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Every business owner has blind spots (even me!). And it makes a lot of sense… we’re so close to it that it’s pretty tough to see our problems, let alone know how to fix them. So how do you find (and fix) blind spots when you can’t even see them? Here’s how every super-successful person I know does it…

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So I just wrapped up this amazing mastermind at this table just a few minutes ago and we're going to be going out to dinner and I had a little break, so I thought I'd share this with you because this is a critical path to your success.

So we had 11 people sitting around this table, along with myself and one of my coaches. Everyone was from my Launch Club, which is my advanced coaching program and they all had one spot here.

We have this theme of competition, friendly competition that spurs all of us to do better, and that theme runs through Launch Club. And they competed, and I don't want to go into a big long rigamarole on how it all happened, but they competed to be at this table.

So we had these 11 people that won a spot here, and we just spent the day just breaking down everyone's business and we took turns. We're also going to meet tomorrow. So we went through half of the businesses and basically diagrammed them out, and then broke them down, and talked about where the growth opportunities were. And it was absolutely crazy.

It's just so, so powerful.  At the end of the day, we went around the room and did takeaways. And the people that didn't have the hot seats, where we didn't break down their business yet but we're going to get them tomorrow, well, they had some of the biggest takeaways.

And Sajah, who has just this incredible business but has never been in this type of an environment, in a mastermind environment where we're really going through everyone's business, he had one of the coolest takeaways, and it was very simple. It's like, “This is amazing. And I feel stuck in my business, but I can look at other peoples' businesses, and I can see the stuckness. I can see where they can move forward. I can see the limiting beliefs.”

And it's so easy to focus on someone else's business. And when we're all together, and we're focusing on one person's business over there, up at the front of the table, we can make huge breakthroughs that we can't when we're sitting around just focused on our own stuff.

It's so much harder to see the problems in our business, or to see the opportunities in our business.  It's so much easier to see it for someone else. And when you can get a group of like-minded people working together to grow each other's business, it's amazing. And that is the essence of the mastermind.

And I wouldn't be here if I hadn't been in masterminds, literally since 1992 was the first time I was in one. And I've moved through different masterminds – some of them I've been in for a little bit of time and I had one I was in for 17 years. And I wouldn't be caught without one, and almost every super successful person I know is in a mastermind.

So if you're not in one yet, you need to get in one. If you don't have one, start one. You need to be getting together regularly with like-minded people and spending time focusing on each other's businesses.

And here's a little secret, the more you focus on someone else's business, the more you get insights into your business. Often, it's when someone else is in the hot seat, where you're breaking apart their business and putting it back together, that's when you have the biggest insights on yours.

So if you're not in a mastermind, get in one. And if you are in one, good on you, and just get in it, and contribute as much as you can because that's how you get the most out of it.

So I'm Jeff Walker. Wherever you're watching this, scroll down, leave a comment for me, and let's go get ‘em this week.

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20 Replies to “Blind Spots in Your Business”

  1. Exactly right, Jeff. It’s why we can be valuable to our clients (their gaps jump right out for us) but at the same time need a coach ourselves to do the same for us. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. At PLF Live back in April, some of my biggest takeaways were when your copy team went through people’s landing pages or PLCs. I’m also reminded of an old-fashioned “barn raising” – everyone gets together, takes a day and builds a barn for someone in the community. It would take that person a year to do it themselves. And then they turn around and build someone else’s barn. Fantastic!

  3. Great message. I wish I was a fly on the wall in that room! Ok, maybe not a fly, but a video camera operator;).

  4. I was writing an article today on how Self Development is beneficial, and this – being able to see blindspots – is one of the points. Thank you for the validation!

  5. Lloyd Hargrave


    Awesome content Jeff… as I’ve already come to expect with your materials. I’m in the beginning stages of planning my first PLF launch with a product I’ve wanted to give to the world for quite a while now. I’m currently devouring your “Launch” book. Glad I caught this short video as it reinforced an idea I had already written down in my pre-launch goals list—i.e. Get in or start a mastermind group with like minded people. Looking forward to working more closely with you (and PLF) in the upcoming few months.

