a disability benefit. I wasn’t happy with it, I knew that I could do something and make my own living mainly as a pencil artist and as a lecturer/consultant about autism. But when I shared my plans with people they practically laughed in my face, and told me that it was unrealistic of me to think I could ever work. In 2013 I immigrated to Canada (from the Netherlands), and I started to set up my own artist business. I worked 7 days a week, working on pencil drawings, setting up a website, Facebook page, and many online portfolios, and promoting my work. With my pencil drawings I want to make a living but also donate to good causes that help animals. Now my work is really starting to kick off. I sell my original pencil drawings all over the world, and I gain more and more fans on Facebook, and my online newsletter. every now and then I also give presentations about my story and about my autism. I want to show the world that people with autism can also be a part of things. Even though they have their limits, there are also certain things they can do even better than people without autism. My goal is to keep on making the most photorealistic pencil drawings and to help wildlife in the process, and to show people that you can do whatever you want, as long as you believe in yourself.

  9. Jeff,
    That was great! Production is excellent but it really works because like you , Barry is authentic and real and people
    see and respond to that. I did! It reminded me that one of the biggest things I got out of PLF …. the feeling “I can do this!”
    And just as importantly clear steps on how to do it. Anyway it was great and Barry- you are a huge inspiration!!!


  10. WOW Really Great Stuff Jeff …You actually get to see others put it together while enriching others which enrich themselves …Love each person passion and energy …(nothing like a little success system to follow) Thanks Jeff

  11. Hi Jeff,
    i always enjoy watching your videos, and in response to the mastermind one, wow ! That is quite an accomplishment.. I also love to see stories about people like what Susan was able to accomplish through your book, then your course, to take her family cross country to meet family with her first 11,000.00 launch, and i can only imagine ( unless you shoot another video) what she, and others are able to do after her 150,000.00, or the masterminds million dollar launches. The good,they have been able to, and have accomplished by their launches, and the amount of money made from them would be very inspirational for future videos. Thanks for asking my opinion for future videos.

  12. “You must be the change you want to see in the world” – Ghandi. Jeff, you are a living example. Keep up the good work! I see that guitar sitting there in the background, I would like to see you play it on the next video.

  13. Stuart O'Neill


    I’ve followed you for quite awhile, Jeff. I’ve not found that topic within myself where i’very felt comfortable one of those sets of experience to build a launch. Even though I’ve had a life of rich experience its been a real struggle. Perhaps I can take take my experience of building ‘clubs’ around one topic in different areas of the US and break that down into a launch for a class or continuity community on building your own mastermind/support/ marketing group. I’ve considered this area of experience and expertise at other times.

    Interesting. Thanks once again. I’ve not seen a course or continuity community on that topic. I’m sure they’re out there but each leader/teacher brings their set of experiences to the topic.

  14. Thanks again for the great videos Jeff, especially the 6th and 10th ones. IM is not easy but it is an exciting journey. There is a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction and you make it much more interesting.

  15. Awesome! Breathtaking!! Beautiful message from a beautiful man. Congratulations on capturing his message so eloquently. What a launch this will be…over the moon!

  16. Hi Jeff, this is inspiring and a great way to show the value of passion/action combined with a great tool like PLF!

  17. Hi, I haven’t watched the whole thing (heard John’s story several times so I skimmed through that and didn’t watch Jeff’s second appearance through). Don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this – could you maybe put a title or caption on the first guy’s (the juggler) video? I think I know who he is from attending PLF Live a couple of years ago, but at no point does his name appear on screen. You should at least give him a name I think. Great story, very inspiring.

  18. I think a lot of us need to take a break every once in a while and take a look at ourselves from perspective.. maybe it’s time to correct the path or step off the carousel.

    Loved it Jeff. Keep the success stories coming!

  19. Jeff, you are a great teacher! And your students are a testament of your genious. There a lot of other gurus out of here that have programs that doing what you’re doing but they can not compare to your style, personality, and unique training. I initially got in on PLF4, which I had to start out doing payments. I got the first Month’s worth of valuable training which was awesome. But unfortunately I had been laid off from work and I couldn’t complete the program. Since then I’ve been just working with your book and the notes of what I learned in the one month I was in PLF4. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing and working on building my list by branding myself using attraction marketing. But my heart wants to launch my own product. So I’m on my way to finish my videos for my seed launch. Gritty and all but I’m going for it. My goal believe it or not is to raise the funds necessary to get back into your PLF training! I work crazy hours and I devote hours after work to build my business and work on my product. You and your students are a true inspiration to me. I appreciate you all. Thank you. I look forward to meeting you one day at an event. Cheers.

