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It seems like every day I’m bombarded with the latest tricks and tips to revolutionize online marketing. But the reality is that, in the end, your business lives and dies by a few simple factors. Here’s how I’ve (nearly) perfected them:

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61 Replies to “The Simple Secrets Behind My Biggest Launch”

  1. Adama Nesil


    Hi Jeff,
    This particular video spoke volumes to me. I am a musician and I got what you said because you used that guitar G, C, D analogy so well. Thank you for this because I believe that this one video is going to take my journey with PLF in a direction that I could not imagine.
    One of my most challenging issues is getting the right ‘thing’ before getting started. I try to get my head around everything first. I am going to be using ProFollow (so I know that I at least have that one nailed :)), but I was all caught up on learning this or that, researching, etc.
    My journey with PLF will be a game changer on so many levels in my life. I know that I will take these valuable lessons that you offer and use them in more than just business! With much appreciation…

  2. I like what u said and it is very helpful, I’m an inspiring inventor who what’s to learn everything about marketing so that I can help people also in the best way possible. Thank u ur words are encouraging.

  3. Solid massage from a solid guy, I’m just a beginner in online business and there are so many red buttons out there to put on the website and so easy to get distracted from that. I think Jeff Walker is the “anti-carsalesman”, looks like really down to earth, very likeable and friendly kind of guy. No bullshit here, no Ferrari, no flying dollars over the screen, no suit & tie just a guy with his guitar in Colorado and thats where I connect and trust the message. Of course being the guy who almost invented the internet, doesn’t hurt 🙂

  4. Thanks Jeff for reminding us about the basics. There is a lot of noise on the internet. Keeping Focus is not always easy, but it is a sure winner. I’m glad you had a successful launch. Looking forward to your next video.

  5. Jeff, great video! This last launch was indeed epic. Your launch videos were so well done and so spot-on.

    I couldn’t agree with you more. The fundamentals are fundamental. I am going to share this video with my team. I want to make sure we don’t try to get too fancy with our launches. I want to go back and consider the avatar, the messaging, and the offer once again.

    Thanks for leading the way!

    • As a former c-level marketing exec, Michael Hyatt’s comments that even he, as a senior marketing exec, found this course and approach to be among the best. Indeed, Jeff is taking timeless principles and adapting them for the Internet. Thanks and I look forward to what I can now help others bring to market, as well as launching my own product !

  6. Congrats on your results. Great advice. Thanks. I’m really curious, as part of your debriefing, if you get feedback from your JV partners regarding any impact on their lists. The final day of your launch I received 63 emails, including yours, with 5 from one marketer alone (who I have now unsubscribed from). Is there a point where the amount of damage a partner can do to their list might outweigh what they bring in from commissions?

  7. Great info ! As a long time musician and just starting out Internet marketer I really love it.
    Thanks a million.

  8. Hi Jeff! Thank you…I needed this! I’ve have this amazing online course idea for the last 1.5 years and it’s been on hold because I bought an HD web camera and keep thinking it won’t produce a high enough quality video like a camerase with stand would. This is silly! I have great content to share to help people and I’m getting hung up on the tools. I’m going to move forward and make my 3 video freemium course with the HD web camera and later I can upgrade for the next launch. Otherwise I will never launch. Thank you so much and of course I will be following your strategies from your book Launch! Thank you for being an inspiration.

  9. My background is in video and communications and I’ve always told video camera operators I’ve trained the same thing. Master the basics. Don’t start with the fancy zooms, pans and “cool” angle shots. Learn the fundamentals of good video first and like you said, you’ll always come back to the basics. Thanks for the sound advice and great reminder.

  10. Hi, I enjoyed the video and scenery. I’ve been abroad for 4 years and really miss the natural environment.

    It seems the internet is an environment your very accustomed to….and have partners and influencers. Although you help a lot, most of us are still “alone” in a strange environment.

    I’m trying hard to learn the basics and have bootstrapped everything so far.

    Now that I’m closer to a small launch, I am worried about infrastructure required when its popular…and what about if its really popular.

    Part if one upsell requires my time. I think and fear this is a mistake.

    Thanks again!

