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My book Launch became a #1 New York Times bestseller within the first two weeks of publication.

That was really cool and gratifying but it’s what happened after the bestseller accolades that really mattered…

My readers had success putting the book’s strategies into place. Big-time success. Some of them had EXTRAORDINARY success.

In fact, I know of at least two that started with the book and built businesses that generate over $10 million per year.

Now I’ve got a new updated edition coming out soon… and I’m starting to put together some of the pieces of the book launch. 

And I could use your help with a little brainstorm.

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87 Replies to “Update of the $10M Bestseller”

  1. I would love more information on the tech side of things, as I struggle with this and don’t have the funds to hire a team at the moment, so things like the easiest way to automate payment, onboardin etc !!
    I love the book!!

    • I am fully with you – the tech side as in tools used. Especially the tools you use when you start our first (bootstrapped way with minimum budget), then the tools you move to when the number of people you are addressing is bigger.

  2. Congrats, Jeff, on the revamped book! The best bonus for those who bought the book is a condensed 90-minutes replay of your live prelaunch for the latest PLF.

    It means repurposing existing content. I found that 90 minutes is the optimal period to teach something on a video. Most importantly, the reader gets the opportunity to “see” you.

    • great idea ronny! saves time for the learner and reinforces the message for the teacher!

      +1 to that!

  3. Consider how already established communities can use your methods to increase the success of their purpose. EG how can a church who wants to address racism in society impact a larger community with a creative message of healing divisions in society.

  4. Tracy Maddox


    Good Morning Jeff,
    I would like to say you are a good man. I watched your webinar of how to do launches last year , but I wasn’t able to join. You are the first thought leader that I felt a connection with. Congrats on your revamped Launch book being released soon. I pray you reach an infinite number of people and impact their lives remarkably. Sadly, I joined you last year with the typical financial life of struggles, and I am still there. I watched hours of webinars, taken notebooks full of notes and bought a few programs, but have yet to get anything implemented to upgrade my life to one of luxury with the peace of mind of not thinking about finances daily. I had to return to subbing after retiring from 31 years of teaching to pay extra expenses incurred by a family member). I am working on implementation of one or more of the programs that will bring financial security. Whenever that happens I will look forward to joining your platform in the future.
    As a bonus: 1. offer them a period of time to submit questions that they have after reading and/or implementing your ideas for their business venture. 2. Create a Launch Facebook group to have a community of support for those who purchase the book. Thanks, I pray this helps. I will submit other ideas as they come.

  5. Jay Rodgers


    1 Hour Training with Jeff!! Looking forward to drinking from the Launch-Firehose of wisdom!! Also – I acknowledge that time with Jeff is a Major Prize. As such, maybe there is a follow up contest that rewards taking action on the wisdom? I’m looking forward to using this as my success guide for my new business launch: empowre.

  6. Hi Jeff.

    An audiobook would be great! This benefits accessibility and since I am a very auditory person, this would benefit me greatly.

    I am looking forward to the new book.

    Greets, Thom

  7. Daniel Harris


    A great bonus for people who are just getting familiar with the material, the beginner’s mind, would be a bonus webinar from you and the coaches. I also can imagine you running a challenge with the winner getting the hot seat during the Saturday webinar as a super special bonus.

    As a bonus I imagine:
    (a) A bonus pair of 2 hour webinars, on a Friday 4pm and Saturday 1pm ET. There you and the coaches from PLF/LC reveal some of the deeper nuances covered in PLF and LC. The Saturday also has a hot seat session from the winner of the challenge (explained below).

    (b) A cool challenge would be to have people with no or limited experience launching submit a 3-5 minute video talking about their product idea and how they want to change the world. The Friday the week before the webinar, you and the coaches would select the top ten choices. Then the public community gets to vote on their choice for the winner, the votes are hidden during the last day and then shut-off during the webinar. You reveal at the end of the Friday webinar who received the most votes and won. The winner would get the hot seat with you and the coaches during the Saturday webinar bonus.