    • By the way, in film the cliche is–“Don’t show a gun on screen unless at some point in the film a character uses it”. I would say the same for guitars.

  20. Thank you so much Jeff! This was awesome and yes, you are taking it to the next level! Kudos! Wishing you and all your students much continued success! Thanks again for all you offer us!!

    • @Michael: thanks! My son Daniel shot this… I just turned him loose (along with Paul… one of the newest members of my team) and magic ensued. But to be 100% honest… your videos were a big inspiration for me (along with my Platinum Plus Mastermind group, and especially Stu McLaren).

  21. Great story! Thanks for sharing it and I’m glad he made such a strong recovery. Be careful what you wish for indeed….and the power of creative thinking…. Bravo on all counts!

  22. Ann Keeling


    What an inspirational story. My takeaway is that the audience was always waiting for Barry. The accident made him available. Do I have to wait for an accident to reach my audience? No Way!

  23. I am ready to make my videos….

    And from all the people who post videos yours are the best.
    Where can the description of the tools you use, please…..


  24. Wow, this is awesome Jeff! I first read about Barry’s story in your book Launch, and it was so inspiring. I’m sure a lot of people can relate (including me). Thanks to your book, I have just finished my own “internal” launch for my vip list, and it was a huge success! Now I am busy over-delivering to everyone who enrolled in my program. I look forward to PLF’s launch, this is exciting and I can’t wait to be part of it!

  25. I’ve known Barry for years but never knew his full story. It’s so inspiring hearing what happened and how he was able to take what he knew and leverage that into a whole new career… and one that gave him what he truly wanted – more time with his family.

    LOVE it!

    Thanks for putting this together Jeff and thank you Barry for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks for all you’ve made possible for me, Stu. I’m a huge fan. Oh, and while I’ve gotten more of what I want, my wife sure misses me going on the road as much 🙂

  26. You are incredibly inspiring. I really appreciate your easy, honest and caring manner of describing your students, your family and your business. I look forward to being able to purchase PLF 🙂 Soon.
    Cheers and Much Gratitude, Wendy

  27. Awesome advice Jeff! Thank you…Really love your new book and so looking forward to getting the first offer out there! Thank you for all you do for our community! Colorado, is lucky to have you. Appreciate your message.

  28. I’m in my 90’s with mind blowing credentials and two books coming up soon. one would be great for you to do epiloque which leads into what you offer—so you better hurry for that and for some specific suggestions I did not want to put in comments,
    I agree with M Hyatt–the shoot is spectacular but I have some nifty free ideas for this effort plus a BIG one of mine that may be right for you.
    Send me private e-mail so I can send confidential stuff. or call you.
    I have sold a few dozen of your books–fell in love with you and then fell out–want to tell you why.
    God Bless you Jeff –you are changing lives–the greatest feeling in the world. Follow–my Mission “to help people who help people who help people -and my motto is “When in doubt–reach out ” Call me before finalization–you’ll be glad you did.

  29. I absolutely love you and your offerings!
    I am thrilled to be just getting in the groove with this stuff and building my list.
    I am reading your book and hope to study with you someday soon.
    You are a bright light in this world ~ Thank you!

  30. So inspiring after reading about him, to actually hear him speak with so much passion and authenticity. My hope is within the year, I too can be an inspiration; from doom to boom in a year. 🙂 PLF gives me determination to live a life of boom rather than doom. It has been 1 step forward, 10 back over the last 24 months, with a record 4 surgeries, divorce, hitting 40, single parent to 3, to everything in between of what some would call: THE WORST LUCK EVER. BUT, I am ready to dig deep and never look back!!! Thanks for sharing.