  11. This video, for me, is a “Message from God”… I’m sending it to my whole volunteer team, especially the people right now who are working with us on SEO. After a whole year of getting your videos, I finally became a ‘buyer’ in this most recent launch of yours. We are sending out our Launch Sequence emails right now…have already done the Pre Prelaunch email and got back amazing testimonials and questions. We will be doing Prelaunch #1, this week on Tuesday. I’ve put comments in the emails, raised my hand on your first coaching call…and haven’t been able to get through to you yet. So God/the Universe seems to have done it with this email that I can send to our Core Team! We are still in a soft launch of our new website, the old one is still active, yet needed to go to an umbrella that included more. I AM ECSTATIC about the course so far. Spent 6 hours yesterday, restudying your book and Module 1…really ‘wanting to get it right’…before sending out Prelaunch 1 on Tuesday. Our current list started with 1,938 people three years ago and has sustained itself, yet not grown the way I know it can. OH YES, and I want to talk with you about your sentence on the last page of your book, “I’ve now got students who are using it in the nonprofit world.” We have our 501c3 status, I was a minister of a very successful church in Southern California for 19 years before stepping off the ‘bricks and mortar platform’ to the Invisible Platform of the worldwide web. My purpose and passion are talked about in the Mission Statement of our website. Can you connect me with people in your program who also have the heart and mindset of the Nonprofit paradigm??? (And it doesn’t mean, no money comes in! I was the CEO of a very thriving ministry that was growing, thriving and self-sustaining. I know that model can translate…) And, Jeff, I just LOVE your authenticity and your work. Thank you for you genuine heart and brilliant mind.

  12. I am taking your words to heart as we enter the final 2 weeks before our site launch and internal launch. Working hard to nail the basics is a great message as we are constantly getting bombarded with the latest “shiny new thing” out there. See you in the platinum membership area! – Isa and David

  13. Awesome Jeff! Been following you for a while, love your stuff, and have built my own launch based on your book. I would love to see you play that guitar in your next video! #StepItUp #challenge ~john

  14. I’ve been following you forever and to keep it simple or basic let’s just say it….


  15. That is great advice and so needed just because of the bombardment we all get about the next “best” thing and this
    as one of the gems of what you do so well! Tom

  16. Thanks again for the great videos Jeff. Your course is part of my plan. It is just about time. Looking forward to your next video.

  17. E. Van Lowe


    Hey Jeff,

    I’ve been following you for several months. I’ve read the book and taken the video course.. I am in the pre-launch phase of my first launch. I am both nervous and excited. Thanks for the videos. They keep me grounded and motivated…. And excited!

  18. Jeff, you continue to reassure me that I don’t have to do this perfectly, or have the perfect tools. I just have to be perfectly willing to DO IT. Thanks for the great reminder, and I can stop obsessing about LeadPages now… Big hugs to you!

  19. A-MEN!

    Thank you for continuously reinforcing this message over a number of your videos Jeff – IMHO it’s the greatest service you can provide: to get folks out of the gimmicks and back to just giving solid value, presented articulately. That will give them the best chance of creating a real business, long term.


  20. What I’ve learned: focus on the fundamentals! So true as in anything. Thank you, Jeff for getting me to take action with PLF. Finished module one and excited for model two. My goal is to do my first launch after implementing the course! My life and business is going to be epic as a result of focusing on this strategy and not be distracted by the shiny objects out there!

  21. Congratulations Jeff on your best ever launch! Well, yep, you spoke right to me during your launch and I was totally pre-sold before the offer (I was just hoping it wasn’t too expensive, and it wasn’t!). I’ve played guitar since I was teaching myself under the stairs when I was 7 years old. Your guitar analogies totally work on me and remind me to just take steps even if they are clumsy at first. I’m very excited to learn PLF and am devouring the training already.

  22. I can totally vouch for what you said. I watched your pre-launch videos and told my friends to wish me luck in NOT buying your course. And by the time I finished watching them, and with the final push from your JV partner Michael Hyatt, I decided to take the plunge, even though I knew my friends would shake their heads in disbelief. I have to say that one-week into the 7-week program, this course is meeting all of my expectations. So thank you Jeff for finding me!

  23. Milind Gade


    I am reading throiugh our book PLF and it captures your ideas & strategies. I missed out signing up to your course and hope to do it next time when the PLF training offer comes up.

    Looking forward to more knowledge & insight on making building & sustaining online business.

    Salute !!