  8. Christiana Simon


    Hi Jeff, thanks for letting us be part of this! And definitely for me, one of the most powerful bonus would be – Hours of Training with you/your team (Mentoring sessions)! All the best!

  9. How about a FB Live training with a Q & A? Maybe a Hot Seat? People are put in the bowl and one or two get a Hot Seat. I think Live events are always the best way to engage people. After that, maybe each sale gets a checklist of what you must do XYZ.

  10. Jeff; I suggest giving someone personal assistance with evaluating their launch idea and providing some one to one coaching. Can this person’s idea generate a business and how well might it do?
    I figure that anyone buying the book hopes to use it and this might be a special incentive. Buy the book and win a business review with your team and help creating the launch of the winner’s dream.
    Luck with this second book.



    I’d like be able to access the 6h or so masterclass that we gained access for a limited time after PLF live… It looked awesome and I was too busy at that time to watch it. I already have the first version of the book, I’m curious about the updates! Thank you Jeff and team!

    • Paulo - Brazil


      Hello, Jeff!
      Ideas to update Launch Book:

      – new plataforms x digital market
      – essencial tools ta a Launch
      – Sales funnel
      – copy, ads of best performance
      – sucess cases (out Usa), ex: Europe, asian, south América, etc.
      – ideas (headlines, e-mail of Sales)
      – cases more rentable

      • I totally agree with adding more information regarding, insta and maybe even tiktok and how to drive traffic via these platforms to your website to create your email list. Also, some more informal and creative examples of headlines and pre prelaunch emails as they sound too ‘businesslike’, ‘salesy’ and outdated. Would be great to hear some success stories from UK too.

  12. Really looking forward to the release: a valuable bonus would be a Q&A roundtable with some of your successful „Launch“ alumni and the chance to ask them some questions, hosted by you. Thanks for everything you share, the encouragement you give and the spirit of generosity with which you do it. Steven

  13. Cheers Jeff looking forward to getting your new updated version of Launch, a good bonus I would love , would be a detailed break down of what exact steps to get a book to best seller on the New York times list? , how many sales you need, if you need a promotion company to help get the word out? , or what best joint venture partners to use to get the word out into magazines, radio TV etc , no one I know of has given these exact steps, they say Launch your book but there is a huge gap in the market on what steps up coming authors should use, thanks again for all you do, kerep up the good work my friend 😊

  14. The first edition of your book is a manual for me. I use it as a checklist whenever I’m doing a launch.

    So Jeff, for this new edition will you cover the Joint Venture Launch? If not, getting an extra chapter covering it should be a great bonus.


  15. The electricity of attending PLF Live at a major discount would be fantastic, and open the door to success for committed entrepreneurs looking to overlay the nitty gritty details of PLF on the foundation provided by your ‘Launch’ revision! And having devoured the book first, will enable a much deeper absorption of PLF Live training, and instill the total confidence to plunge in and effectively apply both powerful resources. Congratulations Jeff, on another milestone achievement!! Count me in for a pre-launch order…….with my gratitude for your lifelong mentorship, Trey Shelton

  16. Wonderful initiative Jeff. Wish you success. As suggestion I would add details to the process of identifying your audience and adequate your presentation to them. May be this is actually the more time/energy consuming step. Regards!

  17. For the first 1000 people who buy your new book – sign up and write a personalized dedication on the front page. This kind of bonus would make me happy 🙂

  18. Very much looking forward to the update as I am just diving into this work.
    A cool bonus would be a video class on how to build your list while launching a new program.
    But the buy is safe even without a bonus.
    Thank you

  19. Rafał Dobosz


    Maybe you could give access to some examples of the Pre Launch Content? That’s the only thing that I was missing, while reading the book.

  20. A step by step on how to apply the strategies from the book.
    I know that there’s your value ladder and you teach this in other trainings, but a quick bonus class showing the exact framework to make money using one strategy from the book would be awesome, special, a kind of a once-in-a-lifetime event and people would fight to participate.

    Throw in a little scarcity and watch the sales skyrocket.