  6. It’s been extrmely hard for me to find a Mastermind group. If anyone has any suggestions for a group in the DC area or a virtual group, please let me know. -Anita

  7. Totally agree! I also think it’s important to find the right mastermind. I definitely joined the wrong one where people aren’t as far along in there business as I am and it feels more like a drain. Time to up-level…thanks Jeff!

  8. Grear idea! It is much easier to see opportunities in someone else’s business. I work wirh an accountabilitty partner so we can learn from each other.

  9. We can’t be working alone and good to have people around be working as a families and trusted at all level to gain success.
    We can only be succeeded on trust and ensure of people too close with us.

  10. Absolutely true Jeff … without a shadow of a doubt. Seeing the unseen cannot be done without facilitation (this is what I do in my work Family Constellations). We uncover blind spots. I am totally 100000000 for Master Mind groups and I am in one with my Family Constellation colleagues and we practice and discover MORE AND MORE. I am in your tribe and will one day be part of your Master Mind group. Have the best week ever!!!
    Blessed be
    In my love, your team and you are

  11. As always, your post is right in the flow and a message from the universe. I’ve had on my list to find a master mind since PLF live and Launch Club in 2018… but couldn’t find the right fit. I finally “got it” at PLF live and Launch Club in Phoenix this spring – I needed to create my own. It is now designed, letters written and personal invites go out tomorrow – and in newsletter this week…. in the flow. I wanted a group with specific skills – dream partners, walk with integrity, understand all the energetic levels (body, mind, soul) know ceremony and trained to track – emailing out tomorrow – Brain Ecstasy; A Shamanic Master Mind. Thanks for the confirmation you bring from the universe Jeff!

  12. I’ve got a mastermind with 5 other bloggers in my niche area of DIY makers/creators. We meet weekly via Zoom and while we don’t run like a traditional mastermind with someone in the hot seat, we do have a structured agenda where we each talk about a topic and share what we’re doing within that topic (e.g. email marketing, blog post creation, processing pictures for DIY tutorials, YouTube videos, etc.). From that, we get ideas for our own business. It’s an amazing group with lots of value. We also record each session in case we need to re-watch it later or if someone is away that week. Highly recommend these groups!

  13. Jeff, this is one of your most valuable videos ever… and it’s exactly what I needed today. The Universe delivers again! I’ve been in one formal mastermind for about four or five months. Unfortunately, it didn’t jell even though we had an excellent leader and super capable members. Sometimes that happens and our leader did the right thing by pulling the plug. But, I’ve got my radar up for the next one. Something I’d recommend too are ‘ideas partners’ Essentially it’s a two-person mastermind. I’ve been doing monthly calls with mine for about four years now. Not a substitute, but easier to start immediately while you’re looking for the right mastermind. Thanks for an awesome video, Jeff!

  14. It is really exciting to see people learn so much from each other and recognize what is valuable to them and what is not. I have followed Jeff for just a few months but I’ve enjoyed his style. Like a couple of the people above I am searching for a mastermind group to become a part of so that I can better shape my marketing message and help others with nearly 40 years of sales and education experience. I have an on-line class on family and parents as those who are really accountable for shaping children for the future. I have been more and more passionate about why failing families and failing children are at the heart of our nation’s woes, and possibilities. I look forward to continuing to read up on what you are doing Jeff.

  15. This video is like the heart in a body, it starts the life of the body and keeps the the body alive.

    The video illustrates the basic, but HUGE action, that needs to be taken to create, build and maintain a business – without a “heart”, there is no business.

    Thank you, Jeff.

  16. Hi Jeff
    This is the first time I have ever emailed you or spoke to you. I have been following you and watching your emails for 3 to 5 years. I am actually in the Real estate business and am launching my website that I have worked on for 5 years. It will be up in 30 days. I have attended 3 different Masterminds for 3 years and always wanted to switch gears to be at your Mastermind. I know I am not in a product launch type of business though. I have a service type launch.
    This video is so inspiring for me at the place I am at right at this moment in my life and aligned with my heart. I hope one day our paths will cross and I will be part of your Mastermind that we can support each other. Thank you.

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