  24. Thank you for nailing your launch, because doing that helped me find you! I’m loving what is being taught, and the way in which it’s being taught. I’ve explored this various avenues of this subject, getting a piece here and there – like learning a cord here and there and never learning how to put those cords together into a melody. I’m beginning to hear more of a melody beginning to play in my mind and on paper plans than ever before and I’m excited to make it take flight into a first launch in the near future. Thank you sooooo much.

  25. Hi Jeff! This launch was truly amazing. I saw also the partner launch that Michael Hyatt did. And I must say, the sales pitch to his audience was phenomenal. He also added some bonuses of his own in there. Actually, I missed them because I had registered to PLF before I realized that Michael was going to promote your launch. I cannot help but wonder what credit would go to your partners for the success of this past launch along with mastering the basics. Anyway, I’m really thankful to be able to access this knowledge at this point in my life. Best to you!

  26. maria fanelli


    This gives me such relief! Just bring it back to the fundamentals and nail it! You did a super great job with your launch and I thank you for reaching me! This is exactly what I needed, wanted and am ready for!

  27. It definitely comes down to the basics and doing them well. So many people try “the latest and greatest”, some of which may be just fine without the fundamentals being properly addressed. It doesn’t work with math and it doesn’t work for IM either.

  28. Jeff, you are the most personable marketer I’ve ever come across. I really enjoy your messages.

  29. Jeff, you got a new fan that can’t wait see your emails in the inbox. Happy Sunday! Off to church now and receive the good message from the “big picture” source 🙂 and be ready for another awesome week.

  30. Love this video and its “Keep it Simple” message! What’s brilliant about this is that it applies to almost anything in life. Once you have mastered the basics, you can always add embellishments and make things more complex, but the basics will be your foundation forever. Congratulations on a great launch, Jeff!

  31. Hey Jeff. Love your teaching style. I am just shifting to launch in a new way. I love what you have in PLF; first launch of mine should be coming soon. I’ll keep you posted.

  32. Amen to that! Thanks, Jeff, for yet another piece of applicable wisdom. I just started learning the Ukelele, and I cmeteky resonate with the idea or mastery of the basics. You just need to get it down and be less concerned with other bells and whistles.

    I have been (too) slowly developing an online business of helping fellow mental health professionals with their own self care and burnout prevention. But I keep getting hung up on the latest and greatest methods. Inspired now to just take massive action from what I already know, which is probably a lot given that I have been following you (and your fellow gurus) for 3 years now!

  33. This spoke to me in volumes also in terms of getting ‘distracted’ by the newest red button…thinking that I need this or that to jump in and “just do it”…I am moving in the pre-prelaunch direction. It’s scary but doable. Thanks for the encouragement.

  34. Jeff, this was perfect guidance as usual. My mentor, Patricia McDade, just passed away on Sept 29, and would always talk about you never arrive at mastery, and the most important thing to do was to strive to master the basics.

  35. K.I.S.S – It’s the greatest thing you’ve taught me.
    Principles over tactics stand the test of time.

    JK 🙂

  36. I have just been following you over the last few weeks and am very impressed with what I see and hear.. Great insight, heart, and success

  37. Hi Jeff, I found you through the recent launch via Kris Carr — who rocks, but you already knew that 🙂 I liked how you distilled the approach to online business to 3 key basics, so much so that I wrote them down. The analogy to the guitar playing, though, was interesting to me because while the gist of it is encouraging, another aspect of the comparison to guitar playing could actually discourage someone, i.e., when you say in the video that “I’m not much of a guitar player.” In other words, what is that certain something, beyond the basic 3 chords that sets a person onstage apart from the person who plays guitar with less mastery? If you apply that part of the analogy to an online business, it could actually scare someone away with the thinking that they can’t possibly do what someone as successful as yourself, someone who’s mastered internet entrepreneurship, can do. I understood the point of your analogy, it’s just that my brain immediately thought of the possible caveat and downside. Then again, LOTS of people play open mics or jam with friends or play just for the love of playing with no concern for the limelight, and maybe that analogy also applies regarding online business. I had to turn that negativity around somehow!

  38. Congrats!! On your GRAND SLAM Jeff,
    You are the real deal helping real people achieve real success
    Thank you for showing the world how it’s done. You rock brother…….BRAVO!!!!!