    Imagine being able to tell more stories like the one you’ve mentioned on the video?

    ‘I made xx figures just by applying stuff from.the book alone. That’s insane”

    This is what I think will happen if you add a super bonus like a full Lauch Breakdown Training on How To Make Money From The Book Alone

    Chapter 1, the book teaches you this, here’s how to make it happen…

    Chapter 2, the book teaches you this, here’s how to make it happen…

    Chapter 3, the book teaches you this, here’s how to make it happen…

    Think about it, you have all the premises in place to add such a huge bonus.

    You have the reason.

    You have the context.

    You have the track record.

    You have other products that deliver the same but with a higher price.

    Can you imagine how crazy people will be just to be able to access that training for the price of a book?

    Even people who already bought your book before will buy the book again.

  21. Congratulations, Sir Jeff for a highly successful Launch! Thank you for inspiring, encouraging and for the wisdom you shared, you’re awesome!
    On the bonus part, probably on the improvements or developments they’ve underwent in reaching their sucesses and its sustainability. Keep shining!

  22. Some implementation sessions with you and your team.
    It would make a great case study also.
    Imagine documenting what areas were improved and results achieved.
    Don’t mind if I do🤣

  23. Can’t wait for the next book. Would love some sort of one on one time with Jeff Walker. Can’t think of anything else that would be so completely over the top.

  24. Some implementation sessions, with you and your team for 6 winners.
    It would make a great case study, people could follow along and see the difference it makes and the success they achieve.
    Oh that sounds like a great reality TV show🤣🤣
    Now that’s one I would sign up for.
    Thanks team Walker

  25. Balázs Borka


    In September 2020, you, Jeff, held a “Launch Master Class” (LMC). Some material of the LMC (the “nuggets” videos or the action guides) would probably be a perfect bonus especially for those new to the PLF concept (so for those who buy your new book as their first stuff from you).

  26. Lisa Yetman


    Jeff, feel like I missed the boat when the first book came out! Really think I should get my hands on the retooled version when it comes out! Maybe a free seminar for those who buy the book – with Q andA sessions with you and others who have benefitted from the original book. Or maybe include a workbook to go with the new book, too!

  27. Buy the book first week, attend what I will call ” virtual replay of PLF LIVE 2021 Weekend ” .
    This weekend should be at least 30 days after launch, so that will be an incentive for buyers to finish reading the book within 30 days and be ready for the ” Virtual replay of PLF LIVE 2021″ Weekend. Also get them motivated to buy PLF later in the Fall.

      • Peggy Riordan


        Adding onto this idea, the part of the weekend when you gave us a few minutes to write down our ideas, how we would be presenting them, etc. make that longer, since many of the purchasers would be new to the idea of PLF. I found that section of the weekend to be one of the most valuable parts. It made me really focus in on the topic(s) and I actually got more done than I had been able to do on my own. Instead of pushing the ‘Launch Club’, because many people would not be ready for that step yet, use that time to give actual Opt-ins and Lead Magnets as examples. Maybe ask the woman who launched the surface design idea to provide actual examples of what she sent out? Maybe ask the woman who launched the course on how to stop drinking, for actual examples of her Opt-Ins and Lead Magnets? Most of these ideas can be done with editing. The only new parts, in other words, more work, would be requesting these women to give their examples. (Or ask anyone you think would be a good source and co-operative) I would watch it again! I am sure some of the info went right by since it was so intense, especially the first day.

  28. Stephen Martin


    Hi Jeff, thank you for all you do to help the common “peasants” like us learn how to succeed. I agree with Richard that a step by step guide to getting new authors onto the NYT best sellers list. Can’t wait to get my hands and eyeballs on the new version!

  29. Vivian Adorsu


    Let me congratulate you on your first book. It is amazing to hear those who read the book were successful. That made $10M in New York 2014.

    The value, ideas, knowledge and content are great to help anyone who reads it to be successful.

    You are amazing. If one could just read and understand everything and put into practice and be successful then it’s an excellent book.