  31. I always watch your videos, Jeff, and then find a way to take action on what I learned – THAT SAME DAY. Well this morning I went for my Jeff hit, and got a hit of me instead. Thanks to Daniel and Paul for coming to my house for the shoot, and then doing such a wonderful job with the story. My life has been forever changed because I got out of my own way, trusted your system, and put everything I had into creating Chapter Two of my life.

    My advice for anyone considering PLF – acknowledge the voices that tell you that “this won’t work for me’, but don’t let them drive the bus.

    If there is something you want share with the world, it’s your duty to do it. When you hear negative self talk, say, ‘oh, interesting’, and then get back to work. Those voices are the lizard brain, and that little sliver of gray matter will do anything to avoid change, stay safe, and kill motivation.

    Worst epitaph in the world?
    Here Lies Pat Smith
    His Lizard Brain Won

  32. Hi Jeff, I learned a lot from you and Erico Rocha, I´m from Brazil. I have a plan of making my first launch on oct 19, its a guitar course for parents and kids, specially form 5 to 12 years old. I´m pretty excited, because it´s a first for me, and it seems a little funny in many ways, but i am feeling very confident that it will work. Thanks so much for your work!

  33. This video is totally awesome on how you do, and looking at others who do PLF. I bought your book, and hoping I can do this at age 69 and Retired. I am a little slow, and need to find a product to sell is a whole struggle for me, but I do Teach, Motivational/Public Speaker, Counsel, Christian Life Coach, former HR Specialist, and Career Program Manager, I do not know if I can or should use these to get started, because I have not seen any on these topics. If I can, I want a blueprint on moving into one of these, and start generating funds to start this. Your have blown me away on what you are doing and have accomplished, and I want to do this also. I really liked your video with Susan Pierce, it was fascinating at what she did and of John Lee Dumas, who is off the chain in doing his thing. I see if they can do this I can do this somehow.too. Any added advise I would appreciate it for a pecific niche or all. Just started your book, and so eager to delve into it. Thank you.

  34. Awesome, Jeff. You change people’s lives. And they do that for many more people. And so on… Better yet nobody needs to be a martyr or give away their possessions. That’s accomplished through creating value. That’s the best way (not to say the only one) to really develop our societies. Congratulations and thank you for that.

  35. Wow! I love your new “test” video! “the story” amazingly effective and attractive. Seeing him in his life, with his son and wife is very very powerful. Love it!
    Now I’m focusing on building “my story” for my next launch in Jan. Your a bad a$# Jeff! Keep sharing the knowledge as it’s changing our lives.

  36. Very inspirational video. I like the reinforcement of most businesses not knowing where the “end game” lies. You just need to get in the game.

  37. Dear Jeff, I can see what you mean when you encounter resistance or excuses people make despite the evidence
    that their business will succeed 90% of the time if they apply your principles. “My business is different”
    is just a belief that can be changed. That is my business helping people find and change beliefs that hold them back. I am an expert on helping people have the mindset they want by changing the one the have.
    Have not made enough $$$ yet to buy a big program like yours. Just a beginner in the world of on
    line marketing. Any suggestion? I like you and your style. Thanks, Hilary

  38. Jeff, you’ve become a household name. My wife and I were so encouraged to read through your PLF book. After the first read through we felt overwhelmed and shelved the book for months…but it haunted me, and inside I knew we should revisit it as a real possibility for starting my wife’s online business. Thank you so much for the short inspirational videos. The recent one highlighting Susan and her success with re-ignited a fire and a drive to take consistent small action towards building and launching our own product. The easy and transparent way you share makes it a pleasure to learn this stuff. I can’t wait for us to be one of your success stories. Until then…

  39. Hi Jeff, I appreciate you and the work you do. My quandary What kind of product can I create …. Best Wishes, Always G. Boyce Bazzell (Bazz)

  40. Jeff, I recognize this good man’s story from the book, and remember the initial video iterations of his examples and story. So what I love most about this story is that again you’re teaching us the power of repurposing content. By making this more enhanced video about one success story you’ve already featured, the previous content remains viable – and in fact now is improved by this next iteration with its increased production value. Thanks for the reminder of his inspiring story, and your continued efforts to teach us when you could just as easily hang out on that beautiful patio in respite. Look forward to the next launch and sharing it with my clients!

  41. Jeff, that was an inspirational video. I loved hearing John’s and your stories of success! Keep em coming!

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