  39. Thank you Jeff. This put me in the right focus. I will concentrate on the content of PLF, the offer and the right target group. Everything else is nice to habe but not essential.

  40. Hey Jeff

    I just did my second launch. My product is in the weight loss niche, and so far I made $3000, I still have the last day today …..
    Thanks so much for all your help. I have your Launch book, and I was a PLF client, however, I didn’t use your material since now.

    Thanks again

  41. Thanks Jeff 🙂
    I admit, I get caught up into all the new technology products to deliver my niche which does waste a lot of time and gets to be discouraging.
    Okay, back to the basic strategy of list host, opt-in page, and email sequence.

    I wonder why I get so sidetracked in learning the internet info-marketing program when I’ve been so steadfast focused on my home rehabbing career? Nothing can take me off my real estate investing focus. Here I have the tenacity.
    I must figure out what gets me sidetracked when sitting down to implement my PLF course???

  42. Ian Cunningham


    Inspiring stuff Jeff.
    By the way, that piece of wood to the right of you could do with some attention!

  43. Gary Foster


    Love the guitar analogy Jeff. I’m an “advancing guitar player” since 1959 and a fan and student of Tommy Emmanuel, via DVD (I assume you know him and have some of his teaching stuff on your shelf). His teaching method is very clear – learn the basics, practice, practice, practice and make as many mistakes as you need to get it to where you want it. Mastery has no destination (especially on the guitar) – it’s a journey and I see that you clearly think that way and have built that into the PLF program. I’m excited to be a part of it.

  44. Great video series here with solid messages, Jeff. Yes, thinking “Big Picture,” long-term, being genuine and knowledgeable without “the hype” are some of the Keys.

  45. Jeff –
    Great video – love the advise on where the real focus needs to be when launching products. Your insight is invaluable – fantastic timing!!

  46. Hey Jeff, solid gold information, back to basics! 🙂 love it. Thanks heaps for the video. Much appreciated.

  47. Well said Jeff! I think you hit the nail on the head – thanks for the re-centering!

  48. Sally Hirsh


    I’m one of the New PLF owners from the last launch. Working my way through the modules and very excited already about the huge number of new idea’s that the information is sparking. Hearing you say in this video that the specific web host or platform don’t matter near as much as starting your list and getting out there, quite a relief to me. Those technical details are swimming around in my head! I can let go and find the resources I need to just to get started and then upgrade later when the numbers get too huge for the server. LOL. Thanks Jeff and congrats on your “win”.

  49. Finally, I’m boiling it all down and keeping it super simple. Executing the basics means I can start mastering the basics. And it’s amazing what is coming out of me creatively and with such easy. Setting an intention to do far greater good than ever before, and help even more than before, by mastering the basics, and just staying consistent in value, effort and connection. Thanks again, Jeff. It’s awesome!

  50. Jeff, you are such a wondeful human being. I stumbled across you because Brendon Burchard mentioned you in a video. We had already purchased Total Product Blue Print, and absolutely love it. It was a risky investment, but we are deep into creating our online course and are super pumped.
    When I discovered you, I instantly felt connected and have waited patiently for your new blog posts! Thank you for sharing so much. We hope to do the same to help people beat the crisis of obesity. We are on a mission and with both you and Brendon, we will get our message out soon!

  51. Thanks Jeff I liked these videos and the information was an eye opener. I have been waiting to be perfect but what I have just learned I have to start in order to be perfect through experience. I just have to, THANKS TO YOU.

  52. Loved how you put across something so profound in such a simple manner. There is so much learning in each of your videos. Thanks Jeff! 🙂

  53. What another great message we really all need to hear-well at least I did! It’s so easy to get not only overwhelmed but confused by all the latest and greatest this or that. Jeff you really boil it down to the essentials and you always do it in a very affirming way that two favorite motivational guys in the world are N. Hill and J. Walker! Thanks:) Tom

  54. I am just starting my own business and you are right I was trying to find that platform that would get me out there instead of just starting and mastering the basics your message spoke volumes thank you

  55. Thanks Jeff. It´s true all about go to the basics. I´m a guitarrist and almost all the songs use the basic chords, even we have more resources we continue to come back to the basis.

    It`s nice to have that in mind for my first launch. Thanks Jeff greeting from Ecuador

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