    Looking forward for the next edition and the launch of your book, because knowledge is power. I am grateful and appreciate you Jeff.

  30. – Checklists or worksheets that we can download and use to put your ideas into action
    – Live Q&A – where we can pre-submit questions
    – a 30 minute call with you or one of your coaches
    – A raffle for getting your live guidance with a launch. You choose 5 people from the entries who get to pre-submit their situation & questions. Then they get x minutes live with you to talk through things. That enables you and them to ask questions and work through ideas, and then everyone who submitted gets to attend the live event while you help those 5 lucky people. If you don’t do that anymore, maybe they get that time with one of your coaches. Great way to also promote your program.

  31. Super enticing would be case studies that start with details of starters who got started well…their steps, their journey experience and results. We thirst for this info & inspirational

  32. Launching makes superb sense, as you always say Jeff, you don’t want to start slow!
    However I am also aware that many people are in a learning curve, and discovering the best approaches for their ideas-even reviewing the basics of their ideas! Few of us have a fully formed project from the gitgo!
    I too am on a learning curve and helping others with theirs-thanks for all you do, and for the inspiration.

  33. So excited for your new book Jeff!🎉😁
    A great related bonus gift for buying your new book would be a special discount off of your next PLF program in November. As a PLF owner myself since 2010, and someone who has also read your original Launch book, I know how valuable the book is but I also know that it’s even more valuable to have you teach us “in person” through your course modules. That would be my first recommendation.
    Sone other bonus ideas could be:
    – a downloadable launch checklist
    – a shout-out in one of your next videos or even during your upcoming PLF launch in November
    – a one-on- one call with one of your coaches, or maybe access to a group coaching call to help them create a lead magnet, like you did for everyone who bought PLF in 2019.
    Hope those ideas help.
    Big BIG HUGS🤗🥰💖🎉

  34. Bonus idea: documentary with you or an advanced alumni doing a launch from the scratch. That would be perfect to complete the theory that is presented by the book. In the end, people that bought the new edition during it’s launch would get a nice package of theory + practice.

    • Peggy Riordan


      I really like your idea! I think this is a new, fresh way to sell PLF. It wouldn’t have to be a long documentary either. Editing could bring it down to 60/90 minutes. It might be to expensive to film though, even if Jeff used his son’s talents. Anyway, just thought I’d give you some props for this idea.

  35. I loved your first book Launch and know your second will even be better. Can’t wait to get my copy. I teach beginner guitar lessons online and also have been teaching in person locally for over 40 years. I am building a mailing list on my homepage, but it is very slow. Some say I’m giving too much away in the beginning. I offer 38 step by step video lessons for an opt-in. What are your thoughts? I think a good bonus you could offer with the purchase of your upcoming book is to take a look at people’s websites and tell them what they are doing wrong and need to fix. For a reasonable fee of course. I welcome anyone’s advice or comments about my site.

  36. Hi Jeff!

    First of all, anyone who picks up your book is picking up gold. Pure gold! I’m so excited for your book to come out, and I can’t wait to read it!

    In terms of bonuses, I think about where I was at way back when I was just beginning to think of launching. And, what I really needed help with was wrapping my head around what the focus of my program was, and particularly the message behind it. I couldn’t get excited until I could “see” a little more clearly what exactly I would be sharing. I truly believe everyone has their own unique message, whether they’re teaching an art course, or personal finance, or meditation or whatever it is. Once a clear personal message is in place, I think it acts as super fuel because it’s related to the core of the person and what’s important to them., I also think it creates resilience during the launch process. So, if there’s a way you can address some exercises that would allow people to get really clear on their personal “message” or what I call their “calling,” I think it could be extremely useful as a beginning bonus. I know I would have jumped at the opportunity.

    If you don’t want to go that deep, then I would offer them “launching your list” as a bonus, with a specific deep dive into creating your first lead magnet.

    Another idea: one of the biggest objections when I talk about PFL to people is that it will take so much work. And I think people are right about that. But at the same time, when I think about the impact in the world, the fulfillment of actually doing it, it’s so exhilarating. So, I wonder if there’s a bonus that could help people wrap their heads around the work to see how incredibly wonderful it will feel on the other side.

    That’s it for me! Whatever you come up with, I know it will be pure gold, because it’s your heart that leads and we all feel it!

    Good luck, and looking forward to watching you lauuuuuuuunch!

    Robin Altman

  37. Jasmina Matić


    Some examples of how persons put up together their business idea. What to do if you have several ideas or businesses – where to start if you haven’t done much yet.
    Looking forward to Launch update 🙂

  38. Angel Vaughn


    A follow along workbook or webinar series that highlights your FAQs.

    Something to make the book interactive.

    Thank you for all that you do.

    Your sincerity really comes through in all of your projects.

  39. Shannon McKennie



    Hi Jeff!! I have your original book, Launch. I think it may be the only book I’ve actually read cover to cover within just a few days. I can’t wait for the launch of the updated version to actually put some of these strategies i to action!

    Best Life,

  40. Do an exclusive mini PLF workshop online course for those that PRE purchase. Offer a pdf workbook to accompany the book for the first PRE purchases. I’ve admired you for so long and sooo disappointed that I took other people’s courses and not yours yet. I paid for Stu Membership but wasn’t quite ready for it. Then did the quiz funnel course but wasn’t really ready for it either. I should have taken your course first then Amy’s Digital Course Academy. I just took Amy’s and signing up for your next PLF course next. Thank you. I’ll go buy your old book now and buy your new one as soon as it comes out. Deanna

  41. I’d love to see you –or one of your amazing coaches– do a business Launch planning teardown of one of us on video before a launch. Knowing if we ‘got’ it or not. That would be an amazing bonus. And everything you give is worth it, gold, and from your heart. We feel it! xo, Patti Britton

  42. Love PLF and now enjoy listening to the book. Bonus could be attendance at PLF live for ridiculously reduced rate $49 or an extra copy of the book to share with someone else or copy it f launch path in hard copy form. Look forward to new edition.

  43. Hello and thanks for reaching out for feedback! I think a great bonus would be two 30-minute strategy sessions with one of the coaches for guidance and accountability.

  44. Dale Niefer


    Good morning great soul guide Jeff,

    As an aspiring meditational author who has already written his meditational guide handbook but is looking for the right publisher or self publisher to reach the maximum readership audience, I would like your feedback on the steps that you took through writing, finding the right publisher, the different book launch platforms that you use and the most effective book sales tracking methods you use that would definitely help new authors.

    Could this be the foundation for another best seller by you which helps those that don’t have a product or course to launch but have knowledge and successful experiences to share with many as an author?

  45. David Crabill


    It sounds like you’re primarily targeting people who don’t already own Launch. That makes it harder for me to recommend a bonus, since I’m not in that target market. But one bonus that would get me excited is access to the content of your Seed Launch module in PLF. That’s content you already have and would clearly apply to a beginner as well. Maybe throw in some cases studies for good measure. Whatever your bonus is, I think it should include some form of video training from you. Because as good as the book is, you’re most compelling when in front of a whiteboard.

  46. Hello! Thank you for asking, Jeff! I love your wisdom! I don’t have a specific “ideal bonus” in mind right now, but I’ve read GREAT suggestions here, some of which I would love to see as bonuses. My top 3 are:

    • Access to the content of your Seed Launch module in PLF. Or…
    • Downloable checklists/worksheets to put your ideas into practice. Or…
    • A documentary with you or an advanced alumni doing a launch from the scratch. (This is my favorite)

  47. Hey Jeff,
    Congrats on the refresh/rewrite!
    Love these bonus ideas…
    For pre-launch, reading the first chapter or a section of the book for the VIPs (very invested people) would feel like a big bonus for me and help me help you launch with exponential success.

    How special it would be to read a early portion …so I start getting my launch ideas in place to implement when your book becomes available!!

    Congrats to you and your team!!

  48. I would love to have the possibility to buy a bundle with the PRODUCT LAUNCH PLANNER. I’ve heard that you have it in you Launch club. It would be such a great complement to the book.

  49. Hi Jeff,
    “How much is my prospect willing to pay for my product?”
    EVERY interested prospect has a number in the back of their mind that they would pay. THEY ALL DO.
    AND… some prospects will pay more, some will pay less. We can figure that too.
    Knowing the right price(s) is, of course, incredible.
    Willing to pay is do-able now. No tech knowledge necessary.
    A super valuable bonus, yes?

    Warmest wishes,


  50. Hi there Jeff, Firstly I would just like to say that in my opinion you are one of the best and most authentic, genuine, warm, caring and down to earth, practical thought leaders and teachers out there on the internet today. I have read your first “Launch” book a few times over now and I think that it is simply fantastic stuff, thank you.

    The Bonus feature that I personal would like to see and become available online in your new book and that I feel would be of the most benefit to all your readers and business owners is the following:

    1: A very simplified and condensed, step by step written down bullet point checklist of all the basic steps that a brand new or newbie business owner who has no real online experience or online success to their name. This checklist would be constructed and laid out so that they can build a email list and social media following as they most of the time have no email list and no social media followers to their name so how on earth can they promote or launch their business when they have no followers?

    All the above would be so that this checklist can help them launch their new business from absolute scratch and to help them achieve some level of financial success in a reasonable period of time such as 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 months.

    2: To put the above same checklist into a very easy to understand video format that any new business owner could watch and follow along step by step to a completion.

    3: At the end of the 2 above written and video checklists give a link that is available to these new business owners from your book to be able to join and pay you in affordable monthly payments over say a 1 – 2 year period all towards your advance “Master Class” so at the end of all their monthly payments they have now already fully paid you in full and can now happily join you and all the other students in your newest batch of master class attendees.

    By this time they would all have been able to implement your above video and written step by step check list and had some online financial success then they would have a very good and solid working understanding of your system and now be ready and able to take their businesses to another huge level.

    I suggest that these bonus steps be given and taken as I know that I personally and I have also come across many, many other people who have struggled to break down and decipher a huge body of work or course which they have purchased from an online teacher and have success from it.

    I hope that this suggestion is taken up and that many thousands of new students can have a huge success from it.

  51. Guaracy Coutinho


    Hi Jeff,
    A big bonus for me and many other Brazilians should be a Portuguese version of your rewrite. I bought your book last year, in Portuguese version and I use it as my bible.

    I wish you success.

  52. I’m looking forward to the new edition! I’m an owner and I’ve been to 3 of your live events and got a lot out of them.
    As a bonus, I would recommend that you offer some sort of digital download of some of your templates/frameworks that will help people get off of ground zero

  53. simon zutshi


    Hi Jeff, a great bonus would be a recorded video debrief of the book launch, how it went what worked well and what did not work. Good luck with the launch best wishes Simon

  54. Hey Jeff! I would offer a mini-series of videos that would break down each chapter/section. In these accompanying videos (5-10min), you would share an extra insight, tip, case study or would dive deeper into the topic.

    Also, an Action Items guide (PDF) with the book would also be good, if you want to go deeper maybe even a workbook to go with the book?

    I would also offer some kind of material that showed how you could apply each of the learned concepts to different situations/applications. Such as “Mental triggers is also powerful when used in 1:1 negotiations” “How you can use the P.S Path to help someone gain action momentum/motivation and stop being stuck on whatever they are trying to do (by giving them small wins on what they are trying to do)”. This would show that your teaching apply to more than launching.

    Keep up the good work my friend!


  55. Exciting times, loved your first book. It was the key to being a PLF Owner – how about a 90 min call with your coaches or you to ask you questions that have been submitted or the one you do about building your launch live at the start

  56. Hey Jeff,
    Good luck on the book. I have gifted copies to several people over the past few years.
    So, many folks who will pick up your book have ‘a job’. A job that is supporting themselves and probably a family, right now.
    They’re looking to start that business and would like to move out of the current job after things get launched and rolling in their new business.
    However, the time in between, when that person is essentially working a full day, and then coming home and trying to get their business off the ground, build an email list, etc. etc. is hard.
    IMHO, a bonus that would help practically everybody who first picks your book up would be, how to balance time between ‘a job’ and start that business they dream of. To become financially independent.
    A plan, a roadmap….something that could be huge, add tons of value, and get that person moving in the right direction while still maintaining that 9 to 5.

  57. Let the ideas flow!! Here are 6 that would be awesome:
    1.) I would love to see a condensed version of the seed launch training. That would be amazeballs!!
    2.) The audiobook idea would be phenomenal as well since I am still driving to and from my job and could load it up on my phone. You could add in some additional commentary not in the book.
    3.) A workbook with checklists would be great for those of us who are analyzers. It might also contain some tips on how to find hourly professionals to assist with the tech pieces or content pieces.
    4.) Possibly a ticket to a 90-min workshop where you use someone’s business idea and put it into the framework step by step.
    5.) Chapter by chapter summary with video mixed in where you whiteboard and flesh out the examples.
    6.) Cheatsheet of what you use to setup your videos: equipment, apps, lighting, mic, etc.

    If you have a book launch team, let us know, I’m sure many of us would love an ARC and would write a review as the book is in pre-launch phase.

    Love the prior book and can’t wait to see what you’ve done with this new one. Thank you for serving us with your generous heart and helping so many of us realize our dreams.

  58. I would love to have the audible version as well as the printed one. I have your first book on audible but realize I could use the physical copy as well.

  59. I’d like to hear from the 2 people who did $10M businesses using just the book… just a short interview about their main insights after reading your book.

  60. You are an amazing mentor and I love that you are constantly trying to evolve all your expertise in simplifying your process. I can’t wait to get the book!
    I agree that a Launch checklist would be amazing as I’m trying to devise one yet, not to the detail that you would do.
    I also agree with more tech stuff for those of us who have no experience in that arena.
    Testimonies from those in the fitness industry- more of them (: Its so inspirational to hear these stores and love the way you interview and bring out such wonderful info.
    Seed launch checklist for sure for us newbies
    I can’t wait to see your brilliance and will most certainly promote the book to like-minded entrepreneurs. Congratulations Jeff. You rock my world in every way. Looking forward to that release and will buy no matter what you offer.

  61. The joy that you beam is glorious.
    Would you please provide How to Launch in
    outline form with date sequence?
    My husband and I have written or co-wrotten 38 Bible-based books. We simply wrote them and sent them to the nations.. Our goal: Introducing people to the love of God in Christ Jesus. Also, I will be offering each book for free on our website with the option of a donation and at cost on amazon. ILast year I paid for a book selling plan but did not grasp it, my inability to process, but, nevertheless, I am launching a book this week, based on what I grasped. I so want to own how to launch. Again, your joy is your best feature 🙂

  62. Yay, Jeff!!

    I’m excited about a new launch of your book Launch and will definitely be getting. I know several other authors that ask people to pre-order and with that get bonuses or some sort of special thanks to help boost the book before it even comes.

    Just received a book this way and always think it a wonderful gift – especially for myself.

    In the middle of an upcoming launch now.

    Thanks for all you do to help!

    Looking forward!

  63. Echo Hensley


    Hi Jeff, is there going to be a Chinese version of your book soon?

  64. I would like to suggest a chapter on how PLF would work if you intend to launch via kickstarter or another crowdfunder!

  65. Hey Jeff!

    Im so glad you updated the book. I loved it the first time and am sure I’ll love this one also. As a bonus, I would love a second copy to give away or an audio version. But no matter what, I’ll buy it. 😊

    Congratulations on the Finish! 👏👏👏

  66. I don’t know you or your work, but I think I understand marketing and you’re doing it very well, especially for an update / rehash of an existing work.

    I recognize the concept of customer success as a mission and I’m looking forward to seeing the new product and I can well imagine my next comments will be enthusiastic.

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